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Chapter 13

Lust and Love Expectation! Part 1


Himemiya Shrine

It has been a month since Hikari had gotten out of the hospital and that was the day she, Dermont, Shirou and Rei started going on missions with Rin and Archer.

To better understand what they could do and see what they had to improve on, this was something they needed. With them figuring out the mystery with the Grail Cards and how it could be linked to people they care about ending up as targets, the stuff they went through wasn't easy.

Hikari could still think with depression how at their first job went south; with Rei trying to take charge, Shirou fighting recklessly (along with worrying over Hikari) and Dermont being a commentator with the snide remarks, it caused Rin embarrassment until Archer finished the job on his own. And Hikari was

Groaning at the memory Hikari lay on her bed. After that Archer decided to drill us like we were delinquents…I mean we acted like brats but I didn't think it would be that bad!

A shiver went through her spine as Hikari had lucid thoughts of Archer's training. She never figured there wouldn't be anyone besides Akiza who could be downright harsh, like a demon. Well there is my mother…and that didn't turn out well which forced Akiza to train me.

Images of Mana, Akiza and Archer, in that order, came in her head of who Hikari feared more.

Mom is the top of that list, she causes destruction even when she holds back! Hikari then wondered how the job she and Blake did was going. Shaking her head in not wanting to think about her parents she continued her thought process.

Rin taught them the basics of prana control and the rules behind it. Rei felt insulted by that and would have left but with some convincing from Dermont she simply scoffed and listened. As well as teamwork in a mission, and that everyone had a part to play in dealing with what they were doing.

Archer took care of their physical work and sparred with them. No weapons and they had to rely on their own ability to defend themselves. Hikari ended up getting a B, Rei a B, Dermont a C and Shirou an A.

This shocked Dermont and Rei. The white-haired man explained that the Irish-teen relied too heavily on his weapons and even though he had agility he lacked strength unlike Shirou and Hikari, who had training in their respective practices.

The same thing applied to Rei with her endowing with potions and whatever relics she used from the church even though she knew Chinese Kenpo, she wasn't up to par with someone like Rin's tutelage. Even though Shirou lost his fight to Archer, he didn't need to critique the wolf teen's judgment only except he got hot-headed on some motions.

Hikari just lacked confidence with her move set even though the projection mage brought up the fact that Hikari had potential.

For two weeks they studied what their "teachers" gave them for Clock tower work and balanced out their school lives. Hikari could balance out her schedule since this could work to her priestess duties.

The blonde grew depressed though, she'd rather spend time playing the piano. "Some dreams don't come true..." She whispered before her cell rang.

The ringtone this time was from Clannad and it was the ending theme Dango, (what do you expect, she could relate to Nagisa).

"Hello? Oh Dermont!" She sounded happy in hearing him. Even though they saw each other at school and ate lunch together she always felt giddy when he called.

"Hey flat board," he responded with one of his nicknames for her.

A vein appeared over her head. "Don't call me that!"

Dermont brushed it off. "Yeah, yeah. Hey so I just got a call from Rei; she's inviting us to go to a hot spring for when the summer starts up!" He explained.

Hikari appeared perplexed before looking at her calendar; it was June. Boy, time goes by fast when one is having fun training!

"Oh it is that time of the month," she spoke with surprise.

Dermont remained quiet on the other end. "Kari, I need to you think about what you just said." His voice stated taking on a teacher-like tone.

Thinking about it for an instant she caught and blushed. "Not that; I mean how it's June already. Geez, get your mind out of the gutter!"

"Hey, you were the one to say it, not me." He replied sounding unconcerned. "If you want to talk about these things please tell Rei. Maybe you two can have a party?"

A screech ended up heard for some seconds before she yelled at Dermont and called him a jerk.

"It's what I do, love," Dermont sounded confident when he said that which caused Hikari to pause.

Is he flirting with me? She couldn't help but wonder.

"I'm not flirting with you, I'm joking around." Dermont responded making Hikari give a sharp look at the phone and question if he could read her thoughts.

"Anyway before I go I just wanted to ask if you wanted to come. It will just be us and Emiya-san and Sakura-san are offering to chaperon us. I don't' know why though…" He sounded sullen at the last part.

"We're still teenagers Dermont, no matter how mature we act," Hikari reasonably stated. "Besides it will be fun after all the training we've done. I think after rectifying our mistake with our first job and doing well on the second, we can use this time to celebrate!"

They had indeed gone on another mission just last week and it was better than last time. Sure it was uneven but they did it.

With the training they learned some new stuff they could do and not just rely on the same moves every time.

"It was just one, no need to celebrate" Dermont responded with a sigh. "But I get what you are saying Kari," It sounded like he smiled which made her smile as well.

"I'm free even though I have to finish making something for Hiroki-kun and set up a temporary leadership to one of our trainees." Hikari said as she wondered who could run the shrine in her absence. "I could call Hortensia-san and ask if she'll do it!"

"Hmm, you do that Hikari. I just wanted an answer." He replied not wanting to know the specifics. "Anyway I have some advice for you, about the trip."

A pause before she responded. "And what would that be?" she whispered.

"Ahem, well…"

"Well?" Hikari's heart beat fast as she gulped a little. What could he be getting at?

"Bring some extra chocolate for you and Rei," A blunt response. "It IS that time of the month for you.

Hikari's face became red like a tomato. She felt the ground collapse beneath her feet before scream. "YOU ARE A LEWD PERVERT!"

Dermont gave a chortle before saying bye and hanging up.

Throwing her cell on her bed Hikari couldn't comprehend why he did stuff like that! She started ranting with fervor about how he's like an immature boy before remembering that he never had friends he could do that stuff to.

"That's right; he's never had a friend before…due to what plagues him?"

During the month of training Rei, who had some knowledge about Dermont, revealed to them about the stigma. Dermont wasn't all that surprised about it but he did ask why it was on him. The tsundere couldn't think of an answer and only had such information since some higher ups in Clock Tower mentioned it.

Rei's job was to watch over him but that's all. The blonde priestess had to wonder who would have that kind of information about Dermont and why?

A stigma that curses women to fall in love with him at first glance if they look at his mark, She pondered the information. I wonder, is my feelings for him genuine or is it his curse?

She surprised herself with what she thought. I don't have any feelings for him! It's nothing more than friendship that's all. Hikari soon thought about the first time she met him and how she looked at his eyes; they were lonely. For an instant he looked relieved before my eyes became clouded.

Hikari placed a hand to her chest. But I think I succumbed to it after that but briefly and it caused him to become sullen and rude. I wonder how his curse is lifted? I've been with him from the beginning and I think it wanes less in time? Or is it my spiritual training keeping it at bay?

It was hard to figure out. Along with the dreams she had of him being Diarmond.

Hikari had looked up information about the Irish hero and to her surprise it matched up to her dream. Some variables were different from the history books but generally the same.

She was going to continue reading about but soon thought about the trip that would happen soon. "It's not like I'll figure everything out in one sitting. I'll go at my pace this,"

Figuring that was enough research she started making dinner. Hikari wondered how the trip would be like…after the dreaded exams.


Lainn Residence

Hanging up his cell the orange-eyed teen looked at down at what he was studying for this weeks exam. It hasn't been easy for Dermont during the past month; from learning basic self-defense, the intricate workings of the history of magic/mage families and his own pact with Hikari, he ended up taking some time off from the Sojutsu club.

I'm glad I have the co-captain to depend on, He thought of his kohai taking over the team. I'm positive they'll win in the next competition. Weren't we going to go up against the team in Misaki town?

Letting that go Dermont figured he would still get his practice in with trying to improve on missions. But now, studying came first. At this his stomach croaked in the silent room. Placing a hand on his flat stomach Dermont figured he couldn't deny his body some good food!

Heading downstairs in his black stay at home clothes; t-shirt with black pants, Dermont saw Seta playing one of his games and watching television with their dad while Shoko read a book about the wonders of being pregnant.

The teen seen that Shoko was happier than she'd ever been once she found out about the news. As he went to the fridge Shoko noticed him and got up; her pregnancy was showing now as her belly was a little bigger.

Smiling at him Shoko asked if she could make him something. His instincts took over as he declined fast. "It's okay mom, I can make something myself; I don't want you straining or hurting yourself."

Hearing her son's concern the Synchronizer rolled her eyes as she sounded exasperated. "Dermy, I'm pregnant not terminal. I won't strain anything. It's good for me to move around now. In the next couple of months I won't be having fuel." She joked going to the stove to make him a light dinner.

Seeing that she meant business he just grabbed a bottle of water and went to the table as random thoughts shot around his head.

"How is everything going lately?" Shoko asked pouring some rice in a pot and putting water in it.

Dermont looked confused by what she meant.

She giggled. "I mean with your school life. You seem livelier then you have been," She explained a smile on her face. "I guess I have those friends of yours to thank?"

Dermont remained quiet for some seconds. He hadn't really thought about how he had changed as of late. His school life was always lonely; sure he had admirers given his "cool" like behavior or how he attracted females (no age limit) but he never had friends. Well the ones on my team at school is more a group activity but it's only formal.

Images of Hikari, Rei and Shirou went through his head before he spoke. "Hmph, I guess they are all right as friends..." He turned his head away.

The long-haired Japanese woman maintained her smile. Oh Dermy, She whimsically thought about when he was a kid and didn't have anyone to talk to. I can tell they mean a lot to you, especially Hikari-chan.

The priestess sometimes called Shoko's cell to complain about how Dermont always picked at her. That poor girl is always at the butt of your jokes. Here I thought you'd only treat Seta-kun like that?

It was true how Dermont liked teasing people (only those closest to him) and she was happy seeing him that. Finishing up the fish, which sizzled on the pan, she started making the main dinner.

"Also I hear you've taking on some training with Tohsaka-san and Archer-san?" Shoko knew about what was going on from her work. At first she grew concerned (and still is) for their safety, with someone using the Grail cards and harming those close to them.

Earlier when the teens started being a part of Clock Tower, Dermont talked to his parents about the goings on with him.

Richard, who got the fundamentals of it, was still opposed to letting his son take on such a task. He asked why they couldn't just leave it to one of the higher ranking ones. Before Dermont could say anything Shoko took her husband's hand to calm him.

The teen looked troubled at his dad's expression.

The middle-aged man didn't want his oldest son getting involved with magic. It brought painful memories on what happened to him when his brother did a stupid stunt which caused Richard to give up on his spear training.

He knew magic was part of his family, even though he didn't have the magical circuits for it, and Stella's side as well, but all he wanted was for Dermont to grow up without the added responsibility of this. He also knew one other thing about Dermont that he only once discussed with Shoko after they got married; about his identity.

He explained to Shoko that when Stella gave birth to Dermont apparently she saw a vison of him and it confused her greatly. She didn't know how to comprehend what she saw until he was almost 2 years old and she had another vision of him as an adult wielding two spears.

In Richards's words, Stella was sad and scared for their son; seeing him die tragically would do that to any mother. Richard didn't know how to comprehend that information before Stella went to Clock Tower and issued help from some clairvoyants and they soon explained about Dermont being the Irish hero from Folklore; Diarmund.

When hearing that Richard didn't believe it; his son being a fabled hero from his home country? But Stella, who had a more of a grasp on this since she could use magic, believed it. The mother saw him die in his original history and later in that 'Grail War'. It put her on edge in seeing all the misery that he went through.

Hearing all these revelations made Richard question if Dermont could really be his son. Even though his family are sub-par of using magic, he couldn't fully grasp the situation his new family was going through.

He never wanted this for any of his children with Stella! The brown-haired man knew he could accept Stella being a healing mage and even the fact that with her powers it shortened her lifespan but nothing of this reincarnation nonsense!

In the back of his mind Richard pulled away from his wife and child which put a strain in his marriage until about some weeks later he heard Dermont crying in his crib.

Stella had been out on assignment and it was just him and the baby. Knowing he had a duty to his son Richard checked his diaper and fed him. That moment was all that he needed.

The emotional link he kept suppressed opened up and he realized how foolish he had been. This was his child. This babe, whom he helped create with his beloved wife, was his son. Holding the infant son in his arms made Richard cry a little. He didn't care if he was a reincarnated guy from the past all that mattered was the present.

After finishing her thought process of what Richard told her, she glanced at her husband, whose expression was that of exhaustion.

Richard deeply loves his children, even though he's rough on them. Is that what it means to act like a parent? She placed a hand on her growing belly and contemplated about it silently.

Grunting out a response Richard gave the okay. "All right Dermont, I'm not going to stop you from doing this," Dermont looked surprised that his dad went with the flow.

For a moment Dermont thought he would have to resort to the 'It's destiny' nonsense. Sure, it was corny but bringing in divinity in a situation always seemed to add the level of importance to any matter. Look what it did for Yugi Muto in Yugioh!

Seeing his expression Richard looked peeved.

"No need for that expression. If you got to do this fine but don't think I won't keep worrying about you." The man's face turned off his gruff exterior and replaced with comfort which made Dermont pause.

"You're my son. A parent forever worries for the safety of their kids; whether by blood relations or not, we always want you to return safely."

The entire room froze as Shoko held a smile on her face; even Seta stopped what he was doing as he also glanced to his dad and brother.

Looking at his dad Dermont forgot that his life wasn't his own; it also belonged to his family. Dad, you're usually dour with what you say but these moments remind me that you do love me. Going to his dad the lanky teen did something he doesn't normally do; he gave his dad a hug. "Dad, I…I…"

Knowing what his son was trying to get at Richard hugged him tightly. "I know son. I love you very much. You and Seta, you both are my children. I don't care if you've inherited these magic circuits or whatever. We are family. That's all that matters to me. And if this is something you need to succeed in I won't stop you. Just know that you don't have to bear such responsibility to keep us safe."

Dermont only nodded. "I'll remember that dad."

Shoko looked on the verge of tears, and it wasn't just because she was pregnant. Finishing up in the kitchen she also joined in the hug, to Dermont's surprise. "Oh Dermy, we are proud of you!"

He nodded again, understanding another person he thought of as a mother.

Seta looked somewhat out-of-place by all the emotional feels going on.

After Shoko and Richard finished hugging Dermont, the pre-teen had a stubborn look on his face. "Don't be expecting hugs from me, jarhead."

A smirk showed on the taller teen's face. "Now why would I be waiting for that, runt? I know you're tough! You'll be taller than me one day!"

The dark-blue haired boy scrunched up his face. That wasn't what he expected. Throwing caution to the wayside he wrapped his arms around Dermont's waist. "Stupid, stupid brother. "

"Now see what happens when you decide to hide you're feelings, Seta?" He placed a hand on Seta's head. I have their support. I won't let nothing happen to them.

After the emotional moment they went to the dinner table where Dermont explained that he would be taking a trip with his friends. Richard and Shoko were cool with it and decided for Dermont to take Seta.

The frantic cries of the older brother fell on deaf ears as they explained that since it was summer, he needed something to do. Shoko also added that this would be a good time for them to bond and stuff!

Even though they had the feels some moments ago the brothers looked ready to pounce at one another.

I don't need this; this is a trip of relaxation and now I'm stuck babysitting! Dermont tried keeping aggravation off his face.

Seta's grievances were the same. Crap, I wanted to catch up on some gaming and trolling on the net! What the heck am I going to do at a hot spring for old fogey's to scratch themselves in weird places?

Only the smiling face of Shoko didn't make them object to this sudden plan outright.

So Seta would go with Dermont and his friends trip to the springs located outside the city. After enjoying some dinner to fill his stomach Dermont went upstairs to continue studying before going to sleep.


Tachibana residence

The heiress to the Tachibana family had just finished her studies as well and took the time to get some reading done. Her mind was completely absorbed in the book she was reading. The long-haired teen never thought she'd y be reading this infamous book. Her eyes widening at what was going down and a look of perversity appeared as well.

What she was reading detailed about a meek woman who never experienced life until she happens across a handsome rich guy with a self-important attitude but held a darker side that enriched the woman's quiet expectations.

Reading the scene that had talked about chains, sweat and a single bottle of water, it would make even the most repressed woman moan in pleasure. And start exploring...areas.

He's certainly giving the screws to Maya-chan, isn't he? Rei lucidly thought as she turned another page. Oh my, he's placing the rod in her-! Could she go on reading?

Yes she could! As Rei was about to read the one part that would set the tone for the night her cell phone went off!

Dropping her head to a pillow Rei cursed the epic timing!

The phone kept ringing as she tried willing her glare to silence the piece of technology!

Muttering under her breath Rei picked it up and sniped out the first words at the top of her head. "What the hell do you want?!" Rei tapped her foot relentlessly. Whoever this Swedish meatball is better have a good response or I'll-

She stopped her line of thinking as she heard the voice. "Oh, father?"

Shogou Tachibana, current of the family called her. This greatly surprised Rei given her parent's normally don't call her on a whim.

"Yes, I'm fine, father. How are you and mother doing?" She asked. Hearing the response she briefly smiled. "That's good, have you given thought to my...?" A look of disappointment etched her features. "Oh, I see. Huh? Why? Oh, nothing father. It's not important…." I just wanted to talk to you about it.

The man spoke in a haughty mnnerism as he brought up a matter of importance. "Yes, I remember you sent me the text about that. It's about my betrothal, correct?"

During her last visit with Hikari the rich girl got a text from her parents wanting to talk with her and that was the reason she left in a hurry. She hadn't thought what they wanted to talk about her future and insuring the future of their family. Rei was understandably upset internally what her parents told her. They didn't even ask her consent about finding a suitor or even if she wanted to get married.

It's not like I don't believe in marriage, I just don't…. the crystal blue-eyed teen thought as her father finished talking. "I see father, so you and mother will be here in three weeks? I'll be ready for when you arrive." She gave a polite response even though she felt conflicted.

"What's that father? How am I doing in school?" She gave a toss of her hair. "You have nothing to worry about father; I'm keeping up with my studies and my mage craft is improving."

She waited once again until he stopped talking. "Yes father, my job is still going on in watching Dermont Lainn. It seems everyone's assumption about him is on point. Am I keeping my distance from him?" Rei froze not wanting to tell Shogou the truth. "I keep my distance from him, I know I'm not supposed to get close to someone I'm watching over, father."

He talked some more about reminding her that all she has to be concerned about was keeping up her training as the next heir to the family name. Shogou gave a curt goodbye and hung up.

Placing the cell down Rei didn't feel like returning to her trashy book and went to the kitchen.

Her father would go on a roll if he discovered she befriended Dermont, along with a priestess and a half-demon. She wondered how all this happened. What began as a job became something more as she was discovering the value of having people in her life.

This never happened to Rei before. She's always been alone with people admiring her skills in school and her actions as a mage and executor but she never had a close friend. Not until Dermont, Hikari and wolf-boy came to the picture.

Stopping her thought process Rei had a bitter smile on her face. When did I start thinking they were my friends?

She already had some stuff on the stove and she wasn't making dinner. On the contrary it was a potion she decided to make for Dermont. What she tried making was a suppressant for the geass placed on him. Seeing how it's been affecting women more strongly than before due to his abilities growing, Rei took point to make a cure.

Adding some ingredients to the pot, she studied up on curses and the like to see what would be effective.

With this trip they'd go on she could give him this drink and maybe win a favor for him. It was rather strange for her that she was doing this for his sake. Her heart beat a little faster as she pulled out a turkey baster to suck up the concoction and placed in a small bottle.

Putting the dishes in the dish washer Rei went to her room to pack up. They would be heading to the hot spring the day after school let out. Turning to a pamphlet on her desk the teenager looked amazed that she wanted to have some fun.

It was the perfect chance to relax and even replenish some prana circuits given the spring was under a powerful ley line.

Her thoughts kept going to Dermont and how he'd look in a robe and all relaxed. A lewd expression appeared over her face, it would be wonderful if it could be just her and him together before she snapped. What was that emotion about? She didn't love Dermont did she?

She soon thought of how Dermont and Hikari had gotten close in the pass months and she felt a twinge of jealousy for the meek priestess! Not only did Hikari's prowess improve faster but her confidence level has increased as well.

I sometimes wish she stayed in that shell of hers… Rei bitterly thought before packing up her clothes.


Ogami household

Shirou Ogami finished his lesson as he practiced on a mannequin dummy his dad brought him some time ago. He wore a white karate Gi and a red-head band on his forehead. His arms bulked up and he had a six-pack going on. Going for a couple of hand palm strikes he aimed a high kick to the dummy's left cheek and lightly tapped with his foot.

You'd think the black-haired, blue-eyed teen would be studying but fighting was better suited for him to think. He also got the invite and was exciting in having some fun with Hikari and the others. Even though his feelings for Hikari haven't settled he could still move on with optimism.

With his secret out of being wolf Shirou didn't feel he had to hide his personality. Being that he was outgoing unlike Dermont, he always felt that being calm like the Irish teen but upon them being friends he decided he shouldn't deny what he was like.

Finishing up a kata he noted that the moon hasn't shown in all its brilliance for two months. Growling he noted that he'd be making the change this month.

I could use Hikari's ground when I change; she has a lot of space behind the temple that connects to the forest going up to the old Einzbern castle. Upon that thought Shirou wondered about the old castle and what Dermont suspected where there enemy was.

As long as he lived here everyone thought the place deserted. Irish was pretty adamant about the place but Emiya-san and Archer-san are hesitant with it. Whatever the issue I hope we can find some answers.

With that finished thought he got on the ground to do some push ups. He wouldn't be getting any studies done.

Oh Shirou, we still love you no matter what happens.


Himemiya shrine (2 days later)

The group decided to meet on Hikari's property for them to go to the hot spring. It was the day after exams and school let out. While Rei and Dermont looked calm about the exams they took, Hikari and Shirou had the look of despair on their faces. Seta jammed to some J-Rap on his IPOD.

"Do you think we passed?" Hikari spoke in a tiny voice. "I know this is mid-exams and that we will be getting our reports in two weeks but I don't think I can wait that long!"

Shirou agreed looking dejected. "I should have studied harder instead of goofing off! If I fail I don't even want to know what my mom will do!"

Turning her red-violet eyes to her friend the two wept a puddle of tears. "Hikari/Shirou!"

Seta looked perplexed on how they were reacting. Geez, Jarhead has some interesting friends. At least Rei-neechan acts cool. With that he went to bobbing his head to the funky beat Aww Sookie, sookie, now! This is my jam.

Not looking concerned Dermont rolled his eyes. "The world's not ending yet. This is just to see what you learned in the past 2 months so it's not like it will affect you from going to the next grade yet." He explained logically.

Tossing her hair back (because she's good doing it) Tsundere 2.0 took point. "Here, here, you two are just being dramatic," Snarked Rei not even paying them attention.

Shirou turned to the ice-cold tsundere and kuudere. "I wouldn't expect you two to understand, big money!"

"Of course not, cause we actually studied!" Rei answered not glancing in his direction as she filed her nails. "Honestly, getting a workout before an exam? How'd you get in this high school again?"

This resulted in the tsundere/yandere war. Both traded insults in the background causing Hikari to wonder how they would survive this break.

Hikari turned to Dermont. "I keep forgetting that this is your last year with us," She brought up which Dermont turned to her. "You'd have to pass if you want to go to college."

The orange eyed teen nodded. "Yeah that's true. I don't have time to goof off like someone," he gave that comment to Shirou, who continued glaring and arguing at Rei. "Even though with these Grail cards, I'm not sure what I want to do with my future."

"What do you mean Lucky charms?" Shirou had grown accustomed to calling Dermont that nickname. "You're going to college and have fun!"

Rei also turned to Dermont. "Doubting your progress, Dermont?"

All the attention on him Dermont just answered. "No it's just with these abilities it's making me question what I want with my life. I haven't given it much thought." Another thing that's about me is I feel like I'm remembering something or someone important.

They all thought on the matter.

"Well, you don't have to decide yet," Hikari the optimistic answered. "I'm positive you'll find a way!" She gave him a smile which he returned.

Rei looked somewhat mad at Hikari, she was going to comfort him not some whiny little girl. What is wrong with me? Rei wondered before she coughed. "I wonder where Emiya and Sakura are; they'd say they'd be here soon."

With that said they looked at the bottom of the stairs to see two cars pull up. The first car was Shirou (E) with Sakura in front and Hiroki sitting in a car seat in the middle.

The second car held Archer and Rin, the duo exited their car and went up the stairs. Seeing the adults Dermont, Hikari and the others looked surprised in seeing the white-haired man and his long-haired wife.

Archer's clothes looked regular; He wore a sleeveless black muscle shirt that showed his toned arms, a silver choker around his neck, tight-fitting blue jeans and boots. Like always, his patented frown etched on his face.

Rin wore a pretty pink blouse and black skirt. She accessorized with a shelled necklace and pretty sandal heels with two rubies embedded in the middle of the shoe.

Shirou (E) wore a short-sleeved tan shirt with cargo shorts and sneakers.

"So you guys ready to enjoy some good R&R?" The auburn haired man asked them. Hikari, Seta and Shirou nodded enthused but Rei and Dermont were another matter. They glared at their "rivals" heatedly.

I didn't know gramps was coming along? Was Dermont's thought.

Rei thought the same way of thinking. Oh hell no; I so don't need this stress!

Rin was pretty cool with the glare as she helped gathered Seta's things with Shirou helping.

"Why are you coming to this hot spring? You don't get enough water at that mansion of yours gramps?" Dermont asked insincere.

The white-haired man kept his neutral smile on as he answered. "What's it to you; I'm just going since I have to deal with a crude student who can't pay attention to what he has to do!"

Combed-back black-haired teen narrowed his eyes but kept his smile. A rather forceful smile to those who saw what was happening.

"Stress is a bitch to those who are old. I hear you can get all sorts of crap in areas that'd make your hair turn white." He snorted to Archer's displeasure. "Oh wait, it's already happened! Sorry, sorry that's my fault, completely unconscious on my part."

A vein popped on Archer's head. "Do you want to settle this now, Casanova?"

A vein popped on Dermont's head. "You won't like what I can offer, gramps!"

Hikari quivered in fear at what she saw. "Please don't fight Archer-san, Dermont!"

Rin also had to get on her husband's case. "Archer, stop teasing Lainn-san!"

The two turned away from each other as they got some bags and headed downstairs to the cars. Seta, Rei and Shirou were already there and talking with Sakura. Hiroki was taking a nap.

"So have we decided what cars we are going to take?" Dermont asked them after he greeted Sakura.

"I won't be driving with him!" Archer immediately stated which the one called glared at him.

Rin rubbed her temples. "Yes, we have to find some unity in this or I don't think we'll get much out of this break."

Rei turned to her cousin. "How on earth are you coming with us?"

"I pulled some strings to cancel my conference." She answered with a placid smile.

Crossing her arms at the answer and Rei let it go.

It took some minutes before decided who was driving with who. In Shirou (E)'s car, were Sakura, Hiroki Dermont and Rei. In Archer Emiya's car was Rin, Shirou (O) and Seta. Shirou would have gone with Hikari but due to Hiroki waking up and crying (as soon as Shirou mentioned it) the group thought it would be best to separate.

The group headed to Neremia hot springs in the outskirts of the city.


Nerima hot springs (entrance)

After driving an hour and forty-five minutes the entourage arrived at their destination. Nothing eventful happened given the ones who had issues with each other were in separate cars.

As they got out a humble woman in her mid-forties appeared with some servants and greeted the party.

"Are you the Tachibana party that won the contest?" She asked.

Stepping out the teen handed her the ticket to which the patrons clapped. The den mother soon led the group to two separate rooms; one for guys and one for the ladies.

The Nerima hot springs was a resort of places. While you can bathe in the springs, which was in the building next to the lobby, the housing arrangements was different.

There were a total of 10 condos that could fit a total of 30 people. The housing had its own electricity, kitchen, wreck room, etc. The guests had to make their own food but could enjoy the springs.

Tachibana's ticket offered them a free housing area. As that party went to the house to get settled a limousine approached the rustic inn.

Getting out of the car a chauffeur got out and opened the back door. Stepping out was a foreign woman with medium length blond hair styled in coils, brownish/orange eyes and she gave off an air of sophistication.

She wore a short-sleeved blue dress with white gloves that looked out-of-place in this area of Japan but apparently she didn't mind. Her name was Luviagelita Edelfet; head of the Edelfet family that is a clan of magi as well. The family studied the Lancashire-style of martial combat; aka wrestling.

The family is famous (infamous) for their love of battle and the pleasure they have once they win (a trait that Luvia has never once denied). Luvia was well-known for her prowess in physical combat and went by her other monocle "Forklift-sama", by her opponents.

Her family also knew how to handle the [Gandr] curse that came from the Tohsaka's due to the latter's half of incorporating the Edelfet's knowledge of magecraft.

This caused a rift between the two families since the 3rd grail war given one of Luviageltia ancestors (one of twin girls) lost to a Tohsaka. With that the Edelfet's have or had, a strong hate for the Japanese but since the ojou became the new head, such prejudices stopped, except for her own vendetta against Rin Tohsaka.

It was surprising seeing another foreign native here in Japan but Luviagelita or Luvia for short, had her reasons being in Japan. She was head of the artifacts department and as of recent events of the Grail cards being stolen Luvia was on the prowl for the perpetrator.

All her sources led her back to Fuyuki city, where her hated rival going on a decade; Rin Tohsaka-Emiya, lived. But since all activity of what was going on subsided Luvia decided to have a nice break and decided to come back to Nerimia hot spring.

The den mother with some more helpers went back to the entrance to greet the new comer.

"Why if it isn't Luvigeltia-san?" the hostess approached her like an old friend and grasped her hands with tender loving care. "I'm surprised you arrived here today. We already have guests today!"

The Ojou laughed politely. "This place is well-known to the public for relaxing and renowned by us magi for the healing properties! So I'm not surprised you are busy today, Naru-san," She replied easily.

Sometime ago Luvia helped the head of the Inn deal with [Spell Wave Contamination] due to the lay line being corrupted thanks to stray magic polluting the air.

Luvia didn't think much of the place when she first arrived, given her own upbringing but that changed when she struck gold by finding the source of the contamination and releasing the water's innate trait.

Naru turned to see another figure behind Luvia to which she smiled. "Forgive my rudeness, Naru-san," She apologized as she introduced a female teenager that looked around 16 years old. "This is my prodigy, Ailene Moore."

Ailene gave a polite bow. She had medium-length lightly colored brown hair and eyes. She had fair peach-colored skin and a demure smile plastered on her face. Her attire was a short-sleeved blue blouse and brown pleated skirt with regular shoes.

"It's nice meeting someone Luvia-san knows!" She greeted politely which Naru liked.

She nodded in approval. "I like how resereved she is, Luvia-san, I don't think I'll have to worry about you two. That big party that came here however looks very rowdy."

The two looked at her with sympathy. "My, did they seem like delinquents?" Ailene asked.

"Hmmm, not all of them but it will be something to see!" Naru gave a laugh which Luvia did too, confusing poor Ailene.

The coiled blonde asked the next question. "Do you know the name of the party?"

"Now, now Luvia-san, I can't do that," Naru stated before looking around. She got on her tiptoes to whisper. "But I owe you a huge debt so this old girl can sing like a canary."

Upon hearing that Ailene dropped her head. I have to wonder are all people in Japan are loose with their ethics?

When the name got said, a scream would reverberate all for the inn to hear.


Men's area

The group went to their condo where immediately Rin took charge; the men would have the downstairs rooms while the women took upstairs. Shirou (O) asked why they get upstairs before all the women (except Hikari) glared at him with scary eyes. He didn't need much convincing after that.

With all the bottom half of the rooms theirs they each could have their own rooms, except for Hiroki, who bunked with his dad.

Dermont had just finished his unpacking and surprisingly was hanging with Shirou in the living room with Seta, the two who just through their clothes in their room and got what they needed to hang out.

The lanky teen was reading while Seta did some exercises and Seta played with his PS Vita.

"Come on Seta, don't just play with your video games!" Dermont complained about Seta's habits. "Interact or something!"

The red-eyed blue haired boy glared. "Shut up, I got no one my age to play with!" He got obnoxious. "Why don't you go check out Hikari-chan and Rei-neechan?

The teen paused for a moment before he glared. Honestly, I'm stuck with a gamer and a macho-man. What's next? Dermont thought before turning his attention to Seta. "Look just don't leave all your stuff here, we are going to use this area!"

The 12-year-old stuck out his tongue. "Shut your gob, jarhead! You're not mom and dad so I can do whatever I want!" he obnoxiously stated!

"Don't pull that shit with me! This relaxing time not me chasing you!" Dermont sniped.

"Ahh, come on Lucky charms, relax will ya?" Shirou said. "If he wants to have fun let him; don't be a downer!"

Seta agreed with Shirou. "See, Shirou is hip! Man, I can't believe we're related! You're such a-!"

He didn't get to finish his sentence due to a high-pitched scream that could wake vampires from their slumber pierced their eardrums! They covered their ears.

"What the bloody earth is that?" Dermont exclaimed.

Shirou had to cover his sensitive ears due to the cry. "Damn, did someone peak on the girl's side of the bathroom?


In Shirou (E)'s room, he had gotten Hiroki settled as the boy played with his toys with excitement. Being cooped up in a car is always bad for toddlers since they always want to move around.

Archer was in the bathroom making sure if he had to shave before they heard the scream. He cut the side of his cheek to his frustration.

"Daddy, noise loud!" Hiroki covered his ears.

Shirou nodded covering his own ears. That scream sounds oddly familiar?

Archer looked annoyed.


Girl's area.

The style of the room was just the same as the guys and they had space to spare with all their female products they brought. Rei, Rin, Hikari and Sakura had their own rooms and was making it work somehow!

They had just settled in their rooms before they heard the scream.

"Oh my," Sakura only replied as she finished her unpacking and was helping her sister.

Rin on the other hand couldn't help but get the feeling of someone stepping on her grave. "That was odd?"

A star-shaped pendant floated from Rin's bags and looked excitedly around! "AHHHHHH, I have returned to the story!" Ruby stretched her wings as she floated around the place.

"What is that silly author thinking putting me behind the scenes like that? I have the right to slam my pole up his-GHAHHHHH?!"

Rin stopped the wand from breaking down the 4th wall and strangled Ruby (to the author's relief, he didn't want nothing shoved anywhere!)

"You just had to pop up like a disease didn't you?" Rin vented before throwing her against a wall and making an impact!

Ruby groaned. "Oiiiiii."

Sakura lightly sighed. "I didn't think Ruby-san would be here?"

Rin was quick to rebuke. "I wasn't planning on it, she just snuck in my luggage!" She sighed. "I'll have to make sure she doesn't go around making any contracts with the girls here!"

The pony-tailed woman could only agree. There was a point that Ruby approached to be a magical girl. She got embarrassed just thinking about it.


Hikari, who also finished unpacking and decided to help Rei, who didn't have to the heart to say no, looked confused at the wail. "Do you think it's an enemy?"

Rei, who had all her stuff on the dresser didn't put much thought into it. "I doubt it. If it was the enemy then explosions and people crying death like cries would be evident.

The blond looked spooked by how explained such a gruesome scenario. "Rei-san, must you sound morbid?"

"It's what I do, Hikari-san." Was her only response as she looked over the potion that she would give to Dermont.


Nerima entrance

Luvia looked on the verge of screaming again until Ailene covered her mouth. "Please calm yourself Luvia-san!"

Taking sometime Luvia calmed down and apologized for her actions. "Forgive me, Naru-san, it's just I wasn't expecting to hear that Tohsaka-san was here and with a huge party?"

Naru forgave her. "Quite right dear, they looked pretty lively. Do you want to see them?"

A shiver went up Luvia's spine as she declined. "No thank you, I'd rather deal with perverted otaku's then have Tohsaka ruin my break." She turned to Ailene. "Come Ailene-san, we will go to our room and have dinner there tonight."

Luvia called her servant (chauffeur, not some spiritual entity). "Lei, please grab my bags!"

The man called Lei, who looked around his late 30's and of Chinese descent hopped to. The humble chauffeur bowed and grabbed her two suitcases. He offered to carry Ailene's bag but she shook her head. "No thank you, Lei-san, I'll be fine!"

He gave her a nod and followed the ojou.

Ailene took notice of the scenery and liked how it looked. You'd never expect it to look like autumn instead of summer as the trees had orange/brownish leaves falling in a koi pond.

I wonder why I've always liked this melancholy atmosphere. She wondered as Ailene had always been called an "Old soul" by her grandma once.

Wanting to take a notice she went through the entrance that led to the lobby. Stepping out the screen door window to see more of the value she didn't notice two men with their wives discussing about picking up dinner.

While the lodging had people making food for the guests there was the added option of making dinner.

"Do you think Hiroki-kun will be all right?" Sakura asked as they passed by the receptionist who gave them a smile. "You know how he acts with Ogami-kun?"

Shirou nodded in understanding. "With Dermont-san and Ogami-san there and with the girls in the rooms upstairs, he'll have a ball with them!"

"Always so optimistic aren't you, Shirou?" Rin responded in her sarcastic way.

Archer remained quiet as they headed to the store.

Ailene pulled out her cell to take a picture; she would put it as a wallpaper for it.

Taking notice she spaced out she asked Naru where the room was which the older-woman gladly told her the directions. She thanked her and went to her room. Thankfully she got a spare key so she could also see what the number was on the door.

As she walked down the narrow hall way she was surprised seeing a toddler running buck naked down the hall and what looked like a pre-teen boy as well!

Ailene looked mortified at what she was seeing! Blushing she covered her eyes at the display of naked boys.

"Hahahaha, can't get us jarhead!" Seta yelled down the hall!

"SETA, HIROKI-KUN!" A male voice yelled out as Ailene peaked and saw Dermont coming down the hall. "Come back inside and put some clothes on! WE AREN'T EVEN IN THE SPRINGS YET!"

Both boys looked at each other and had the same thought; they bent down and gave him the 'Full-moon'.

"Who cares, this is the only time I can do something like this!" Seta replied back shaking his butt for all to see! "Besides you wanted me to interact dude and I'm interacting with my nakedness!"

Hiroki mimicked his 'Oniichan'. "Ineract Derm!" he cried happily!

Dermont actually looked flustered by their spectacle! The only reason he was doing this was because Archer and Shirou (E) went to go pick up some stuff leaving Shirou and Dermont to look after the kids. Hikari and Rei were still in their rooms but called saying they would hit the springs soon.

When the boys heard that their afterburners kicked in and they immediately stripped and started running outside to the main house trying to find the spring! Shirou, being the more athletic would have caught them easy but Hiroki screamed bloody murder, forcing him to stay behind for a minute.

Which left me to get them! He growled in his head.

Growling at their juvenile escapades Dermont noted the girl who was petrified at what she saw!

Oh great, we've been seen! She'll think I'm partied to streaking! Dermont thought as he walked up to the girl. "Uh, sorry about this, are you okay miss?"

"Huh, oh I'm fine! Don't worry about me," She answered uneasily. "I just didn't expect streakers running loose."

Dermont put a hand through his hair in frustration. "Yeah, I'm not sure what got into them!" The Irish native stated before he realized that the girl he was talking to speak English.

As he got a good look at her features a sudden jolt went through his body. He wasn't sure what came over him but seeing her face, she looked radiant to Dermont.

Ailene got a good view of his face and she too felt the same jolt. Her eyes became wistful with just seeing him and her heart rate sped up a little. They continued looking as the strange magnetic force that pushed them together before Dermont was the first to break out of it.

"Oh, sorry, I don't know what came over me," He apologized which made her blush as well. "I shouldn't just stare…"

The light-brown haired teen also got out an apology. "No, I'm just as guilty!" Why did she feel flustered; she just met him?

Dermont had the same thought before he realized Seta and Hiroki looked at them. "I'm telling Hikari-chan you spamming on another girl!" Seta yelled down the hall.

"Tell Hika-chan!" Hiroki mimicked!

"Shut up you monkey's!" he said as he rushed passed her to get to the troublesome duo! It took a three moments before he grabbed Hiroki by the waist and hurled him over his shoulder.

"Awwwww, Derm got me!" he giggled!

Dermont being a big softy rolled his eyes. "Yes, I did."

He then had to get Seta!

"You aren't getting me Casanova!" Seta called as he started doing the infamous 'Naked butt dance'.

A blush radiated from Ailene at what she was seeing which Dermont saw. "Hey, stop doing that with a lady present!"

This stopped the boy, which was all that was needed when Shirou (O) appeared behind him and got him in a choke hold (which he didn't add that much pressure).

"Got you!" Shirou cried out. "You're reign of terror is over!"

Dermont walked to Seta and gave him a good beat on the head. Moments later Seta had knots in his head.

"Sorry for causing you guys trouble…" He mumbled out.

Hiroki, who was put down mimicked him as well. "Sorry Derm-niichan!"

Shirou decided to cash this in. "Hey, what about me Hiroki-kun?"

"Not to you butt-face!" he cried out and stuck his butt at him!

The black-haired teen growled in frustration.

Ailene had stayed to see all that before Dermont went to her. "I'm sorry for my brother's teasing. He knows better than to act like that!"

She giggled at him. "Not to worry, I might have been shocked but it's like that saying boys being boys!"

"Yeah right, not all boys act like him" He gave a chuckle which she returned.

"Oh, I have to get to the house my friend is staying in," She said. "I'm sorry but I have to go,"

Dermont nodded. "That's cool. Sorry if these two monkey's held you up!" He pointed to the two in question.

The pretty girl shook her head. "That's fine. I hope I get to see you again. I don't have you're name."

"My name is Dermont Lainn," The orange eyed teen stated.

She held out a hand. "My name is Ailene Moore!"

He took the hand and when they shook they once again felt that jolt. Letting go Ailene bowed and went to the house that Luvia was using.

Shirou saw this and whistled. "She was the looker; you putting her on your list of conquest?"

Giving him a glare to silence the wolf, Dermont couldn't help but feel some kinship with the girl. Ailene…

"Come on, let's get to the springs!" Dermont said as the marched to said place.


After that little mishap the guys went to the spring to wash of Hiroki and relax. The girls soon entered on their side and enjoyed it as well for some minutes. Soon they would head back to their rooms to get ready for Sakura's dinner but no one suspected what would happen before the dinner.

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