As the Order looked on in shock the Hermione that had hold of Harry began to change. Her brunette hair darkened as her face changed and she got slightly taller. Within seconds it wasn't Hermione holding onto Harry, it was Bellatrix Lestrange. Bella cackled at the shouts of outrage and tightened her grip on Harry.

"I wouldn't do anything if I was you." Lucius warned the Order, who had all produced their wands and looked ready to start fighting. "Potter will be dead before any of you has the chance to react if you do something foolish."

"You lied." Dumbledore seethed. "You tricked us."

"It tends to happen." Lucius shrugged. "I'm not the most trustworthy of people."

"This was all a set up." Sirius shouted from the front line of the Order's ranks. "You never intended to return Hermione to us."

"You can have her." Lucius replied. "That is, if she wants to go to you."

Every eye swivelled to where Hermione was standing next to Draco, her blank expression made it difficult to work out what she was thinking. As everyone was looking at Hermione the Death Eater on her other side pulled off their hood and mask. The Order all gasped when Voldemort himself was revealed to them.

"Well, are you going?" Voldemort asked Hermione.

Hermione tilted her head to the side, as if mulling over her decision. "You know what, I think I'm going to stay here."

"You've brainwashed her." Ron yelled. He attempted to step forward but Arthur held onto him, keeping him in place.

"I'm not brainwashed, Ronald." Hermione smirked at the redhead. "I'm just finally able to show my true colours."

"I don't understand." Ron muttered. Several of the Order murmured their agreement, not having a clue as to what was happening.

"I'll explain it to you, shall I?" Hermione said, walking forward until she was in the middle of the courtyard. "Hermione Granger the muggleborn witch, doesn't exist, I'm a pureblood. My parents were Death Eaters and were killed by the Order." Hermione paused for a second and threw Dumbledore a dark stare before she continued. "I deliberately set out to befriend Harry so I could get close to the Order, this entire time I've been helping The Dark Lord try to bring him down."

"No, we're friends." Harry shouted. "I don't know what they've done to you, Hermione, but this isn't you."

Hermione laughed as she walked up to where Bellatrix was still holding onto Harry. "That's where you wrong, Harry. This is me, finally. Do you have any idea how annoying it was to pretend to be the Gryffindor Golden Girl, always being the good, responsible one? Finally I can be who I really am."

"And who is that?" Dumbledore asked. "A little girl brainwashed into believing we're the bad guys."

"Oh, I know exactly who the bad guys are." Hermione laughed and turned back to head to where Lucius was standing. "But I also know you so called light side are just as bad as us. Sure you like to act all superior but you judge people, just the same as us, and you kill people."

"Why are you doing this Hermione?" Harry asked, wishing he could get out of Bellatrix's clutches and go to his friend and talk some sense into her. "Why are you on their side? Voldemort killed my parents, you know that."

"And the Order killed mine." Hermione shouted, showing a flash of her temper. "Or do they not count because they were Death Eaters?"

Before Hermione had the chance to get into a slanging match with Harry, Lucius put his hand on her shoulder. Hermione turned round to face Lucius, he quickly shook his head before indicating she should return to the ranks. Hermione nodded and returned to her place in-between Draco and Voldemort.

"Are you okay?" Draco asked.

"Yeah." Hermione nodded. "Here, you might need this soon." She said, pulling Draco's wand from her robe and handing it to him.

"I think that's more than enough." Voldemort announced, stepping forward. "Now, since we're clearly at an advantage why don't you all surrender?"

"I don't think so, Tom." Dumbledore said, advancing on Voldemort. "We'll never surrender."

"And you'll never win, either." Voldemort chuckled. "The boy wonder over there is ours to do with as we wish and the rest of you are surrounded."

"We're not surrounded." Sirius yelled, just as the doors to the castle opened behind the Order.

Some of the Order turned all the way round but the rest just turned half way to witness another batch of Death Eaters emerging from the castle. At the front of the group were Narcissa and Severus.

"I hope you don't mind, but I popped round the front to let a few friends in." Narcissa smiled. "Surprisingly the door was unlocked and we just walked straight through the castle."

From their position at the front of the Death Eaters, Hermione and Draco smirked at the order's shock. Because Narcissa didn't have the Dark Mark people assumed she wasn't an active part of the dark side, so they didn't give her actions much thought. It seemed not one of the Order had noticed her disappearing act once she knew Draco was safely back where he belonged.

"Severus, what's going on?" Dumbledore asked.

"Are you really that stupid?" Voldemort sneered before Severus had a chance to answer Dumbledore. "It looks like you've being deceived twice. You really should be more careful who you trust."

As Dumbledore stood in the middle of the courtyard in shock the Death Eaters began surrounding the Order. He couldn't believe that both Hermione and Severus had been deceiving them all this time, he had trusted them both and thought they would both play a key role in defeating Voldemort.

"What do we do?" Molly cried. "Albus."

Molly's cries brought Dumbledore back to reality. Looking around he noticed that not only were they surrounded but they were heavily outnumbered, plus Harry was still being held by Bellatrix. Dumbledore and Harry locked eyes and Harry managed to nod to the Headmaster, Dumbledore took it as confirmation they should fight. He knew that would mean certain death for the teenager but he could see no other option, even if they surrendered, Voldemort wouldn't let Harry live.

Taking a deep breath Dumbledore raised his wand in the air. "We fight." He shouted.

Dumbledore's words and actions were the cue for everyone to engage in battle. Lucius immediately engaged Dumbledore in battle as Voldemort made his way over to Bellatrix and Harry. Handing Harry over to Voldemort, Bellatrix ran into battle, making a beeline for her cousin Sirius. Voldemort made quick work of disposing of Harry before he joined Lucius in fighting Dumbledore.

Just as Lucius had predicted Hermione was an instant target when the fighting began. No sooner had Dumbledore yelled fight than she was surrounded by her supposed friends and numerous Weasley's. Luckily she had Draco by her side and they were more than a match for her friends. Unluckily as they were fighting the two ended up separated and Hermione found herself facing Ginny, Ron and Charlie all on her own.

Even on her own she was managing to hold the three redheads off just fine. Hermione was concentrating most of her efforts on Charlie as he was the oldest and most experienced of the siblings, plus she knew both Ron and Ginny and knew that neither really excelled in duelling. Ginny was fantastic at throwing hexes when someone got her riled up but she wasn't as good when she also had to defend herself. Ron meanwhile just didn't have the ability to think on his feet and react quick enough to the situation, by the time he thought of an appropriate action the time to do it had passed.

As Draco battled his own gang of Weasley's and friends, Fred and George along with Neville, he kept an eye on Hermione. His girlfriend was managing fine and easily had the situation under control, causing Draco to concentrate more on his own battle. Neville was easily fought off and within minutes it was just Draco against the twins. Both Weasley's were skilled fighters but they lacked Draco's killer instinct, several times they either could have killed him or seriously injured him but they held back. Draco wasn't really surprised by the lack of finality in the twin's actions, he knew that while the Order had been preparing to fight they never really took into consideration it would be a fight to the death so most of them didn't have the ability to finish the job.

Draco however didn't have that problem and when he had the opportunity to take the twins out he did so ruthlessly. Finished with his own group Draco turned his attention back to Hermione, there was no sign of Ron or Ginny as his girlfriend battled their brother. Making his way towards Hermione, Draco occasionally fought off a stray order member, never having to stop for more than a few minutes.

Draco had nearly reached Hermione when she stumbled on a body behind her, causing her to lose her balance momentarily. That few seconds opening gave Charlie enough time to hurl a curse the brunette's way. Rushing forward as quickly as he could Draco jumped in front of Hermione and the pair crashed to the ground. Draco could feel his entire left side was torn to shreds and he could barely move, he couldn't even check if Hermione was alright beside him.

Hermione wasn't really sure what had happened, one minute she was stumbling and lost her balance the next thing Draco crashed into her the same time she felt herself being hit by a curse. Hermione's right side was in agony and she couldn't move it, she could however move her left hand. Making sure she wrapped her arm tightly around Draco, Hermione fumbled for her bracelet. The last thing she saw as she pressed one of the snake's eyes was Charlie advancing on them, wand pointing straight at them.

Hermione blinked several times as she tried to get the room to come into focus. She could hear voices in the background but she couldn't identify them or make out what they were saying. Hermione groaned in frustration as she struggled to wake up properly. After a few minutes however she recognised she was lying in her bed in her room at the Manor.

"Hermione, darling, just relax." Hermione recognised Narcissa's voice as she felt a hand stroking her hair. "You've had a tough time, so take it easy."

"What happened?" Hermione croaked, her voice sounding very weak. "Draco?"

"Draco's fine." Narcissa soothed. "He's in his room."

"What happened?" Hermione asked a second time, her voice coming out much clearer. Turning her head she found Narcissa sitting on the side of her bed, stroking her hair and clutching her hand.

"You and Draco were hit with a curse that paralyses and cuts the skin. Luckily the spell hit you both and you both suffered half a curse. If either of you had been hit fully you wouldn't have survived." Narcissa explained.

"How did we get here?" Hermione asked. "I can remember activating the bracelet but nothing after that."

"When you arrived at the Manor both you and Draco were in a bad way. One of the elves came to Hogwarts." Narcissa said. "Lucius and I left the battle immediately and we came home. We sent for a Healer, who patched you both up."

"What happened with the battle? Did we win?"

"Dumbledore's dead." Narcissa said. "Most of the Order are also gone. There's a few rebellious fractions still out there but they're being taken care of."

"Can I see Draco?" Hermione asked, trying to sit up and wincing as her side felt like it was on fire.

"Not yet, you need to rest." Narcissa said, gently pushing Hermione back onto her pillows. "Draco's healing that bit quicker than you so I'll let him come and visit you tonight. But only if you promise to go back to sleep for a few hours."

"Okay." Hermione murmured, sleep already starting to overtake her.

The next time Hermione awoke Draco was lying on the bed beside her. He wasn't wearing a top and she could see his left shoulder and most of his left side were bandaged up. Glancing down at herself she saw she was wearing a tank top and her right side looked to be in pretty much the same state.

"How are you?" Draco asked softly.

"Sore." Hermione winced as she moved and her side once again felt like it was burning. "What about you?"

"Sore." Draco responded. "Whatever that curse was, it was nasty."

"Thank you for saving me." Hermione smiled at her boyfriend.

"What else was I going to do?" Draco smiled back at Hermione and lifted his right hand up to stroke her face. "I wasn't going to let anything happen to you. I love you too much to lose you."

"I love you too." Hermione said.

Slowly Draco lifted himself up enough so he could lean over and press his lips against Hermione's. The kiss was brief and chaste, but it was all the couple could manage in their current state.

"I think we'll have to wait a while to do that any better." Draco said as he settled himself back down next to Hermione.

"Yeah." Hermione nodded. "It's a bit hard to kiss when it hurts to even move."

"Do you know much of what happened after we left Hogwarts?" Draco asked.

"Narcissa told me Dumbledore was dead and the Order are practically disbanded." Hermione replied. "What do you know?"

"Not a lot else. I know Severus is going to be Headmaster and before school starts again there's likely to be a new policy about mudbloods, I think they're going to try and ban them."

"Do you think things will be different for us now everyone knows I'm not a muggleborn?" Hermione asked.

"Yes, for a start we can finally be together in the open and not have to hide." Draco replied.

"I'll like that." Hermione said. "Do you think Severus will let me be resorted into Slytherin?"

"He doesn't have to. I saw him yesterday and apparently we're going to be Head Boy and Head Girl." Draco said, grinning at Hermione.

Hermione smiled at the news, before looking puzzled. "How does that help? I'll still be stuck up in Gryffindor Tower and there'll still be plenty of people who dislike what I did."

"There's going to be a few changes now Severus is in charge and one of those changes will be that the Head students get their own private dorms. We'll have a common room, bedrooms and bathroom to ourselves."

Hermione smiled widely and the couple settled down to talk about the future. They started off talking about their last year and the fun they would have sharing a room and not having to hide their relationship but talk soon progressed to after school and what would happen then. While neither Draco nor Hermione had any firm plans for the future they knew they would always be together, just like they had always been.

The End.

A/N - I'm sorry the ending wasn't longer, but I'm not the best at writing fight scenes.(Although it it something I'm working on trying to rectify.) As I mentioned before I have several more dark Hermione stories planned, although I don't know when I'll have one ready to start publishing. At the minute I've currently got over 160 story ideas, but I have started a few of my dark stories and I do love writing them so hopefully I'll have a new one ready near the beginning of the year. Until then I would like to thank everyone who has supported this story, it really helps me keep writing to know even a few people enjoy my work. Thank you.