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Authors Note: "* *" means they are speaking in Silvan.

Three elves were walking through the wood of Lórien, talking quietly amongst themselves.

"*Halt, who walks there?*" said a voice from high in the trees.

"*We hail from Mirkwood, sent by our Elvenking. To seek counsel with Lord Celeborn,*" said the tallest elf.

A moment later a figured drop from the trees and walked towards them, "*Greetings.*"

"*Hello young Haldir, you're on The Guard already? Seems like yesterday you were just a young elfling.*" the tallest one laughed.

"*Just barely an elfling,*" Haldir responded, "*But old enough to remember you Asca. I'm learning to scout with my brother Rúmil-*"

"*Who is right here,*" a fair featured elf came walking through the trees, a shade of lighter blonde than Haldir, "*Thank you Haldir; that is enough for today. Run back to Orophin, it's time for tactical training.*"

With that Haldir bowed to the elves and took off in the direction of home. The older elves chuckled at his apparent youth.

"*What brings you here my brothers? Not with ill tidings?*" questioned Rúmil.

Before anyone could answer they heard a noise, a rustling of branches. They stood stock still as they strained their ears to pin point where the noise came from. Again it came from the northwest. Looking at one another they drew bows while the short black haired elf drew his sword. With speed unheard of they silently raced towards the threat, as they came closer they stopped to listen again. The rustling was coming from a stunted hazel tree, the four made eye contact as they carefully walked forward bows raised ready to strike. As they rounded the tree they found no one there.

"*Thoron, what do you see?*" asked Asca.

The short black haired one shook his head, "*I see nothing but old footsteps, days old.*"

Than they heard a soft mewing sound.

"*It's coming from the tree, itself,*" exclaimed Thoron, "*But in all my years I have yet to hear a tree that makes a sound like that.*"

Rúmil carefully went up to the tree and seen a bundle of dark brown blankets deep in the rotting crutch of the branches. Carefully he moved the blankets aside to find royal blue blankets held together with a strange looking broach. He unpinned the broach and the blankets parted to an astounding site.

"*My stars,*" he gasped.

The three other elves crowded closer.

"*What is it, my brother?*" questioned Asca.

Rúmil reached in and grabbed the bundle of blankets than turned to face the others, "*It is a small babe.*"

"*Impossible, no race of Elves alive would leave their elfling by themselves, unprotected.*" hissed Thoron, "Least of all in a place where they are unlikely to be found.*"

Rúmil carefully unwrapped the blankets to show the small babe to the other elves, who was wide awake staring at them with big brown eyes.

"*She had this broach on her,*" he held it up, "*It's strange.*"

The broach had a red leaf and a dark green leaf with a sword pierced through the middle of them. The quiet elf gasped.

"*It cannot be,*" he whispered, "*That line has long been dead.*"

Rúmil narrowed his eyes and covered the babe back up, "*Lets hurry and see Lord Celeborn.*"

"*Wait!*" shouted Asca, "*There is something else in this tree.*"

He reached in and pulled out a thick leather bound book, his eyes widened at the title, "*We must hurry, we do not know who may still be in the woods.*"

"*Go ahead , I will meet you,*" said Thoron, "*I'll scout the woods and see where these footsteps lead.*"

"*-and that is where we found the babe.*" finished Rúmil who was still holding the bundle, gently rocking it back and forth. She was wide awake and happy gurgling in his arms.

Lord Celeborn nodded his head flipping through the pages of the book, "*This is very surprising. Avari the House of Warriors is lost. However this may prove otherwise. Please I want to see the elfling.*"

Rúmil slowly handed the baby to Celeborn, he didn't want to give her away, she whined at the lost of movement. Carefully Celeborn cradled her in his arms as he lifted away the blankets. He gently checked her ears, she smiled and grabbed his hand, he hummed.

"*Indeed, an elfling of Avari. I thought they were all wiped out hundreds of years ago, turned into Orcs. See her ears? They have two points instead of just one.*"

Rúmil stepped forward and had a look at her ears, there was the traditional point of elves but there was another at the base of the ear. His eyes widened, "*But how did she survive? She would have been older than she is now…*"

Celeborn smiled, "*Yes that would have been true however I found a letter within the first pages of the tome. She is the last surviving Avari, her parents were kept hidden; as they were the last Royal Bloodline. But they were all slowly tracked down by Orcs and killed. But it did not say where, the nanny fled and left the elfling in the hazel tree. The hazel tree is a protector, as they made their arrows and bows out of it.*"

"*So she is a princess?*"

Celeborn nodded, "*Yes, there are very few Elves who descend from The first Elves, our royal blood line. Most married common Elves thus losing all ties to royalty or just stay by themselves. King Thranduil is an example of a pure royal line. Her name is Leafling but was given no surname.*"

Leafling started whimpering in his arms, Celeborn started rocking her again, humming she quieted down. Rúmil walked forward, when the baby seen him she started gurgling again. Celeborn chuckled, "*I see, she has grown fond of you.*"

"*As I to her, she reminds me of Haldir when he was a babe. Except for the dark hair,*" he smiled, "*I will teach her everything I know.*"

Just than Galadriel walked in.

"*My Lady.*" both men said together.

She smiled at them than turned her attention to the elfling, she placed her hand gently on the her head and closed her eyes. A little while later she spoke, "*She will be a great warrior, one that is needed.*"

Rúmil looked at Celeborn, "*Are we keeping her?*"

Galadriel took the baby out of Celeborns arms and gently starting rocking her, singing under her breath:

Lay down your head and I'll sing you a lullaby

Back to the years of loo-li lai-lay

And I'll sing you to sleep and I'll sing you tomorrow

Bless you with love for the road that you go

May you sail far to the far fields of fortune

With diamonds and pearls at your head and your feet

And may you need never to banish misfortune

May you find kindness in all that you meet

"*Little Leafling, you have a home now little one,*" Galadriel cooed, "*She will be brought up here and taught the ways of The Guard, how to fight and how to defend, Rúmil will see to that. Once she is old enough she will be gifted with the tome of her people. Until than she will be no different nor treated any differently than any other elfling born here.*"

The two Elves bowed their heads in understanding.

"*Please excuse me Lady Galadriel, there are elves here from Mirkwood that need my attention,*" Celeborn bowed his head as he left the room.

"*I too will go, I'll let your maidens know to ready the nursery for our new elfling.*" Rúmil bowed.

"*Yes thank you Rúmil,*" Galadriel said, "*I'll be in my room putting this one down for a nap.*"

With that the Elves went their separate ways.

Authors Note: Thank you for reading. The song I use is Sleepsong by Secret Garden, the first and last time you will see it, I just wanted the reader to know what Leaflings lullaby is, because its mentioned a few times. This is a WIP so I will update when I can, I can't promise weekly updates though because of work. I love hearing feedback from readers, until next time!