A/N – I was inspired to write a 2nd story for this episode. There was a lot going on and this little day dream called out to me as well. I guess there is no controlling where our day dreams will take us. Warning, this is about the crazy, sadistic Governor, he will not be gentle and though he won't be brutal, he will not be polite at all. Though this is his fantasy, there is some non-con going on here. You have been warned.

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S3E5 – Say the Word

Merle stood in the doorway and listened to the Governor bark orders, 'Go find Andrea', Merle was off, no need to be in the line of fire when this dick was in a bad mood. Merle was gone as quickly as he had come, but Phillip hardly noticed. His cock strained in his pants as his brain went spinning.

Damn that woman. Sat at my table with that smug bitch look on her face while I did nothing but welcome her into my town, my community, my fold. And how the hell does she repay me, a fucking sword to my throat. I let her get away with it. Now don't go thinking I had gone soft, oh hell no. Just the opposite. He was hard. The mouthy bitch always makes me hard.

Philip turned back into the living room and crossed to the window. He looked down onto the town, his town. Bitch came into my town, my home and dared to fuck with me. She was below on the street crossing the sidewalk, she was walking with purpose and he wondered if she realized that when she walked that way it made her ass sway. He wanted to run her through, he wanted to throw her a hole with a mass of biters for her attitude and defiance. But when he watched her walk with that swagger of her, mostly he just wanted to bend her over and fuck her.

She rounded the corner and was gone. Phillip took a long controlled breath and closed his eyes. He needed to regain his composure. He released the fist that he didn't even know that he had been making and he let his breathing slow. She might have a stunning ass, but he couldn't even think about taking her. She was the kind of woman that would kill you in your sleep, kill you in the middle of sex. The only way you could fuck her without risking your life was if she were well restrained.

Phillip envisioned it. A well-restrained Michonne. He thought of her tied to his favorite piece of furniture from his office. Her on her knees facing the back of the cushy armchair. Her legs spread as wide as they would go with each of her legs carefully roped around the arms and legs. He'd press her entire torso to the back of the chair leaving just her chin to rest on the top of the padded scalloped edge. He didn't even realize how much rope it would take to secure a woman to a chair this size, with her arms pinned to her side he walked around seven times fastening her body securely. The chair he sat in when he read to his dear little Penny at night. Penny wouldn't mind if Daddy shared their spot with his new friend for a while.

There she waited, bound facing, the wrong way with legs and arms secured. Though he wished he could have done it so that he'd have access to her breasts, the fact that her perfect dark ass and glistening pussy were on display for him made up for the sadness he felt about her tits. He pushed her dreads off to one side he wanted to see the long of her back under all the rope. He smiled in surprise every time he saw the mark on her lower back, a delicate purple hibiscus flower surround by tones of colored jasmine. She didn't seem like it now, but back in the day she had been the kind of woman who ended up with a tramp-stamp on her back. Oh how times had changed. He let his eyes scan down her flesh as he trailed his fingers on her warm skin. Standing behind her, he filled both hands with her ass cheeks, kneading and spreading them, oh she was a delicious creature and he couldn't wait to get inside her. He had thought he would fuck her pussy till she begged to cum, but the more he enjoyed her ass, the more he knew this was the only place he wanted to be.

"Right here Michonne." His Southern drawl lilted through the air. He trailed his finger down her puckered asshole wiggling at its tightness for a moment then caressing her cheeks. "Gotta get deep inside here. You don't mind do you?" The room was silent, nothing more than their breathing to cut the quiet. "But you like it don't you. You like a big hard dick in your ass don't you?" He could envision men lined up for a change to be inside an ass like this. Bet she'd be tight at first but a girl like this would loosen up quickly, she liked it too much to resist.

Philip crossed the room and opened a small cabinet door in the corner. He perused though the contents picking out a few choice things then bringing them back to the chair. He put them down on the side table, on top of the book he was reading to Penny this week, 'Grimm's Fairy Tales'. He flipped the lid on the bottle and drizzled the silicone liquid along the crack of her ass. He was glad he had put down the sheet first, this stuff was getting everywhere already. He massaged it into her skin and without much effort at all he slid a finger into her hole, it was tight but her body seemed to welcome him. He watched as her shoulders lifted with a deep sigh.

"Such a good girl. You like it when I worship your body, don't you?" He smiled at her, she was a vision. Tied and glistening, her cheek resting on the back of the chair. She was going to feel amazing wrapped around him. It was time to move things along, they sadly were not going to have all day, he still had a town to run. He toed off his shoes and took of his pants laying them neatly over the coffee table in the middle of the room. He took off his shirt and now stood naked in front of her. He wished he was just little bit taller, or had thought to find a step, his cock was just a little low to reach her mouth. But he didn't mind, it wasn't her sweet mouth he wanted to be in today, it was her ass.

He kissed her though, he couldn't resist that full mouth. He licked her bottom lip then pressed his to hers and kissed her sweetly. Her breath came out like a sigh.

The town was buzzing with activity today, he could hear kids on the street even from the window in the next room. He'd have to make sure to keep things quiet. He wasn't one for spreading his business around town. He didn't need to folks to know what he did behind closed doors. "You're gonna like this too much aren't you Michonne?" He was back to the crack of her ass sliding the lube around. "No way you aren't gonna moan and scream with us together like this." He had just the fix. He picked the leather and silicone toy and walked back around the chair. Phillip lifted her chin and opened her mouth, fitting the silicone ball in place he then gently made sure not to pull her hair as he fastened the leather strap around the back of her head. He gently rested her cheek back in the curve of the scalloped top then checked his watch.

He was running out of time. He had hoped that she would wake from her sleep more quickly, but he never really knew how much of Milton's 'relaxing' powder to put in her tea. He shook her shoulder and she slowly roused. She was close to waking and figured a little nudge might help. He went back to his cabinet and pulled out a thin wisp of a stick. He thought it might be wrong to mark up such a lovely ass, but he knew it would only compliment her skin. Phillip caressed her left cheek once then snapped the switch across her ass. It made a lovely sound and her body reacted immediately. Her hips pushed her body against her restraints forcing her ass to flex. Again with switch making a matching mark just below the first.

This time her head rose up off the back of the chair. She was finally awake. "There you are. How's my good girl doing?" He rounded the back of the chair. Michonne's eyes were wide. He thought for sure that if she didn't have a gag in her mouth, which looked so pretty, she would have been smiling to see him. He caressed her face then bent to leave a little kiss on her pink ball gag. "Only because I know how much you like to scream my dear." She nodded.

"You won't mind if I burry this inside your ass do you?" He stroked himself, still sad that her mouth was a bit too high to suck him off. She shook her head 'no'. "You don't mind? I didn't think you would. Her eyes were still sleepy, but he could read them easily. She was as hungry for this has he was.

He went back around and slowed his hand down her skin, playing with the design of her tattoo then spreading her cheeks. "Don't have much time Michonne. You know I love to do this slow and deep, but I have a community to mollycoddle." She nodded. "You always understand me." He poured a little more lubricant into his hand and stroked himself, then with his slick fingers he started to spread her open. "You know how beautiful this would look with a plug in it, one of those gold ones with the jewel on the end. Bet I could find one that would match your tattoo." He worked his thumb into her and she pushed back against him. "Greedy much?" She nodded. "Me too. Love your ass, gonna feel real good today."

He worked two then three fingers inside her. She was spread good for him now, he pulled out of her at an agonizing slow rate, twisting his fingers as he went, she was moaning against her gag. One stroke of his cock and he liked the big head against her hole. "Take it good now Michonne. You know how much you want this." He pushed once and her body resisted, he pushed again and she easily opened up for him. Her body welcomed his cock and its urgency. "Oh this would be so much better if we had more time." The Governor pushed deep, not all the way, then pulled put till all that was left inside her was the head. His next thrust buried himself completely inside. He rested there hoping that if he ever had to die, it would be in this position.

Phillip could hear the kids playing off in the distance and he knew he had to be prudent with his time. Hell, he could hear Penny stirring in her space, but she'd have to wait. Her chair was occupied right now. He began to fuck her, one foot on the ground, his knee between her spread legs and his hands gripper her shoulders for leverage. "Oh yeah, you can take it all." He punctuated each word with a thrust. She nodded. "So fucking good." This wouldn't take long, hell he didn't have long. He let himself get lost in the pleasure as his balls began to tighten and he knew he was going to cum.

He loved the thought of pulling out and spraying her skin with his fluid, but he wasn't going to have time to clean the rope. No, he would be very happy just cumming inside of her. And he knew she would love it to. He pounded deeper, taking every inch of her ass. Phillip could only imagine how much drool was pouring from around that gag now. She was bucking back into him. The swelling orgasm finally came and he shot off into her, hot cum filling and surrounding. He groaned out, louder than he should have but she did it to him every time.

The aftershocks ravaged him and he collapsed on her back. "Fuck that was good." He felt the rope graze his nipples, they were already too sensitive. "That good for you Michonne?" He wasn't looking but he was sure she was nodding. Phillip pulled out of her and stood, grabbing a towel he wipe himself clean that watched memorized as his come dripped out of her. Her puckered hole was flexing, she was pushing it out for him to see. "Oh that is beautiful my pet, but we can't keep playing. I have things to do." He walked around the front of her.

The makeup he hadn't noticed before was not streaked down her face, but her eyes lit up when she saw him. He loved how beautiful she looked in this state. He reached around and unbuckled her gag. The ball popped out and drool dripped down her chin. "Such a pretty girl." He kissed her. "I have to go, but I'll be back soon. I know Michonne, I owe you an orgasm." She nodded and smirked.

He walked out of the room looking back at her, tied, fucked and perfect. He couldn't decide which one was more beautiful in that chair, his lover or his daughter. He watched as Michonne's body relaxed, waiting for his return.

Phillip was leaning against the frame of the window looking out over his town. There was Merle and Andrea crossing the green. That Merle was so obedient. He rubbed his hand over his erection. That cunt is gonna think this is for her. Let her think it. No need for her to know that I'm only keeping her here to keep her friend closer. He smiled as he looked to his office.

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