The Survey Corps continued to ride out of the gate through Wall Maria with Optimus right behind them. He suddenly heard rumbling as he turned his side-view mirror to see a rather large titan heading towards them.

"Ahead, to the left, a ten meter class!" Hanji shouted.

Optimus transformed into his bipedal mode and transformed his hand into a blade before decapitating the titan, cutting off the nape of the neck in the process.

Hanji smiled. "Looks like we're not having many casualties today. Supply team, collect the remains!"

"Got it!" a soldier said as he and a few other soldiers rod over to the body.

"I will go and protect the formation," Optimus informed before he transformed and drove off.

"Whoa," Sasha breathed as she watched the titan fall. She might actually get out of this alive.

"Pay attention!" an elite instructed as he turned her head forward.

Eren looked at his friends and fellow comrades as they paid attention to the fields ahead of them. He looked back to see Optimus transform into his alt mode.

"Sir Oluo, can my friends really defeat the titans?" Eren asked with worry.

"Huh?" Oluo questioned, "What have you been doing for the past month? Listen, brat, the most crucial part in the expedition is to avoid fighting tit-"

Oluo cut himself off as he accidentally bit his tongue.

Eren didn't say anything as he looked forward, not even asking if Oluo was alright. He took a deep breath trying to calm his nerves.

He hoped that this mission would be a success. With him and Optimus on the Scouting Legion's side they had a chance of making it out of Wall Maria alive. He hoped that whatever Optimus taught him would come to good use, if the situation lead him to use his titan form. He hoped he was ready.

"Go into the long-range scouting formation!" Erwin instructed.

"See ya, Armin," Reiner said before falling behind.

"Don't piss your pants if a titan come and tries to kill you," Jean advised before falling behind as well.

"You too," Armin said.

Armin looked in confusion as Optimus was driving behind the Scouting formation. What was he doing?

"Optimus," Erwin began as he pulled out the scouting formation and laid it out on the ground, "I want o discuss with you about your position in the scouting formation."

Optimus looked at Erwin in his bipedal mode before transforming into his bipedal mode and activating his holoform.

"Why do you wish to discuss that?" Optimus asked.

"Hanji put in a theory that even if a titan shifter is in its titan form, the titans will still attack the titan shifter," Erwin explained.

"That theory is true," Optimus agreed, "Eren was attacked by titans in his titan form during the battle of Trost."

"The titan shifter wouldn't be able to survive outside of the walls, meaning the titan shifter will be coming from the walls," Erwin concluded, "So the back line is in danger of encountering the titan shifter."

"You wish for me to remain behind the formation to try and fight off the titan," Optimus assumed.

Erwin nodded his head.

Optimus knew that he had to keep his optics open. The titan shifter could be anywhere.

The titan shifter watched in the titan form as the Scouting Legion moved through Wall Maria. She had to get to Eren, but she had to be careful. That metal titan was the issue; however, she had to avoid him.

She looked near her to see a pack of titans walking aimlessly. She had an idea.

Optimus continued driving behind the formation as he quietly scanned the area, so far nothing was wrong. He was just hoping it would stay that way.

"Titans!" a voice cried from the right of him, followed by rumbling.

'Oh no,' Optimus thought as he drove towards the source. Optimus heard multiple loud footsteps followed by the screams of soldiers. He transformed into his bipedal mode and widened his optics to see multiple titans running towards the right flank.

"We can't take them on!" a soldier yelled.

Optimus activated his mask before transforming both of his servos into blasters. He fired at the titan's heads, causing them to collapse on the ground and knocking down other titans.

"What the?" a soldier breathed as they all looked over to see Optimus engaging the titans.

"Get out of here now!" Optimus ordered.

"You heard the titan, move!" an elite soldier yelled as they continued riding off.

Optimus ran up to the titans and tackled one of them before flipping back onto his feet and transforming both of his hands into swords. Optimus began slicing off the nape of the necks of the titans. He began kicking some of them in the gut before cutting off their heads. He then stabbed the last titan in the chest before it slid off of his sword and fell to the ground, twitching as the wound began regenerating.

The titans were immobile for right now. he needed to see if the humans were alright.

Optimus transformed into his alt mode and drove off to find the right flank.

Armin gasped as the Female Titan slammed her foot right in front of him, causing the horse to cry out and knock Armin off of it. Armin tumbled on the ground as the hood of his Scouting Legion cloak covered his head. He slowly got on his knees, but widened his eyes as he felt the Female Titan kneel behind him.

There was a deadly silence as Armin began sweating. This was it. He was going to die. The titan was going to kill him and possibly eat him. It didn't eat Sys or Ness, but it killed them brutally. What was it going to do?

He became rather confused as the Female Titan lifted his hood, causing him to look up at her, completely anxious. She just looked at him with a rather sinister smile on her face. He became even more shocked as the Female Titan let go of his hood, before she stood up and ran off.

Armin just sat there in a complete daze. How come it didn't kill her?

Optimus screeched to a stop as he saw the right flank stopping before transforming into his bipedal mode.

"Is everyone alright?" Optimus asked as he kneeled down.

"Not everyone," the elite soldier answered, "Some got eaten as the Female Titan lead the titans near us."

"Female Titan?" Optimus questioned.

"Yes," the elite soldier answered, "We think it was an aberrant."

"Has it ever been recorded in your history for a titan to be able to accomplish that?" Optimus demanded.

"No," he answered.

Optimus slightly grimaced. That wasn't an aberrant. That was the spy Erwin was talking about.

"I am going to search for this Female Titan," Optimus informed, "If you encounter any of your comrades, tell them to not engage it."

"Rodger," the elite soldier said.

Optimus transformed into his alt mode before driving away from them, searching for the Female Titan. He turned his side-view mirror to see a yellow flare shot into the air. That must be it.

"Jean! Avenge the suicidal bastard who rushed to his death!" Armin yelled, causing the Female Titan to stop her attack on Jean.

'Armin?' Jean questioned, 'The titan stopped?'

"That's the one! That's the one that killed him!" Armin blabbered, "He rushed to his death on the right flank! Avenge him!"

Jean rolled on the ground before landed next to the tree. 'The heck is going on? Did Armin hit his head and go insane? This isn't the time…'

Jean looked in confusion as he saw Reiner take off his hood and ride towards the Female Titan.

"It crushed my best friend! I saw it's body right under its foot!" Armin continued as Reiner jumped and hooked onto the nape of the neck. He flew towards the neck and almost made it; however, the Female Titan smirked as she saw Reiner.

Reiner gasped as the Female Titan grabbed him in her hand, causing Armin and Jean to look in shock. Reiner tried to escape from her grasp, but the Female Titan simply put her thumb over him. As she was about to crush him, Optimus let out a battle cry before elbowing the Female Titan from behind. This gave Reiner the opportunity to cut his way out of the Female Titan's hand.

"Optimus?!" Jean exclaimed.

Optimus managed to catch Reiner before skidding across the ground to grab Armin. Jean ran towards Optimus before he picked Jean up. The three gasped as Optimus transformed into his alt mode with the three in the front.

"The hell?!" Jean exclaimed.

Optimus changed the gear shift and drove forward, forcing the three back from the force. Reiner kept cursing under his breath while Jean held onto the seats for dear life. Armin looked at the side-view mirror as it adjusted to see the Female Titan slowly getting up and looking at her hand. Armin gasped as she slowly stood up and ran towards the center, rear.

Towards Eren…

Optimus slowed to a stop near an area of bushes and trees before opening his doors, enabling the three soldiers to get out. Armin jumped out just fine; however, Jean and Reiner were not.

Jean was trying so hard not to throw up from the motion and speed while Reiner collapsed onto the ground with relief.

"I apologize for causing you motion sickness," Optimus said through the radio.

"It's okay," Reiner said as he took in deep breaths, "I'd rather be sick than be crushed."

Optimus activated his holoform, causing Reiner to jump up in surprise as Optimus looked over at Armin and noticed his head injury.

"What happened to you?" Optimus asked.

"The Female Titan knocked me off my horse," Armin answered, "I'm fine though,"

"You still have an injury," Optimus retorted.

"I have some bandages," Reiner said as he stood up and pulled out some bandages before throwing them to Optimus. Optimus caught the roll before kneeling down behind Armin and wrapping the bandage around his head.

Reiner heard galloping before turning around to see his horse running towards him.

"Looks like my horse come back," Reiner remarked as his horse came up to him.

"I'm going to try and call for mine," Jean proclaimed as he began whistling.

"Hey, how's the 3D Gear?" Reiner asked Armin as he kneeled down.

"It's okay," Armin answered, "The clasp released as it should, so it's not broken."

"Glad to hear," Reiner said.

Optimus finished wrapping the bandage around Armin head before noticing a wound on Reiner's hand.

"You are injured as well," Optimus remarked.

Reiner looked at Optimus in confusion before looking down to see scratches and a large gash on his hand that was leaking blood.

"It's not much," Reiner shrugged off, "I'll manage,"

"I will not allow you to shrug something like this off," Optimus proclaimed as he walked over to him and kneeled down, "A simple cut can lead to a incurable virus,"

"I…guess," Reiner slightly trailed off as Optimus wrapped the bandage around his hand, "Hey, Optimus, how are you doing that?"

"It is called a holoform," Optimus explained as he continued wrapping the wound without looking at Reiner, "I can alter it to whatever I desire and use it to interact with your kind."

"I see," Reiner mused, "How do you know about human injuries?"

"Ms. Zoe told me a little about human injuries, and I learned a little from an old friend of mine," Optimus answered.

Reiner didn't say anything as Optimus finished wrapping the bandage around his wound. "Thanks, Optimus."

"You should be careful with that injury," Optimus advised, "Do not do anything that will cause new ones to appear."

Reiner nodded his head as Optimus stood up onto his feet. Reiner looked in confusion as he noticed Armin staring off into space, looking like he was thinking about something.

"Armin?" Reiner questioned.

Optimus turned around to see Armin staring at the ground, almost looking like he was pondering over something. He kneeled down and put a hand on his shoulder, causing Armin to snap out of his thought and look at him.

"Is there something wrong?" Optimus asked.

Armin shook his head. "I'm fine, Optimus,"

"Jean, has another horse come back?" Optimus asked.

Jean took his fingers out of his mouth before looking at Optimus and shaking his head. "We need another horse to move. Can you take two of us in your caravan?"

"I do not think it would be wise right now," Optimus answered causing all of them to look at Optimus in confusion.

"Hey why?" Reiner demanded as he stood up.

"I need to go after the Female Titan," Optimus declared, "The longer I wait here, the more time the Female Titan has of causing destruction."

Armin nodded his head in understanding before turning to Jean. "Jean, fire a smoke round as see if there's anyone nearby."

Jean nodded his head in understanding as he got his flare gun and attached the smoke round to it before firing it into the air.

"Let's hope someone sees that," Jean said as he looked at the smoke.

"Optimus-san," Armin began, causing Optimus to look at him, "I need to talk to you. I need you to tell Commander Erwin something alone."

"What do you wish for me to tell him?" Optimus asked intently.

"Armin, you can tell Erwin that yourself," Jean smiled as he saw something, "Someone is riding over here with two horses. It's Krista!"

"Is everyone alright?" Krista asked as she stopped in front of the three. She looked in surprise as she saw Optimus in his holoform.

"Who's that?" Krista asked.

"It's Optimus, don't worry," Armin reassured.

"Really?" Krista asked in surprise.

"I will explain the situation another time; I must take my leave of you," Optimus proclaimed before slightly bowing, "Thank you for helping these three."

"Your w-welcome," Krista said in shyness.

Krista widened her eyes as Optimus' holoform dispersed into sparks. The horses slightly jolted as Optimus' alt mode came to life and screeched its wheels across the ground before driving after the Female Titan.

The Female Titan kept running as four soldiers were attempting to attack it. A soldier that was riding on his horse aimed his flare gun at her.

"Look over here!" he demanded, "You monster!"

The Female Titan looked at him, giving the soldier the opportunity to fire black smoke at her. She moved her head out of the way just in time to barely dodge the bullet.

"Now!" the soldier yelled.

A soldier that was on top of the windmill hooked onto her back while two more that was on their horses jumped off and hooked to her ankles.

"Curse you for causing so many death!" the soldier that aimed for her ankle yelled.

"We'll make you suffer a slow and painful death!" the soldier on her back declared.

The Female Titan; however, grabbed the wire on her back and jumped into the air, surprising them all. The Female Titan then smashed a soldier into the ground while she smashed another one into the building next to her. She held the third soldier by the wire as he looked at her in fear.

"L-Let me go!" he yelled.

The Female Titan was about to kill the soldier, but widened her eyes as she heard a rather strange yet familiar noise. She turned around to see Optimus transform into his bipedal mode and slice off her hand that was holding the soldier. Optimus then got the Female Titan into a double shoulder lock as the soldier looked up in shock.

"What the?"

"Leave the area now!" Optimus ordered, "And pass this message throughout the formation: do not engage the Female Titan!"

"Get on!" the soldier on the horse told the one on the ground. The soldier climbed onto the horse before they rode off through the formation.

Optimus then let go of the Female Titan as she turned and faced Optimus. She grimaced while Optimus kept a calm expression.

"I will only give you this warning once," Optimus proclaimed, "Stand down, and I will spare your life."

The Female Titan didn't say anything as she got into a simple boxing stance. Optimus didn't say anything as he activated his mouth guard. If this was her choice, then he had to fight.

The Female Titan and he charged at each other and held their fists back to throw a punch.

"Captain Levi!" a soldier began as he came up to Levi's squad, "I have a message for you. An aberrant titan has penetrated our formation!"

Eren looked in shock. What? A titan's in the formation?!

"Also, the metal titan says to not engage the Female Titan!" the soldier added.

The squad looked at the soldier in shock while Levi raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

"Is that so?" Levi pondered, "Petra, pass the message on."

"Y-yes sir," Petra said before rising to the next row.

"Why would Optimus say not to engage?" Eld asked Levi.

"It's quite obvious," Levi stated, "Optimus is fighting the Female Titan."

"Huh?!" Eren exclaimed, "We have to help him!"

"Eren, Optimus made the decision to fight on his own," Levi explained, "He chose the fight, and it's his only."

"Hey, what are we doing at this tourist spot?" Jean questioned as they were riding around the forest, "We're totally off from our destination and from the return point."

"I don't know," Armin answered, "but the order did come from Commander Erwin after all. He must have a plan."

"What kind of plan?" Jean asked, "Are they planning to hold a welcome ceremony for us new recruits at a tourist spot?"

"I don't think so," Armin answered.

"That was a joke," Jean clarified. "Anyway, that giant woman is following us, and Optimus is after it for some reason. Either way, we can't stay here. The only thing I can imagine is that we're going to do something else."

"Everyone, halt!" an elite ordered.

Everyone stopped in front of a large set of trees before getting off their horses.

"All right, listen up, recruits," the soldier began, "We are now going to make a counterattack. Draw your blades and wait in the trees. If any titans enter the forest, stop them at all costs."

"U-um sir, what are you-"

"Shut up and follow order!" he demanded before going in the tree.

"Seriously? What's going on?" Jean demanded.

The recruits widened their eyes as they heard a loud noise and turned to see something blue fly into the sky.

"The hell was that?" Reiner demanded.

Armin looked at the sky for a moment before realizing what it was. Optimus just shot energon into the sky. He was fighting the Female Titan.

Optimus transformed his blaster back into his servo before punching the Female Titan, destroying part of her face. She glared at Optimus as her face quickly regenerated before throwing a punch at Optimus, which he quickly blocked with his arm. Optimus looked over at the Female Titan's hand, only to find that it was completely fine.

Optimus transformed his hand into a blade and attempted to slice the Female Titan's hand off, but she raised her hand and blocked the attack. Optimus widened his optics in shock to see an armor form on her arm, preventing anything form of damage.

'Diamond?' Optimus thought. That was the hardest substance on this planet. How was she even able to do that or achieve that kind of ability?

Optimus jumped back as he transformed his blade back into his servo. Blades weren't going to work and Optimus didn't want to kill her with his blasters. He had to use hand-to-hand combat.

Optimus got into a simple boxing stance while the Female Titan did the same, creating the diamond armor to protect her arms and legs. Optimus ended up throwing the first punch, which the Female Titan blocked with her arm. She then threw a punch at Optimus, but Optimus ducked at the last second before punching her in the gut. The Female Titan stumbled back before rolling on the ground. She coughed up some spit before standing up fully.

The Female Titan then ran towards Optimus and jumped into the air as she kicked Optimus. Optimus managed to block the foot at the last second, but widened his optics as she punched him in the side of the face, causing him to lose his balance.

Optimus gritted his dentas and threw the Female Titan off of him, causing her to land onto her feet and skid back to a stop, using her diamond fingers in the process.

Optimus glanced behind her to see the forest of giant trees. He needed to lure her there in order to trap her. He probably has to keep pushing her back.

Optimus snapped out of his thoughts as the Female Titan charged at him, trying to kick him in his stomach. Optimus dodged that before hooking her by the neck and throwing her closer to the forest. Optimus ran and gave an uppercut to the Female Titan, destroying part of her face and sending her flying into the air.

The Female Titan fell to the ground before slowly twitching. Optimus walked over to the regenerating body, but widened his optics as the Female Titan quickly got up and punched him in the face. Optimus stumbled back and tried to regain his composure while the Female Titan leaned on the edge of a tree from exhaustion.

The Female Titan looked over at Optimus as he got into a fighting stance while her face was fully healed. She knew. She knew that running into the metal titan would mean certain death. She didn't run away; she couldn't outrun him anyway. She was getting banged up left and right while the metal titan barely had a scratch. She knew that there was a big possibility of dying. He outmatched her in every way.

She smiled as her eyes gleamed with light. Yet she still felt so alive.

"Captain Levi!" Eren called out.

"What?" Levi answered in irritation.

"Well, we're in the middle of the woods," Eren began, "If the center enters alone, we won't know if titans are coming. And Optimus is fighting some aberrant titan, but how will we protect ourselves from the other titans or get help?"

"Don't go on about the obvious," Levi answered, "We can't do any of that anymore. But look around you, those big-ass trees, it's the perfect environment for 3D gear. And use that tiny head of yours. If you don't want to die, think."

"But what about Optimus?" Eren asked, "Optimus is fighting the aberrant titan, shouldn't we help him?"

"No," Levi answered.

"Why?" Eren demanded, "Optimus is risking his life to help us! Shouldn't we help him out?!"

"Optimus willingly took on the challenge," Levi explained, "He made the decision to fight. We go back it won't help the situation. And besides, you could barely take Optimus on when in your titan form. What good would it do when you try and help him? You'll just get beaten up."

Eren gritted to his teeth as he scowled to himself. Sadly Levi was right. When Optimus was training him, he accidentally turned into a titan, but Optimus willingly continued the training. He wanted to see how strong he had become, but Eren was easily beaten. (1)

He looked over at his comrades and widened his eyes to see that they all had worried faces. Did they not know what was going on? Did Levi know what was going on?

Eren and the rest of the squad widened their eyes as they heard loud rumbling noises followed by a punching sound. They all looked up to see a black smoke round being fired into the air.

"A black smoke round?" Eren questioned.

"It's from directly behind us," Oluo realized.

"It must be the Female Titan," Eld said, "Jeez, what the hell is Optimus doing?"

"Draw your blades," Levi ordered as he pulled his out, "If we see it, it'll only be for a second."

Eren looked behind him as he heard nothing but silence. He hated how he knew that there was a threat, but that he couldn't see it. He heart was beating louder and louder as he heard something getting closer.

He widened his eyes as he heard Optimus let out a battle cry before tackling the Female Titan to the floor.

"Go!" Levi ordered as they continued going down the road.

"Optimus!" Eren cried.

The Female Titan widened her eyes as she saw Eren just up ahead as she tried to fight her way out of Optimus' grasp.

"Keep moving!" Optimus instructed. This gave the Female Titan the opportunity to change her elbow into diamond and elbow Optimus in the face. Optimus quickly recovered as the Female Titan got up and tried to run after Eren. Optimus ran after the Female Titan before tackling her once again, causing them to roll on the ground.

"Everyone, cover your ears," Levi instructed.

Levi then pulled out a flare gun before pulling the trigger, firing a black smoke round into the air.

Optimus quickly looked up to see the smoke round and realized what that meant, they were near the trap. He widened his optics as the Female Titan punched him in the face once more, causing Optimus to stumble off before quickly getting onto his feet. The Female Titan tried to punch Optimus, but Optimus ducked before transforming his servo into a blaster. The Female Titan widened her eyes as Optimus fired at her stomach, causing her to crash into one of the trees and collapse on the ground.

Optimus watched as her stomach didn't evaporate. Instead, the diamond began falling off of the area he shot the Female Titan. The diamond was probably able to protect the energon blast, but it probably required too much energy to recreate that diamond armor.

The Female Titan looked at Optimus with worry and fear. She was so screwed. That shot nearly killed her! She only got lucky because of her armor, but she wasn't sure if it would protect her again. She looked down the road to where Eren was. She had to get to Eren. She was too close now to lose, and she wasn't going to let the metal titan stand in her way.

The Female Titan gritted her teeth before bolting down the road, causing Optimus to look in shock before running after her. The Female Titan looked behind her before accelerating down the road.

Optimus gritted his dentas. She was going too fast. His bipedal mode would be able to catch up, but his alt mode would.

Optimus transformed into his alt mode before driving towards the Female Titan. He turned himself to the side and tripped the Female Titan. She fell to the ground as Optimus continued driving forward. The Female Titan gritted her teeth before running after Optimus. She couldn't let the metal titan get in the way.

As the Female Titan took another step, she widened her eyes as she saw all these devices that looked like cannons surrounding her. She looked over to see Commander Erwin on top of a tree, raising his blade and yelling,


Optimus transformed and rolled out of the way as the soldiers fired the hooks at the Female Titan while she protected her neck. Optimus stood up as they continued firing the hooks. The firing ceased as the Female Titan became completely immobile.

"Optimus!" Hanji called out with a smile as she walked over to him on a tree, "Great job luring the Female Titan!"

"Do not thank me just yet," Optimus said, "The task is still not over. We still need to find out who is titan shifter is."

"That was it, right?" Eren asked Petra, "But new recruits like me aside, shouldn't they have told the Survey Corp veteran like you?"

"Shut it!" Oluo ordered.

"Are you saying that the Commander and the Captain don't trust us?" Petra demanded.

"N-no," Eren answered, "but from the looks of it, it really seems like it."

"Petra, yank his teeth out!" Oluo yelled as he pointed his blade at Eren, "Swap his front teeth with his molars!"

"No, it's just as Eren said," Eld agreed, "I think the Commander had a reason to keep this from us."

"Then why?" Gunther asked.

"The one reason to not trust your comrades," Eld began, "A transforming human, or a spy, is working through our ranks."

"Huh?" Eren exclaimed.

"The only ones that he could trust, were the ones who were around for longer than five more years." Eld continued.

"I see," Gunther mused.

"So that what it is," Oluo said, "Get that Eren?"

Eren nodded his head.

"But I found something else odd," Eld added.

"Odd?" Petra questioned.

"Yeah," Eld answered, "I think that Optimus knew too."

Everyone looked at Eld like he was insane.

"Optimus?!" Oluo exclaimed, "Levi barely trusts him! How would he even be on this plan? And Optimus is considered just as big of a threat as Eren!"

"Optimus was placed into the back of the formation from what I've seen," Eld explained, "And at the same time when Optimus was fighting the Female Titan, I saw him go towards the trap before the Female Titan got captured. And besides, Erwin actually seems like he trusts Optimus."

"Well if Erwin trusts Optimus, then how did he get in on the plan? Last time I check, I don't think Optimus was asked the question," Oluo recalled.

Petra widened her eyes. "Because I told him,"

"Petra?" Gunther questioned.

"Ma'am, what do you mean?"Eren asked.

"I told Optimus what happened with the test titans and I told him the question Erwin was asking," Petra explained, "That's how he knew. That's how Optimus found out."

Eren looked down as he thought it over. Why wouldn't Optimus tell him?

"If we knew that there was a titan within our ranks, things could've turned out differently," Jean said.

Armin remained quiet for a moment. "No he wasn't mistaken,"

"What do you mean?" Jean demanded, "If it wasn't for Optimus, we all could've been dead."

"Jean, saying something could've happened differently only happens after everything's been done," Armin explained, "No one's able to predict the end result. But there's a time when someone will have to make a decision. Erwin was willingly to choose his comrades over the people living in the wall. If there's one thing I know it's this: If someone wants to bring about change, he has to be willing to abandon everything. And that doesn't just apply here, it applies with Optimus too.

"Optimus was the leader of an entire army back on Cybertron, and he was forced to fight the person he considered brother. Optimus made the decision too: it was either his own personal feelings, or the survival of his people and planet. Even he was willing to throw away his own sanity to try and win the war,"

Jean slightly grimaced as he knew who Armin was talking about.

"People who aren't able to abandon anything, are unable to change anything," Armin declared, "In order to become a monster, you must be willing to throw away your humanity."

"Fire!" Erwin ordered.

The soldiers fired the remains of the hooks onto the Female Titan as Hanji began chuckling.

"How does is feel?" Hanji smirked, "You can't even scratch it if you get an itch. Moving a muscle is out of the question, probably forever. The more you try to move and heal your injuries, the less you can move."

"We cannot stay out here forever Ms. Zoe," Optimus proclaimed as he looked at the Female Titan and crossed his arms, "We need to find out who is in the titan."

"Which I don't understand," Hanji began, "Why is it taking them so long?"

Mike and Levi attacked from behind, trying to cut off the hands of the Female Titan, but she crystallized her hands the moment the blades made contact, causing them to shatter.

"Armor?" Hanji questioned.

"She is somehow able to create a diamond armor to protect certain parts of her body. It can protect against my blades and was able to block one of my energon blasts," Optimus explained.

"Eh? Really?" Hanji asked in surprise, "Wait, what's diamond?"

"Diamond is the hardest substance on this planet made entirely out of the element carbon," Optimus answered.

"Oh," Hanji smiled, "When we get back to the wall, remind me to write that down."

Optimus didn't say anything as he noticed the Female Titan glaring at him. He could've sworn he's seen that face before. Maybe he saw it at the ceremony, those eyes did resemble the one that gleamed with interest. And that face, he must've seen it somewhere in Trost. No. What bothered him the most, was that the Female Titan had the same fighting styles as he did.

The reason it bothered him so much is because this world is very primitive in fighting, yet this Female Titan resembled boxing stances. How did she get her hands on those form?


"Hey, won't you come out already?" a voice asked.

Optimus looked up to see Levi on top of the Female Titan's head.

"We don't have all day you know," Levi continued, "Say what do you think will become of you?"

Optimus slightly widened his optics as he grew tense. What was Levi doing?

"Do you think you'll be able to escape this predicament?" Levi asked, "I'd wish you considered the trouble you're causing us, but I'm enjoying this very much."

"Levi, that is enough," Optimus warned. If he provoked her too much or scared her too much, she might pull some kind of trump card.

"Oh, right, there's something I want to ask," Levi continued, ignoring Optimus' warning, "Is I all right if I severe your hands and feet? They'll grow back, won't they? I'm talking about your real body. It'll be a problem after all if you died."

Optimus cursed under his breath. That was the final one.

The Female Titan opened her mouth, causing Levi to look in confusion. The Female Titan let out a bloody cry, causing the entire Survey Corps and Optimus to cover their ears. It caused wind to rise up and her cries were heard throughout the forest. The Female Titan stopped screaming as there was a deafening silence throughout the forest.

"Was that its death roars?" a soldier asked.

Optimus grimaced as he activated his blasters, shocking the people surrounding him. That was a death roar yes, but he's seen this form of death many times on Cybertron. Many Decepticons who wouldn't give up information to the enemy, they would throw away their own life to keep the information safe.

She was self-destructing.

'What's Optimus doing?' Erwin thought as Mike came onto the tree.

"Erwin, it smell," Mike informed.

"From what direction?" Erwin asked.

"From everywhere," Mike answered.

"Hurry the explosives!" Erwin ordered.

"Erwin, they'll be coming from the east." Mike informed.

Optimus heard the information and aimed his blasters towards the east side. He saw the titans and immediately began firing, shooting off the heads of the titans. A small titan came in from the west side and began biting the Female Titan's leg.

'So they're after the Female Titan,' Erwin realized.

"The titans are coming in from everywhere!" a soldier shouted.

Optimus looked around to see multiple titans heading towards the Female Titan. This was bad.

"Defend the Female Titan! Even if it costs you your lives!" Erwin ordered.

Optimus switched his blasters into blades before attacking along with the Survey Corps. They continued attacking and killing the titans that devoured the Female Titan, but it was no use. More and more titans continued to devour the Female Titan was nothing more than limbs.

"Retreat!" Erwin ordered.

Everyone stepped back as they watched the Female Titan be devoured. Optimus widened his optics at the horror. That was it? All that work was for nothing?

"Fall back into formation!" Erwin instructed, "Return to Kanares!"

'No,' Optimus thought. This was it. It was over. They didn't have any evidence to the human government that Eren was an ally, or that they had any way of discovering the secrets of the Titans. That meant that Eren would be handed over to the Military Police.

Erwin continued riding down the road with Hanji, a couple of soldiers, and Optimus. They were planning to make their way out of the forest.

"Why did you order Levi to go and resupply?" Hanji asked.

"The Female Titan was eaten," Erwin began, "But did you see the person inside get eaten? I didn't."

"You can't mean-"

"Yes," Erwin cut off, "If your original hypothesis was correct, they can move to a certain degree when regaining human form. If they prepared 3D Maneuver Gear in advance, the person inside the Female Titan is wearing our uniform right now."

"Commander Erwin, I need to speak with you," Optimus proclaimed as he drove up next to Erwin.

"Optimus, what's up?" Hanji asked.

"I have a theory of who the Female Titan may be," Optimus proclaimed, causing Erwin and Hanji to widen their eyes in shock.

Eren gasped as he looked at the sight in front of him. The Female Titan was on the ground with a calm expression, while the bodies of Levi's former squad was before him.

He made the wrong choice. He made the wrong choice and now everyone was dead. And there was nothing he could do about it.


"I' will…KILL IT!" Eren yelled as he bit his hand, causing the lightning to surround him.

The Female Titan widened her eye as she saw Eren's titan form appear. Eren let out a mighty roar as he landed on the ground and skidded towards the Female Titan.

Optimus widened his optics as he heard the roar from a distance. Without saying anything, Optimus turned around and drove towards the source of the roar.

"Optimus, wait!" Hanji called out.

Eren continued roaring as he charged at the Female Titan. He was going to tear her apart.

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