Angel created by Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Bones by Hart Hanson

One of several post-'Angel' stories (therefore spoilers for the finale) I'm working on linking together.

Happens shortly after Angel was 'saved' by Willow in 'Aftermath of a Night as a Puppet'

As the final blow landed, a white light surrounded Spike and carried him a few feet off the ground.

A bit over-awed from the attention given, he silently hung there for a few seconds, dripping battle residue onto the ground below.

'Do not be afraid, Champion,' spoke a wave-like voice, as Spike shielded his eyes and looked up, trying and failing to find the source. 'We are with you now, as you so consistently have been with us.'

"Angel signed away the Shanshu prophecy," a young male voice yelled, from outside the pillar of light. "Don't worry. It's all yours now!"

William the Bloody grinned fiercely, a great wind rippling his cropped and ichor-stained hair.


'By being yourself, you have not only earned your humanity, but a trip to a place where it will be an asset and not a liability,' said the apparent voice of the Powers that Be.

'We understand that you would not be fulfilled in this dimension with so many supernatural forces to compete against, so We instead place you into a lower powered world and a job well suited to your tastes and skills. A world where violence and chaos simmer under the surface, but your wits and experience are needed more than your human strength, though it will be called on from time to time.'

'You will be part of a team which will not always agree with you, but mutual respect will be constant, if you play your cards right. The groundwork has been laid for a romance or two, but no one will be hurt if you choose to start one fully of your own making.' The sounds of an orchestra appeared from nowhere, building to a crescendo with the Powers' voice. 'Congratulations, Angel, enjoy your new life.'


Spike had a second to struggle in recognition, before he was forcibly pulled into the sky.

Empty, the column of light blinked out.

He woke up in a darkened room and, sitting on the edge of his new bed, stared into space.

New memories of a life in progress and a somewhat familiar strong-willed personality came rushing into his head. He didn't really mind the old/new job the Powers that Be had set up for him as he enjoyed the CSI and MacGyver shows as much as the next bloke.

His skills and tastes did apply here and his new/old vampire memories might be an asset in certain cases, although an active search for traces of the supernatural in his new and low-powered world would be likely useless. However, he had been making it a better place, solving, as part of a team, the world's problems a case at a time.

He definitely wouldn't mind shagging a few of the faces around the lab, especially the Brennan woman, a stunner he could easily see himself caring for in amounts approaching Buffy.

He even had an ex and a son who enjoyed spending time with him.

The only major trouble on his mind was something which at least half of him had seen nearly every day of his life.


The physically fit, black haired man frowned heavily, stood up and crossed to the bathroom where he turned on the light.

Agent Seeley Booth stared into the mirror at a face he suddenly recognized as Angel's.


"Oh bloody 'ell," he said with a British accent. Or at least half of one.