Magic really sucks! chp 1


'I really have the worst luck!'

Wally didn't mean to be late. Really he didn't! Just like he hadn't meant to fall asleep the moment he threw the alarm watch straight to the bedroom wall. Or like hadn't meant to wake up again fifty minutes later. Or how he hadn't meant to… well you get the picture. So yes, there were like a hundred things he hadn't meant to have done. Honestly, he blamed his life. Or the other half of it at least. The superhero-by-night part.

For the past two days Wally had spent all his nights patrolling with his uncle, hunting down some new supervillain clique who had apparently taken residence in their city. Finding them hadn't been the hard part. But when at least three of those guys have superstrenght, now THAT turns out to be a problem. He had taken some pretty bad blows straight to his stomach, and it was aching like hell.

So having to survive with three hour sleep, training exercises with Barry and schoolwork, a sparing tournament held by BC had almost made him cry out in frustration. More internal crying was caused by each matches he had lost, the one with Artemis ending with an extremely humiliating fall caused by his two left feet. Robin's laugh was still ringing in his ears, not to mention the Lady Archer's.

Wally felt his teeth turn in to ash at the amount of pressure he was putting them through. He hated to run with restrained speed. He was killing his psych as he tried to keep his desire to speed things up under control. His whole body was working it's frustration making his mind blur with unwanted adrenalin.

'Almost at school. Just a little more!'

With great effort he took control and forced himself to run in a slower pace. Finally making his way inside he dashed to his locker, threw some books in others out, sneaked behind the hall monitor's back and arrived in front his classroom. Wally was just about to knock when a taunting voice made his whole body freeze.

"Yo West!"

'Not now!'

The boy, or as Wally liked to call him 'Douchebag', had been on Wally's case since kindergarten. His name was Brady Miller, the football- star, the future prom-king and a ginger geek's worst nightmare. Despite being the school's biggest playboy, with both football and women, he was no genius. In fact, Wally was quite sure he lacked some very crucial brain cells, but the guy had it all covered with a rich dad and muscles. Dad covered the rough partying expenses while muscles covered the school work.

"What do you want Brady?" Wally spitted each word.

His tone only seemed to amuse the jerk more.

"What, the little loser not happy to see moi? " Brady was standing right in front of him."I'm hurt West. Truly, I am. After all these wonderful years of friendship." God, Wally wanted to punch those teeth to his throat so badly…

"Yeah, nothing screams Bros like pushing me to my locker every day." He so knew he was going to regret the sarcasm. Brady preferred his victims terrified and at the brink of tears.

"Well, why don't we fix that then. You do all my math assignments for the rest of the year, and I won't push you to your locker anymore. How's that?"

Wally despised that supposedly superior look. The jock's whole posture send, what Linda called testosterone-vibes, his gaze measuring and daring him to oppose him. There was no one in sight, heck he couldn't even call his teacher for help! The health-teacher also happened to be the coach who was blind to anything his star- boys did wrong. The guy would probably give HIM detention for keeping the athlete from getting to class.

Help or not, Wally still wasn't a pushover.

"Not gonna happen Miller. You wanna get your homework done, grab a pencil."

Wally braced himself as Brady grabbed his collar, pulled away from the classroom door and smashed him straight to a locker. He hissed as his already sore body made contact with the hard surface. He looked up to see Brady raise his fist. That smirk was back on his face and seemed to grow with each passing second.

'Great! More punching.'

"Should've said yes, freak."

Wally closed his eyes waiting for the first punch.

'Linda was so gonna kill him for getting his ass kicked again.'


Klarion's were inhumanly red as he smashed another useless spellbook away from him. His magic was raveling from his fingertips, the huge and dark walls of his hideout cracking by the force of his rage.

"WHY!ISN'T!ANYTHING!WORKING!" The childlike scream echoed through the halls, the beginnings of an earthquake following. The cat merely meowed impatiently, after an eternity learning to get used to it's master's little tantrums.

Klarion turned to her pulling his dark and horn-shaped hair slightly.

"I'm trying you stupid cat, but nothing works!"

Another ball of red energy soon smashed the enormous pile of books, sending them flying around them. Teekl growled, just in time managing to jump out the way as a particularly book almost landed where she had just sat.

'Would you mind being just a little more careful?'

The cold stare-down between the two magical beings soon came to an end, as another wave of pain made both drop to the floor. Klarion moaned in pain, seeing at the corner of his eyes Teekl repeating the action. His eyes widened as he noticed that the cat's body was starting to fade, only to return back to normal but with great difficulty. As Klarion looked down at his hands, fear washed through his mind, seeing his own being having difficulties remaining existing as well. The stone floor was getting a little too visible to be good.

Soon the pain stopped, leaving the two figures gasping. Klarion managed to push himself up swaying slightly at the sudden loss of power. He picked Teekl from the ground, petting her black and orange fur. The cat was nearly passed out in his hands, her body shaking slightly against his chest.

This had been happening a lot lately. A few weeks ago it began as slight misfortune with spells. A few days after that he had noticed he could barely do any magic at all. Once his magic had been restored by hours of absorbing the mystical energy from any source necessary, the dizzy- spells and soon the lack of having enough power to stay material in this world.

Teekl was weakening day by day, unable to remain as his source of power. Klarion had dedicated all his time searching for a way to restore her energy using each and every spell he knew. Nothing worked. In fact, it seemed to make the situation worse for them, the intense use of magic draining them from their remaining power. And by the looks of the body spasms and fading, they didn't have much time left. Klarion held the cat tighter as the pet finally fell asleep in his arms.

With the flick of his hand a comfortable armchair appeared behind him, and tiredly sat down. He could feel his body resisting to uphold his magic, another dizzy-spell diminishing his vision.

Klarion's hand gently stroked the snoozing animal, while his face returned to it's less demonic appearance. His dark pupils gazed everywhere yet nowhere as he thought of his options. There really weren't any. Until Teekl would be able to be his anchor in this world, he'd need another.

It couldn't be permanent, and not just because he wasn't particularly fond of being dependent of some pathetic bug, having to be connected with something so… below him. But because the life forms of this world wouldn't be able to contain his magic for very long. Sooner or later it would burst out, shredding their soul and body in the process. Not that he'd feel pity. But he needed some time, and switching would be their only chance of survival.

Now he'd just have to find the right person…


"Ow, ow! OW OW OW!"

The Korean girl beside Wally groaned loudly at his wining. The moment she had seen her best friend enter the cafeteria with a black eye and bleeding, she had immediately dragged him to the school nurse. They were currently sitting on one of the beds, while the nurse went to get some pain-meds.

"You know, it wouldn't hurt this much if you'd just stand up for yourself." Linda had just finished wiping away all the blood, and turned to search an ice-bag for him.

"Hey, it's not like I asked to be his little chew-toy." Wally placed the ice-bag to his face, trying to ignore his aching head. Brady could really hit hard when he wanted to. "Besides, I don't wanna risk getting expelled cause I insulted the coach's favorite."

Linda wasn't convinced." You mean you don't want to risk other kids hating you for beating the most popular guy at school."

Wally sighed, running his free hand through his fiery locks. He leaned his back against the wall, not daring to look at the concerned eyes above his head.

It was no secret that he wasn't the most popular guy in school, nowhere close in fact. Besides Linda, who was also an outcast, he really had no friends besides his team and Roy. Being the bullied, science loving, freckled shy guy had really worked it's magic pushing him at the bottom of the food chain. He got off easy while every student just ignored his existence, sans Brady and the rest of the jocks of course. He really didn't want to make them hate him too.

A hand placed itself on his knee. Wally looked up to those brown eyes, who had stuck up for him since first grade.

"Wally, you know you shouldn't give a shit what those people think about you." Her expression was firm, keeping his attention on her. "Those people are shallow and stupid if they'd rather stood up for a guy who needs the support of the entire football team to punch a kid half his side."

He rolled his eyes at her. This was the typical comfort monologue they'd give any kid, but she wasn't letting him loose interest just yet.

"Remember when we began high school? When Maddison Earles and her gang called me a whore while I'd walk pass them, and send those notes to my locker? Or when they started a rumor that I worked as a prostitute so my parents could pay for their drinking?"

Wally's frown softened at that. He could still see how broken Linda had been. She had had to call him every morning to make sure he'd be coming too, just so she wouldn't have to go school alone. And when school would finally end her eyes would be red from crying. She never told her parents about the horrible taunting she had to endure every day.

"I remember this one day after PE, when Maddison opened her locker, only for a chemical placed inside it to explode on her face. The girl's face was green for the whole week."

Linda was smiling to him, a few snickers escaping her lips now and them. Wally blushed slightly, a smile of his own soon appearing.

"It didn't take for me very long to realize who had enough brains" Linda tapped his forehead playfully," to put together the right chemicals which, combined with her hair spray, would produce some green goo to cover her up for an entire week."

By now they were both laughing slightly. Wally had never gotten caught for his little prank, superspeed being a good help with a quick get-away. Linda stopped laughing after a while, her smile turning a little more solemn. Her eyes fell to her lap as she continued.

"I stopped caring what other students said about me that day. Guess I just realized whose opinion really matters. And Wally…"

Brown met green, as Linda brought her eyes back up.

"Their doesn't."