Disclaimer: Don't own Glee, nor the prompt. My friends are just crazies.

Yes, my friend asked me to do this, using her plot/prompt which is:

Make a badboy!college!Blaine with a highschool!Kurt, where Blaine stops Kurt's bullies and they get to talking, becoming friends and then bf's!

Yeah, she's crazy.

Yeah, he finally made it. None of his teachers thought he would make it, but here Blaine Devon Anderson is, in college. Granted, community college, but it's college none the less.

As Blaine is killing his cigarette, he hears a "Fag, get over here. We need to teach you a lesson!" and he goes closer to the sound. "No, stop! Please!" a high angelic voice says.

"Hey, you assholes belong here?" Blaine asks two burly jocks in letterman's jackets.

"What's it to you?" the one on the left says, and Blaine punches his straight in the face, his nose making a nice cracking sound.

"I ask again, do you belong here?" Blaine asks, and the one without his nose most likely broken shakes his head. "Then get out of here." And they do.

After making sure they left, Blaine turns to the mysteriously angelic man cowering on the ground. "Hey, I'm Blaine, why are you here." Thinking that sounds a bit too demanding, he adds "What's your name?"

"My name's Kurt, and I take a couple of college classes here every week." Kurt said, brushing himself off.

"Well Kurt, you want to get some food? I'm starving!"


Yeah... this was longer then expected, plus it's more like a two-shot... Oops.