2 months later

Eren struggled desperately, trying to diaper his two months-old son. "Hey, Mikasa! How do you do this?"

As he was deciding his diapering technique, and yell came from the kitchen: "He's sleeping, and you still can't do it?"

Eren snorted. "Don't mock me, just help!" He whispered, trying not to wake his son.

Mikasa walked into the living room, sporting an apron and a dusty blouse. She removed the apron and sat in the seat next to Eren. She then placed their baby onto her lap, and diapered him in a matter of seconds. "There." She rose and returned to the kitchen.

Eren was stunned, staring at Mikasa's handiwork. "How did you do that?!" Eren was eager to learn her secret.

As he was egging Mikasa on to teach him, Eren felt a soft tug on his thumb. He glanced down and noticed the infant slowly shifting in his lap. A pair of large, lustrous green revealed themselves, and Eren knew crying was about to commence. "Shit! Mikasa, Carl woke up!" Eren and the baby cried simultaneously.

An audible sigh could be heard from Mikasa as she made her way into the living room.

She began rocking the baby, and Eren seized his chance to escape. "I'll go check and see if the courier got any mail!"

Mikasa shot him a glare, but Eren was already outside. He leaned back on the front door and set out a deep sigh. After a few seconds, he walked over to the shed and lifted the mat.

He noticed there were no letters. "What?" Eren questioned, "Armin told me he would write to us." Eren dropped the mat, and walked towards the stables, highly doubting the courier would leave anything there.

It was as dark and smelly as usual, but Eren searched intensively. "Armin doesn't lie." He was about to check in a drawer, when he felt a finger poking his back. Instinctively, Eren whipped around and released a jab.

The figure stepped back fast enough so that Eren's fist only brushed his chest, but toppled onto the ground. "Aaah! What was that for, Eren?" It was the throaty voice of a man.

Eren recognized the voice and quickly stepped outside of the stables. "Hannes!" Eren scurried over to see if the man was alright.

The wine that spilled out of Hannes' mug dyed the surrounding grass and seeped into Eren's pants as he helped Hannes to his feet.

Eren brushed some dirt off his clothes and the scratched his head. "Sorry, it was muscle memory."

Hannes snorted, releasing an alcoholic fume. "It's alright." Then, he hung his arm around Eren's shoulders. "How's it going with your son?"

Eren shrugged. "Well enough, I guess."

"How about with the wife?"

Eren shifted awkwardly. "Yeah, about that, I kind of ditched her right now, and I need to head back. I would invite you in, but-well, you could guess."

Hannes chuckled. "Got it. But before I go, you might need this." Hannes reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a letter tied with a magenta ribbon.

"That must be from Armin!" Eren took the letter and placed in his pocket. "Thanks, Hannes. I'll see you whenever. And thanks again for saving us when Mikasa was in labor. I don't know what we would've done without you." Hannes simply nodded, and Eren rushed to the door.

Once he reentered the house, Eren was greeted by a not-so-happy Mikasa, who stood with arms crossed and eyebrows furrowed.

Eren nervously pulled the letter out of his pocket. "S-see, Armin said he would w-write."

She huffed and turned around. "I already put Carl to sleep, I'm going to bed." Then, she disappeared up the stairs.

Eren sighed, relieved that he got off easy. He sluggishly entered the bedroom and slid under the sheets, deciding to read Armin's letter tomorrow. He was greeted by the warm feeling of Mikasa's head on his chest and arm around his abdomen. Eren smiled as he drifted off into slumber.

Next Day


Eren grunted and shifted in his sleep. "Mikasa…," he grumbled, "I think someone is at the door."


Eren and Mikasa's eyes shot open. Eren rose, but Mikasa used her hand to push him back down on the mattress. "Just let them go, Eren." She wore a mischievous grin and began unbuttoning her shirt. "Stay, and we can-"


They both grunted and rose from the bed.

"Get Carl," Eren began, "I'll get the door."

Mikasa nodded reluctantly and went to check on their son.

Eren checked his hair for a moment before hurrying down the stairs and opening the door. Eren was about to release his fury on whomever it was that came to his house in the early morning, but stopped when he noticed three familiar blondes.

In front of him stood Armin and Annie, who was holding Armani in her arms.

Eren had absolutely no idea what was happening.

"Hey." Armin and Annie said simultaneously. The baby simple gurgled.

Armin glanced around, and did not notice a certain Orential woman in the living room. "Mikasa?" He asked.

"Uhhhh… she's coming down." Eren turned to Armin and Annie with a puzzled expression. "Why'd you guys come over here, and why so early, too?"

Armin returned Eren's confused expression. "Eren, didn't you get my letter?"

Eren squinted and grabbed the letter he had received from Armin yesterday. He began to read it:

Hey, Eren and Mikasa!

Remember when you said we could visit anytime? Annie, Armani, and I will be visiting tomorrow, early in the morning. We haven't seen Carl so we thought this might be a good opportunity.

Thanks, Your Friends

The Arlerts

Eren deadpanned. Mikasa is definitely going to kill me, he thought.

"We can come back another time." Armin suggested.

"No," Eren replied, "You can come in." He shifted aside to let the couple inside.

Mikasa slowly made her way downstairs and paused when she saw the Arlerts. "Annie? Armin? What are you guys doing here?"

Eren answered for them: "Uhhh… they were supposed to come today."

Mikasa raised an eyebrow and looked at him sternly for a moment, but turned and directed a smile at their guests. "Welcome. You guys can sit down, I need to talk to Eren about something quickly."

Eren tried to escape, but Mikasa viciously grabbed his wrist and pulled him into the kitchen

"Oww!" He exclaimed, "That hurt!"

Mikasa crossed her arms. "Why didn't you tell me."

"I-I forgot, I was too lazy to read the letter." Eren hung his head. "I don't know why it's such a big deal, though."

Mikasa stepped closer, holding his chin in her hand and pressing her chest against his. She leaned into his ear and whispered in a warm, enticing tone: "Because Eren, I thought we were going to relax today."

Eren gupled as she traced her finger down his body until she was clutching on to the buckle of his pants.

"I-," Eren stuttered nervously, "I can make an excuse and tell them to go away."

Suddenly, Mikasa pulled away and patted his back. "I don't think so." Then, she walked into the living room to chat with the Arlerts, flashing Eren an evil grin.

"I-," Eren talked to himself in disbelief, "I can't believe she just did that to me."