All the titans had been slain, and humanity had finally been able to reclaim its territory in over 100 years. Eren took a breather from his celebrating comrades, and stepped out to gaze at the starry sky. Naturally, Mikasa joined him.

She sat next to him on the grass and wrapped her scarf around her neck tighter. It wasn't too cold, Eren thought it was just the right temperature.

"Hey." Mikasa said, patting some dust off her skirt.

"Hey." Eren replied.

They sat like that for a minute, just to enjoy the view and each other's company.

"It's beautiful."Mikasa stated. She turned her gaze over at Eren.

Eren still stared into the night sky and replied: "Yeah, too bad the walls are blocking the view. Well, we won't have to worry about the walls anymore since we're moving out. But, it's still beautiful either way."

Eren turned his head to meet Mikasa's eyes. "This world really is beautiful." He thought as he studied Mikasa closely. Eren had always known Mikasa was pretty, but now, it was more visible than ever. Her raven hair shined in the moonlight and her dark eyes reflected the stars. Her creamy-white skin glowed faintly and made her appear like a goddess, maybe she was.

He suddenly noticed that they were alone. The rest of their friends were off partying and celebrating about the defeat of the Titans. It took them three years to defeat them, until they were eighteen, but it was finally over. Armin was with Commander Erwin and Zacklay, they were planning the evacuation into the world beyond the walls.

Eren's focus was on Mikasa. He loved her for a long time, but didn't tell her because of complexities with the whole titan war. But now, that was over. He didn't have to worry about seeing her getting eaten, they could go to the outside world and be free. That was the main reason he wanted to kill the titans so badly, but he never told her. Now he can, though, and he plans to do it tonight.

"Eren?" Mikasa mumbled, she was blushing.

Eren realized he had been staring at her this entire time. He quickly turned his head back to the sky, also blushing.

He tilted his head and asked, "Where do you plan to go now?"

She shrugged and looked back at him, piercing him with her bottomless, gray eyes. "Wherever you go." She said softly.

Eren's blush returned. "I guessed. Actually, I was asking on what you wanted to do outside. You can have a perfect future now, since there aren't any of those damned titans left."

"What I would want to do, now?" She asked.

Eren nodded.

She waited a moment before replying. "I'll move out like you and Armin. If you guys are going to go exploring, I'll come too. I guess I would want to live somewhere by the ocean, or whatever it is."

"Yeah! I would want to live near the ocean, too. Armin said the same thing."

Eren had been planning this moment. "Alright, now I'll tell her my perfect future will be one with her in it, with me." Eren thought.

He was about to say it, but Mikasa interrupted him. "I-I would grow my own garden." She paused and her blush returned. "And… get married."

This caught Eren by surprise, and he blurted out his next question. "Marry? Marry who?"

Mikasa was taken aback a little by his question. Eren knew he had asked too forcefully and relaxed his shoulders a little.

Mikasa turned her gaze and looked right into his eyes. "You." Her blush thickened, but she didn't turn away.

Eren's breath hitched. He was not expecting this at all. He was supposed to confess, but Mikasa had done it for him. Eren was immensely happy, but a little annoyed she beat him to it.

His face flushed, but that didn't hold him back. He leaned into her slightly and held the ends of her scarf in two hands. Then , his lips met hers. It was the most amazing feeling, like he melted right into her. His heart soared to unfathomable heights when she kissed him back, wrapping one of her arms around his neck which tugged him closer, the other hand digging into his brown locks.

He pulled away slightly, and they both released hot breaths. After a moment, Eren leaned down and whispered into her ear asking: "Will you be my Mrs. Jaeger, Mikasa?"

She didn't hesitate to answer. "Yes, Eren." Then she pulled him back and they both delved into each other once more.


The sunlight beating down on his eyes was annoying, but didn't bother him enough to wake up. What did wake him up, was a hand pulling on his chin.

His eyes slowly opened. "What, Mikasa? It's too early." He said as he closed his eyes.

She blew on his face and his eyes reopened. "Fine, I'm awake. What?" He complained groggily.

"Actually, Eren, it is time to wake up. Today is our 6th marriage anniversary. We're going to be late to our own party." She replied, a little stern.

"Shit." He noted as he sat up on their bed.

She tapped his shoulder, and he turned around.

"You were smiling in your sleep." She said as a half-question.

Eren rubbed his eyes and said, "I had a dream of when we first got together."

Mikasa smiled and pecked him on the lips. Then she patted his back and got up. "Let's get ready."

He sighed heavily, but complied. Eren began searching for his suit, and was unsuccessful. Suddenly, some type of black fabric was thrown at him.

It was his suit. He looked up at Mikasa and silently thanked her. He also saw that she was looking for her dress, and was naked. He'd seen Mikasa in the nude countless times since their marriage, but her beauty always made his heart skip a beat. Her perfectly curved body, well-endowed chest, and not a hint of fat anywhere. Sometimes he wondered how he scored so big.

Mikasa noticed this and said, "You can stare later, get changed. Do want Annie to kick you?"

He sighed and began to slip into his dress pants. "No, I like my legs as they are, intact. It's not Armin has ever been able to stop her." He paused to put on his belt.

Eren looked at himself in the mirror before he put his shirt on. He retained his abs and musculature that he had seven years ago due to the intense physical requirement needed to maintain their farm. The king offered the Scouting Legion a lifetime's worth of food, but most people were smart enough not to trust that pig, and grew a farm of their own. Occasionally, they would stop by to pick up meat, though.

Eren put his shirt on and asked,"Hey, isn't Annie's and Armin's anniversary in like, a couple months?" Armin and Annie had gotten married two years after Mikasa and Eren did. It still surprised Eren at how the two of them got together. "I guess opposite do attract." Eren thought to himself.

Mikasa put on a scarlet blouse and replied, "Yes, I can't believe it took you this long to remember."

She glanced at the clock and said, "We're going to be late. How do I look?"

Eren turned around took study Mikasa. He already knew she would be gorgeous no matter what she wore, but he gave her his judgement for her sake. She had a red top, which fit perfectly, lining her slim waist and delicious curves. Her long skirt was green, Eren smiled, knowing she chose that color because it matched is eyes. "Perfect, as usual."

Mikasa smiled and wrapped herself in that maroon scarf Eren had given her when she was just nine. He rolled his eyes, but he took some pride when he saw how much she cared for it. Mikasa grabbed his wrist when he was finished straightening his tie, and pulled him out the house.

"Alright, alright, you can let go. I'm not going to run away." Eren said, annoyed.

She smirked and let go of him. He took a moment to take a deep breath, smelling the crops in the yard, the smell of the vegetables, and the fresh scent of the ocean. The sea was about a mile away, and glowed majestically in the sunlight. The only time it looked more beautiful was during the night, when the moonlight illuminates the water and makes it appear like a another universe.

He walked over to the stables. It was small, only big enough for two horses, which was all they needed. Eren had a black stallion named Mark, while Mikasa had a younger, brown horse named Nicolas. Eren begged Mikasa to name her horse Jean when they got it, but she refused. He blamed her for passing off on an opportunity as perfect as that.

Eren scratched Mark's chin for a while and climbed up onto the saddle. Mikasa was carrying a bag, which caught Eren's attention. "Probably just some party materials." Eren thought as they began riding to the party hall.

Armin and Annie lived relatively close to Eren and Mikasa, and Eren half-expected to see them riding towards the party hall, also. He knew that they were already there, and that Mikasa and him were late. He flicked the reigns on his horse to speed up.

As their house faded into the distance, Eren felt a strange sensation pass through him, a feeling that he forgot something. "I'm probably just a little excited." He told himself as he brushed it off, clearly knowing that that was not the case.

Once the pair had reached the hall, they maneuvered their horses towards the stables. Eren and Mikasa hopped off of their horses and took them by the reins, searching for an open stable.

Horses lined up each and every area as far as the eye can see.

"I can't believe this! Shouldn't they have a reserved spot or us? Since we're the party is for us?!" Eren whined.

"I told them not to, because I thought we were going to be there on time." Mikasa said as she shot him a glare.

They had to tie Mark and Nicolas to wooden posts and began to walk towards the entrance. Eren took notice of the horses, to see who came. "Annie, Armin, Jean, Connie, Sasha, Krista, Ymir, Reiner, Bertholdt, Marco, Hange and – " Eren stopped as he recognized a certain horse.

The horse was black, tall, and had a distinct saddle that helped the rider climb onto the horse if they were too short.

Mikasa also stopped to stare for a moment, before saying, "Levi actually came."

"I thought he wouldn't come, especially since I'm the one who invited him." Eren blurted out.

"Just keep walking."Mikasa said as she continued towards the entrance. Mikasa used to have a grudge against Levi, since he was so rude to Eren, but she got passed it and accepted him as a friend.

They paused a moment before entering, taking notice that the hall was pitch black.

"They're probably trying to surprise us." Eren stated.

Mikasa shrugged and said, "Let's go in."

"SURPRISE!" The entire room screamed a Eren and Mikasa made their way inside.

That part did not surprise Eren. What did surprise him was a face lurching into his head screaming 'surprise'. Eren's reflexes took over, and he socked the figure directly in the face.

He heard a scream of pain, then Sasha yelling "CONNIE!"

Reiner and Armin lit the candles back on as they entire hall came rushing in to see if Connie was still breathing. Eren looked down and saw a large, red lump on the side of Connie's jaw. He was rubbing it and moaning.

Sasha kneeled down and panicked. "Connie! Stay with me! We're going to make it through this! This will give you strength!" Then she proceeded to shove a loaf of bread into his mouth, which cut off his oxygen supply and caused him to choke.

Reiner pulled Sasha back and plucked the loaf of bread out of Connie's mouth, who began gasping for air.

"If you kept saving him, he was actually going to die." Reiner said as he gave Sasha an accusing look.

Marco and Jean helped Connie up.

"What the hell, Jaeger? Do you punch all your guests?" Jean scoffed.

"I mean I don't try to, except I might to you." Eren replied.

They both gave each other death stares until Connie mumbled, "I'm alright, just need to sit down." Marco and Jean sat him down on one of the tables.

Eren walked over to Connie and apologized,"Sorry for punching you. You shouldn't be that close when you surprise someone."

Connie chuckled, "Hehe. That was nothing! I'm as good as – Oww!" He said as he brought his hand up to his swollen jaw. Eren handed him a glass of ice-cold water to hold against his mouth.

Armin then cut through the awkwardness and said, "Now that Eren and Mikasa are here now, how about we get this party started?"

There was a cheer from the crowd as people began to pour themselves drinks and talk to the couple-of-honor.

The first to congratulate them was Armin and Annie.

"Congratulations, guys!" Armin said with a wide grin.

Annie was smiling. "Nice dress, Mikasa."

Mikasa returned the smile and said "Thank you, you look nice, too."

Mikasa and Annie held a rivalry during their trainee days, but years later, they became very good friends. Though, they were still not that talkative.

"How's the party?" Eren asked.

"Great, it's going along well. You guys made a smart decision in getting extra food for Sasha." Armin replied.

"I know, we learned from the previous years. Things haven't changed much, everyone's exactly how they were since we met them."

"Actually, things might get very different." Amin said as he looked down at Annie, who looked back at him. Their smiles both widened and their hands squeezed each other's.

"What's up?" Eren was curious.

Armin closed his eyes for a second and took in a deep breath. Then he said with small tears in his eyes, "Annie's pregnant!"

Eren gasped and Mikasa's eyes widened.

After a few seconds of shock, Eren replied: "Amazing! Congrats guys!"

"Yes, congratulations." Mikasa said with a smile. Her voice trailed off slightly, a hint that only Eren could notice. She she sounded, almost, upset. Eren figured he might talk to her about it later.

"We wanted you guys to be the first ones to know before we tell the others." Armin continued.

"You know," Eren smirked, "if you have a boy, you should name him Eren."

Annie rolled her eyes and said, "In your dreams."

"You know how we should celebrate?" Eren turned around to face everyone, and roared, "ALCOHOL!"

The crowd responded with a cheer and began drinking vigorously.

The party ensued normally, with people drinking, dancing, and congratulating.

Eren met up with Levi, who smirked and gave him a, "Congrats, brat." Which was more than enough to make Eren smile.

As the party hit its climax, Ymir stood up on a table and announced: "Everybody, SHUT UP! Time for IT." Everyone cheered and settled down into their seats. Krista tugged at Ymir, saying: "Don't be so rude."

Eren was confused and watched as Mikasa walked towards the bag she had been carrying. She walked back and pulled out a box with a ribbon tied around it.

Eren stood there stunned. Now he remembered what he had forgotten, and what was in Mikasa's bag. He ignored Jean yelling,"What are you doing? Give her your anniversary present, already!"

Shit, Eren told himself.