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This chapter isn't the best. It's my first time writing about Luke, so the characterization of him isn't good.

"I was chaperoning a field trip and we saw him."

-The Lightning Thief

"Luke, can you do me a favor?" Chiron asked. "Take some demigods on a field trip. They've been cooped up in here for so long." He chuckled.

Luke smiled and nodded. "Sure Chiron. Who should I take?"

"Take some of the year-rounders that stayed here for a longer time," Chiron instructed. "Don't take too much though. And you know what? The Winter Solstice meeting is starting in two hours or so? Why don't you take them to Olympus? You guys can stay overnight."

"Oh, another dull meeting," Mr. D said. "Liam, my suggestion for you, in all sincerity, is to avoid that stupid meeting."

"Olympus," Luke said slowly, ignoring Mr. D. Olympus, where his father, Hermes would be. He really did not want to see him. "Sure."

"Thank you," Chiron said. "Have fun."

Luke left the Big House with a slight scowl on his face, only to be met by a smiling eleven-year-old Annabeth.

"Hey, Luke," she said. "What did Chiron want?"

Luke ruffled her hair. Her blond hair was now a few inches below her shoulder and was tied into a neat ponytail. She had her dagger hidden in her coat sleeve. It wasn't obvious to most people, but to a thief, it was nothing.

"We're having a field trip," Luke said with a forced smile. "To Olympus. You want to come?"

Her gray eyes shined with excitement. "Yeah! I mean, yes please."

Luke couldn't say no to those big gray eyes. He told her to go tell Argus to prepare the van, and she bounded off.

Annabeth was pretty cute when he and Thalia recruited her into their group. She seemed a bit too attached to him though, and sometimes acted strangely around him. Luke didn't have the heart to tell her that he loved her as a little sister.

The only thing on his mind lately was his anger for the gods. They let Thalia die. He came back from his recent quest with that scar from the stupid dragon because he wasn't into the quest which caused Chiron to not let anyone out without permission. Annabeth felt like dying, so Luke decided that she at least deserved that much.

He decided to bring the Stoll brothers from his cabin, Clarisse from Ares, Miranda from Demeter, and Silena from Aphrodite. They loaded themselves into the van and Argus drove them to the city.

"Thanks Argus," Luke said. "We'll see you after the meeting."

Argus gave him a suspicious look and nodded and left.

"We have half an hour left," Luke said. "We can either hang out at Olympus or split up around the city. What do you guys want?"

"The city," Annabeth voted. "It's been so long since I've been in the mortal world."

"Yeah, I vote for the city," Silena said. "There's so many things to shop for! And Christmas is coming too. We can buy things on Olympus later."

"Okay," Luke shrugged. "The Stolls can go together, Clarisse, go with Miranda, and you two can come with me."

Annabeth's face turned red. "I can go alone. I'm not seven anymore, and I have a weapon."

"What? This?" Luke grinned and pulled out her dagger from his pocket.

Annabeth's jaw dropped. "Luke!"

Luke laughed. "Sorry, Annabeth. Let's go, shall we?"

Luke regretted going with Silena. She kept going into stores and walking out of them every second, and she made Luke hold all her shopping bags. Annabeth on the other hand, kept getting lost in every bookstore, although she'd find them later. She wanted to hold her own things, but Luke insisted on holding them for her.

"So you don't like holding my things, but you don't mind holding hers?" Silena asked.

"No, it's not that," Luke said quickly. "She's just eleven!"

"I was just joking, Luke!" she laughed and ran into another store.

"Oh boy," he sighed.

They arrived at the lobby of the Empire State Building a bit later.

"I have never been so glad in my life to stop moving," Luke sighed.

"600th floor please," Annabeth said, leaning over the counter.

"Doesn't exist kiddo. Move on," the doorman said flatly.

"I'm chaperoning this field trip," Luke said, trying his hardest not to pant. "We're from Camp Half-Blood, and we're visiting the gods."

"Fine," he sighed. He looked around for the key, and Luke grinned.

"Thanks for everything," Luke grinned, waving the key.

"Nice, bro!" Connor said. He gave him a high-five as they boarded the elevator.

"Someone enter the key for me," Luke grunted. "My arms are quite full with Silena's stuff."

"I'll do it," Annabeth said and took the key. A button for the 600th floor popped up, and she pressed it.

"Did you guys have fun?" Luke asked.

"Yeah, we raided so many candy shops," Travis said dreamily.

"I bought a plant for my cabin," Miranda said and Clarisse rolled her eyes.

"Clarisse, what did you buy?" Annabeth asked.

"None of your business."

Annabeth didn't pry. The elevator dinged.

"Hurry up and get out," Luke said, not even bothering to be polite anymore. "Silena, where the heck are the girls staying?"

"Over in that hotel," she said pointing to a white building.

"I'll be right back," he said. "You guys go on and head to the throne room."

They walked off and Luke went to the hotel. He got into a fight with the minor goddess that runs it, but dumped the stuff in there eventually.

"Thanks a lot," he gasped, and the goddess rolled her eyes.

He ran off, feeling free without the girls' burdens.

The council was gathered around, with Hades in a simple black chair near the fire. It didn't seem right for a god like him to be sitting in a chair. He had his helm of darkness on his lap that let out feelings of fear.

Luke avoided the gaze of Hermes, and looked at Zeus instead. He had his lightning bolt with him.

Do something that no hero has ever done before.

Luke didn't pay attention during the meeting. Like Mr. D said, it was rather dull. Annabeth seemed fascinated like always. Clarisse was only paying attention at the war plans, and Silena listened to all of it, though not particularly interested. Miranda paid good attention to the environmental plans (which weren't much), and the Stolls were whispering to each other, sneaking grins. He shouldn't have brought them along.

"Any questions?" Zeus rumbled.

The council shook their heads.

"Dismissed," he said.

The gods left, and the demigods when to their respective hotels.

Luke tried to waited until the Stolls went to bed, but it seemed like forever.

"Lights out!" he said, eventually.

"What? No!" Connor said.

"Get in bed," Luke grumbled and turned off the lights.

Of course, then the Stolls started snickering, probably telling each other jokes. Luke sighed. This would take forever.

After like an hour, they became silent. Luke carefully got out of bed and slipped his shoes on. He cracked open the door, and Connor asked, "Going somewhere?"

Luke flinched. "I'll steal something for you," he said.

"Better be good," Connor mumbled.

Luke sighed in relief and shut the door. He ran out to Olympus and into the throne room. The helm was still on Hades's chair, and the lightning bolt was on the throne. Poseidon's trident was nowhere to be seen. At least he was a bit smarter and took his trident.

His instructions was to steal the bolt, but why not a little extra credit? The Olympians were foolish, leaving their symbols of power out like this. Luke carefully climbed up Zeus's throne, making sure not to step on the seat, and slid the bolt out. He jumped down like a cat, landing on his feet. He took the helm from Hades and ran.

They wouldn't know what hit them. Luke couldn't help but grin. This was a new beginning to something big. Maybe even a war.