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None of the Asgardian nobility knew where the legend of Elir Alilas was first created and told. After all in a realm like Asgard where custom and tradition was ever present and never changing who would have the gall to write an epic of a frost giant with a heart of fire? And legends were written based off real happenings with intense exaggeration of course but still such an occurrence never took place! Or did it?

It is ironic that the people of Asgard knew a prince of Asgard better than even he himself did, in that we knew he was, Jotun. I Feya prime healer in Asgard and the royal palace was privy to both the world of Asgards elite and the middle class. This then is how the legend came to be.

King Odin had two sons. One who was well known among the warriors as a strong and valiant warrior but known to the people of Asgard as a hopeless fool and imbecil and the other who was known among the warriors as a coward and weakling but was considered the greatest mage in the realm by the people of Asgard and one that was most beloved for his kindness.

I as head of the healers was amazed when Prince Loki had first come to the apprenticeship of healers. He spent time teaching not only my apprentices but taught me a few helpful spells as well. This was surprising especially for a woman of my age who had mastered all the spells availably in Asgard. But his Arsenal surpassed even my own.

He would regularly slip out of the palace and visit the city itself. He would make sure that the families of those men who had died were properly taken care off and would teach spells to those who had an affinity for magic.

The discovery of his true self began on a day in the hottest of the summer months in Asgard.

Many would assume that like the nobility the capital city of Asgard would follow the ranking system. This is where they were wrong. Well off merchants would drink at the same tavern as fishermen and scholars would listen to stories told by gardeners. The markets would be full of laughter and happiness when the daughter of the ironsmith would marry the son of a bard. Everyone would help each other out. No one would be left without dinner in the nights and breakfast in the morn. Perhaps this is why the Prince slipped out of the palace and spent so much time here among the people of his realm. One where the halls were always silent save the clanking of weapons and the hushed gossip of the servants.

In the hottest month of the year however the outdoor bazar would be deserted and the children made it a tradition to play a midgardian game the prince introduced from his travel to the other realm. There would be two teams and a ball would be kicked from one end of the marked gates to the other. Now I must say the first prototype of the ball had black and white octagons and was well crafted but flimsy and looked like it would fall apart after a week of use. So the more skilled of the children, I am only adding this to show their love for the prince, crafted such balls but with gold and green patches which represented the princes favorite colors.

On that hot day I was sitting outside the healers' guild with two of my apprentices who were studying a complicated spell and watched the game played by children ranging from eight to twelve. The streets were dotted with Asgardians who were braving the heat because of errands that needed to be done.

The sun was high in the sky and shrieks of laughter resounded as the ball flew through one of the marked gates indicating a point victory. The prince was laughing and panting for breath with his hands on his legs. I was always amazed at his stamina and raw energy those kids took everything out of me when I would try to teach them basic anatomy during the lessons which were required of all Asgardians regardless the profession they chose. An echo of pain passed on his face and then he simply collapsed.

The children ran to get me, but I was already halfway there with my apprentices. I hadn't heard of any recent adventures so I immediately assumed it was one of his own solo ones. If anyone ever heard of his solo journeys it was usually the healers and I. We were loath to break our promises of secrecy so these ventures were often never heard off by the nobility or the elder prince Thor.

I brought him inside allowing only Orien and Mir two boys apprenticed to the guild to enter. The other children were loath to leave but no more ball was played that day. Upon further inspection the prince was burning up but I found no wound. I brought a cool cloth and left Orien in charge of placing the compress to his forehead.

A few minutes later I heard a shriek from the other room. A frightened Mir ran to get me claiming he had done a spell that was killing the prince! I ran over. Orien the more levelheaded of the two explained that the water became warm and Mir tried a cooling spell which froze the water on the compress. When applied to the prince however his skin turned blue.

Hesitantly I turned some of the water too ice and applied it to the prince. One of my apprentices gasped. "That's a frost giant!" I placed more ice to be sure. How was it possible? "Why?" Oren asked?

"Don't worry he won't harm you," I reassured him half scared at the discovery myself.

Oren frowned, "Obviously not! But why would he play in the sun when it would hurt him? Frost giants get sick in the sun!"

I just stared at Orien. Prince Loki himself must not have known! What amazed me most however was how easily they accepted someone who was from a race that supposedly killed and ate little children for lunch? Mir had shrugged "Prince Loki would never hurt us! And besides he taught us history was written by the victors."

Prince Loki woke up and sheepishly asked how long he was out for. I didn't tell him what he was. I just couldn't! That day when he left the city council was assembled and we vowed that this secret would be kept from the nobility for obvious reasons.

One of my apprentices who should have become a writer but became a healer because of the pay pennamed time2read wrote the legend of Elir Alilas, The frost giant with a heart. The inspiring story was picked up by a bard and he sang it to the court. I notice that day that when it was sung the Allfathers brow was furrowed and he was stroking his beard deep in thought while Queen Frigga wept toward the end. Thankfully Prince Loki was away with his brother and the warrior three so he never heard.

When Prince Loki died rumors floated around in the palace. Some of the nobility even speculated that the little weasel was a traitor and Odin said he died honorably to save whatever honor his youngest son possessed.

But in the city there was only one fear that the legend had come true. That he had done what Elis had done when he found out he was a monster. The revelation of what he was must have haunted his every step and like Elis fearing that one day he would be the monster that children feared he ended himself.

The funeral in the palace passed quickly. But when time came to speak none of the nobles spoke. So we the people of Asgard did. And for a month after if any of the arrogant elite would have entered the city they would have seen the gold and green tapestry that was hung from almost every house, and the ball tournaments that the children dutifully played in his honor after their lessons.

Prince Loki was not only the most selfless and most beautiful frost giant to have ever lived. He was also the only decent royal that I met in Asgard and I have lived a very long time.

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