A/N: Don't really know where this came from. I blame the new Thor movie for putting me back in a Marvel mood.


Though he doesn't know it, Captain America was made for a Stark.

Tony's father fashioned Cap from a boy who possessed qualities that Starks admire, even if they do not possess those qualities themselves: bravery, honesty, fortitude. Howard took that boy and gave him the physique of a deity. He gifted his creation with broad shoulders and strong hands made for wielding weapons, and with the enhanced stamina and increased strength that go hand in hand with gods.

Starks are slender people, whose hands are made for forming machines and electronic marvels. They need accessories such as iron suits to make them gods, and their strength lies in their brainpower. Starks can be brave and persistent, though they usually are only for selfish reasons, to protect the things that they love and from which they benefit. Starks are not honest; sly tricks and lies can be helpful in the business world. Their personal lives are not exempt from the habit of lying—Howard had numerous affairs, and Tony himself has been known to mess about on the side. Tony is not as good a liar as his father was; Pepper knows about his little side projects, and it's only a matter of time before she gives up on him.

So he's thinking ahead, really, as he leans closer to Steve, presses his hands to those broad shoulders—the kind of shoulders that slender Starks never have. Cap just smiles in an gently pitying way as he moves Tony's hands away and steps back and reminds Tony that Tony is "courting Miss Potts". Watching the captain walk away, Tony thinks of his father, unmarried and unattached when he created Captain America. Tony thinks of Cap, meant to die in the ice long before Tony was conceived, and Tony knows:

He is not the Stark for whom Captain America was made.