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Hi, you ready for this chapter? Good, cause it's about to turn tough for our heroes!

They have to battle Shirou, who has acquired the Berserker card, goes on a rampage, due to his feelings for Hikari that go unrequited.

Can the spear, priestess and jewel/executor deal with a powerhouse with the strength of a demigod?

Find out now!

Time for a brief history lesson; today we talk about the Himemiya Bloodline. Courtesy of Starlight AT!

The Himemiya family is a long line of priest/priestess who focus on the purification/exorcism of spirits, demons and other supernatural enemies, tracing back to the time of the Sengoku Era. They ally the Church, but dabble in magecraft to further their own skills, not to conduct research like other magi families.

Out of all the families in the world, the Himemiya's excel in breaking curses. The length of time to break one depends on how long the curse has been active and what caused it.

If it is a curse that prevents the healing of a wound, such as Saber's wound from the 4th Heaven's Feel delivered to her from Lancer's Noble Phantasm, it would take less than a day. But for something tethered to the soul, such as Lancer's love spot, it would take up to a week, maybe even months depending on the Himemiya's prana, skill and knowledge.

What makes them unique compared to other demon slaying families is that they have two genetic conditions. The first is the recovery of the body. While not being able to recover lost limbs, they are able to regenerate internal organs due to their own magecraft, even survive fatal blows that would normally kill them.

In a sense there regeneration is on par with the Noble Phantasm, Avalon, yet it is still inferior. Avalon provides a pure defense against an attack and the ability to heal no matter the damage. If you would Avalon and shot in the head, you would instantly survive.

For the Himemiya's, the chances of survival are 50/50 as for any ordinary human. Even so if they do survive, the brain damage is still significant enough that it can alter the regeneration process and cause even more damage to the body.

As such while they can regenerate the internal organs, if important ones like the Heart or Brain get destroyed, they will die, but it becomes impossible for them to die through other means.

In the end it is not a blessing, but a curse. The family was given this trait as thanks for their long services to the deities of Japan, and it is even rumored they have one of the three treasures.

The recent head of the family condoned this rumor, saying what they have is a replica made for rituals of binding and severing.

The second genetic condition is in the form of using a blade. By birth they have great skills with a katana and can wield it to its full potential. Sadly, they can only wield a katana, and any other blade they use wielded as such, because it's all their body knows how to use.

If anything this is a family of healers and fighters, those suited for combat and wars, but also of purification and exorcism, similar to the Shinto priests of old.

It's stated that they mingled with another Japanese family (rumored the fabled Shishengumi's Okita Soji) during a past crisis and that might be the cause of the family's lighter hair color compared to most Japanese citizens.

The head of the family officially is Blake Himemiya, though after him is Hikari Himemiya. Normally the head would be the oldest, but the first child, Akiza, turned down the position and handed it to her younger, more potential, sibling.

•Known Members:

oBlake Himemiya

oMana Himemiya

oAkiza Himemiya

oHikari Himemiya

Hikari abilities: As the future head of the family, Hikari excels at healing magic and her genetic condition of mastering a blade. Hikari didn't feel very accomplished with this and began dabbling in other forms of magic, much to her parents shock.

She began researching the conditions necessary to activate magic, and how to possibly reverse the process. By utilizing the rules of Alchemy, reverse engineering them, along with analyzing a person's magic circuits she can effortlessly deconstruct a spell and neutralize or reverse it back to the original caster. To do so she uses her skills in Arithmetic and Numerology, combined with Germatria.

This skill, if used to its full form, could neutralize a Reality Marble and Marble Phantasm in less than an hour. Sadly Hikari doesn't have the skills quite yet to do so, but if she continued practicing she could.

Proficient in Wind and Reinforcement Sorcery, she possesses knowledge in Archery, Kenjutsu and Ba Gua Zhang, something her sister taught her form one of her world travels as a Freelancer.

Despite her weak upper body strength, Hikari uses the Ba Gua Zhang principles to land gentle, but fierce blows, and even combines her magecraft to deal more damage. As a Priestess-in-Training, Hikari can also summon the spirits of the elements to aid her or another in combat. This makes her wildly effective in many areas, but because she doesn't prefer to explore the other areas and not having the time to do so, this ultimately makes her a 'jack-of-all-trades-and-master-of-none.'

Even with the backup of her magic circuits, which is many and easy to pour prana out, she loses in an area of expertise. So while she can match those like Ciel and Lancer in a fight, she wouldn't last long and be defeated unless she proceeds to plan several steps ahead, but in the end all she can go is provide a good fight, and ultimately fail as she is now.

Her skill in quick arias comes from her fashioned Mystic Code: The Arbatel of Magic, a grimoire with several functions, ranging from analysis to instant casting a spell.

The book holds all her magic knowledge and imprints anything she learns into itself. When in need the book can become ether a bow, a long bow, or a katana blade for her to use with bookmarks (which are the weapons compressed into an item deemed proper to carry in society) inserted into the book.

While she can call the items form the bookmark itself, it is highly suggested not to as she doesn't have control of her mana, and if she were to try, the item would only stay for a minute or so, then explode, returning to the area it called from.

It's a form of teleportation, summoning and recreation all in one, a spell only Hikari can do as she had poured all her research into it.

If Hikari wasn't born a priestess, she could have become the greatest researcher known to man, being able to find cures to many diseases and maybe even winning Nobel prizes, or an ambassador that could untie nations due to her strong ability to compromise, but alas, fate would not allow that.

Brief personal bio's by me!

Hikari Himemiya

Age: 16

Eye color: violet mixed with red.

Hair color: Blonde.

Elemental affinity: Wind.

Weapon of choice: Grimoire, Adapt with swords, bow.

Favorite past time: herbal medicine making, playing the piano, collecting plushie toys.

Brief bio: Hikari is the next (but reluctant) heir to the Himemiya shrine. She is sweet to a fault but sometimes that drives her to being stubborn in those beliefs she holds. As a priestess she strives to help out anyone looking for the right path.

Strangely enough certain terms don't seem to faze her and is actually insightful on certain matters which deal with sex or other ethical conundrums.

She has always been a fan of Magical Girl anime; she treats Card Captor Sakura with affection and Sailor Moon as the divine requiem of all things good. The blonde's real passion deals with being a pianist and did that when she was younger instead of being a priestess and has practiced some classical music from Frederic Chopin to Beethoven.

But hasn't practiced in a while with trying to learn much in the way of the family magecraft (to her annoyance) however since her recent partnership, she has been able to do such things when nothing is going on.

Her family life has complications due to past arguments and is on rocky terms with her parents and sister. She desperately wants to have that family dynamic from one of those old television shows she likes watching but knows that it will take something else for the family to once again come together.

Even if Hikari is a teenager, she still has her child-like innocence that rattles those around her but can't choose being cruel to her since they are afraid she would bust in a puddle of tears.

Akiza is of the impression that the girly anime she watches is to blame for her current mindset.

Hikari's terrifed of her sister due to the training she had to endure even before she became a priestess. Her childhood is mostly unscathed but due to her powers she is somewhat ostracized and her only friend, Shirou Ogami, supported her through those days.

She treats him like a brother and is rather open with him, she doesn't even mind if he walked around buck naked.

In her own words they are like siblings than friends, and doesn't see the problem if Shirou wants to strip or walk around in his boxers. Shirou is now hesitant with his actions while in Hikari's company (being attracted to her).

Currently Hikari has become friendly with Dermont Lainn, someone she always thought was like a wolf pup in the snow and is happy they are starting off a friendship/partnership but inside she can't help but start feeling something other than friendship for the Irish native?

She loves Shoko like a mother and adores Seta (to the boy's aggravation given he just can't be mean to her based on her personality). She's impressed with Richard with the way he deals with his sons and actually thinks her dad and he would get along fancy free.

Due to her different studies of the Shinto style and magic, Hikari has developed a "secondary" personality based on logic when her mental strength is beyond her comprehension; it is a defensive mechanism that protects all the knowledge she has obtained thanks to her observant personality and speaks like a computer.

It's deactivated if knocked out or someone she trusts (Shirou for example) can snap her out of it. On one occasion her family had to fight her just to calm her down.

All she wants is a life free of all this responsibility and find something that makes her ultimately happy, which could happen with Dermont if nothing gets in the way of that…but that's something for another time.

Time for the boom!

Chapter 9

Maelstrom of a broken heart (part 2)

Emiya residence

"I think Hikari is in danger!" Dermont yelled as he made his way to the front door. Once getting outside he continued feeling the priestess distress through the crest and looked to the sky. "I should have gone with her!" He lamented.

Rei soon came out with a crossed look. "No use being a bitch, Dermont. Are you going to continue crying or do something?"

Dermont tried holding back a roll of his eyes at her snappy attitude. "What do you think?" He retorted angrily.

Scoffing the raven-haired teen walked past him. "Then let's go, she is at her house, right?"

Nodding he clenched his fist. "Yeah, you are going to send for those animals again?"

"They aren't animals, they are my familiars," She explained with a clip in her tone. "And I can't, I only have 3 and used my transportation one for today. We'll have to find another way to get back." The magus gave him a questionable stare. "Can't you transform and take us there?"

Orange eyes stared back at ocean-colored eyes. "I've wasted enough of my mana tonight and don't have much left. I'd rather save the rest for when we get there!"

The teenagers were going to continue the pointless conversation before they heard a sharp whistle. Turning around Shirou, Sakura, Rin, Archer and his family were standing there. The one who made the noise was Rin. "Hope you two done talking, Shirou!"

Upon hearing his name, Shirou tossed something in the air. Dermont caught it with one hand and noted they were keys.

"There for my Yamaha V-Max, take it and save Hikari!" He told them.

Giving a nod Dermont and Rei went to the contraption.

Shoko looked worried for Dermont. "Are you sure he should ride that? He doesn't even have a license for it!"

"Now, now, Shoko, I think the fate of my future daughter in law far exceeds the law, don't you think?" Richard rumbled.

Seta looked at his dad. "Wait, does that mean Hikari-chan is gonna be my sister? I was hoping for Rei-oneechan, she's got the attitude down!"

Tsundere version 2.0 heard that and tried hiding a blush. "Don't add me to this conversation; I wouldn't fall for him!" Even if he does know how to work them jeans.

Her eyes somewhat glazed over as she got a good view on his rump.

By Gods, it's perfect. In her mind, he might have the moves, the touch and she thinks he's all right, and yes, even keeps her warm in the middle of the night, she didn't want to admit that could impress her much.

"Dermont-kun could just start a harem and satisfy both parties; Shirou can give him some pointers?" Rin joked as she glanced at her sister. "I remember that being the same way with us and Saber."

Sakura tried holding back a sigh of irritation on the matter. "Yes, I got the feeling it would have ended with us being wives one, two and three!"

"Utter nonsense; that wouldn't happen to me." Archer retorted with crossed arms and closed eyes.

"Oh please, I've seen glimpses of your past, and unlike me, you thought of having all three of them for that!" Shirou revealed the naughty detail of the detached counter-guardian. "Saber wearing a blue maid's outfit, Rin in red and Sakura in purple! And don't even get me started with Rider and Caster!"

All eyes fell on the white-haired man as if the door to a bathroom opened and showed ALL his business. Archer coughed and turned his head away as his wife raised an eyebrow.

"Well, I guess that's where that fetish for me having my hair in a pony-tail comes from?"Rin answered trying to hold back a laugh.

Seta looked between them and landed his eyes on the taller male. "Man, you a freak!"

"Watch your language young man!" Shoko spoke grabbing his ears causing him to flinch. "And don't speak that way to an adult!"

Richard soon looked at Dermont, whose head was banging against the steering wheel. "Dermont, you ok?"

He looked at them. "I'm just wondering how it got from a dire situation to this? Leave my personal business out of this! I'm not even thinking of stuff like that now!" Dermont kicked up the bike as Rei got on behind him. Looking at the side, Rei gave him a silver helmet and she wore a black one.

"We'll be up there soon, be careful!" Shirou spoke to them.

Throwing the gesture for thumbs up, Dermont started up the motorcycle and it hummed like a waking lion. "Oh yeah, listen to her purr!" He spoke with a roguish grin which made Rei roll her eyes.

"Ugh, I don't know what the deal with men and machinery is?" She griped. "And why do you think it's a female when it could clearly be a man!" Rei got on her high horse which no one could point with a nine-foot pole.

He threw her that same roguish grin, which secretly made the tsundere teen feel a charge in a particular area. "Because, women know where they're going!"

Shutting up with that comment (because she was just blindsided by that compliment) Dermont revved up the cycle and it gave a mighty roar before taking off!

Seeing them off Shoko and Richard couldn't help but worry about them. "So they are just going by themselves?" The Irish man spoke to no one in general.

"Not to worry, Archer, Shirou and I will be heading up there soon; this very well is part of what we discussed." Rin stated clearly as they headed back inside.

The black-haired Shoko asked, "How are you though, wasn't that your only transportation?"

Archer smirked as he answered. "We aren't like those old fossils at Clock Tower," They headed to another part of the house which led to an outdoor garage, a blue Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive!

Richard's eyes went wide at what they had and almost had an orgasm with the advanced machinery! "I might have to change my profession to the magical business!" He fluttered around the car like a humming-bird on meth.

His wife only rolled her eyes. "Trust me dear, that's just a tiny perk for an enforcer."

Seta's eyes were also glued to the car. Man this almost comes close to reading those magazines dad has in storage! He then had another thought. Ok, ALMOST comes close!

As they got ready Shirou pecked Sakura on the cheek. "I'll be back soon, Sakura; take care of everyone here!"

The long-purple haired woman gave him a private smile. "No need to say that but," She whispered the next sentence. "Are you sure of Dermont-kun's claim about Illya-chan?"

His face turned grim. "Not sure, but while Dermont-san and Tachibana-san deal with whatever is happening at the Himemiya shrine, we are going to head to the old Einzbern castle first."

"I thought that place has been empty?" She asked surprised. "It's been empty for years!"

He shook his head. "There have been rumors and with what I learned from Dermont, it's worth checking out." With that Archer got in the driver's seat with Rin calling shotgun and Shirou in the back. They were soon off.

A block away from the Himemiya shrine a limo stationed at the side of the road. A lean woman with short blue-hair wearing a nun-like dress that was the color night, Ciel, former incarnation of Roa, the enforcer kept her gaze locked to the sky and felt the malevolent presence of a might force.

"It is getting worse," Ciel spoke. "Are you sure you don't want us stepping in Caren?"

The window cracked open and a woman with a pale complexion with a black cap that covered her beautiful grey colored hair. The yellow-eyed Exorcist of the church answered in a quiet voice. "The situation hasn't shifted that far yet. Let us see how the future head of the Himemiya family will handle this?"

Ciel accepted her superior's answer but internally felt guilty for letting her go through that. Caren however placed her chin on her hand. This will test her partner as well; don't fail me now, Hikari-chan. A giggle escaped her lips.

Himemiya Shrine

Hikari Himemiya looked on shocked at what was happening to her best friend; he had grown to a towering 8 foot! It was reminding the poor girl of that old movie she and her sister, Akiza, watched when they were younger, which dealt with a man being exposed to a radiation explosion causing him to grow uncontrollably and go on a rampage due to the brain aneurysm due to his height.

I hated that movie! She thought with a surprising bite to it. But now, She saw him finish his transformation; He bulked up with shoulder, leg and arm muscles. His black hair was long and ragged that went to his upper shoulders. Shirou had six-pack abs , around his waist he wore a loincloth which was underneath a belt buckle like armor. On his wrists and ankles he had bracelets and was barefoot. His skin also looked dark as well.

The long-haired priestess couldn't stop shaking due to the imposing figure he became; this was different from Hidiyoshi and Shoko, at least they had some control. This was true fear of someone who could wipe out your existence without a moment's thought!

"Shirou, please wake up!" The purple/red-eyed teen yelled to her friend but all he did was growl like an animal.

Thinking, Hikari pulled out her trusted book and the pages fluttered open. Locking her eyes on him various numbers and figures started floating around her eyes as she tried scanning him.

He is a Berserker; the most dangerous out of all the Servants! All his stats build on his attack and his defense is somewhat high as well. Along with that his mind…!

She stopped reading the sentence. The information froze her to her core. No…his mind will succumb to [Mad Enhancement]; Shirou will lose his sanity!

Hikari didn't want to believe that and tried calling him again. "Shirou, I know you are in there, please speak to me!"

It took a couple of moments before Shirou-Berserker answered and his voice had a gravel, low rumble to it, as if he were a Viking coming back home from the hunt and about to pillage a village and rape some women (which he didn't mind since he wanted to "break her in", as it were).

"Hikari, I've done it, I have enough power to rid you of that annoying guy of yours! I can protect you!"

Gulping, Hikari gathered her courage. "I don't need protection from Dermont, he's my partner, you have to understand that!"

Shirou scoffed as he landed a fist to his chest. "I don't need to understand anything, I AM your partner not some skinny-ass pansy like that!"

"Shirou, please, he's not bad, why can't you understand?"

This caused Shirou to growl and his face turned scornful. "Understand, he took you from me; that bastard won you over with those pussy-like looks of his! He's not worthy of you, I" He pointed to himself, "...have done everything to make sure you were happy! I was your only friend, when I could have had more, I made you feel wanted and cheered you up when you were lonely. Yet, you never saw me anything more than a childhood friend…" His voice got low and somewhat sad.

Hikari placed a hand over her chest. "Shirou, do you resent me?"

The hulking behemoth laughed at her. "Tch, don't act like such a rabbit, who wouldn't be after you disregarded my feelings for you! A man doesn't want to feel neglected and I tried holding on but you never once looked at me!"

"I…I" She muttered quietly.

"I wanted recognition; I wanted you, but you never could see outside what you wanted!" He bellowed at her causing her to flinch. "But now, if I can't have you by asking, I'll take you by force! I'll use all my strength to force you to my will and you will do everything I want you too!"

Hikari looked blindsided by the way of his talking; he spoke with anger, resentment and even some held back sexual frustration.

"You can't force me to do nothing I don't want to do!" She got bold by declaring that. Even if she could be a doormat to people and easily whimper, there were just certain things you couldn't let slide!

He gave her a grin. "Please, don't get bold now, be the little rabbit I know you are!" As he moved a foot it made a slight "boom" sound, like he was coming from a distance.

Yep, I still hate that movie; if I live through this dad will be getting a call from me! She swore to the upper level deities of Shinto (or Gaea, Hikari doesn't discriminate). And I'll make sure to add a "rotten old, stubborn, bastard"; he won't expecting that!

She snapped out of her thought and fear continued stabbing her as the priestess thought what she could do; she didn't want to fight Shirou but he would be prone to attack her at any given moment!

Closing her eyes once more she lowered her neck as the fear reached a fever pitch and her mind shut down.

Stepping closer to her, Shirou-Berserker snickered. "Now just stand there as I-!" He stopped as Hikari pressed her hands to the ground and an alchemic circle briefly showed before she constructed the ground to spikes and jetted at him stabbing him through the stomach!

"Grrr, what is the meaning of this Hikari?" He held a hand to his stomach in surprise at what she did! "Hikari, what did you…?"

"Enemy stunned, continue analyzing bio structure to continue attack!" Hikari's voice wasn't the same kind-hearted tone but that of a computer! Her secondary ability of numerical analytical activated due to the emotional jolt she experienced; the petite blonde's emotions were, for all intense and purposes, turned off.

Growling like a beast Shirou-Berserker broke apart the stalagmites with a punch and his Noble Phantasm; God's Hand, activated and started repairing the damage and his skin covered over the wound; nothing looked scathed.

Hikari's eyes glowed yellow as she saw various screens with his biological information about his. "Servant has used God's Hand; level A. Dangerous opponent. Begin battle. Secondary program, continue looking for weakness!"

A white flash of light illuminated her body and soon in her 'Vanille' attire.

Pulling out a bookmark from nowhere she snapped it in her book and it changed to one of her favorite Chinese styled sword, Jian, known with by her as "Mistral".

The blade was 17-inches and the hilt of the one-handed sword was yellow and a tassel on the end which had a cute Dango figurine. A light-brown sheath attached to her back.

Holding Mistrial with one hand Hikari continued scanning Shirou for any weakness.

Shirou-Berserker was getting angry that she would resort that far to activating that "curse" of hers. "

Bah, like I care if you continue crunching numbers; my power is beyond you!" His blood started boiling and his mind started getting cloudy; all he wanted now was to fight. "Hikari, I'll crush you!"

(Start Fate/Zero OST track The Battle is to the Strong)

Using wind manipulation Hikari sent the flow to her feet to start the battle. She leapt through the air with her sword and went for a side-swipe to try to knock him off-balance! The Berserker blocked the blow with his left fist causing the blade to bounce off his tough skin. Thanks to her wind enhancement the blade didn't chip but it left her wide open for him to throw a right fist at her!

Seeing the attack Hikari timed her swiftness by turning her body left and bringing the blade for another strike to his neck! Using impressive speed the 8-foot giant maneuvered away from the blow. Landing on the ground Hikari sprinted at him with her wind-speed as she started adding in a zig-zag movement!

When she got close she jabbed her left-palm, imbued with spirit energy at his stomach. The weak blow didn't concern him as Berserker brought his hands together to form a fist and about to break her cranium.

Side-stepping the attack Hikari spun around and slashed his back causing Shirou to growl in annoyance. Spinning her sword she got in 3 more slashes before jumping back as she dodged an enraged blow.

"Target's mind 40% conscience; continue assault before target succumbs to madness!" Her eyes continued glowing yellow as more numerical numbers showed. Hikari made a formula on the ground with the tip of her sword just as Shirou sprinted at her bringing down a fist.

The blow crushed where she stood but dodged. "Containment barrier, activate!"

A glass-like field surrounded Shirou's frame as he stepped on the alchemic circle. Punching it his fist bounced off it causing him to get angry. Pulling out her sheath Hikari placed the sword back inside and got in place for her next attack.

The priestess placed a hand on the hilt as her wind element swirled around her body and gathered around her Jian.

A ball of wind formed as the stray currents started tearing Shirou's skin, making him growl. Seeing her chance, Hikari unsheathed her sword and sliced the tempest orb causing gusts of wind to slice at him like a horde of mosquitos.

Being bombarded with the air-strikes Hikari took advantage by using a different element to boaster the wind attacks. "Channeling partner's prana lobe; affinity is, water!"

Her winged tattoo glowed blue on her hand as she tapped into Dermont's element by their bond. Holding out her hand a magic circle forged. "Torrent of the emperor's cup; Splash!"

Water streams appeared above Berserker and he soon got drenched in a wind/water combo!

"Prana drained by 40%; continue attacking!" Hikari muttered unconcerned that her mental strength deteriorating with the amount of spells along with the continued analyzing of her enemy.

Swiftly charging at him she brought down her sword down on his chest after the double spell ended. Hacking and slashing the priestess continued using the wind element to get in more consecutive blows.

Shirou-Berserker, who was still getting used to the body, continued getting hammered.

"Conscious mind down to 70%; continue attack; use deadly force!" Hikari chanted as she stabbed her blade through his chin! The blade struck his brain and the tip ended up showing on his head!

Shirou-Berserker gapped and gasped for a moment before closing his eyes. "Threat level diminished," She pulled the sword away from the body. "Deactivating scan; internal supply of prana at low levels."

She stepped back and turned around to return to her house. After five steps she sensed a fluctuating of power!

"Danger, danger, enemy is not disposed of!" Hikari spoke fast trying to keep up with the data overload. "God's Hand, a testament to the Greek hero, Hercules; for his 12 labors, Enemy has ten lives left!"

Shirou-Berserker roared which shook the entire temple.

"Prana level drained by 50%; enemy's mind has broken down to 90%. Course of action; use everything at disposal!" Hikari held out her blade and jetted at him again. Slashing her blade at him she was going to cut off his head until a blow connected to her back and caused her to fall to the ground. Hard.

The berserker man growled as he was about to stomp on her. Moving fast Hikari rolled away and got up unsteady. "Danger, danger, body crushed. Utilizing innate power to heal; can't use any magic spells or convert alchemy processing at the moment!"

Bellowing out a scream Berserker punched the ground causing a minor earthquake to knock her down. That blow caused Hikari to revert back to her earlier personality as she groaned and coughed. "What happened to me?"

She soon saw that Shirou-Berserker was breathing out hot air and his eyes glowed red. Hikari saw her Jian on the ground but didn't remember how she called it. Then a dreaded thought came to her "Oh no, did I revert to that personality?"

Without even getting a chance to process what happend Shirou charged at her. Dodging the tackle by rolling Hikari grabbed her sword and readied it.

Not seeing any choice Hikari charged at him and used a sword technique she learned from her father; Sword Rain: Alpha.

Piercing his already firm body with sword jabs, Hikari was going on empty. With a last down slash she returned the sword to her sheath. Upon closing it Hikari jumped back as she tried getting her breathing under control.

"Did that do it?" She whispered with mild hope but it ended soon as Shirou roared once again and the sound of the voice pushed her back and to the ground!

Shirou-Berserker had enough of the child's play and pulled out a weapon from sub-space; a giant club like axe! Glaring at the priestess he charged and swung his weapon at her!

Thinking fast she clapped her hands and pressed them to the ground. An energy current jetted beneath the behemoth's feet causing medium-sized hole for him to fall into.

Knowing she only had seconds she snapped her fingers and her precious "Mistral" returned to a grimiore and pulled out the bookmark and placing it back in storage.

Holding another sūtra in her hands she charged it with prana and her element affinity.

I'll have to use this move; everything else I'll resort to healing any damage. I just hope my prana levels hold!

Hikari prayed as she linked up with Sylph. I know I already used you but I need this to work!

A green-skinned 5'00 foot kid with short green hair and yellow eyes, wearing a blue buttoned shirt and shorts appeared and nodded with a grin.

Using the enhancement Hikari jumped through the air, like she was leaping off an unseen foundation as if she were part of CP9 from One Piece using Moonwalk.

Getting over him the blonde did a fast prayer and released thousands of paper cards which latched to Shirou-Berserker's body. She remained floating as a green aura surrounded her frame and for a moment her hair turned a light-shade of green.

(Theme ends)

(Begin Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua OST: Mighty Wind)

"Elements of wind, heed my command and rain down thy cutting fury; Quasi Seal!"

The priestess chanted with authority as she used Shinto hand signs to activate her "Mystic Arte" and with a clap of her hands a mighty wind force blew from the berserker's body by the seals and shredded his body to pieces.

Pieces of skin and blood decorated the air before being blown across the pavement. Snapping her fingers a medium-sized orb created in front of her and launched into the wind torrent causing an explosion.

Floating down Hikari returned to normal as she breathed in tepidly.

"I used up more than I realized." Holding her throbbing head she saw that Shirou wasn't moving. "I didn't want too, Shirou," Stepping close she didn't expect for him to grab her midsection and hold her like a trophy!

(Theme ends)

"Ah, Shirou!" That's right; I only got rid of 3 lives now! Hikari felt angry about forgetting that Noble Phantasm of his.

"Hikari, you mine!" His voice was guttural and he only said a few broken words! "I have you!" Shirou spoke as he tightened his grip on his prize.

Closing her eyes in pain the teen tried freeing herself but couldn't. The blows to her body started taking their toll as she coughed out blood.

Oh no, my healing ability is at their limits; at this point it will do more harm than good since it takes time to heal internal damage as fast as he's imparting damage on me!

Staring at her, Shirou's red eyes had a perverse glee to them. "I won't let go!"

Dreading that her life would come to an end Hikari didn't hear the roar of a vehicle coming up the stairs of her shrine!


(Start Melty Blood OST, The End of 1000 years)

The silver Yamaha V-Maxx engine roared as if a lion stepped upon field as Dermont used the last step to propel 30 feet in the air! "Rei do it now!"

Taking out a tube of lipstick the raven-haired woman took a sip of her concoction that enhanced her reflexes.

Jumping from the bike she pulled out three rubies, charged them and used one of her flame based spells; Flame Arrow, to pierce Shirou-Berserker's eyes!

Roaring in pain Shirou tossed Hikari into the air! Dermont got close as he caught the priestess in his arms and the bike landed on the wheels with a thud and pulled the breaks.

Rei landed with the gracefulness of a swan thanks to her power-enhancing potion; it would grant her nimble ability for five minutes before leaving her system.

Checking on the priestess the orange-eyed teen saw that Hikari was somewhat unconscious before opening her eyes. "Dermont?"

He gave her a smile. "Serves you right for going off on your own,"

She giggled a little before her face turned to pain and coughed out blood making Dermont glare at Shirou. "Hikari, what did that punk do to you?!"

The blonde shook her head. "He has a card engraved in his body, that's what caused his outburst," She explained. "I tried fighting him off but I couldn't win due to his God's Hand; it requires that we have to kill him 12 times before I can purify him. I've down it 3 times."

Eyes going wide he noted Shirou-Berserker's appearance. "You actually fought him; I thought you were for peace and love?"

Rolling her eyes she answered. "I told you; I can keep up when needed but…" She glanced at Shirou, who looked livid at what was happening.

"That punk, get away from Hikari!" Shirou-Berserker yelled! "She's mine!"

Rei, who gathered near the duo also checked on Hikari and rolled her eyes. "Hmph, so the dog actually came back and wound up possessed; what are the odds of that happening?"

Upon hearing that Shirou glared hatefully at the magus who always found ways to pick on him.

It's that bitch! That fucking whore who can't keep her mouth shut for 2 seconds!

"We'll have to fight him but a berserker is a powerful foe in many legends; they'll go all night if they have too," Rei revealed to Dermont, who had placed Hikari on the side of the bike.

"You can't, he's far powerful then we gave him credit for," Hikari tried reasoning but Dermont shook his head.

"We can't avoid this battle; as your guardian, I can't look back on what he did to you," He told her. "He's let these emotions fester for a month and it's finally unleashed. It's time he realizes he can't just be a dick about shit he doesn't like!" Dermont held out his hands and his two spears appeared and gave them a twirl.

Rei agreed with a smile. "He's being a child; making you worry along with getting ahead of himself in declaring that's he's powerful. And I'm sorry but it's about time he learned who his mistress is!" If they didn't know any better, they'd thought she was getting a little too charged for this.

This caused the duo to sweat drop. She really is into that bondage stuff! They thought in unison.

The spear wielder and magus/executor walked towards Shirou-Berserker.

"I'm thinking this will be a first we will be teaming up?" Dermont asked the crystal-blue eyed teen. "I hope you are ready?"

She threw out a smirk. "Please, I'm the one who should say that; let's see how those spears of yours can pierce his flesh?" Rei pulled out some gems in her pocket. I only have a few left, better make them count!

"Grrrr, if it isn't Lucky Charms and the bitch of Hades," Shirou spoke with a growl. "One who took Hikari from me and another who is a pain in the ass to deal with?"

The tight-wearing Lancer scoffed. "I didn't take her away from you genius; she chose me of her own free-will! Sorry if I broke up that fantasy of yours but shit happens! Time for you to grow up, Shirou-chan!" He spoke with an arrogant chuckle.

"What did you say, ass-wipe?!" Shirou-Berserker demanded.

A haughty laugh interrupted Shirou's growling.

"Didn't you hear him, puppy; grow a pair and accept the change! It's not that hard is it?" Rei spoke but then did a mock shock. "Oh wait, it would be hard for some lowly level magus who only uses his fist to talk out of his ass. What am I saying; I shouldn't give you that compliment given how your brain is!"

Dermont looked between impressed and aggravated on how the way she was just pushing his buttons. Damn, she likes putting him down. Does she like him or something?

Shirou couldn't believe what he was hearing; even with all this new-found power, Rei still found a way to make him lower than dirt and it pissed him off! "I am kicking that rear of yours to the moons!"

"Which moons dear; the ones on Jupiter or Mars, be specific, darling." She shot out unconcerned with a hint of a smile. "I am just dying to know?"

This made him freeze before he started glowing a dark red aura. It cracked the ground he stood on which made the duo be on guard.

Sighing in annoyance Dermont spoke to Rei. "That's the way; get the berserker mad to kill us in one or two mighty strikes of his god like strength!" He sarcastically stated.

"The fool is no god; he might have Herculean strength but we both know Hercules was a demigod. I doubt he's tapped into the recesses of that strength just yet!" Rei theorized.

Oh won't that bitch be surprised! Shirou thought with murderous intent. That training from Gil will come in handy!

(Theme ends)

In the distance around some trees, Gil, the golden-haired red-eyed man, continued watching the fight. He's going by pure rage, that's not what he wants, He eyed Hikari, who watched her friends about to battle Shiou.

He thought of his own circumstances as he thought of the Momiji Kishinami, the light-brown long-haired teen who studied witchcraft and brought him to this plane of existence a couple of years ago with help from Illya by giving her and her twin brother, Kuno Kishinami, a piece of Babylon.

Love is not what anyone expects… Gil had been called in an incomplete form as he was a kid then and Momiji and Kuno helped raise him to this point before he took off unexpectedly.

The king of heroes was forever changed by the experience and had been less arrogant by somewhat appreciating human life. He still checked on the twins (more in particular with Momiji) to see how they were doing. He knew they went to the same high school as the rest of the teens.

"Shirou, don't let that rage burn the one thing you hold dear!" He whispered with crossed arms. The red-eyed man didn't turn around as Illya appeared behind him with a smile.

"Growing sentimental at your age, Gilgamesh?" She spoke with a smile.

Gil scoffed. "I don't use my full name anymore."

"Of course not; tethered down by a teen girl, who you fancy!" She stated beside him. "I had no clue they would raise you. I would have taken you away but it seemed interesting how it would go but now you are somewhat in my service."

"I am only here for amusment; I am neutral with this which is why I trained Shirou,"

"Yes, and I am happy that came about, the way he is using that card will give it splendid energy!" Illya smiled sweetly before turning her gaze on him. "This is a rather unique partnership so I hope it will continue."

She turned away before saying something. "I don't want to use your sweet Momiji against you!"

Turning sharply he saw the snow fairy was gone. "She better stay away from Momji," He swore beneath his breath as he thought of the one person who reminded him of his once precious friend and companion; Enkidu.

"Momji…" he thought of the one he fell in love with.

In a random household, a teen girl with light-brown medium length hair, studied at her desk while wearing red shorts and a white sleeveless shirt. Momiji, who was the same year as Hikari, Rei and Shiou, and acquainted with them felt a sharp pain in her heart.

The magi, who studied black and white witchcraft, could have sworn she heard someone call her name. Opening her curtain the average looking but pretty girl looked at the stars. "It's been a year since I last saw Gil but I keep feeling he's always nearby?"

Her door opened as her normal looking but handsome brother, Kuno showed up. "Hey sis, I need to borrow…what's wrong?" He wore a t-shirt with blue pants and was barefoot.

Turning her head she gave him a look of irritation. "Can't you knock, Kuno?"

Giving her a confused look Kuno shook his head. "It's not like you have a boy in here so I can come in here anytime I want too!"

This caused her to blush before throwing a pillow in his face! Returning to her desk she saw a picture of an eight year old kid with blonde hair and red eyes giving her a look of shock in the picture. She soon saw another picture of Gil, who looked around seventeen with her and Kuno standing side to side with him and smiling.

Oh Gil, will I ever see you again? She thought in her mind before throwing out Kuno and returning to her homework.

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