Lisanna is attacked while on a mission with Lucy; enraged, Lucy joins Laxus and the Raijinshu to track down the rapists and deliver justice; while discovering new love, friendships and the strength to conquer their inner demons. "Fairy Tail" and its characters belong to Hiro Mashima. LaxLu and other pairings my mind concocts – slight Juvia bashing.

Part 1

Lucy had been watching Lisanna for a weeks since their victory at the Grand Magic Games, the girl seemed to be a little withdrawn and lonely. Even the ever oblivious Natsu complained that she was not spending any time with him and wondered if he made her angry. Lucy wondered if her close relationship with Natsu was the reason for Lisanna's sullenness.

"Hi Lisanna." Lucy said as she took a seat next to the take-over mage.

"Hello Lucy, how are you today?" Lisanna inquired as she looked up from her novel.

"Oh not much, still struggling to pay rent. Think we could talk for a bit?" Lucy asked watching the white haired girl's face for any sign of emotion.

"Sure Luce, sorry Lucy; I used to call the Edolas Lucy Luce." Lisanna fumbled; strangely, a little genuine smile crossed Lisanna's face when she mentioned Edolas Lucy.

"How about we go up to Mira's office? Is that okay with you Mira?" Mira nodded to her younger sister and Lisanna grabbed Lucy's hand and headed up the stairs.

Unsurprisingly, Mira's office was full of cook books, pictures of her family and romance novels. Lucy and Lisanna shook their heads as they eyed some of the sappy titles.

"So Luce… Sorry - Lucy; what did you want to speak to me about?" Lisanna asked as she fiddled with the bracelet on her hand.

"You can call me Luce, I really don't mind. Hey that's a beautiful bracelet." Lucy said attempting small talk to calm her nerves before she spoke about Natsu to Lisanna.

"You like it? Edolas Lucy got it made especially for me on my last birthday there…." Lisanna said sadly.

"So you were really close to the Edolas me?" Lucy hoped she and Lisanna could be that close.

"Yeah, she was my best friend, it was due to her efforts alone that I was able to adapt to Edolas." Lucy was beginning to feel Lisanna wished she were in Edolas instead of her home.

"Lisanna; what's going on? We've all noticed you've been a little withdrawn. Don't throw that 'I'm tired' BS at me. Natsu has told me so much about you since you've come back I feel like we shared the same womb." Lucy chuckled.

"If it's about me and Natsu and him sleeping ov-" Lucy was cut off as Lisanna put her hand over her mouth.

"Shhhh, Dragon hearing." Lisanna said frantically, worried the other slayers would get the wrong idea about Lucy.

"It's not that Luce… I just don't feel like I belong anymore. The Fairy Tail I left and the one I came back to are so different. I miss Edolas Luce. I miss my Lucy's arguments with Levy and stopping people from picking on Elfman and Natsu. I belonged there… I just can't find a fit here." Lisanna said; Lucy watched Lisanna visibly relax as though a huge mountain had been lifted off her shoulders.

"But you have Mira and Elfman, have you spoken to them about your feelings?" Lucy asked; putting her hand over Lisanna's to give her reassurance.

"I don't want to them going out of their way for me. It would be foolish to expect Mira and Elfman to go back to the way they were or for the relationships in the guild to stay the same as they were when I was here. When I was in Edolas I would cry myself to sleep because I missed my magic and being able to go on missions. I was actually pretty strong before I was zapped to Edolas. I would have easily beaten Natsu and Grey." Lisanna said with a creepy smile that rivalled Mira's Satan Soul.

"I just feel weaker now; I used to go on s class missions with Mira and Elfman. Elfman is always off doing jobs alone or with Ever, he keeps telling me I'm not ready yet."

Lucy shocked Lisanna by pulling her into a tight embrace then smacking her head.

"That's what this is all about? Not going on missions? Well you could go with one of the other teams."

"I don't want to be a burden and hinder anyone on their mission." Lisanna said pouting as she looked at a photo of her family before going to Edolas.

"What about going with Natsu?" Lucy asked nervously.

"Oh no, I think Team Natsu is big enough. Besides I don't want you to start referring to me as love rival whenever I interact with Natsu." Lisanna said teasingly wiggling her eyebrows suggestively at Lucy.

"LISANNA!" Lucy blushed furiously.

"I'm only joking… but judging from that reaction…"

"I am not like Juvia, anyway how about we go on a little mission?" Lucy said grabbing Lisanna's hands hopefully.

"Just us girls, come on I need rent money and I'm not going to make it this week with Natsu, Erza and Grey destroying everything they see, Lucy said sadly with puppy dog eyes.

"I think Edolas Lucy would claw her eyes out if she saw that expression on her face." Lisanna laughed,

"Okay I'll go with you." Lisanna said as Lucy dragged her down to the job board.

"This one looks perfect. They need 2 female mages to escort a Lord from Turtle Island to Crocus. It pays 900 000 jewels, 450 000 apiece. That's enough for your rent right?" Lisanna asked as Lucy turned into an interesting shade of green.

"Yeah, but it probably involves a pervy, pawsy, piece of crap, scum sucking, bottom feeding, born with silver spoon old man." Lucy said biting back bile.

"You really hate rich people… We can choose another." Lisanna said as she scanned the board.

"No it's fine, I need the money more and all our expenses are paid for. We just need to contact the client via communication Lacrima." Lucy said giving Lisanna's shoulder a light squeeze.

"Okay let me take this up to the Master; he has a communication Lacrima in his office I can contact the client on. You can go home and start packing. We'll leave tonight." For once Lisanna smiled brightly. Mira wiped a tear at the sight of 'her' Lisanna and mouthed a thank you to Lucy.

"Thanks Luce" Natsu said as he embraced her in a bone crushing hug.

"You're the best, maybe Lisanna will talk to me now. Can I come on your mission?" Natsu asked hopefully.

"No Natsu, girls only… Unless you plan on turning into a girl?" A returning Lisanna teased as she linked her arm with Lucy's and walked away much to the guild's amusement.

"Flame princess." Grey laughed.

"What was that ice queen?" Natsu spat and just like that another guild fight erupted.

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