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Hello and welcome to this new story! This is a Fate/Stay Night story (for the most part)

The Lancer from the 4th Grail War; Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, is the starring character along with Starlight AT's OC's.

Now this is my first time using someone else's characters, so Starlight, I hope I get the personalities correct. If you see something out of whack, please tell me and I will make the adjustments.

This story takes place in a different continuum of Fuyuki City. The Fifth Grail has concluded and some time has gone by.

A strange force though, has slowly infiltrated the city trying to start-up something.

Diarmuid reincarnates as normal teen meant to protect the priestess of an established temple. What will occur with these characters and what will develop between them?

Chapter 1

The day he met her.

He was having the same dream again. He was floating in an abyss and barely conscious of his surroundings.

Diarmuid could think of briefly the last time he spoke; it was to the ones that betrayed him. The battle he wanted to finish with Saber ended in tragedy with his death and the noble spearman declaring his unresolved hatred towards his master, Kayneth, the past and future king, Saber and her master, Kiritsugu Emiya.

It wasn't how I wanted it! He lamented as he continued floating in the darkness. Why does everything I try to hold end up filthy and broken. That was the kind of life Diarumuid had before being revived as a Servant in the Fourth Grail War.

He had a rather handsome face (some would even say beautiful) with his black hair combed back. He had a mark underneath his left eye that looked like a beauty mark. His figure was lean and muscular.

Diarumuid was the former hero of Ireland once a part of the Knights of Fianna of legend. He had always been known for his looks by many maidens and it didn't help that he had a curse placed upon him.

That curse placed upon me ruins everything! Any maiden who looks upon my face and sees my mark instantly fall in love with me. Hah, the power of love is a curse! He always hated it; not knowing what love was in its purest form without bewitchment. Of course he thought he found it with Grainne.

Diarumuid's heart ached when thinking about her. The same thing happened again when dealing with Kayneth's wife, Sola-Ui, whose obsession led them down a path of no return.

I can't stand this any more. My history is nothing but tainted filth and rust. If…If I could just start a new life anywhere, I wouldn't mind! He thought as his mind was fading once again.

As he felt as if he was falling a hand touched his forehead gently. Opening his orange-colored eyes he saw a vague outline of a woman with long-silver hair and red eyes. Getting a look at her the spearman recognized her as Saber's proxy Master! "You were with that man; wat are you doing here?" His voice rang with shock and distaste.

Irisviel Einzbern, wife of Kirtisugu Emiya and homunculus destined to become part of the grail, looked sadly at him. "Time is irrelevant in limbo. What you're perception of time is an instant here time has passed and the Fourth Grail War has ended a decade ago."

The former Lancer looked surprised. "Who won it in the end?"

She shook her head. "There were no winners at that time. But that is not important," Irisviel moved it along. "What's important is this; would you like a new chance at life?"

Diarumuid appeared surprised by what she said. "What do you mean?"

"It's as I said. You can have this new chance at life; a new slate!" She offered.

This news caused him to have hope; a new life without any of his memories bringing him down? "Would I be free from this blasted curse?"

Irisviel didn't offer him good news as she shook her head once again. "I do not have enough power to rid you of something that's been linked to you for so long, I'm sorry…"

He snarled angrily. "Than what good are you then, let me return to my nightmare!"

Red eyes met orange orbs briefly. "Even though it is a part of you it doesn't mean that their isn't hope." She spoke quietly which made him pay attention. "There is always hope of ridding you of your curse." She talked as she brought his head to rest on her naked lap.

The black-haired man looked surprised for an instant and a blush came over his cheeks. He had no clue she appeared in the buff and he was laying on her lap! That's every guy's fantasy! But given his upbringing he got flustered and didn't say anything. This action caused Irisviel to call him "cute".

She continued with the explanation. "You'll be reincarnated with no memories of this life. All you will have is that innate charm of yours, the ability to wield your spears and unfortunately that curse," Irisviel told him.

He sighed but accepted the terms. If it meant forgetting all this, he could live with the curse.

"You will be born in the time of the Fifth Grail War. What happens next will depend on you, although..."She drawled out.

Diarumuid gave a curious glance. "Although what?"

She shook her head. "No, I'm not meant to tell you. You'll have to wait and see!" The woman gave him a smile.

He groaned but returned it half-heartedly. His body started glowering as a pillar of light surrounded his frame as he started floating.

"I guess this is it?" He called out to her.

She gave him a nod. "Yes, cherish the life you've been given." She yelled to him. "And protect the blonde haired priestess!"

Diarumuid didn't hear that last part as he tried calling her again but soon vanished.

A sad sigh escaped her lips. "I couldn't get it out fast enough. Oh well, he'll learn in this new life." The woman turned around and saw a picture of a girl with long blonde hair and red/violet eyes; she looked like a teenager.

"I only glanced so far in the future to discover that this girl is an important part in his life along with another. I wonder what the outcome will be?"

The homunculus glanced up and saw a single ray of light. "Hikari…"

Lainn household

An alarm clock went off in the teen male's room. It had that annoying sound that could pierce your eardrums and he hated it! Moving his arm to the snooze button, Dermont grunted out a response and returned to sleep. Just give me a little time; I can't deal with anything today!

Dermont felt relieved that he could get at least 20 minutes of sleep. It was perfect. Or so he thought. A door opens and then he feels a figure on his bed!

"Get up, Dermont!" A pre-teen boy with short blue hair cried out happily! "You can't sleep forever you know!" The boy hopped on his back like a cushion.

The black-haired teen griped in aggravation at his younger brother bothering him at this ungodly hour! Crap, and it was perfect too… "Will you get off me, runt?" Dermont growled out, forcing the boy to get off him.

The boy looked miffed at being called that. "Who are you calling runt, bowl-head!?" He cried indignantly. "My name's Seta!"

Dermont gave a snarl to Seta. "Sorry, if you only come up to my elbow's, than you are a runt, runt!"

This caused Seta growl. "Stop calling me runt, knob-rocket!"

To add insult to injury the older brother pulled his siblings cheeks until it made a funny face. "Hah, only a face mother could love!"

Seta pulled his face from his grip and tried stomping on his foot which Dermont saw and the former ended up hurting his barefoot against the hard wooden floor.

"You shouldn't go stomping around like that; you'll destroy a town one day, runt!" Older brother laughed at him.

Seta growled again and was about to retort until a woman's voice called too them. "Boys, stop playing around up there and get ready for school!"

"Yes, mom!" They both called to her. Taking advantage Seta elbowed Dermont in the stomach and ran out the room, not before sticking his tongue out.

"Little bastard!" He whispered with an annoyed tone. Dermont rolled his eyes at being up and started getting ready for school. His room was mostly clean, save for some clothes on the floor but it's not like it was a dump. Seta's on the other hand was a pigsty.

Fifteen minutes later after washing off and brushing his teeth, Dermont returned wearing his school uniform; a light brown short-sleeve shirt, opened with his t-shirt showing and brown slacks. His hair combed back giving him a rocker kind of look.

He looked at his face and saw a handsome 17-year-old in his senior year of high school and it began his first day of the new semester. Dermont Lainn, was an Irish-born native living in Fuyuki City, Japan thanks to his dad's job as an engineer.

Dermont had grown up in Ireland with his younger brother Seta, their father Richard and his mother, Stella, who suffered from illness since she was a girl. From his memory of his mother, she was rather timid but sweet, due to the illness that took her and he was 6 years old when she died while his brother was still a new-born.

Their father, Richard Lainn, was understandably devastated when his lovely wife perished and went to depression. Dermont thought that he and his father wouldn't survive the loneliness of a mother and wife passing until his dad met someone through work.

Her name was Shoko 'Kanzuki' Lainn; a woman with long black-hair and eyes, who looked rather young despite being in her late-thirties, whose work took her places around the world. She had met Richard and was instantly smitten with the Irish native.

Than one thing led to another and two years later they got married and Seta and I got a new mother! He sardonically thought of his new mom. He didn't have any problem with her in the slightest. In fact he thought of her as a real parent despite being his step mom.

Of course in his heart no one would replace Stella, however (his dad mentioned this once) that he got his mother's big heart.

Shoko also took instantly to Seta, who was only a couple of months old then and Seta took a shine to her as well (being the only mother figure he knew). They lived in Ireland for a couple of years before her work took her back to Japan. His father could go anywhere with his job and they left for Japan.

It had been a change of pace for Dermont, giving that he was a foreigner in this country and it had been tough that he had to learn the rules and dialect.

The black-eyed teen wondered at times what his mom, Shoko, did for a living. She never said but it did pay the bills and let them live in this High Victorian styled house with a spacious back yard with a dojo.

Dermont heard his stomach growl and knew it was time for breakfast.

He went downstairs to see Seta, who was eating cereal and listening to some music with his IPAD, Richard, who was reading a book, and had short brown hair and looked middle-aged, and Shoko, taking off her apron and about to eat her Japanese styled breakfast.

It's surprising that we've adapted all our lifestyles here? He thought ruefully as he saw that Shoko made him a Japanese breakfast as well; which he didn't mind.

"Dermy, I hope you had a good sleep last night?" She asked her son, voice dripping with kindness. He grunted out an affirmative as he ate his rice first. She always called him by his nickname "Dermy" when they were in the house.

"It was cool, mom, even though I got woken up by a certain runt of the litter…" He drawled out.

Hearing that he got called that nickname, Seta threw off his earphones and got up. "What you say?!" he obnoxiously yelled. "I dare you to say that again!"

Richard, who didn't take his eyes off his book, tugged him down back in his seat. "Butt in seat, Seta!" He rumbled and went back to reading. "I raised you better than that!"

Shoko only sighed at her husband's way of parenting. "Please don't tease you're brother Dermy, you know he gets upset easily!"

Dermot gave a wry laugh as he saw Seta's face turn red. "Mom, don't defend me to him, I can take care of myself!" Seta boldly stated.

The Japanese woman laughed easily. "Of course, you can handle your own, Seta!" This made Seta have a big smile on his face which Dermot only rolled his eyes.

"Son, how was practice yesterday?" His dad said looking at him.

Dermot had taking up Sojutsu (which means Art of the spear) lessons at the Fujimura Tendo that taught various weapons handling. He's been doing these lessons back in Ireland before moving here as well and knew his way around a spear.

He couldn't figure why that was, it just felt natural to him. Now that I think about it, Seta is good with them too, when he's not being lazy with his regimen. Dermont gave a glance to his little brother, who returned to his tunes.

"It's going fine, dad! Along with Taiga-sempai says to drop on by once in a while!"

Richard tensed up at that. "Uh…tell Fujimura, I'll stop by when she's not holding a kendo stick on her person…"

Shoko giggled at that. "Doesn't she teach in your school, Dermy?" she asked.

He nodded. "Yeah, she's been there for a long while. She even claims that a lot of stuff happened there before we moved here."

This caused Shoko and Richard to look at him for moment.

Seta was jamming to something and belted out a verse. "My way, kasanaru yo ima, futari ni GOD BLESS!"[You converge with my way. Now, God Bless us…]

Is he singing that Haruhi Suzumiya song again? He thought bewildered. The parents gave a glance at the boy who got the hint to keep quiet.

"What kind of things, Dermont?" Richard asked with a poignant look.

Dermont gave a confused glance. "I don't know, it kind of went into something you see from Poltergeist or The Grudge. But I don't think it's nothing to get riled up about. I mean you kind of explained about magic and stuff but it's not like I can use it."

It is true that even though Dermy and Seta come from a line of magic users from both their mother and Richard, they haven't exuded any traits of using it. Shoko thought about how Richard and her explained about magic to the kids when they were little.

Dermont had some knowledge that his birth mother could use it from some memories along with how his dad didn't have any talent with it. Richard had some knowledge given his own siblings had that trait but it brought nothing but trouble in his opinion and was glad they were growing up without it.

What's up with them? Dermont thought. He was going to ask before he saw what time it was. Dermont inhaled his meal and drank a cup of water while banging his chest.

"I have to get to practice at school!" He told them as he headed for the door.

Before he left his dad met him by the door. "Dermont…." He rumbled out but nothing came.

"What's up dad? " He asked looking at the time again.

Richard only shook his head. "Nothing, it's not important, just be careful you hear me?"

Dermont sighed. "Yes dad. Why you always got to tell me that!" He waved and said "bye" to Shoko as well and headed off to school.

Shoko moved Seta to get ready for school as well since she would take him today. "Are you that concerned Richard?"

"You would be too if you knew the circumstances…" He said. Shoko reached for his hand. "He's almost 18, I just don't want there being any trouble. He's gone this long without that magi stuff...

"I do know and I know how this makes you feel." She alluded to something. "Of course he does bear a burden."

"Still he's young; why does my son have to get involved with magic?" He asked as if they had this discussion before.

"I can't answer that but Mage's Association branch I work in detail that his fate is a peculiar one. Clairvoyants have confirmed this as well." She said earnestly.

He squeezed her hand gently. "Aye, and it's not mere luck he's good with a pole or spear as well. I didn't want him playing with those things but he always grabbed them. Who'd have thought it would be part of his job description."

"Not to worry, he'll be ready for this; along with the priestess and that new shrine that got set up after the fifth grail war. I'm still trying to glean any kind of information about her but she seems dependable!" Even if some stuff about her is sketchy.

Seta arrived his gear; a white shirt under a blue long-sleeved shirt with blue slacks and black shoes. A backpack hung on the side of his shoulder. He had a mischievous look to him. "Hey I'm ready you two? Are you going to kiss mom, dad?"

Richard blanched at his son's bluntness while Shoko only giggled. A moment later Seta lay on the floor with knot on his head as Richard walked out to head to work.

"What I say?" He drawled out which Shoko giggled at her son's expression and helped him up.

Giving a last glance to where Dermont was she looked serious. Be strong Dermy…

Dermont was running trying to get to Homurahara Academy. His house was in the southern end of Miyama Town's foreigners' house district, where Western-term houses were made . He passed by the old Tohsaka residence.

Looking at the house he wondered what happened to the previous honor. He asked his classmates about it and some said that a girl named Rin Tohsaka used to live there before going abroad. Surprisingly someone who appears once a month to keep it clean.

Running passed it he saw various students making the trek to school from the traditional Japanese district as well, where Eastern Style houses were. He then noted another shrine a couple of blocks away. Slowing down he saw the steps to the temple. It read 'Himemiya'.

I think the person goes too my school too? The lean teen thought as he soon continued his trek.

Himemiya Shrine

The Himemiya shrine, located near Homurahara academy that linked to the traditional and foreign sides of the town of Miyama. On the shrine grounds another male was standing by the house to the temple, who had arrived early. A teen male with short black hair with bangs to the right and blue eyes waited for someone to get finished.

His name was Shirou Ogami, second year at Homurahara Academy. The black-haired teen had found out once that another Shirou went to the school a decade ago; Shirou Emiya.

He'd seen pictures of him in the school year book.

Stopping his thoughts he decided to get things moving along. "Come one Hikari, it shouldn't take you this long to finish a prayer, right? " He called to her.

A loud crash could be heard which made the handsome teen wince. "Have a nice fall, Hikari?"

The sound of footsteps could be heard and the door opened; a girl with blonde hair and red/violet eyes with a petite body appeared and she looked rattled.

"Ah, I'm sorry for keeping you waiting, Shirou!" She cried as it appeared she was getting her school clothes on; a brown vest over a white buttoned shirt, brown skirt and wearing brown loafers on her feet.

Her name was Hikari Himemiya, priestess in training for her family's temple. She's been living here for 16 years give or take after a certain event rocked the city to the core.

Smiling at his friend (and secret crush) he jetted out a thumb. "We have to get to class Hikari or we'll be late once again!"

This caused the pretty blonde let out a complaint. "Ahh, I'm going to make us late, again!"

Sighing at her personality he led her down the stairs and head off to school. Shirou and Hikari had been friends since they were kids and acted more like siblings, even though the former thought of her more than a friend at this moment and time.

Ogami didn't know how to show these feelings to her as he suspected that she either didn't recuperate them or that she was far too gullible to catch on to his growing affection for the priestess. His family also came to this city two months before Hikari's.

For sport, Shirou took up various sports like Archery and Kendo but shined in using karate. Turning his head to see his friend trying to catch up, he smiled free of guile.

Homurahara Academy

Dermont arrived at the school and headed straight to one of the dojo's outside the school. His class didn't start for another hour unlike his younger kohai's so he decided to use this time to spruce up on his technique.

Going to the locker he opened it to show a ton of pink cards (laced with perfume) drop at his feet. Groaning at what happened he knew what this meant.

Ever since he could remember he found himself at the company of affectionate or obsessive girls in his life. At first he never grasped it. It was innocent at first when he was a kid and just had the teen girls attention but when he became a teenager it shocked him.

Girls left him either cards, pictures of themselves showing their breasts and even going the mile and just regaling him with words of love at his home at one point…naked!

His father found it annoying and even Shoko, the pinnacle of patience found it tiresome and at one point threatened any girl or woman who decided to appear on their doorstep with a rather large katana blade (which Dermont and Richard found surprising that she even had it.)

There was even a point when he first came to high school and got undressed and Dermont felt like a deer being watched by wolves and he was right! Turning around he saw a couple of females with cells trying to get a picture of the goods.

That is what earned me the ire of my male classmates and the undying affection of the women population of this school! He shook his head dismissively. It's always the same, they get a good look at me and they act like I'm the Beatles or something! He griped as he dropped the cards in the trash.

This is not what he wanted. He found it very hard to make any kind of friends! He was a loner for the most part and to an extent he liked it but he at least wanted someone to confide in…

Taking another breath he got dressed and put on a pair of blue hakama styled pants and a white shirt and grabbed a wooden Naginata in his hands. Doing a couple of horizontal strikes he felt at ease at using this pole. It felt like an extension of his body.

In the window of the dojo he didn't notice a girl with long black hair with two ribbons in her hair and blue eyes take note on what he was doing.

Just as he made another strike the girl moved away before being seen.

The girl's name was Rei Tachibana, Student president of the school along with being a mage. She was in the same year and age as Hikari and Shirou and had kept her eyes on Dermont Lainn since she came in her freshman year.

It wasn't that she liked him or something as she didn't find that kind of thing logical for the most part and even though she knew he was attractive, she also knew why that was. Lucky for her she was using something to dampen that curse of his.

Some people called her the second coming of this schools former Ice Queen, Rin Tohsaka. Rei heard the rumors and only scoffed; if they only knew that she was a distant relative on the jewel mage from Rin's father side of the family.

She decided to head to the Student council office to get some things done. As she headed to the main part of the school she saw two people at their lockers.

Speak of the two idiots…She drawled with a roll of her eyes as Hikari and Shirou made it.

Shirou finished changing his shoes until he heard a wail from his friend. "What's wrong this time Hikari?"

Looking up he saw a stream of tears roll down the blonde's face. "My lucky pendant isn't in my locker!"

This got a blank look from Shirou (and Rei who continued rubbernecking into the situation, to her disbelief.) "Umm, Hikari, I know you're a priestess but you REALLY have a lucky pendant?"

"It's only for a certain subject I'm not good in!" She double checked her locker and sure enough nothing.

"Well, you did have archery class yesterday you might have…" He didn't finish as Hikari hugged him. "That's right, I did, thanks so much Shirou!"

She sped like a lightning bolt heading for the archery dojo. Shirou felt a flush of happiness mixed with disbelief. She was really that fast? How come she always complained about running to school if she had that kind of mileage?

He then saw Rei, with a drop of sweat going down her head. "Hey, Tachibana, you tired of looking stupid like a fish with a hook in its mouth?"

Said girl gave him a chilling glare that caused a shiver to go up his spine. She flipped her long hair over her shoulder as to dismiss him and headed to her destination.

"…Bitch!" He whispered harshly.


Shirou felt a tiny throbbing on his forehead. Looking down he saw a yen piece on the ground. Picking it up, he wondered if Rei did that.

"Big money bitch," He griped.

Ka-chink! Ka-chink!

He felt two blows and saw two more pieces of yen by his feet. Shirou saw her figure in the distance. Could she hear him? Not wanting to take any chances he high-tailed it to his class!

At the Archery dojo Hikari had made it there and opened her locker. It took a couple of moments until she found her pendant! Smiling happy she placed it around her neck.

As she got everything back inside and headed back to school she heard someone throw out an attack yell. Her curiosity piqued she found herself moving to the Naginata dojo and saw a figure doing a couple of strikes.

Her eyes widened on how his styled flow freely. I wonder who he is. She thought then remembered there was a student at this school who was part of this club and captain as well.

"He's looks like a professional wielding that!" She whispered happily. As he did another motion, Hikari felt happy at seeing his form but soon snapped out of it. "Wait, why did I feel that? It feels like he has some charm on him?"

The feeling he was giving off enticed her once again but she fought it off. "I wonder why he has that?"

She was about to get closer until she remembered she had class! "Oh man, I can't be late!" The blonde criticized her moment being lost in the fog.

The red/violet eyed teen didn't notice that she bumped into three seniors; they looked like typical delinquents.

"Hey watch where you're going, mouse!" One said with a mohawk.

Hikari hiccupped cutely which made one of them laugh, which did not ring with any concern. "Awww, you made her cry!"

The third joined in. "Hahhah, she's like a kitten or something?"

"Nah, more like a bitch who needs to learn her place in bumping into us!" The leader said with a perverse smile.

"Um, I'm sorry, I should have paid better attention to my surroundings!" She bowed her head in fear at the frugly looking guys.

"Yeah, well how will you make this up to us?" The third dude said.

"Maybe you should come with us to the bleachers? You can give us something worthwhile!" The second one exclaimed.

Hikari looked confused at the moment before swallowing a scream. "Wait, you mean that? You can't!" She finally figured it out (to her shock and slight embarrassment).

"Why not, you started all this, bitch!" The leader said grabbing her wrist. She tried pulling it away but the other two grabbed her feet and legs.

"Come on, it will be fun, it's just a quickie!" The leader leered at her petite body. "You are a blonde too; another foreigner?"

"Yeah, we've got a lot of those lately, like Lainn!" "The second one referred to Dermont.

"Hah, he thinks he's better than us, punk ass!" The third said hatefully.

"Who gives a fuck about him? Let's go and do it!" Leader commanded as they started lifting her up.

Hikari tried pulling them off her but they were stronger than her. In her head she wished Shirou was there with her! Closing her eyes she waited for the end. Her purity would be lost like a candle in the wind!

A body crumpled to the floor. Opening her eyes at the noise she saw another guy getting punched by Dermont! It's him? She cried in her head.

"The fuck you doing here, Lainn?" The leader asked giving an angry look.

The black-eyed teen only scoffed. "I couldn't keep my concentration with all this racket going on and I find you bothering this girl?" He condemned the punk. "You're trash to the lowest degree, Hidiyoshi!"

The leader named Hidiyoshi spat at his feet. "Fuck, I don't give a shit if you do! She bumped into me and I wanted compensation!"

A bewildered look showed on the lean teen's face. It came from the fact that Hidiyoshi knew a big word like "compensation", who'd have thought?

Dermont soon spoke. "What you want is to get that thing you call a dick off!" He jeered. "I've heard from some female classmates that your working a weak package! Your captive there won't feel a thing!"

Hikari blushed at Dermont's language. "I don't want to feel that thing, um… !"

This made the Irish teen chuckle. "See, even she knows about it!"

She squeaked out again. "No, that's not what I meant!" Oh, why is he making fun of me?

"Will you two shut up!"Hidiyoshi yelled and let Hikari fall to the ground. "I'm taking you out, Lainn!"

Hidiyoshi went for a punch but Dermont eyed him carefully, moved his body to the left and rammed a right hook to his cheek. The punk felt an impact that felt like brick until he felt his nose broken thanks to a palm strike by Dermont.

Landing with a heap Hidiyoshi was unconscious. Hikari looked stunned that he had been able to beat those jokers up. I think he could somewhat match up to Shirou? Hikari thought bewildered.

Dermont went to see if she was all right and looked at her face. To Hikari he looked kind of reluctant until she noted he looked momentarily surprised. It feels as if he's happy for some strange reason…She soon felt hypnotized by his glance and her eyes went slightly glassy.

The combed back black-haired teen looked frustrated and got up fast. "If you are okay, get to your class, it's starting!" Red/violet-eyes went wide with surprise at how forceful he sounded and got up but soon fell back on her bottom, giving a tiny yelp.

Looking at her as if she was a fool Dermont helped her up. "Umm, thank you for helping me!" She bowed to him but the older teen brushed her off and started walking off.

"Hey…um….could you tell me your name?" She called out to him.

He didn't turn around all the way but spoke clearly. "The name's Dermont Lainn. And you would be best to forget you ever met me."

The blonde couldn't hide the amount of surprise once again from showing on her face. "Why would I want to forget you?" She urged on trying to walk close to him. "You saved me and…"

"Look, I only helped you cause I didn't want those jokers talking about it later!" He somewhat snarled. "Besides why didn't you do anything to defend yourself?"

She looked down as anxiety went through her. "Well…I…"

"You should have at least tried putting up a fight!" He marched up to her. "If I wasn't here, the gods only know what could have happened to you!"

She felt like a tiny bug at the moment as her shoulders shivered. "I know…but…"

He sighed aggravated and calmed down. "Okay, okay, I'm sorry for snapping like that. Just be careful from this point out all right?"

She slightly heard him as she was replying what he said about doing something.

Dermont had an idea and got close to her. Luckily he had his bag close to him and pulled out a milk box. He placed the straw inside the box and had the tip at the bottom of her nose. He gave a slight squeeze and…

"Ah, what was that!" She squealed in surprise. "It tasted like milk!"

This got a small laugh from Dermont. "Haha, than don't space out like that…um, what's your name?"

Hikari, who looked dazed that he did that joke, yelled out her name. "My name is Hikari Himemiya, I'm in my second year of high school and I'm 16 years old!"

Dermont's didn't know what to say to that exuberant way of introducing ones' self like and just nodded. "Gotcha, I'll call you Himemiya then." He started heading back to the dojo. "Get to class space cadet!" and walked back.

With that warning Hikari remembered that her class was probably starting and ran back to the main building.

In one of the windows of the second floor Rei Tachibana, who had used magecraft to enhance her sight, saw everything that happened with Hikari and Dermont.

"So he isn't the kind of person who'd let someone deal with something by themselves?" Her voice had an air of indifference to it. "Hmph I'd at least thought he would have ignored her given his own situation with the opposite sex."

Rei this time went to the Student Council room before her next class.

Einzbern Castle

In the outskirts of Fuyuki City stood a castle in the forest. The Einzbern's lived in this castle when it came to The Grail Wars but one hasn't happened in 15 years. It had gathered dust until now.

A car drove up to the castle and the doors were dark. A chauffeur got out and opened the door for the mistress of the castle.

The figure that appeared was a beautiful woman wearing a purple coat with white boots and a white scarf over her neck. She walked elegantly to the main gates and opened the doors.

It had been ages since she was last here. She had only been a child when but everything was the same, save for cobwebs and the like but she would get her maids and help to get the castle into shape.

Taking off her hat, the figure had long silver hair and smiled. "Ah home at last!" Illyasviel Einzbern said as she gave a spin with her arms wide as if she were Mary Tyler Moore in the streets of New York City.

"I made it after all!" She gave a toss of her hat!

Of course you did, child! A voice in her head said. It sounded warped but it was a woman. It's taking time but we have made it back to Fuyuki. How long has it been for you?

Illya thought about it. "15 or 16 years give or take? Not sure on the matter."

Well that doesn't matter now. Since you do have something you want done, correct?

The snow fairy looked momentarily as if she didn't have emotion. "That's right Caster. I want to get the grail in my possession and nothing will stand in my way!"

I end this first chapter on that part!

This story takes place 15/16 years later and Shirou, Rin, and Sakura have moved on. Will they make some appearance or another I can't say but I'll make sure to allude to something.

So for this story Illya (and Caster) will be the antagonists for this story. How those two got together will be explained.

I changed Diarmuid's name to Dermont for his reincarnation and if you noticed Cu Chulainn (Lancer from the fifth grail war) is his younger brother in this life too! Seta is Cu's current name (the same thing I am using in Senshi Continuum). I thought it wouldn't hurt.

I got Lainn from the last part of Chulainn. So I kind of glance over some parts of Dermont's new life as he still has the curse and his step mother, Shoko. She and Richard are OC's by me.

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I highly suggest you read her story to get a better view with Hikari, Shirou and Rei, as they belong to her for that story.

It's based of the game about Cosmos and Chaos starting another recurrence but this time the chosen warriors from both sides are like Servants and needed to be called by masters (Hikari and the others) to battle. The story is still going on so get caught up.

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