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Chapter 10


Chaoji watched the Generals from a distance. It had been about two weeks since Komui allowed him to join the Black Order. He was given his weapon of Exorcism, a bracelet that greatly reminded him of the life he had willingly left behind in order to follow Allen. Until he mastered this tool, he was not allowed to participate in missions. Chaoji did not mind; he spent his time learning everything he could about the Order, spells, Generals, and most importantly: Allen. Allen, as part of the treaty, would marry General Kanda Yuu. After the marriage, he too would become an Exorcist. As of now, they would join hands in marriage in two days. Chaoji had no plans to stop it (even thought he wanted to), but he knew Allen would spend the entire first week of marriage with Kanda on a 'paid vacation'. It was like a honeymoon, but no one wanted to call it that. Anyways, that was Chaoji decided he would strike. He didn't fear for Allen's chastity, for he had studied much about demon culture. Consummation did not occur until after the first month. He had plenty of opportunities to get Allen back. The fact that only Komui knew he summoned Allen would work well to his advantage, too.

One of the Generals, Theodore, suddenly clapped Kanda on the shoulder. He clambered onto the table so that he stood taller than anyone in the mess hall.

"May I have your attention please?" He called out in a powerful voice. Everyone quieted and obediently looked towards Theodore. "I have an announcement to make:

"As you all know, Kanda will be getting married in two days—"

The room erupted into a cacophony of wolf whistles, cheers, and smiled. Chaoji did not join them. Instead he curled his fists into tight balls underneath the table, completely out of sight.

Theodore waited until they all calmed down a little before he continued on.

"Today his fiancée will arrive here. I want each and every one of you to treat him with respect and kindness. Above all, none of you can tell him about the bachelor party we will throw tomorrow night for—"

Kanda gave an animalistic growl as he yanked his father down from the table. "Disregard that last part! There will be no bachelor party."

There were several (loud) complaints throughout the hall. Chaoji ignored them, deciding that he really needed to perfect his scheme. He had so much to think over; he already knew which spell he wanted to use, and where he wanted to use it.

In Front of the Black Order

Komui, Leverrier, and Kanda stood in front of the gate. They were waiting for the arrival of the Earl's carriage. Kanda would never admit it, but he felt nervous about meeting Allen again. Part of him worried about his mouth getting ahead of his brain; being Allen did that to him.

Ten minutes passed, and the Earl's carriage finally rattled up the gravel road. The trio held their breaths as the door opened. A large man clambered out of the darkened space, placing a top hat over his head as he did so. Kanda saw the faint outline of a smaller figure sitting within the carriage. His heart skipped a beat.

"Millenium Earl, it is good to see you," said Komui. He held a hand out for the Earl to shake. The large man eagerly accepted it. "I take it your trip went well?"

"Quite." The Earl turned to Kanda, a twinkle of affection in his eye. "Yuu."

Kanda gave the man a formal bow. "Adam."

"It's been a few years. I must say, I have never felt more gratitude towards you than now. Thank you for the letter concerning my grandson, as well as not acting on your own."

"I only wish that I could have helped you both more," Kanda murmured. Only the Earl heard him.

"Do not worry; being around you would have only made him more stubborn, I think." The Earl turned. "Speaking of which...Allen, you can come out now."

Kanda watched as that shadowy figure shifted slightly. The outline became clearer as Allen stepped out of the carriage. Kanda's breath caught the moment he saw him; Allen looked just the same as the snowy day that they found each other again...ethereal.

The young demon smiled at Komui brightly. "It's wonderful to see you again, Mr. Lee! How is your sister?"

"Fine. It is nice to see that you are adapting so well to your new life, Allen. Oh, let me introduce you." Komui gestured to his two companions. "This is Inspector Leverrier and General Kanda Yuu, your fiancé."

Silver eyes moved onto Kanda,, softening slightly. Kanda resisted the urge to blink, although he had not expected to see a gentle expression when regarding him.

"Thank you for returning my scarf to me," said Allen, his smile less wide and formal. It warmed Kanda a thousand times more. "Perhaps it was fate that brought us together again."

"You remember me?" Kanda asked in surprise.

"Only that you returned my scarf to me when it blew into your face." Suddenly Allen looked irritated. "By the way, I am not a 'beansprout' or 'moyashi'!"

Before Kanda could retort, an evil smirk lit Allen's face. "Ba-Ka-n-da."

That one little nickname left Kanda speechless. He didn't know how to respond. Then he snorted softly, endearingly.

"You idiot," he told the white haired demon in a gentle voice. "You will always be Moyashi to me."

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