It was a few days later when I finally found my strength, I was able to sit up properly in the bed and accept food, for which I was certainly grateful for; even more so considering that it was Sebastian's cooking. It was simply superb, and the thought that he had made it for me especially sent shivers through my body, making me want to do my classical hip wiggle, but I resisted for the sake of not opening my wound back up.

My wound... Ugh, and what an ugly one it would be. It would leave me with a dreadful scar and I would be forever marked. No man wanted a scarred lover, well... No man wanted me anyway so I'm not sure why I was so bothered. A sinking depression washed over me as I sank back into the pillows, my eyes stinging with unshed tears as I then considered the prospect of never being able to return home to the Reaper World, never seeing my few friends again, or being able to wield my scythe in the name of death! Certainly I broke the rules, I was rebellious and troublesome but that was my home... It was the only place I had ever belonged even slightly... And the idea of never being able to return was as painful and traumatic as the injury I had sustained.

Undertaker and Sebastian had both been... Wonderful to me though. Never before had I been so utterly doted upon, they both took care of me, taking it in turns to sit with me in the evenings in case I developed a complication while I slept. The small infection which had been forming had cleared up thanks to Undertaker's incredibly abilities with healing. I would never have imagined that a Reaper, or indeed a mortician would be able to deal so aptly with the living, rather than with the dead.

And Sebastian... Oh my... He was so tender with me, so kind and warm. He would sit with me between his duties, reading to me or talking with me, and then he left to attend to his duties, leaving with promises of a hot meal and further conversation when he returned. I felt... Special. Although that was quite foolish, Sebastian, Bassy... He didn't see me like that. It was obvious from the way he had acted with me in the past, he found me to be an annoying nuisance who got in the way of fulfilling his duties. But... The fight night I had woken, he had seemed somewhat confused by my thoughts that he hated me, going so far as to openly question whether or not I was a mind reader? What was that about anyway? Was that his way of saying "well you aren't that bad" or was I merely reading too much into it, as always?

My train of thought was interrupted by the sudden requirement of going to the bathroom and I grumbled, reaching over to call for Sebastian or for the ex-Reaper himself; but my fingers stopped just short as I wondered if I could do it myself, I wanted to do it myself, I wanted to be independent, I didn't want to be annoying or needy.

So, I slowly shuffled to the edge of the bed, so far so good. I managed to push the covers back and carefully, oh so carefully sat up on the edge, I was breathing a little heavily from the exertion, but I was certain that it would pass before long, so I pushed myself a little further, getting to my feet and shivering as I felt the cold floor beneath my bear toes. Taking tottering steps forward, I staggered in the direction of the en-suit bathroom, I made it! I was overwhelmed by satisfaction that I was on the mend, relieving myself as I had required before returning to the bedroom and aiming to get back in bed.

It is a short coming of mine to be overconfident in my abilities, or should I say I rarely think that something will go wrong? I grew tired as I crossed the bedroom, my legs wobbling from lack of use before the room began to spin and my body went cold, I dropped like a lead weight, crying out as I hit the floor, an agonising ripple of pain shooting through my abdomen and through to my back. Oh Grell, you're such a silly girl.

Perhaps is was paranoia which drove me to visit the redhead's side so many times a day, having seen him so close to death and realising that the world would have been a much less interesting place without that vibrant splash of colour obscuring my vision had changed something inside of me, something which both confused and excited me.

Demons live such long and arduous lives, I sometimes think that we only make these contracts in order to entertain ourselves, we do not require souls to live but they are the only food which lessens the intolerable hunger we feel. But it is not a necessity, unless you have some kind of issue with being compeltely and utterly insane with hunger.

Even were that the case, my years in the service of the Young Master have been... Well they have passed the time but I would not say that I was enthralled by the life I have. I certainly enjoy my duties as a butler, as mediocre as they are - they provide something of a focus to me, giving me something to focus on and something to do with the time I have lingering around in this mortal world.

However, returning to my original point, something about considering a world without that annoyingly tenacious and dramatic red Reaper changed something within my very being, and it was something which I did not fully understand, and having something that I could not understand was the source of my excitement. For demons know many things, we have infinite libraries of information in the plains of Hell, we are among the most knowledgable creatures in all four worlds*, so when we discover something new; something fresh and something we have not previously exprienced before... It causes an absolute thrill!

As such, I was just returning to my room, for it was indeed my own bedchambers I had left Grell to rest in over the period of his recuperation, after another long strenuous day of work - having to clean up after the other three servants as well as keep on top of the Young Master's needs and orders along side my timely visits to check on Grell... For once perhaps I might indulge in a few hours sleep, I felt as though I had perhaps earned it.

With a long breath, I pushed open the bedroom door and stepped inside, my gaze instantly drawn to the empty bed, and then to the pile of red near the bathrom door; my eyes widened momentarily before he hastened forwards and crouched down, tucking my arms beneatht the crumpled Reaper I lifted him, glad that he was indeed of a slight build and therefore not heavy. Not that I would have struggled if he was heavy, but it just made things easier this way.

I carried Grell back to the bed and laid him back on the pillows, making a quick check of his wound and gratefully discovering that he had not pulled the stitches open again by moving around; a sigh escaped my pursed lips as I observed the unconscious male, closing my eyes momentaarily as I considered my options, deciding that he undoubtedly needed further rest I merely tucked him back in and went about my business, treating myself to a soak in the tin bathtub to wash away the daily grime tainting my skin.

Roused by the sound of a gentle moan from the other room, I ended my bath prematurely, wrapping a towel around my waist before I hastened back into the bedroom where I found Grell to be sitting up in bed, holding his abdomen with a bleary yet faintly agonised look on his face.

"Grell?" I questioned gently, making the redhead jolt in surprise, his olive green eyes meeting mine before his whole face went the same colour as his hair as those same eyes then roamed and raked over my semi-naked form. I was not embarrassed or abashed by my state of undress, it was, after all, not my true skin. Not my true body. It was merely like another suit.

"S-Sebastian, darling!" he squeaked, dragging his eyes up to my face with some effort it appeared, "When did you get here... I... I don't remember getting back in bed..." he trailed off in confusion.

I walked forwards and sat on the bottom of the bed, patting my hair dry with the spare towel I had, "You were collapsed on the floor, what did you get out of bed for?" I asked in response.

"Mm... Bathroom." he muttered, "I think I went dizzy, fell over and passed out... I... Am sorry to be such a problem."

"You are not a problem, Grell. I merely want you to get well again as soon as possible so that you might be a little happier again. I can see how unhappy it makes you to be trapped in bed." When had I realised that?

His cheeks flushed anew and he smiled slightly, "You are as observant as ever, Bassy, I am not one for simply sitting around doing nothing, I prefer to be in the action so to speak."

"No wonder you are so hyperactive all the time." I teased, glancing around at him and offering a smile, "How do you feel?"

"Sore, but a bit better. I was able to make it to the bathroom on my own, it was just getting back that was an issue." he shrugged.

"I see... Well, with some luck we might be able to get you sat up in a chair in the next few days, and after that maybe even walking around. The question I feel I have to pose is this: what will you do once you can move around propely again?"

"I don't know," the Reaper said honestly, sighing slightly and laying back down, "I don't believe I will be able to return to the Reaper world unless I wish to be arrested for my actions, or worse killed..."

I felt a momentary prang of guilt and my next words spilled from my mouth before I had intended them to, "I apologise for having caused you such distress... Should you require somewhere to stay I am certain the Young Master could be convinced to allow you a more permanent room here as long as you did some chores around the place and for the most part remained out of trouble."

Grell looked up at me with wide eyes and a swide smile appeared on his face, "I... I would like that very much! I am not as clumsy in reality as I was when I was pretending to be a normal butler, I am certain I could offer something to help around the estate!"

"Then it is settled." I nodded before I reached out and tucked a few strands of his red hair behind his ear, once again confused as to the purpose of my actions, however he seemed to appriciate these small gestures, and if they assisted in his healing process, I would continue to... Indulge.