A/N – Warning: #Lesbianism #Incest #FailedFishingTrip

S1E3 – Tell it to the Frogs

Shane watched as Andrea pushed the boat out into the quarry while Amy readied the paddles. They had offered to go fishing, to contribute to the food situation beyond cooking. He had been watching Lori's ass all morning, now that Rick was back he would never get to tap that one again. His mind may have been happy Rick was alive but his cock sure wasn't. Shane watched as they paddled from shore, they knew what they were doing, they never once rowed in circles. This quarry was huge and the water was deep. Fishing here took patience, long hours of waiting with a line in the water. And those girls were prepared to be out there for the duration.

The sun was beating down on the quarry today and Shane took off his shirt as he worked on fixing the frog nets that he and Carl were eventually going to use. Sweat dripped down his back and he looked out to the water. The girls were almost gone from site, he could clearly see the boat but now only one of the girls, Andrea he thought. Where the hell was Amy? His dick twitched. His dick had a theory.

Amy didn't mind being on her knees, she had always liked to be the one to go down, she was self-conscious of her body even around her sister. She had put a life preserver on the bottom of the boat and knelt. She didn't say anything she just got on her knees and waited, kinda the way their day of fishing had been going. Her eyes shifting from the shore to her sisters face and back again. It had been too long since they had gotten a chance to be alone together. Andrea rolled her eyes and glanced over her shoulder to the shore. The people were small, too hard for her to see them, which meant they were too small to be seen as well.

"Amy, here? Really? Everyone's right there." Andrea glanced again, she could pick out people by their shapes and clothing. She knew Carol was there, Jacqui and Shane had taken his shirt off.

Amy pouted her bottom lip, she really wanted this and she knew that if she begged Andrea would never say no. She made her lip quiver as she battered her eyelashes.

"Maybe I don't like it when you go down on me. Did you ever think of that?" Andrea was playing coy, looking at the fishing pole instead of her sister's eyes. But it was a lie, she had been enjoying the way her sister went down on her for years now. It has started the summer before Amy had left for college and she had stayed with her sister for a few weeks.

Amy shook her head 'no' to her sister and reached for her zipper. Andrea leaned back and submitted, she always submitted to Amy. Her back to the bow of the boat she lifted her hips as Amy worked her pants down and off, she didn't feel like wrestling with them today. And though she wasn't in the mood to fight with jeans, she loved keeping Andrea's panties in place. Amy loved to suck on her sister through the thin material and she did. Andrea smelled deliciously natural today as Amy nibbled on the fabric and grabbed at her hips. Andrea simply smiled down at the mass of blond hair between her legs. She wanted more and knew that if she waited Amy would deliver. It didn't take long for Amy to want to lick without a barrier between them, she pulled at the worn fabric, pulling it aside and slid her tong straight into Andrea's slit. Warm meeting wet. It was a heavenly taste on her tongue. She became ravenous at the first hint of flavor, it had been too long. Andrea hardly let her do this now that the world had gone to shit and they were living in such close quarters with these new people.

She didn't hold back, fingers and tongue exploring and teasing while Andrea worked not the rock the boat with her thrashing. No one ever went down on her the way her own flesh and blood did. "Yes, just like that. Make me cum." Andrea was begging which was silly, she knew Amy would back off once she started pleading, it was what she did. "Feels so good Amy," Her breath hitched, "Just like that, fill me up, taste me." Andrea also knew that if she complimented her she would worked harder, "You suck pussy better than anyone." It was simple but it worked, it always worked, and Amy found Andrea's G-spot and played with it making the wavy haired girl edge closer to orgasm. But she still wasn't quite there and she wouldn't be till Amy heard exactly what she wanted out of Andrea's mouth. It was a silly game, but they had been playing it for years now. Andrea would let herself edge closer and closer till she was so lost in ecstasy that she couldn't hold back any more.

"Do it Amy, suck my clit, make me cum. Make your big sister cum all over you." Andrea knew it was the word 'sister' that did it every time, Amy loved the taboo relationship they had with each other and it forced her to give her sister everything. She pushed in two more fingers then locked her mouth on the pulsing clit. She sucked hard till she felt Andrea's fingers gripping her hair and a flood of liquid filled her mouth. It was the most satisfying orgasm she had experienced in months. She panted and waited while Amy agonizingly dragged her fingers out and rested her head on her sister's thigh, she loved when Andrea played with her hair it turned her on. Made her want to have Andrea suck her nipples. Maybe if she asked nicely, if she batted those eyelashes of hers Andrea would return the favor. Maybe, just maybe…

"SHANE!" Carl was running down the rock embankment toward the shore where Shane was tying off the last knot on the frog catching net.

"Where's your mama boy?" He knew he was on Lori's shit list but he didn't care, he wanted to see her anyways.

Carl was out of breath when he got to Shane. "I don't know, she told me stay in the tent."