Chapter 1


The demon straightened his outfit out on the bed, excitement fluttering deep within his stomach at the thought of being able to wear the crimson clothes. He pulled off his dressing robe, getting ready to change. Someone knocked on the door.

"Are you getting ready, young master?"

"Yes," the young demon replied, though his nerves made his voice quaver slightly. He reached out to grab his clothes so he could let the servant in. "Hold on just a minute!"

The moment his fingers touched the soft material, electricity crawled across his skin. He dropped the cloth, eyes wide first in surprise, then fear. He gave a cry of alarm as he felt his world yanked out right beneath his feet.

"Young master?!" The demon felt pain all over his body. Just as the door opened, he vanished in a flash of white light.


Chaoji opened the thick volume, squinting in order to read the fine print. His lips moved as he read off the necessary supplies and instructions. He was sixteen years old, and he decided it was the perfect age for him to summon a familiar. He belonged to a prestigious family of summoners, the grandson of Lady Anita. Having a familiar would not only bring honor, but it would also give him a greater amount of power.

Chaoji pricked his finger to allow a few drops to fall in a bowl filled with red paint. He stirred it carefully with a brush, then added a strange powder to it. Once the mixture became complete Chaoji used it to draw a pentagram on the floor. He lit a few candles and placed them at each point of the star. Then the teenager picked up the book, licking his lips nervously. He made sure he stood two feet from the pentagram; then he began to recite the summoning spell.

"I, Chaoji of L-Lady Anita's gifted clan, summon a demon to my side. O c-call b-by name: The White Devil, The Immortal Joker, He Who Defies Fate Itself. By my blood he is bound in flash and cast into servitude." Chaoji felt a bead of sweat run down his face as power drew itself out of his body. He reveled in triumph, however, as a black figure formed in the center of the star. "I name thee, Allen Walker of the Noah Clan!"

A brilliant white light flashed, blasting Chaoji back with an invisible force. He collided into a wall roughly. Dazed, the teenager blinked as the light faded. He gaped at the figure lying naked at the heart of the pentagram. A form as white as snow and as delicate as sheets of ice.

"It worked," Chaoji breathed. Hysteric laughter bubbled out briefly. "It really worked!"

He froze as the demon stirred, moving a little bit. Chaoji's breath caught when he saw beautiful silver eyes in an equally ethereal face. He wondered how such a childlike face looked so mature. It made the teenager feel a little guilty, seeing a fresh seal mar that face, just over the demon's left eye. But even with that single scarring, Chaoji felt his heart beating erratically in his chest. It didn't matter that this demon probably outlived him by at least a century, or that they were different species.

The demon pushed himself up on shaky arms. He sat up, silver eyes landing on the teenaged summoner.

"You are my master," the boy said slowly. Chaoji nodded emphatically. The white haired demon's gaze wandered around. "Then can you tell me where I am?"

"You're at my family's estate," Chaoji explained proudly. "I summoned you!"

"Can you tell me my name?"

The teenager's moth opened. "You-don't tell me you can't remember it?"

The demon shook his head. "I can't remember anything, not even my name, or anyone's face."

Chaoji swallowed down the sickness that rose up in his throat.

"You must remember something," he insisted. The young demon's eyes glazed over slightly as he thought about it.

"I do remember something," he finally replied. "I remember the taste of soba."

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