After a few hours Sebatian and I went back to the castle. He kissed the back of my hand and walked away, I stared at his back as he moved. He was awfully graceful, I thought as he jumped up the step with a smile upon his face. Kenna came up to me and linked our arms.
"Let's walk," She said and led me away. We walk for a few minutes in silence. "I realize, I may have been a bit harsh when we spoke before. You are my queen, and I apologize for having misspoken to you." I was taken aback by her apology. It's a very...unkenna thing to do. Her tone was forced, as I'd she tried to sound sincere but couldn't quite reach it. Out the the corner of my eye, I noticed the King looking at us as he strolled with Catherine. So, he put her up to this.
"Just be careful," I replied, a stern edge in my voice. She opened her mouth to speak but I stopped her. "I don't mean your feelings, but do protect those. You should be more discreet. Catherine recognized the necklace you wear, surely someone else can if Catherine can. I know matters of the heart are complicated, but make sure you're protected."
"The King will protect me." A hard edge laced Kenna's voice. Her face was angry and I sighed.
"Yes but you are scorning a queen. Catherine doesn't strike me as a women who plays fair." Kenna's pretty face became crest fallen, as if the thought never crossed her mind before.
"Yes, my queen." Kenna stated and she walked away, a detached look graced her face. I sighed and walked towards the castle. Before I took four steps, a furious Oliva stormed towards the garden, a distraught Francis was standing behind her. I hadn't even realized they were out here. I walked towards Francis with my chin held high.
"What seems to be the problem." I asked politely. My arms crossed infront of me and I kept his eyes.
"Nothing of importance." He sighed, his blue eyes filled with sorrow. Anger boiled inside me, it took all I had to simmer it down.
"As your future wife, I feel we should be more more honest."
"Honesty goes both ways, Mary, much like respect." Francis glared at me and my heart skipped a beat. He doesn't know, does he? Everytime Bash and I had kissed, we'd been alone...right? My heart beat became erratic and I felt my nerves go on end.
"Wh-what so you mean?" I ask and curse myself for my wavering voice. Francis gave a humorless chuckle and ran a hand down his face.
"Yesterday, I saw you and my brother, Mary," I inhaled sharply. My mind going a hundred miles a minute as I try to process what this means. "It was right before we let our regrets go, that I saw you kiss him. I understand I haven't been the best fiancé. I know that now," Francis grabbed my hand, a pleading look came across his face and fuilt swarmed me. "Let me make it up to you." He brought my hand to his lips in a gentle kiss. I didn't get that warm feeling I did when Bash kissed my hand. I nodded. He smiled and escorted me back to the castle, it look all my effort to smile.

Later that night I stood in the outskirts of the ballroom, watching all the masked couples danced. Yes, it was the Novemeber masquerade. With Thanksgiving just days away the ballroom was filled with cozy colors, like soft oranges, reds, and yellows. The masks and dresses weren't nearly as extravegent as lasts months Halloween Masquerade, but this was a royal ball after all. Queen Catherine thought it'd be fun to have a masquerade, that'd it'd be more mysterious, so we had a masquerade.
I watched as the colorful dresses swirled around the ballroom, their colors mixed together as their partners spun them around and around again. I watched with intrigue as couples flowed and connected with the music. I spotted Greer dancing with a man who's identity I did not know, and Lola also danced with someone unknown to me. Kenna was making her way around the ballroom for the second time, like a feline in the jungle as she gazed at the King and Queen. I also spotted Francis, he stood by his father, pride on his face, looking every bit royal as he should. Sebastian never looked that...kingly. He was too easy going to have that look of arrogance on his face, well just standing there. If Bash was talking to someone he most certainly could have arrogance. A blonde, who I assume to be Lady Olivia, was perched next to Catherine.
"You and Francis have made up, yet you're off in a corner." A mirth filled voice floated from behind me, a smile graced my face and I turned around. I saw a rogueshly handsome face with stunning blue eyes that peaked out of his black mask. Sebastian, I would know what voice anywhere.
"A corner you too seem to be in." I shot back and eyed the plate of strawberries in his hand. He smirk at me before taking a plump strawberry in his finger, which I have found to be quite nimble, and brought it up to his soft lips. The blood red of the strawberry contrast the tan in his skin. His pink lips closed around the berry and he bit down, my breath hitched in my throat. A small track of juice fell from the corner or his mouth, everything inside my body screamed at me to trace it with my tongue. It took all my self control to stay where I stood. His tongue, which I know for a fact is awfully gentle, peeked out from his lips to collet the droplet of juice. A small amount of jealousy rolled through my body, it's ridiculous to be jealous in this situation. A smirk touched his lips, which undoubtably tasted of strawberries.
"Would you like a strawberry, my queen?" Bash teased, a challenging look in his blue eyes that never failed to captivate me. I raised an eyebrow and a smirk of my own came over my lips.
"I would love one, Bash, but my hands seem occupied. You may have to feed me." I clasp my hands behind my back and my smirk widens as I see him freeze. Slowly, he steps towards me, like he's afraid I'm going to flee. Sebastian stopped mere inches away from me. His finger tips gentle grasped the bright green stem of the plump berry, and took a deep breath. His eyes were magnetic to my own. The red berry gently pushed against my lips. I slowly opened my mouth, letting Sebastian push the red fruit in. I bit down, my lips wrapped around the straberry as the sweet juices flowed into my mouth. Sebastian's eyes moved from my eyes down to my lips. He pulled the steam away. His thumb brushed against the edge of my mouth where a droplet fell, much like on his own mouth, and lifted his hand to his own mouth. I watched in fevor as his lips captured his thumb.
"Satisfied?" Bash asked breathlessly, his eyes moving furiously between my eyes and my mouth. I didn't trust my voice, so I just nodded. "If we don't act on something, anything, I'm afraid I'll kiss you right here and now."
"Dance with me." I didn't demand it, I didn't ask it, I simply stayed it. Bash held out his hand, I lightly place my small one in his large one, the warmth of it radiated through my whole body. It left like the whole world was watching us, but it us unlikely anyone was. He set the plate on a near by table than led me to the center of the room
Once we reached the dance floor, he enveloped me in him arms and we starting moving. It was amazing how insync we are. Moving as if we were one, two parts of one whole, like we completed each other. His eyes shown with emotion as he studied my face.
"Never was a lady more fair, than one of ivory skin and edony hair," Bashed whispered in my ear, I shivered as his lips brushed against the hair that fell over my hair. A red flush overtook my skin, and I felt my body grow warm. "You put angles to shame, my queen."
"If you're not careful, your sweet words may come back to haunt you." My voice wavers. It feels like I'm holding by a thread, I don't know what I'm holding on to, I have not an idea what where I'll fall, but it seems I hold on with all my strength.
"I have yet to say something I haven't utterly meant." He rasped, a whimper escaped me and I tightly clung to him. Sebastian's scent surrounded me, a mixture of spice and clean cotton, such a paradox, yet so very Bash.
"Will I see you tonight?" I asked, surprised he even heard my low whisper over the clutter in the ballroom. It grew even warmer as I asked that question, my red and gold mask seemed to suffocate me, but Bash's eyes were my rescue, keeping me sane.
"If you wish." His voice dripped with anticipation and excitement. Bash tightened his hold on me, pressing my body deeper into his.
"Believe me, there's nothing I want more." I couldn't cover the raw emotion in my voice, Sebastian looked taken aback but quickly regained his composure.
"We won't be sending you back to the nuns so soon, will we?" He jested and smirked at me, I pushed myself to think and give a witty answer.
"I assure you, Bash, that is entirely up to you." I smirk back, the look and his face causing me to smile. His eyebrows rose and his eyes lit up with amusement.
"It's things like that, Mary, tha-" Sebastian was cut off by someone pulling us apart.
That someone was Francis.
My red dress cligned to my body, I seemed to have perspired after my dance. I start to ask why he did that, but he gave me a sharp look.
"I do enjoy how close you two are getting, I'm afraid to say I must step in. Too many times have people asked me why my fiancé was dancing with my brother. So, I hope you don't mind if I cut in." He sounded annoyed, his grip on me was obviously saying that we didn't have a choice. Bash gave a slight bow to me before departing, my eyes followed him over Francis's shoulder.
"I would appreciate it if you didn't make it obvious that you favor my brother. Humiliation is not something I deal well with." Annoyance once again laced his time and I sighed. The feeling of excitement that stirred inside me seemed to had disappeared with him.
"Bash and I are friend, it is common knowledge, I should think now." I explain myself and try to calm Francis down.
"I'm willing to move on from the kiss between you two, if you do the same, if you move on from him." Francis's voice had calmed immensely and relief flooded me. I nodded and forced a tiny smile.
"Yes, I will try, Francis." I choke out right before the dance ends. He bows down to me and excuses himself. I walk back to the corner in which I had originated from. I didn't stay there very longe before Aylee came barreling towards me.
"Finally! I've found you! Come quick, we must talk." Aylee rushed out and grabbed my hand, pulling me along with her out of the ballroom. As we left the people of the court behind us and entered the hallway, we slowed a little bit, but didn't stop until we reached my room.
"What is it Aylee? What's the matter?" I ask frantically. The blonde girl sat on my bed, her eyebrows furrowed and arms crossed.
"I-I have a problem," She started, her brown eyes wide with worry. I arched an eyebrow, urging her on. "I have a confession, last year, on my eighteenth birthday, I was ruined. It was by a Lord a little older than me, we parted way and promised to stay out of reach others hair. Oh, but he broke that promise! He's back! I saw him today in the ballroom, he took off his mask for a second and I caught a glimpse of his face, oh Mary! I don't know what to do! And I thought, that since you were ruined, that-" Alyee was close to tears now, her yellow gown was wrinkled and she looked positively miserable.
"What?!" I exclaimed, fear crippled my body, where rumors of my ruination going around? "Where did you hear that?" My voice was harsh and seemed to snap Aylee back to reality.
"It's just that I saw you and Sebastian today, by the orchard. It seemed that you two have..." Aylee explained, her face going red from embarrassment. I sighed and sat down next to her, the nerve in my were back at ease.
"Oh, no, I assure you I am not ruined. You didn't tell anyone, did you? Because it would ruin me if people found out, even if it was just a kiss." I plead to her. Aylee shook her head and gave me a small smile.
"No, Mary, I can keep a secret." I smile at her and gently give her a small hug.
"We'll figure everything out tomorrow. You should go sleep now, Aylee, you look positively frayed." I urge her out the door and she agrees, bidding me goodnight before retreating to her own chambers. I saw alone for a few minutes before my door opened again. I look up from my resting place on my bed to see who entered. A smiled tugged at my lips.
"Come to help me out of my dress?"

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