Magic really sucks chapter 9 Caught between two sides

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"Wallace Rudolph West!"

"Uh…h-hi Uncle Barry!" Wally stuttered with a nervous smile."I-"He began explaining but was cut off by a furious Barry who marched over, hovering above him with a rage-filled glare.

"Where the Hell have you been?" Barry interrogated. The man seemed completely oblivious of the scene his yelling was making, a few people in the lounge turning to look at them.

Wally tried to play it cool. "In the bathroom like I said…" He started, only to lose his change of explaining once more.

"Yeah, I checked after twenty minutes you were gone. All of the bathrooms in fact. " Barry pressed as his hands placed themselves on his hips. "Try again and skip the lies this time." Wally was ordered sternly.

A million different excuses swirled around his head in a messy pattern but unfortunately all of them managed to escape his tongue when Barry's glare intensified each passing microsecond, eyes practically grilling him alive. So Wally just stood there, gaping like a goldfish, shifting from one foot to another nervously.

"Today, Wally." Barry said with a strict tone, his voice lowering dangerously in a warning. The younger speedster felt like he had switched places with one of Central City's villains with the hero interrogating some punk for answers.

Finally, Wally merely pressed his mouth shut, coming to the conclusion that there was nothing he could say to his uncle that would make a difference, whether he'd lie or not. The truth wasn't an option due many reasons, absolutely the biggest one being Klarion the Witch Brat and the undeniable control he had over Wally's life and actions.

Not to mention Wally's desperate need for his guidance as vulgar and painful as it was.

Wally focused his gaze on his shoes. He couldn't bring himself to see the look of anger in his uncle's eyes, but he damn well could feel it.

"Nothing to say, huh?" His uncle asked with an almost inaudible tint of frustration and disappointment that made him feel like dirt.

Barry spoke up again, this time sounding almost desperate. "What is going on with you, kiddo?" He asked softly. "First the drinking then the attitude… I get that you're upset over Artemis, but throwing a tantrum…"

"A tantrum?!" Wally cut his uncle off, immediately backtracking and lifting his head to look at Barry abashed. "Are you serious? I'm not five years old!" He exclaimed, this time his turn to raise his voice considerably.

Barry's eyes narrowed yet again as his earlier and short-lived gentleness changed back to a glare.

"Well, you're certainly acting like one. You promised you'd accept your punishment without an argument." The man reprimanded. Wally's temper fired up at the patronizing tone.

"This has nothing to do with that!" He argued back heatedly. If they didn't have the attention of the whole lounge before, they certainly had it now.

"Then what has it got to do with?!"

"It's not… I can't… Arghh! Forget it!" Wally growled, storming out the front door with everyone staring at him dumbfounded. He vaguely ignored his uncle calling his name behind him and exited the hospital, not giving Barry a second glance.

Wally's hands curled up to fists from fury. He was so fed up with Uncle Barry's attitude with him he kicked a small empty can that unfortunately lay on his path. The majority of the cars were under control by now and only a few alarms rang anymore, but his aggression seemed to have some kind of an effect on them since they all began echoing through the parking lot once more, making the owners look at their vehicles in confusion.

Wally was just too fed up to care right now. His magic thankfully didn't latch out, doing any damage beyond a few car alarms.

Or so he thought.

An ear-tearing shriek was heard from the other side of the parking lot, sound of crashed metal screaming with thunderous force. Wally snapped out of his furious state, his green eyes opening wide in distress as he witnessed people running and screaming, desperately trying to find cover as an ambulance was speeding through the crowd with uncontrolled pace, hitting almost anything in sight.

Wally could see the driver through the windshield struggling with the reel as he tried regain hold of the unmanageable vehicle. The tires shrieked like crazy as the breaks were hit for probably for the millionth time, only causing the ambulance to hit every car on it's right side, closing distance between it and a small little girl, who had no doubt lost her parents at the havoc.

She was oblivious to her demise approaching as she searched for her family with tearful eyes, terrified when no one came for her aid.

"No!"Wally shouted in horror, his tone begging whole-heartedly for the insanity to stop. His pleading had no effect.

His mind and body now relying on pure instinct, Wally's subconscious flickered back to his earlier training with Klarion and more importantly the techniques he had used during their little bet. A new found determination and a passing waive of confidence washed over him, fear of failure momentarily shadowed by his will to succeed.

Wally focused as much willpower his body could muster, repeated the same act as he had done with Brady just a few minutes ago, and raised his hands to grab the ambulance, engulfing it with his magic and pulled back.

His strength and concentration faltered briefly as the weight of his target came known. Wally felt like trying to lift an ox with his puny hands, it's energy overwhelmingly strong and somewhat alluring. Wally shook his head to halt the dark promises of power that whispered at the back of his mind.

The ambulance, as if being pulled by an invisible rope, slowed down and made a quick turn, missing the girl with a distance far too close for comfort. The child hurried away to his newfound mother, jumping to her arms.

Wally wasn't offered the moment of victory, his brain doing a quick headcount of the vehicles actions. The metallic monster had chosen a new direction, more accurately it's new target, dawning it to Wally that it was him.

A used trick didn't work twice, and Wally found himself powerless and lacking the clear mind to repeat the previous miracle. The car picked up speed, tires almost smoking and ripping the road as it went.

Wally chose to rely on his regular abilities, reading his body and feet for superspeed. With that he took of running-

-at normal speed.

Anguish and disbelief grazed his features and thoughts when his body refused to move at the pace it had worked with for the past four years, as if it had never been there. Wally ran faster, but still not fast enough, frustrated and terrified of his impending doom and loss.

The booming sound was so close Wally could already feel it slam against him. He screwed his eyes tight shut as he inwardly prepared to meet his maker.

'Goodbye, Barry." He thought sadly, throat burning with unsaid apologies and regret.

"WALLY!" A voice cried out for him. Wally could barely register the familiarity of it as it drowned in the sirens and creaking metal.

Wally wasn't given a second to comprehend what happened next.

He felt strong hands circle around his torso and tug him by force, his feet not touching the ground anymore, wind tickling his skin. The sensation of movement was over before he even realized it. The loud noises were quiet now.

Wally convulsed furiously. The hands wrapped themselves around him tighter and pulled him against a warm chest.

"Wally, are you okay?" A soft voice he recognized as Barry's asked in a gentle whisper. Wally just stood there shaking, his head going over the same scene again and again, shock truly striking him win full force.

'My speed is gone. I could've died. I almost killed…" Wally repeated the mantra in his head, suddenly sick to his stomach.

"I'm sorry!" He blurted out before he could stop himself, choking his apology out through his first sob. All the stress and fear he had dealt with these past few days were finally surfacing, his inner walls lowering and crashing down. Wally poured out all his guilt in the embrace.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry…" He cried out, clutching his uncle's shirt for any amount of comfort in need of assurance.

"Ssssh, Wally. It's okay- you're okay…" Barry promised as he caressed Wally's hair fondly, landing his chin on top of his nephew's red locks, convincing himself that his precious child was still alive and well in his arms.

Wally's sobbing racked his body. He was mentally and physically at the edge of exhaustion. Barry didn't seem to mind that Wally lent heavily against him, his legs buckling as they lost any energy they might've had left. Barry carefully picked him up when his sobs finally calmed to occasional sniffs.

"Nothing is gonna happen to you, Wally. Everything is going to be just fine." Barry said with a vow and a smile.

Last tear dripped down from Wally's eyes. 'You can't me promise that." He thought brokenly.

Then the world went black.

The drama-filled scene carried on all the way till nightfall, the police questioning eyewitnesses for clearance of the confusing situation. The head of the hospital was doing his best to assure the officers of his employee's innocence and fairly spotless record, the ambulance driver being tested for drinking during work hours of the use of any other intoxicants. The vehicle had been searched for any mechanical flaws or anything that was out of order.

Nothing was found. Based on the report the ambulance was in perfect condition, save for the dents it received after losing balance and toppling over the ground to it's side.

After a dozen of statements and breakdowns, the commissioner Randall Bloom was introduced to a woman named Hilly Norris, and her seven-year-old daughter Abigail whom were said to be saved from being hit by a miraculous save. A little too big of a miracle to be possible.

"So, you honestly have no idea what could've happened?" Randall checked for the second time to be sure. He quirked his eyebrow skeptically when the girl shook her head.

"No." She murmured shyly from the security of her mother's lap. Seeing her daughter's obvious discomfort the mother raised her head to glare at Randall in annoyance.

"She has already told you everything you needed to know- now excuse me, are good ready to leave or not?" The woman asked impatiently.

Randall sighed tiredly, rubbing the bridge of his nose. He inwardly cursed that Allen had called in and said he'd stay home to look after his sick nephew. The commissioner wasn't mad at the kid to say the least. It was just a really bad timing.

Barry was always good with panic-stricken parents and their children.

"I'm sorry for the trouble this has cost to you and your daughter, ma'am. You're free to go, but here-" Randall reached to his pocket and pulled out a card, offering it to Mrs. Norris. "Please give me a call if anything comes to mind."

Mrs. Norris nodded stiffly and grabbed the card from the policeman's hand as she started walking away from the hospital premises. Randall watched their departure till they disappeared from vision completely, turning to look at the chaos behind his back.

This would take all night.

"Let me get this straight; you were almost hit by an ambulance?!" Linda exclaimed incredulously, her voice lacing with disbelief.

She bowed her head embarrassed as the drama teacher turned to shoot her a menacing glare, but edged away as he realized the disturbance had been caused by his favorite student. Being the teacher's pet did have it's perks Wally mused to himself.

"Yeah." He whispered affirmative while turning back to the script they were supposed to be working on. Linda leaned closer, a sympathetic scowl on her face.

"Shouldn't there be a law against irony like that?" Linda asked from no one particular. Wally let out a dry chuckle at her dramatic statement, enjoying the company of his easygoing friend.

"Guess the world isn't that lazy." He commented cheekily. Wally could see her brown orbs flicker with victory for bringing the smile back on his face yet again.

"Can be surprising though" She elbowed him playfully with a half-amused smirk. "Heard mister goody- goody got himself a whole month grounding for sneaking out for a drink of alcohol. When did you become such a rebel?" Linda asked with the smallest tint of worry.

Wally blushed in shame, docking his head like a kid caught with a cookie jar. He rubbed the back of his neck.

"Umm- You see… My friend got sick and I was really depressed and- oww!" He whined when Linda smacked his head with a notebook.

"Baka!" She announced, copying the famous line from the multiple mangas she red. Linda always called him that when he did something like- well, this.

"Don't you ever dare get yourself wasted again to ease depression because I can tell you; it doesn't work! How do you think your friend would react? And-"Wally cut her lecture off by covering her mouth with his hand.

"Linda, chill. I know what I did was stupid and I feel like an idiot about it." He assured. Linda remained skeptical as she removed his hand.

Wally sighed. "And I won't ever do it again." He promised, drawing a cross over his heart for emphasis.

"You better not Pikachu." She warned firmly. Linda failed to suppress her smile at Wally's groan.

"Don't use that nickname in public! It's humiliating enough when my uncle does that." He complained miserably with red cheeks that matched his hair.

Linda caught a new subject for conversation at that." How's your uncle taking all this by the way?" Wally's shoulders slumped.

"Not good; he has been freaked out since the seizures started and you can probably guess my little- stunt didn't help my case that much. Let's just say that after what happened in the hospital… well, I don't think things are going to be normal for awhile." He murmured dejectedly with a surrendered breath.

"I just don't think he trusts me anymore." Wally confessed quietly, voicing out the dwelling insecurities he was buried in. Linda placed a hand on his shoulder and gave it a squeeze.

"It'll get better. Your uncle is just still in the process of dealing with this, I'm sure that after awhile thing will settle again, okay?"

Wally just nodded unsatisfied. He was beginning to get fed up with empty promises that he knew would make no difference.

Despite what people told him, Wally had a strong feeling that things would only become from bad to a whole lot worse.

"Oh cheer up, it's not like you haven't been grounded before. At least he didn't take away your man- barbies this time." Linda chirped good- moodily.

Wally blushed in mortification. He frantically tried to shush the girl, checking to see that no one had heard.

"They were action figures, and that was four years ago!" He shuttered out defensively. Wally turned to sulk to his table with a pout as the girl tried poorly to stifle her laughter.

"Hey, Kyle!" Linda suddenly quipped with a wave. Wally looked up from his table to look at the newcomer, eyes widening at the size of plates as a familiar shudder ran across his spine, those unkind eyes saw all the way down to his soul.


The gothic boy gave Linda a smooth smile which would've made any womanizer envious. Wally saw at the corner of his vision a couple of girls send murderous look at Linda, but he was too busy gaping with an empty mind to make sense of anything.

'… School… Linda..? What!?' He cried out in his head. Kyle, or Klarion, seem to have heard his marveling and turned to present him a fake friendly smile.

"Hello, Wally. Linda told me what happened to you, I really hope you're doing better." He sounded so pleasant it took him off guard. You say one word, brat, and these humans die!

"Thanks, Kyle." He said with an equally cool tone. Wally kept his urge to slam the Withcboy's face right to the nearest wall and instead turned to Linda for some answers.

"I see you two have gotten to know each other while I was gone." Linda frowned distastefully at the evidently venomous words, the smart girl having no trouble with spotting his sugary decorated disgust.

She arched her eyebrow. "We were partnered up in biology while you were at home." She answered slowly, berating her words carefully while observing him. "We usually hang during lunch hours."

Kyle send her a coil wink. "Best time of the day." He quipped arrogantly. Wally's mind just about exploded right there and then as he took note of the flirt in his voice.

Wally stood up from his seat just as the bell rang, grabbed Kyle's arm and began dragging him outside, ignoring the everyone's looks.

"A few words please, Kyle." He drawled out behind gritted teeth. The disguised immortal didn't bother to struggle when he was led outside to class and in the hallway, bumped to wall in the furthest corner next to the cafeteria.

"What are you doing here?" Wally bellowed, eyes seeing red. "I already have to endure you during freetime, I don't need you screwing over my school as well!"

Klarion was unperturbed. His lips curled to a cruel smile, head cocking to side as Wally balled his hands to fists.

"You're my new power- package, remember? As my familiar you're bound to me as much as I'm bound to you. I can never truly leave your presence for too long." He said tauntingly.

"Try- because you're not staying!" Wally growled his order. Klarion leaned against the wall with crossed arms, showing no sign of taking his words seriously. If anything he almost broke to a fit of laughter.

"Why? Because of your ego and overestimated conclusion of your control- "

"I'm doing better." Wally defended heatedly as Tuesday's success of healing Brady and saving the little girl from death flashed in his memory. Klarion's eyes glazed for a moment as he went through the boy's thoughts, expression morphing to a pompous sneer much to Wally's dismay.

"Oh yes you're doing great; almost revealing your powers and the secret identity of your uncle to a handful of people is quite the accomplishment."Klarion snorted sarcastically.

Speaking of secret identities…

"What did you do to my superspeed?" Wally interrogated in a deadly quiet voice, the lingering question in his mind making itself known.

Klarion was silent for a moment. Studying the boy's reaction was somehow interesting. "It was a precaution." He stated simply.

"For what?" Wally lashed out. These little mind games Klarion played with him and his sanity made his blood boil. He was tired of being told things after they almost got him killed.

Klarion rolled his eyes as if the answer would've been obvious for an infant."You've already seen how little effort my magic needs to make for you to lose control. Imagine a wild tornado ripping the cities at the speed of sound, an force of nature bringing the humankind to it's knees in seconds- one heck of a way for a sidekick to spend his days, eh?"

Granted, he saw reason in Klarion's words- but one question was still in need of an answer. "Why didn't you tell me beforehand?" Wally pressed.

"I'm telling you now, aren't I?"

That's it!

Wally aimed his fist to Klarion's smug face, his strike fueled by every shitty trick the Witchboy had pulled.

A hand imprisoned his wrist to a steal grip. Wally yelped as he was spun around and slammed to the same wall Klarion had leaned against just a minute ago, shivering inwardly as a cold breath tickled his ear.

"Now, now. It's not proper to throw a tantrum to your elders." The voice mocked. Klarion had seen the argument between Wally and his uncle, copying the words that made Wally tick.

"Screw you!" Wally spat as his body shook. He let out a pained gasp when Klarion's sharp nails pressed to his throat.

"Such spirit, child. Such fire." Klarion mused coldly. The nail circled his Adam's Apple playfully. "Unfortunately your finest quality fails to serve you. It creates a pathway for the darkness you work so hard to hide." Wally's eyes narrowed in confusion.

"What darkness?" He asked weakly, not understanding a single word spoken to him. Wally felt one on Klarion's fangs stab his neck lightly as the villain smiled in some twisted self satisfaction, grudge and the smallest amount of fear audible.

"You'll see. Everyone will see."

Sixth period was complete hell from eternity and beyond. It was the time of humiliation, painful injuries and brute destruction of any self-confidence anyone might still have left. Majority of the students dreaded the class like a disease, praying each night for any miracle to save them. The teacher was unforgiving, relatively whacked out of his mind and took pleasure with children's failures.


Wally tugged awkwardly the hem of his baggy T-shirt, standing in a perfect row with all the jocks the school had to offer. He was a medium size- not short or tiny like Dick, but he felt like an ant next to these guys whom were all muscled to their none existing zits. Wally bit his lip in nervousness when the coach finally stepped in front of him with a list, crossing his name.

"Umm, Coach?" Wally said waveringly. The huge man raised his head to look at him so slowly Wally's life had more than plenty of time to pass before his eyes, twice. He presented the teacher a note with an outstretched hand.

"From my uncle." He cleared out with as much courage he could find. The gruff man motioned his head to his left.

"Hit the bench, West."

Wally hurried off to take his seat as far away from the jocks as possible. They had this misfortunate habit of aiming at him, whether he was actively playing or not. He was just relieved that his uncle's paranoia paid off and spared him from utter humiliation.

As the rest of the class began playing basketball, the steady sound of the ball hitting the floor with a soft thud lured his mind to reel back on his talk with Klarion.

Wally knew it had been terrible self-deceive to try and insist that he was in control of his magic. It was the opposite in fact. But it wasn't his fault! Klarion kept telling him of control and discipline but had done absolutely nothing teach him any of that; not counting the healing of course, which almost failed. Wally was pretty sure luck was the only reason he hadn't already blown up his own house yet!

He didn't care what Klarion had vowed to leave his friends alone- in wasn't uncommon for a villain to lie- Wally wanted the Witchboy nowhere near people who in this case were innocent and defenseless civilians. The fact that Klarion had already made friends with Linda behind his back worried him greatly, not convinced it lacked an ulterior motive.

Wally's nails dug to the fabric of his shorts, creating an unpleasant sting on his skin. He mentally promised to tear Klarion apart if the Lord of Chaos as much as thought about hurting Linda.

"This seat taken?" A smooth female voice was heard above him.

Wally jumped a little at the foreign voice, snapping out of his inner musings so rushed he struggled to remain seated. He cursed himself for being such a successful dork and a dignity killer in front girls.

"N-no, seat is all yours!"Wally coughed ashamed of his epic fail. He kept his head down to hide his umpteenth blush.

What the heck was a girl doing in boys PE class?

"Thanks, Red." The girl said with a giggle. Wally felt the wooden bench shift as she slumped down next to him, oddly familiar combat boots landing on the floor close to his sneakers.

Wait, there was only one person who called him Red…!

Wally's head snapped up to rest his gaze upon the person he had last seen two years ago. It took him awhile to pick up the traits he had memorized from their last encounter, puberty and time doing some massive changes with appearances.

A lopsided grin plastered on the rosy lips. The girl combed her fingers through her pink hair playfully, strikingly dark blue eyes staring at him with mirth.

"Jinx?!" He croaked out in disbelief. Her smirk widened.

"In flesh."

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