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Brennan's phone began ringing, she pulled it from her pocket and checked the caller ID.

"It's Cam again. She's probably been alerted to the explosion in the lab. This is the third time she's called me. What do I tell her?" Brennan asked.

Booth sighed and rubbed his forehead. "Yeah she called me too. Well, I mean, we can't tell her that we were there. She'll only ask why we didn't report it, and we can't tell her that it was because we were confronted by the brother of our victim only to be then confronted by our dead victim after he was apparently resurrected, and that resurrection happened to destroy the lab."

Brennan looked at her cell with distress. Pressing the green button, she accepted the call.

"Brennan?" she answered.

Booth could hear Cam's relieved voice through Brennan's phone.

"Why haven't you answered your phone, where are you?" Cam asked quickly.

"Sorry," Brennan looked to Booth desperately. "Booth and I have been neck deep with stuff about Dean Winchester's case and we didn't have our phones. What's going on?"

In truth, Brennan hadn't lied, but she felt that that was about as honest as she was going to get.

"Someone destroyed the lab," Cam stated anxiously.

Brennan put on an expression of shock, as if Cam could hear her facial exp

ressions through the phone. "What? How did that happen? Was anyone hurt?"

"Not that we can tell yet, but we haven't been able to get in contact with Hodgins," Cam took a shaking breath. "When I called their house, Angela answered and said that Hodgins left early this morning. She thought to come finish his analysis of the remains. His car is in the parking lot at the lab, but he isn't answering his phone."

Brennan could hear the dread in her voice. She looked to Booth who just motioned for her to continue.

Sighing Brennan explained, "Hodgins is here with us, Cam."


Booth took the phone from Brennan. "We have a little situation here, Cam. Hodgins has gotten himself in the middle of it and we're trying to figure out how to handle it."

Cam huffed, "He has had everyone worried sick! All of you have!"

"We're sorry, Cam," Booth rubbed his forehead. "We had to take his phone."

"Why in the hell did you have to—" Cam stopped. "Oh god, you don't think he—"

Booth sighed and chuckled, "No, no, Cam. We don't think he did that…" He stopped and cleared his throat. "But he has gotten in over his head in a way that I don't know if I will be able to protect him."

"What did he do?"

"He met with Sam Winchester," Booth admitted. "We thought he might do something like that, so we followed him. He left his house, parked his car at the garage, and walked to an alley not too far from the lab. Sam was there waiting for them. We had to take both of them in at that point."

"Jesus, Seeley," Cam groaned. Booth could practically see her rubbing her hand across her forehead and grabbing her temples. It's what she always did when she was stressed out.

"Look, this isn't a Zach-like situation. We're going to figure it out, but in the meantime, please keep this between us."

"What about Angela?" Cam asked. "She is worried sick. She thinks that Hodgins was in the lab when it exploded, Booth. She thinks he's dead."

It was now Booth's turn to copy Cam's stress-induced gesture. He sat for a moment before he replied, "Cam could you hold on just one second."

Booth headed towards the conference room. Throwing open the door he stuck his head inside, "Hodgins, I need you."

Hodgins shot up from his seat and chanced a glance and a shrug at Sam before following Booth out of the room. Sam and Dean looked at each other, silently communicating their apprehension, while the door closed behind Hodgins.

"What is it, Booth?" Hodgins asked, following Booth to his office.

When they reached Booth's office he pointed to the chair in front of his desk. Hodgins sat quickly.

"We caught you meeting with Sam around 3:00 this morning. You have been with us for the last two hours, which is true. You were not at the lab, Dean has not been resurrected."

"What is going on?" Hodgins asked, completely lost.

Booth turned his body away from Hodgins, took his phone off mute, and put it up to his ear. "Hey Cam, put Angela on."

Hodgins' eyebrows skyrocketed, "Shit, Angela." His hand covered his mouth. "She doesn't know where I am. The lab was decimated. She thinks I was in the lab. Oh god."

The realizations kept hitting Hodgins while Booth waited for Angela to take the phone from Cam.

Finally Booth heard Angela's voice in the background of the phone. He handed the phone to Hodgins.


"Jack!" Angela's shocked cry broke his heart. She sounded so scared. He hadn't meant to hurt her.

"You're alive," She continued. "Oh my God I am going to kill you. I thought you were in the lab when it exploded! Where have you been? Why aren't you answering your phone?"

Hodgins took a breath and reminded himself of what Booth had told him not to say.

"I'm with Booth, Ange. I'm fine. I'm so sorry I didn't know about the lab."

"We were all so worried. Your car was in the garage and we talked about you heading out early in the morning to work on your analysis. I was so scared." Angela's relief was palpable. Hodgins fervently hoped she didn't ask why he was with Booth and not at the lab like he said he would be.

"Why are you with Booth, Hodgins?"


Hodgins sighed, and looked at Booth. He nodded and motioned to the phone for Hodgins to continue.

"I messed up Ange," Hodgins said with a slow breath. "I didn't go to the lab, I mean I parked there, but I didn't go in."

"Where did you go?"

"I met with Sam."

"Oh god Hodgins, what were you thinking?" Angela cried. She realized now that Hodgins was in Booth's custody not just with him at FBI HQ helping with the case.

Hodgins exhaled deeply. There was no way to make this easy on her. He leaned forwards, resting his elbows on his knees. He rested his head in his hand and then ran his fingers through his short hair.

"I don't know. I just had to help him."

"Well was it worth it?"

Hodgins scoffed, "Actually yeah."

"Wait seriously? You've been arrested by the FBI for conspiring with a known fugitive and it was worth it?"

"I haven't been arrested," Hodgins explained. He sat up from his hunched over position. Hodgins shot a quick look to Booth. "Booth arrested Sam, not me. He just wants me here, so he can figure out what to do."

"So he can figure out if he has to arrest you or not. That's what you're basically telling me."

"I hope not Angela," Hodgins said seriously. "You know how I told you that the Winchesters were good guys?"

"Yeah, and I also remember Booth mentioning a giant file and their faces on wanted posters that said otherwise."

"Well something's happened that might make Booth believe me," Hodgins looked up at Booth who had been watching him talk to his wife. Booth's hands were on his hips. He had taken his jacket off and rolled up his shirt's sleeves. His stare was intense and warned Hodgins to not say anything further.

"Look, Ange, I can't say anything more right now, but I promise I'll do everything I can to help them."

It took a split second for Hodgins to realize it, but he just suggested there was more than one Winchester with them at the FBI. It was a slight slip, but Booth caught it right after he said it.

Suddenly the phone was out of Hodgins' hand, and Booth was telling Angela that Hodgins was needed and he would be in contact later. He hung up and shoved the phone into his pocket.

Brennan saw that Booth had hung up, and came into the office. With a quick glance towards Booth, she turned her gaze on Hodgins. She didn't speak. Just stared. Hodgins squirmed.

When she finally opened her mouth, Brennan said, "Now that we have you away from them, tell us how you got involved with the Winchesters in the first place."

Hodgins sighed. He knew that this would come up sometime.

"You're probably going to want to sit. It's a long story," he explained motioning to the chairs next to him.

Brennan and Booth stood for a moment, contemplating, before taking their seats. Brennan sat in the chair next to Hodgins and Booth took a seat at his chair behind the desk.

Taking a deep breath, Hodgins began, "This was about two years ago. I was out at night around ten o'clock jogging. I was about three quarters through my route when the streetlights on the running trail began to flicker. At first I thought it was just shoddy electric work because, y'know, they always take shortcuts in public works like that, but then I see this black smoke in the air. I couldn't smell anything burning so it was definitely odd, but then the smoke started to move, and when I say move, I mean move as if it was alive. It started towards me. I was so scared I couldn't even run. It kept getting closer and closer… When it nearly reached me, I opened my mouth to scream. That's when it started shoving itself down my throat. It wasn't like I was breathing in smoke from a campfire or a cigarette. No, it was like something solid shoving its way down my throat.

"I think I blacked out because when I came to I was somewhere else. It looked like an empty warehouse out on the river. Probably an abandoned one because there were lights hanging off kilter, tables were knocked over, and there was dirt and trash all over the place. It was like no one had been inside this place in years, but that's when things started to get really weird."

"That's when they started to get weird? Not the whole sentient cloud thingy shoving itself into your mouth?"

Hodgins shot an ugly glare to Booth before continuing.

"I couldn't move. It was the oddest feeling. I don't even know if I can describe it right. I could feel that I was standing up. I could feel everything as if I was in control of my body, but I couldn't even move my own eyes to look around.

"I heard a noise behind me, but I didn't startle at it. I wanted to turn and look but my head wouldn't move. My eyes wouldn't even follow my commands. A voice behind me got the demon's attention. That's when I felt and saw my eyes move towards the voice.

"You know when you're in a movie that's shot documentary style and the camera is on like a band around the character's head? It was kind of like that. I wasn't in control of what I saw or where I moved, it was as if I was watching a movie inside my own head.

"When the demon turned my head I saw that there were other people now walking towards me. I don't remember exactly but I think it was about four. Three men and a woman, but they weren't human. I remember their eyes being completely black. Like their pupil had expanded so far that it had engulfed the entire iris and sclera. The noise I first heard cam from the man furthest away from me. He had slammed the door behind him when he came inside the warehouse.

"That's when I started hearing another voice. It was an angry voice. A terrifying voice. It yelled at them, saying that they had failed. Then it started saying things, awful things. It described the punishments they would endure because of their failures. Tortures and horrible things that I don't think are humanly possible. I wanted to throw up it was so disturbing, but what was even worse was that it was at that moment, when my mouth was spitting out what I think is literally Hell, that I realized that I recognized the voice. It was mine. I was saying those awful things. I was threatening inhuman torture and pain on these people.

"That's really when I started freaking out. I think I knew all along I had been possessed by something, but that's when I really realized it. I tried to take my voice back. I screamed and screamed in my head, trying to get the demon's attention, trying to take back control, but I couldn't. It was like trying to catch myself from falling but having nothing to grab onto.

"Then all of a sudden there was a loud bang. The demon closest to me fell forwards and started screaming. Smoke wafted from his back and I remember hearing something sizzling, I later learned it was a rock salt round burning his skin, but that's when the Winchesters made their appearance. Most of the other demons left their bodies pretty quickly, but my demon wouldn't leave. He stared down the Winchesters and started towards them. I saw my hand come up and they were flung against the far wall.

"My voice practically growled when it said their names. I could feel its anger and hatred inside my head. It was like a swarm of bees. Thinking back on it, I wonder if that is what the demon actually sounds like without a host. The noise was like an angry reverberation of the air around it. It was just emanating energy.

"The demon turned our attention onto Sam. My voice said something about him being a freak and unfortunately being off limits, but that he could still hurt him a little bit. Then Sam cried out in pain, but I could hear Dean start speaking quickly in Latin. The demon turned our head and I could feel its power switching focus, but Dean was too fast. Somehow he said those words fast enough because I felt the angry swarm of bees in my head increase in volume for a split second before I had my voice back, and all I could do was let out a scream as the demon was forced out of my body.

"I came to I think a few seconds later. Sam was kneeling next to me. He grabbed my arm and pulled me to my feet. Dean asked me if I was feeling okay, and then told me that they would take me home. We left the warehouse and they took me back to my house. They explained that I had been possessed by a demon. Gave me the whole 'there's more out there' speech, but I didn't really need them to explain what had happened. I knew. I also knew that they had saved my life. That demon would have ridden my body around for who knows how long.

"Probably what was the most surprising, and it's kind of weird that it's this, was that I had been gone for two days. It had been the weekend so I wasn't missed at work or anything, but the demon had my body for two days. I was only awake for about thirty minutes of it, at most. It could have done something awful, it could have killed someone with my hands and I wouldn't have known."

Hodgins stopped speaking. He lifted his hand to cover his mouth. His eyes were blank as they relived his past. All the fears of his body's unwelcomed joyride flooded back, and he had to take a moment before he started again.

"They asked me if I remembered anything from those two days. I just told them about the initial possessing and the meeting the demons had before they burst in and saved me.

"I did remember the demon talking to the others about the mission they were on, though. They were looking for a woman. She was important because of something she had with her. A gun or something. She had stolen it, and the demon possessing me was pissed."

"A gun?" Booth interrupted. "Demons were worried about a gun? How does that make sense?"

"I don't really know, but Sam and Dean thought they knew what it meant. Apparently there is a gun that was made to kill supernatural creatures, demons included. The big bad demon that the one that possessed me worked for wanted it, but another had stolen it. I don't know why. Never really cared, but the Winchesters wanted to find that gun just as bad as the demons. I tried to help them, but all of my leads came up with nothing. While they were running down leads I let them stay at my place. They were in this nasty motel across town, so I told them that it would probably be easier for them to stay where I could get in contact with them easily if I remembered something.

"They were able to track down a few demons and they questioned them, but they didn't get a stronger lead on where the gun went. After a few days, they had exhausted all of my information, and the information they got from the demons they found, so they left. They gave me that number in case I ever remembered more or if something ever happened again, but I never expected to see them again especially not this way.

"I remember seeing their mugshots on the Most Wanted board a few months later. I started following their case then. I knew they were innocent, but I just wanted to follow up and make sure they didn't get into trouble. I should say more trouble.

"That's how I know they are innocent. Just look at their case file. Half of it doesn't make sense, and the other half is full of people saying that Sam and Dean saved their lives! I promise you they are innocent. They are heroes."

Brennan and Booth sat quietly after Hodgins finished.

"Why didn't you tell any of us that this happened?"

"Please. I knew how it sounded. If it hadn't happened to me, I wouldn't have believed it myself. It was also just after we lost Zach, and I didn't want you to worry that I had lost myself too.

"I know I can get a bit crazy at times. My penchant for conspiracy theories has grown less and less endearing every year, but all of my theories center around the natural world right? If I started spouting off theories and stories about the supernatural world, you guys would have had me committed! I know when to keep my mouth shut about some things, even though sometimes it doesn't seem like I know how to."

All three sat for a moment. Taking in Hodgins' story.

"So that really happened. No psychosis, no drugs. You were actually possessed by a demon," Booth asked inquisitively. It was said with a completely serious tone, no sarcasm at all. Brennan gaped at Booth's question as if he had just grown a second head.

"You believe me?" Hodgins asked in disbelief.

Booth shook his head. "I have no idea what to believe, but to be honest yeah I do Hodgins. I think I do believe you."

Brennan's gaping mouth grew as Booth apparently grew a third head.

"Bones stop looking at me like that," Booth chided. "I have nothing better to believe at the moment."

Brennan laughed. "So you believe that Hodgins was possessed by a demon."

"You seem to forget that I am Catholic, Bones," Booth reminded her. "Possession and exorcism, while not really talked about, is believed in by a lot of Catholics around the world. I know you don't believe in God, Bones, I know that. You love to remind me of that, but this time the evidence is pointing in my direction."

"It's pseudoscience at best Booth! Anecdotal evidence isn't proper evidence to prove a theory, and can't be used to make a rational decision or theory about anything!" She threw her hands in the air in frustration.

Hodgins spoke up. "I'm a scientist too Dr. Brennan. I understand the scientific method and verifiable research just as well as you. I also know what happened to me was real. If it'll help, I'm sure the Winchesters will give an exact account of how we met. They'll be able to explain demons and everything about their world. Its fascinating and terrifying at the same time."

Brennan looked even more skeptical than she did to Booth.

"Please let's just talk to them," Hodgins pleaded.

Brennan sighed and nodded. "Fine. Let's hear what we have to say, but I think it would be wise for you to talk to Dr. Sweets about this as soon as you can."

Hodgins rolled his eyes and followed Booth, who had already gotten up and was heading towards the door to his office. They headed out of the bullpen and were nearing the hallway that would lead to the conference room, when they heard a loud crash and voices around the corner.

He turned and quietly told Hodgins and Brennan to stay put, but both shook their heads and followed right behind him. Taking out his sidearm, Booth rounded the corner.

After Booth took Hodgins to his office, Sam and Dean sat uneasily facing the door.

Waiting, or hoping, on their quick return.

Sam turned to Dean and just stared at him. It was the first time he and Dean had any time by themselves since Dean had come back, and there were so many questions running through his head he didn't know where to start.

Sam was about to open his mouth when a woman walked past the conference room. She caught Dean's attention and he followed her as she moved across the window. A small smile tugged at the edge of Dean's mouth, and Sam let out a short laugh. It was good to see that four months in Hell hadn't changed that much of Dean's personality.

Dean watched the woman walk past and he took a moment to appreciate the sight in front of him. She was beautiful and was rocking the whole pantsuit look. He was about to turn on his charm from inside the room before she walked away, but she looked over and made brief eye contact. When she did, her eyes flashed pitch black and her mouth twisted into a vicious smile before she disappeared behind the far wall.

"Son of a bitch," Dean whispered the curse and pushed himself from his chair and headed for the door. He tried the latch on the door, and the door slid open. Booth had forgotten to lock it behind him, stupid mistake.

"Dean, what's going on?" Sam asked, concerned.

Dean turned to Sam and said with an authoritative tone, "Just stay here. Can't have both of us gone. I just need to check something out really quick." He slipped through the door and disappeared down the hall.

Sam huffed in frustration, but turned around and sat down heavily. He rubbed his hand on his face.

Dean jogged down the hallway where he thought the woman went. His adrenaline spiked and he reveled in the exhilaration of a hunt. He had kept Sam back for two reasons. Mainly Dean left Sam behind because he didn't want to launch a full-scale manhunt at their disappearance. Booth knew that Dean wouldn't go anywhere without Sam, so if Sam was still there he could explain to Booth what happened. Also, Dean wanted to see what the demon knew, ask it questions in a way he didn't want Sam to see. All Dean wanted was for Sam to never find out what he had done, and if that meant risking his newfound life by doing something that Dean just now realized was insanely stupid, then so be it.

He set himself to his mission when he rounded the next corner. What he didn't expect was to be grabbed and violently thrown against the wall by the pretty blonde he had been tailing.

She closed the distance between them in a flash and pushed him roughly against the wall again.

"Dean Winchester, out of the fire and back in the real world. What makes you so special that you get out of what all of us are stuck with, huh? What ass did you kiss?" The demon hissed. The hatred and anger in the demon's voice was palpable. She tightened her supernaturally strong grip on Dean's throat making him gasp, but let go after his face began to turn red so he could answer.

"I like to think it was because of my perky nipples," Dean sneered through a cough, but his sardonic smile fell. "Does it look like I know? Do you think I deserve this?"

The demon scoffed, "Of course you don't, you know as well as I do you deserve these eyes as much as any of us." She let the black cloud her eyes as she increased the pressure on Dean's windpipe, making it difficult but not impossible to breathe again.

"Ya know," Dean started through gasping breaths. "Whatever pulled me out of the pit probably wants me alive. You won't kill me because you're afraid of what had the juice to bust me out."

The demon's grip tightened as she ripped a snarl at Dean, but her grip loosened when she heard footsteps rounding the corner. She turned her black eyes on Brennan and Booth. She raised her hand and flung them backwards across the hallway. She turned back to Dean and growled, "Get ready, Dean-O. Castiel is going to regret meddling in what is ours. If you ever see him, thank him for what we are about to do. This time will make Colorado seem like a lazy summer day."

With that she threw her head back and let out an unearthly scream as the demon left the woman's body. The black smoke billowed into the hallway, and Booth threw himself over Brennan as it snaked its way into the air conditioning vent at the end of the hallway.

After all of the smoke was gone, Booth and Brennan separated and looked up at Dean in shock.

"What the hell was that?" Brennan asked. Booth just sat in shock at what he had just seen.

"That, Dr. Brennan, was a demon," Dean said through strained breath. He rubbed his throat and coughed.

Booth groaned as he pushed himself to his feet and extended his hand to help Brennan to hers. He walked over to the blonde woman the demon had been possessing. She was still lying on the floor. Her eyes were open and vacant. Leaning down, Booth pressed two fingers to the left side of her throat.

Sighing he looked at Brennan, "She's dead."

Dean sighed as well. "Sometimes the demon is the only thing keeping the body alive, she's probably been dead for weeks." He rubbed his throat again and looked at Brennan, who had kneeled down next to the woman.

"She's cold. How is that possible?" Brennan asked in disbelief.

"Like I said," Dean explained patiently. "She's probably been dead for weeks. If a person's body is fatally hurt when they're possessed, they'll die, but as long as the demon stays in that person's body the body will keep moving and talking as if the person's alive."

Brennan kept testing the body, trying to find a clue that would give her at least some semblance of evidence towards a real-world solution. She opened the woman's mouth and stopped. Reaching into her pocket, she grabbed one of her ever-present latex gloves and pulled it on. She stuck her finger in the woman's mouth and swabbed out a yellowish substance. Bringing it up to her nose, Brennan took a careful waft of it.

"Sulfur?" Brennan asked to no one in particular. She dropped her hand and sat back on her heels. Looking up at Dean she said in a whisper that Dean nearly missed, "You were right."

Dean credited himself to excellent self-control that he didn't drop his jaw then and there, but Booth was not so controlled. Booth's jaw nearly made contact with the ground when he responded, "Wait, hold on. Bones, could you say that again? I don't think I heard you correctly."

Brennan was still lost in her own thoughts, eyes locked on Dean, but not exactly seeing him. She was in the process of recalibrating her entire understanding of the natural world. It was as if her brain was a computer and she had finally received an update that was in the process of changing the fundamental workings of her mind.

All instances of real and fiction, the entire qualification of fantasy flew from her mind, and an entirely new world of possibilities opened. The discovery of Dean Winchester's validity turned Brennan's world upside down, but instead of feeling helpless and confused, Brennan felt as if the wool had been pulled from her eyes and she was finally seeing the world she was actually living in and not the one she wished she was.

This entire process took about three seconds, and in those three seconds Booth's sarcastic question made its way into her mind. She blinked and was back in the real world. Turning towards Booth, she shot him an ugly glare. She got to her feet and shook a strand of hair that had fallen in front of her eyes out of her face.

She cleared her throat and stuck her hand out. "I apologize for not believing in you, Dean. You were telling the truth, and I was being stubborn and obstinate. With this evidence I have no choice but to accept your word to be true however unpleasant that truth is."

Dean shot a quick look over to Booth whose mouth was hanging open wider than before. Taking her hand carefully, Dean shot Brennan a sly smile. "Welcome to the supernatural Dr. Brennan."

Dean looked over at Hodgins who stood at the edge of the corner, frozen as he had watched the scene play out. Walking over, he put his hand on Hodgins' shoulder. "Having fun yet Hodgins?" Dean said with a laugh and headed back towards where Sam was sitting oblivious to their life-changing development.

"Castiel?" Sam asked excitedly.

"Yeah that's the name she said," Dean explained. "Didn't seem like she was overly fond of him so I'm not so sure if it's a demon."

"Well I think I am starting to like the guy… or thing… guy-thing? Anyway, I'm pulling a Sun-Tzu and saying that the enemy of our enemy is our friend," Hodgins asserted.

"That's not Sun-Tzu by the way. It's a derivative of an Arabic proverb," Sam clarified.

Hodgins stared at Sam and lifted an eyebrow. "Priorities, Sam. Do we think this Castiel creature is a good guy?"

Sam looked back at Dean, who just lifted his shoulders. "Maybe," Sam responded.

"Maybe? Demons are evil," Hodgins asked rhetorically. "Well evil things hate good things. So if these demons hate Castiel, then, by modus ponens, Castiel must be good."

Sam gave Hodgins a tired smile and just responded, "The supernatural world is a world that lives outside of logical forms. I would love to believe that Castiel is a good guy. I will be the first to reach out my hand and thank him for bringing Dean back, but in our experience, if a bad thing hates another thing, that other thing is probably even worse."

"See demons like to be the big bad," Dean explained. "They have a superiority complex, so if anything challenges that status they become like high school boys with their measuring tape. They're just so bitter."

Brennan stepped into the conversation. "So just because the demons hate this Castiel being, I can't believe I just said demon and meant it in a literal sense, but that doesn't mean that Castiel is good?"

"It probably means that we are facing something that is even worse than demons, and let me tell you, we haven't come across anything worse or more powerful than a demon let alone a group of them," Dean explained gravely.

"What if Castiel isn't a demon," Booth spoke up cautiously from his place in the back of the room.

"Yeah that's what we're thinking, Booth," Dean responded impatiently.

Booth shook his head and stepped closer to the boys. "I mean, what if Castiel really isn't a demon, and isn't even on their side?"

Sam cocked his head. "I don't follow, Booth."

"Oh c'mon, Sam. Listen to the name," Booth gestured to Sam to connect the dots.

"Cast-IEL," Booth annunciated. "Doesn't that sound a bit like an angelic name to you?"

"Please," Dean scoffed. He believed in angels about as much as he believed that one would pull him from Hell. Especially after what he had done, what he had become. "Sorry to burst your bubble, Booth. There's no such thing."

"How do you know?" It was Brennan who spoke up this time, surprising everyone.

Booth turned with a surprised look to his partner who had stepped up next to him. He watched her intently as she waited for an answer from Sam and Dean.

This question, while questioning was a fundamental part of her M.O., surprised the hell out of him. I mean he figured that she had set aside her doubt about demons because she had seen them, but how in the world did that mean that she would start believing in angels immediately afterwards.

"I mean I didn't believe that demons existed until I saw one," Brennan continued, completely oblivious to the slack-jawed stare her partner was giving her.

"What makes it that demons can exist but a being that we would characterize as an angel wouldn't? I mean why limit the possibilities of the supernatural in that way?" Her eyes glistened with the excitement of possibility. When she looked at the boys she looked at a form of enlightenment that she never even realized that she wanted. The Winchesters had opened her eyes to a world with seemingly infinite possibilities.

The research on demons alone would no doubt fundamentally rock the scientific community, She thought to herself. Why would these boys just off-hand say that angels didn't exist when so many impossible things did.

"They just don't exist okay?" Dean stated matter-of-factly. "And if they did, I doubt they would take their time to reach into the pit and save a low-life like me."

Dean's off-hand self-deprecating comment was not lost on Sam. He looked over at his brother with concern in his eyes.

What will it take for Dean to realize that he means something?, Sam thought to himself.

"We should call Bobby," Sam suggested. "He might have some books on this Castiel thing. He'd be able to tell us whether there is even a remote possibility that Castiel could be an angel."

"Well that will be an interesting phone call," Dean chuckled. "Are you going to tell him about me?"

"Uh… why wouldn't I?"

Dean tilted his head. "I dunno. That'll just turn a five-minute request for information into a probable thirty-minute conversation and we have a potential siege on our hands that we need to deal with."

Sam was completely taken aback. "You don't want me to tell Bobby that you're alive?"

"It's not that I don't want him to know," Dean tried to explain. "It's just that we have bigger things to deal with."

"What is up with you?" Sam asked, frustration boiling into anger. "You said the same thing earlier when it was just legal charges we were dealing with. Now that those have been effectively wiped, again, you're avoiding him 'cuz of a bunch of demons that we could probably use his help with? I mean what do you want me to tell him when we ask him why we want to know about Castiel?"

"I don't care, Sam. Just tell him it's for a hunt!"

"Dean, what is it?" Sam knew that if he wanted to get any information out of Dean that he just had to work at him. It wouldn't be until Sam's pestering got more frustrating than whatever Dean was hiding, that he would let Sam in.

"What if this whole resurrection thing isn't permanent?" Dean finally admitted in a low voice.

"What?" Sam asked disbelief and fear plain in his face and voice.

"What if after whatever Castiel wants from me is over, what if it sends me back?" Dean explained. "Y'all already watched me die once, if I can save Bobby from that, at least until we figure out what Castiel wants. I don't know, man. I just wouldn't want to put him through that again."

Sam considered Dean's words for a moment. A thought ran through his mind that clutched at his heart in a way that terrified him. "Would you have told me you were alive if I hadn't been there to see it?"

"I don't know Sam!" Dean exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air and turning his back on the group of people watching him and his brother argue. Wiping his hand down his face, Dean sighed. "That demon knows the name of what brought me back, that can't be a good thing. This whole thing just feels wrong. If you hadn't been there and I came back like this, yeah there is a good chance I wouldn't have told you."

"You're serious?" Sam couldn't believe what he was hearing. "You would let me grieve for you even though you were alive? Can you even imagine what it was like with you gone? I was dead for two days before you brought me back. Try four months of nothing but dead ends, grief, and nightmares. Think about that and tell me that you, in good conscience, could let Bobby go through one more day of that."

Brennan and Booth exchanged confused looks as Sam and Dean's multiple resurrections were casually tossed out in conversation. Booth turned to Hodgins, but was only given a shrug as explanation.

Sam raised his eyebrows and set his mouth in a hard line as he laid the challenge in front of Dean. "Can you do that to Bobby, Dean?"

Dean regarded Sam differently than he had for the last few hours. The last few months had changed him, hardened him into something that Dean wasn't sure he fully recognized.

Dean sighed and lifted his hands in defeat. There really was no arguing with Sam, especially when he was right. "All right, Sam. You tell him. You know he'll just hang up if he answers the phone and ears my voice on the end of the line."

Sam nodded, a small smile tugged at the corner of his mouth.

Dean turned and started walking towards Agent Booth. He called over his shoulder as he walked, "Wipe that smug smile off of your face, Sam, before someone smacks it off of you. Someone namely me."

Sam's smile grew and he chuckled at his brother. He separated himself from the group by walking out into the hall. Sam let Dean get to work explaining to Booth and Brennan how they were going to set up demon protection. Hodgins interjected every once in a while with suggestions of his own. Some made Dean burst into laughter.

Sam pulled out his phone. He scrolled through his contacts and pressed on Bobby's number when he heard Dean smack Hodgins on the back of the head.

"That's the stupidest thing I have ever heard," Sam heard Dean accuse.

He had a smile on his phone when he heard a gruff, "Hello?"

"Heya Bobby,"

"Sam," He could hear the surprise in Bobby's voice. Sam couldn't count how long it had been since he had called Bobby and not the other way around.

"What is it, son?" Bobby's voice was cautious.

"Well, things have gone in a bit of an unexpected direction."

"I really hope you're not using this as your one phone call."

"No, Bobby," Sam actually laughed. "I am not in trouble with the FBI."

"It's good to hear you laugh again, Sam," Bobby admitted. Sam could still hear the sadness in Bobby's voice, and he was glad that Dean changed his mind about telling Bobby.

"Yeah well today has been a bit of a game changer."

"How so?" Bobby asked skeptically.

"Dean's alive."

There was a pause before Bobby nearly shouted, "Excuse me?"

"Dean, he's alive," Sam said with a relieved breath. "We don't know how and we haven't figured out why, but he's alive."

"Sam, I know you want Dean back, but are you sure that what you're seeing is your brother?"

"Yeah Bobby, we've done the drill. I was there when he came back. You wouldn't have believed it even if you had seen it, Bobby. I can't even describe it."

"When did this happen?"

"About three hours ago," Sam said sheepishly.

Bobby's voice raised a notch in volume "And you're just calling me now because?"

Sam let out a low groan that sounded more like a door creaking on its hinge. "Well we kind of got arrested by the FBI"

"I thought you said you weren't in trouble, boy?"

"We're not anymore. Well, demons attacking us made them take us seriously," Sam explained with a grimace. He expected Bobby to not be too pleased with their current situation.

"Demons, dammit, what have you gotten yourself into," his gruff admonition was softened with a short laugh. Of course Dean would be in trouble with demons the minute he busts from Hell. What else did they expect?

"Dean thought the same thing, Bobby, but it wasn't me I swear. The demon that attacked Dean said that a being called Castiel raised him. Now it didn't sound like it and demons were on friendly terms, but we have no idea what Castiel is.

"The demon said that there was a bunch of demons about to close in on us like that police station in Colorado. I'm guessing to bring Dean back to Hell,"

"So what do you need from me? I won't be able to get there for about two days."

Sam sighed. If only Bobby could magically appear, he would feel so much better with the veteran hunter watching their backs. "Strictly research, Bobby. Can you see if you can find anything on something named Castiel?"

"Any idea what it is?"

"No clue, but it has the juice to bring Dean back and heal every wound and scar he ever had. It also left a handprint scar on his left shoulder," Sam explained. He rubbed his hand over his forehead, trying to relieve some of the tension building there. It had been about ten hours since he last saw Ruby. He was starting to feel the withdrawal.

"A handprint scar?"

"Yeah, it's like where it grabbed him to pull him out or ride him out of Hell," Sam explained succinctly.

"That doesn't sound ominous at all," Bobby's gruff sarcasm lifted Sam's heart for a moment. "I have a friend in the neighborhood. She's a psychic that might be able to help y'all. Her name's Pamela Barnes. Best psychic on the East Coast."

"Thanks Bobby."

"I'll meet y'all down there in a couple of days. It'll take me at least that long to get there from here in my truck, so try to keep yourself and your brother alive long enough for that, understand me?"

Sam knew that Bobby was dropping everything to see Dean. There was no way Bobby could get here in time to help us with these demons and there was no reason that he and Dean couldn't just meet him at his house afterwards, but Sam didn't press. He knew Dean would want to see Bobby as soon as he could as well.

"Keep your eyes open, Sam," Bobby advised. "I have a feeling that your brother coming back was just the beginning of something that neither of us have ever seen before."

With that, Bobby hung up and left Sam to contemplate his own sense of foreboding. All Sam wanted to do was call Ruby and get his fix. Then he knew he'd be able to protect Dean, but he couldn't risk exposing his secret. He looked back towards the group, but didn't rejoin him. He just sat for a while and wondered how any of the next few hours could end well for any of them. Nothing came to mind.

With dread building in his stomach, Sam pulled out his cellphone again and dialed, but he wasn't calling Bobby or the psychic.

A feminine voice answered the other end.

"Ruby, I need you."