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Chapter 8

~Four days later~

It was cold and gloomy, I walked in weather like this before but usually I lit fires to warm up but this time it was too dangerous. I leaned against the tree curled in a ball, braiding my ponytail, than someone sat beside me.

"*Morning Estel or should I say Aragorn?*" I asked while smiling.

"*Which ever you prefer Leafling, I am after all known by many names. I wonder when we will have to start keeping watch,*" he covered himself with his cloak, "*I hope not soon.*"

I nodded, "*I shouldn't think so, we are still in the Mountains around Imladris but than...*"

We sat in silence listening to the sounds of the world waking up around us, I turned to him, "*Do you think Mithrandir is still awake? I have to ask him something.*"

He shrugged, "*I think so, he was lighting his pipe when I left him. He usually smokes before going to bed.*"

I nodded and got up, I quietly walked past where The Hobbits were sleeping then I saw a head pop up.

"Leafling?" He asked.

"What is it Little Master Pippin?" I asked quietly.

He sat up, "Physically I'm exhausted but mentally I'm wide awake and I know we will have to walk a long ways before resting again later. Um...d-do you kn-know any um lullabies?"

I smiled, "A few, don't you know some too?"

"Yes but singing yourself to sleep doesn't always work," he muttered.

I chuckled lowly than began to sing:

The stars are out, see them shining overhead,

Sleepy child, shouldn't you be in bed?

Lay down your head, upon clouds of dreams,

The worries of the day are not as they seem.

Close your eyes tight, dream of another day,

Where the sun shines bright, every which way.

The laughter and fun, that follows you everywhere

As you prance along dance around, without much care.

The stars are out, see them shining overhead,

Sleepy child, shouldn't you be in bed?

Rest your little bodies that are tired from play,

Sleep the night and wake fresh for the day.

No more games until the morrow

Sleep now, sleep sound, sleep tight,

I love you, good night.

I looked over and he was sound asleep, I turned to go but than another head popped up, "Oh Little Master Samwise, what are you still doing awake?"

I could see his cheeks turn red, "Just Sam or Samwise M'Lady and I-I was hoping to hear an Elvish lullaby."

"Please just call me Leafling, Samwise. That was an Elvish lullaby, my older brother Rúmil used to sing that to me but in Common Tongue or do you mean in my Tongue?"

He nodded furiously.

"Alright, how about one my Naneth used to sing to me when I was an elfling." I closed my eyes and imagined the gauze canopy over my bed, Naneth was sitting next to me, the wind breezing through the branches, stray leaves crawling across the floor and her voice:

*Lay down your head and I'll sing you a lullaby

Back to the years of loo-li lai-lay

And I'll sing you to sleep and I'll sing you tomorrow

Bless you with love for the road that you go*

*May you sail far to the far fields of fortune

With diamonds and pearls at your head and your feet

And may you need never to banish misfortune

May you find kindness in all that you meet*

*May there always be angels to watch over you

To guide you each step of the way

To guard you and keep you safe from all harm

Loo-li, loo-li, lai-lay*

*May you bring love and may you bring happiness

Be loved in return to the end of your days

Now fall off to sleep, I'm not meaning to keep you

I'll just sit for a while and sing loo-li, lai-lay*

I sighed as I finished, the light snoring coming from the pile confirmed that he was asleep this time.

"*That was a beautiful song,*" said Legolas as he came up behind me, "*That would put anyone to sleep.*"

I nodded, "*It has, whether I was tired or upset Naneth would sing to me and I would drift off. I sang it to Estel a couple of times too when dreams kept him awake.*"

We walked quietly together, than I heard a low singing voice: it was smooth and soft like honey, deep and breathy like light wind through the trees, the voice, it took my breath away. I looked over.

"*May you bring love and may you bring happiness

Be loved in return to the end of your days,*" he sang quietly.

I looked at him in awe, "*Your voice,*" I whispered, "*It's beautiful.*"

He blushed and ducked his head, while rubbing his hand on his neck, "*Oh you heard me? I thought I was singing lower.*"

I stopped and put a hand on his upper arm, "*Your voice,*" I looked him right in the eyes, "*I never heard anything like it before.*"

He returned my intense gaze, "*I get my voice from my Naneth but, it's nothing compared to your voice,*" he raised his hand and gently cupped my cheek, "*Yours is enchanting, so soft and gentle. I could listen to you sing all day.*"

I felt my cheeks burn but I couldn't break eye contact, "*Your Naneth?*"

He nodded, "*I don't remember that much about her, she died when I was small. But Aman told me all the time that she loved to sing and make up songs. We each had our own song but mine was never finished, no one has ever told me what happened to her.*"

Without thinking I grabbed him into a tight hug, "*I'm sorry, I didn't know,*" I whispered against his chest.

He held onto me, like he didn't want to lose me, "*No one outside of Mirkwood knows that but, I-I wanted to tell you Leafling. I don't want to keep anything from you, it doesn't feel right.*"

I felt a deep sadness inside me, I knew it was from Legolas, I wanted to make that sadness go away but I didn't know how so I just held him.

"*I don't want to keep anything from you either, I feel like I could tell you anything...that's a different...emotion for me. The only person I'm open with is Estel even than I don't tell him everything...*" I trailed off.

I felt his lips on my forehead, he smiled, "*I'm not asking for you to tell me everything Leafling.*"

"*I know but...I want to...going on this Quest...I can't help but wonder if we will all make it through alive,*" I pulled away slightly to look up at him, "*Merry and Pippin they remind me of...and what happened to them...so many things are uncertain.*"

"*Where do you go when you know the world is headed to hell?*" he asked.

I frowned slightly at him, "*You fight along side it.*"

He smiled and tucked a stray hair behind my ear, "*That's what they did and that's exactly what we are going to do Leaf...ling. I know that's not much of a pep talk.*"

I felt his shoulders shrugged, I smiled, "*It's okay, just remind me not to let you lead the army into war.*"

He laughed and I joined in.

"*So where were you headed? Before I distracted you.*" he pulled away.

I felt cold, his embrace was warm, "*To talk to Mithrandir but,*" I glanced over, he was against a tree with his hat over his eyes, "*He looks like he's asleep, I'll ask him another day.*"

"*If you don't mind me asking,*" he said shyly, "*What were you going to ask him?*"

"*He's been here on Middle Earth for a long while so I thought...he may have met my parents. They liked to move around a lot as I told you, and that he might be able to tell me about them. Maybe it's a fools hope,*" I sighed, "*But it's a hope none the less...*"

He gently gripped my shoulder, "*I know how you feel, I hope you are able to ask him.*"

I felt a pang of guilt, I have someone to ask about my parents while Legolas, growing up with his Ada was never told what happened to his Naneth. I opened my mouth but he covered it with his fingers, gently he traced my lips with his thumb while his hand rested on my jaw. It looked like he was about to say something, he had this intense look on his face but it melted away.

"*You should get some sleep,*" he smiled absentmindedly, "*We have a long night of traveling.*"

I knew somehow that's not what he was going to say, "*Ok, you have to get some rest too.*"

We parted ways, I walked back to where Estel was sleeping, I sat down and rested my head on a root. The morning sun was getting stronger, I put my hood over my eyes and closed them.

~Three Days Later~

I hummed to myself a song Bilbo taught me then I heard my name, I looked down, "Hello Little Master Merry."

He shook his head, "Just call me Merry, everyone else does, I'm not a Master of anything. Anyway I wanted to ask you a question."

"Yes!" said another voice, "We came up here to ask you."

I laughed, "You two were walking with Bill and Samwise were you not? What tales do you want told?"

Pippin shook his head, "No, not tales although you tell some good ones like about Tom Bombadil or Beorn or the Shadow-bride or-"

"Yes, yes but we or mostly I, have questions concerning Elves," Merry interrupted, "I was hoping you would answer them!"

"Oh? Isn't Legolas walking back there too? Why didn't you ask him your questions? It would have saved you the trip up here," I smiled.

Merry glanced back, "Yes true but, he's not that talkative. He's more...silent and brooding type."

I raised my eyebrow, "Silent and brooding? I don't think so, yes he does keep to himself but no one tries to talk to him besides Aragorn and I."

"You're friendlier besides!" Pippin grinned, "You don't mind our questions as much as the others."

"Back to the main reason we're talking to you," Merry shot him a look, "Is it true that nothing can kill Elves?"

I frowned, "It is true we are immortal and can live for a very long time but, if we are mortally wounded in battle we can die; or from a broken heart."

The two Hobbits fell silent, each seemly in their own thoughts.

"There's this one thing I heard," Merry said slowly, "That Elves mate only once in their entire lives."

"That is true for many people, not only Elves Young Merry. Once you find your Lifemate there is no other. You both know about Lifemates right?"

They shook their heads.

"A Lifemate is your other half, it's said that we are born with only half a soul. It is our job or journey to find our other soul half. Some do find their Lifemate, most do not, that's more common. But sometimes our other half dies, therefore we cannot meet them but, they become our guardian. Until the time comes for us to join them, if you're lucky you and your Lifemate will be born again so you have another chance to meet," I paused, "Not just anyone can be your Lifemate, yet it could be anyone. No one can tell you who they are, the first time you meet, you know somehow, deep down, they are your other half."

Pippin looked at me, "Have you found your Lifemate Leafling?"

I tripped, his question caught me off guard, Merry reached over and smacked him on the head, "You don't just go around asking personal questions like that Pip, sorry Leafling. Come on Pip lets go back, we pestered her long enough."

"Hey," said Pippin while rubbing his head, "I wasn't trying to pry, I was just..."

Their voices dropped away as they headed back to walk with Bill and Samwise. I sighed and rubbed the back of my neck, Pippins question took me by surprise. Someone beside me cleared his throat, I glanced down, it was Gimli. Perfect...

"Lifemates eh? Heh heh, what a load of Elvish nonsense," he grumped, "Telling more tall tales Elf?"

I rolled my eyes, "Than tell me Gimli son of Glóin how do Dwarfs differ?"

"Last I checked you were not a Dwarf thus I cannot tell you. See, we guard our secrets with our life and not blab to anyone who asks," he sniped.

"Very well stated Dwarf," I shot back, "Honestly, I've met Men with more manners than you display."

He grunted, "Well most of us aren't on good terms with Tree Huggers."

I looked at him cooly, "I knew two who were not like that Dwarf, and I gladly call them friends."

He glared at me, "So how exactly are you a Tree Hugger, Elf? You have tan skin, dark eyes, which compared to others they have pale skin. You hardly count as an Elf at all."

"How exactly are you considered a Dwarf? You're just barely taller than a Hobbit while most tower over them, you have no braids telling your social status and you have no family crest upon your helm," I snapped, "The only determining factor are your weapons, which I remember your Father having. If it wasn't for your beard I'd say you are just a plain Hobbit."

At this his face soften, "I can see why he fell for you," he muttered than he brushed past me.

I glared at his back, I felt a hand on my shoulder, "*Can I kill him? I'll make it seem like an accident, after all people do disappear on this side of the mountain...*"

A soft laugh made me stop in my tracks, "*Oh stars! L-Legolas! I-I thought you were-*"

"*Aragorn?*" he laughed again, "*I never knew you were hostile towards Dwarves.*"

I sighed and started walking again, "*I'm not but when it comes to Gimli...*" I paused and looked at him, "*Its different.*"

He looked at him, "*I agree but I wouldn't know, they don't talk to me much.*"

I looked at him and started giggling, "*It's because you are quiet, silent and brooding. But I don't think so, usually you don't shut up when you're talking to me.*"

He blushed, "*Uh yes well...um who told you that?*"

"*What? That you don't shut up or that you are silent and brooding? Merry and Pippin, they had some questions but I think they were just too shy to ask you,*" I teased, "*You should talk more to the others.*"

"*I know I should but,*" he looked embarrassed, "*I don't know how to talk to them, they are like children to me. Back home I didn't get to travel much, so I never had the opportunities to meet with Men and we never had a good relationship with Dwarves as you know. And Hobbits don't trail from their homeland except one, who I met at Imladris. Of course I did meet Aragorn once, when him and Mithrandir gave Gollum into our care. So I do talk with them when the need rises, so it's not like I don't talk to anybody, I do talk just not too often and-there I go again.*" he blushed redder, "*I do seem to not shut up when I talk with you.*"

"*It's alright I like the sound of your voi-uh, um...,*" I felt my cheeks get hot, "*What I meant was uh...will you sing again?*"

He looked surprise at my request and a bit pleased, I don't think my face could get any redder.

"*Later,*" he whispered, then he turned and walked back.

I turned my head and watched his retreating back, he glanced back and caught my gaze, smiled one more time before turning back around. Later cannot come soon enough.

~Few Hours Later~

I was up in a tree watching the sunrise, most of the time we wake up just as the sun finish setting, so it's a treat to get to watch the sunrise instead. I leaned against the tree and fought off a yawn, I still haven't asked Mithrandir my question yet, this morning I may have another chance. Fighting off another yawn I jump down from branch to branch but I stopped half way down, I heard rustling at the base. Slowly I crept down, I saw four bundles laying at the foot of the tree, the Hobbits. I didn't want to scare them so I jumped to the next tree and finished climbing down.

"Leafling?" asked a small voice.

"Did I disturb you Mr. Frodo? My apologies," I bowed my head.

"No, no you didn't..." He looked down at his blanket, "Can I talk with you?"

"Of course you can, lets go over there so we don't wake up the others," I led him a few trees over, "So what is on your mind?"

I sat down and leaned against the tree, he sat beside me and snuggled into my side. I lifted my arm and he cuddled right in, he had a shadow in his eyes.

"I heard you sing the other night, I understood a few words, it was a beautiful song," he paused, "Leafling...I'm surrounded by everyone all the time but yet...I feel so...alone..."

I squeezed his arm gently, "My Naneth told me once that being a ring bearer is to be alone. But I add: if you have friends who willing stay by your side you will never be truly alone. I believe Mr. Frodo that they will stay by your side to the very end if you let them."

"Will you?" He whispered.

"If Fate deems it right, I'll follow you to the very end, to the Crack of Mount Doom," I vowed, "There has to be somebody with you to fight off the Orcs."

He sat up, "But won't you be killing..." he faltered.

I smiled gently at him, "Yes, I will be. However I do not look at it like that, they have spent more than several lifetimes in a cruel fashion. They would not recall the sound of wind, the taste of bread or the warmth of the sun, they are but shells of what they use to be. They don't remember who they are, when I...do away with them the little bit that survived all these years will find the light at the end of the tunnel, where they will remember who they truly are and pass peacefully over The Grey Haven."

Frodo shifted until he was leaning against me again, "What...what happens to an Elf when they...die?"

I frowned at the question, "Well...if its from a broken heart, the Elf slowly withers away. They stop eating, stop caring about anything, they look but don't see, they walk aimlessly, they grow thin and pale. Eventually they go somewhere isolated and give up than die or they board a boat to The Grey Havens."

I grew quiet, Frodo sighed, "That's so sad."

"Yes," I stared at the tree in from of us, "But if its a wound in battle, they fall and slowly grow brighter and brighter, until they are no more. It's said that once an Elf dies their spirit passes bodiless to The Grey Havens, where they wait for you to join them...why the questions Frodo?"

He suddenly stood up, his back away from me, "I...I just wanted to know what would happen if...you or Legolas died. I know you won't, I just wanted to know. Thanks for telling me," he turned and smiled, "Either way you and him go The Grey Havens."

He waved and walked back to his blankets, I sat there letting his words sink in. I stood up and walked to where Mithrandir was sitting.

"*Good Morning Mithrandir,*" I greeted as I sat beside him.

"*Good Morning? Is it a good morning or a morning to be good on or are you saying that this morning is especially good or are you merely wishing that I have a good morning?*" Gandalf asked teasingly.

"*All above I suppose,*" I laughed.

He chuckled along with me as he lit his pipe, "*So what brings you here when you should be sleeping?*"

"*You been on Middle Earth for a long time right?*" I asked.

"*Indeed I have,*" he nodded, "*I knew your Naneth back than.*"

"*You knew her before she was with Celeborn.*" I stated, "*Which was very long ago.*"

He laughed, "*Oh she told you?*"

"*The whole tale? No, not that I ever asked her.*"

"*I see,*" he paused, "*It was that long ago...what is your question Leafling?*"

"*Did...did you ever meet my...parents?*" I quietly asked.

He thoughtfully chewed on his pipe, "*I wish I could say yes Leafling, I did meet some of your kin once, while traveling by Mirkwood. I should have guess you were of Avari, dark eyes, tan skin, all the tell tale signs. They traveled a lot, never settling down hence the tan skin, while most Elves stayed in one place your people didn't. They would be proud of the Elf you are today Leafling, you are every bit the warrior they were.*"

I felt my eyes burn with tears, "*Thank you Mithrandir.*"

He smiled gently, "*Go get some rest now.*"

I nodded and slowly got up, I wiped away the unshed tears as I made my way through the trees. I stopped were I put my cloak and plopped down, so many things were running through my head, my conversation with Frodo and with Mithrandir...

I felt a hand on my shoulder, "*Are you alright?*"

"*Legolas!*" I jumped.

"*I didn't mean to startle you, I thought you heard me coming.*" he squeezed my shoulder.

"*Sorry, I was just lost in thought...are you going to sing now?*" I asked, shocked at myself at the boldness of my words.

He grinned and sat beside me, "*I said I would didn't I? What would you like me to sing?*"

I laid my head on his shoulder, he lifted his arm so I moved closer, "*Anything,*" I whispered.

He stroked my hair:

*Lay down your head and I'll sing you a lullaby

Back to the years of loo-li lai-lay...*

I closed my eyes and listened to him as I drifted off.

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