This is a Collab between Yuaki1707 and Rikku-chan36.

The room was dark, with only the moon providing any light. The girl watched the moon, her eyes reflecting melancholy and loneliness. She was lost in her thoughts, not hearing the door creak open.

"Sakura," a deep and husky voice whispered against her ear. She turned around in surprise, only to be met by a pair of ebony eyes staring into her own pair of emeralds. His left hand thrusts against the wall, next to her head and her body gets trapped against his and the wall. She flinched at the sudden move and she looked at him with a flustered expression. His head moved closer and she closed her eyes in anticipation, only to hear a soft, seductive whisper against her ear.

"Sa-ku-ra." His smooth tone brought shivers down her spine.

"Look at me," he harshly commanded. She obeyed and forcefully opened her eyes. Before she realised it, a soft but cold hand was tracing patterns on her stomach. The ticklish feeling made her giggle lightly. His hand started moving upwards, making her face blush intensely and her body writhe in anticipation. His lips leaned into hers, ready to kiss her.

"Sasuke-kun!" The girl sat up from her bed, startled. Her breathing was laboured and uneven, her eyes wide in surprise. She shakily got out of her bed and walked into her bathroom. She looked in the mirror, only to see herself blushing and panting. She lightly moved her hand across her body where she thought he touched her.

As the girl walked towards the training grounds, realisation hit her.I can't face Sasuke after that dream! How could I dream of something so embarrassing? Her face blushed at the memory. Sakura was brought back to reality when her bubbly teammate shouted her name.

She looked up to see Naruto running towards her, enthusiastically pulling Sasuke along with him. "Can you tell Sasuke-teme that I'm not a dobe!" Her eyes immediately swept to Sasuke's, meeting his annoyed eyes. Remembering her dream again, she immediately moved her eyes away from his gaze, a blush on her face.

Sasuke was immediately surprised when Sakura not only didn't greet him with a showering of compliments, but that she avoided his gaze. The surprise turned to relief as it was one less admirer to deal with for the day.


"I got lost on the road of life. Anyway, let's start training. Naruto you can spar against Sakura and Sasuke will spar against me." With that said, their usual training routine began. Sakura gave a sigh of relief when Sasuke walked away from her with Kakashi.

Although her body was evading attacks and making hand seals, her head was still wondering about the dream she had. Naruto, being the oblivious boy he was, completely missed Sakura's strange behaviour. When the sun started to descend, the team called it a day. Usually, the four would go to Ichiraku together, but Sakura quickly made up an excuse and ran home. Naruto was still oblivious, Sasuke was still happy about one less admirer to deal with, but Kakashi had quickly noticed Sakura's discomfort; especially around a certain Uchiha.

"Sasuke, I have a mission for you and Sakura."

"Why does teme get a mission with Sakura-chan? I wanna go on a mission with her!"

Because you're going on a mission with me, Naruto. Now, the mission details are in the scroll. Go inform Sakura. I want you both to leave tonight." The jounin left with Naruto to go to Ichiraku, while Sasuke made his way to Sakura's house. He quickly flicked his eyes over the words written in the scroll, briefing himself on the mission. He closed the scroll when he reached the kunoichi's house and quickly knocked on the wooden door. A few seconds later, Sakura stood in the door's frame, eyes widening when she saw the sharingan user in front of her.

"Sasuke-kun, what are you doing here?"

"We have a mission. We're leaving tonight, so start packing." The raven head left as quickly as he had come and Sakura didn't know whether to sigh in relief or disappointment of their short encounter. She quickly let his words run through her head again and quickly left to pack a small backpack for the mission.

When she arrived at the gates of the village, Sasuke was already leaning against the gate. His eyes were closed and his arms were crossed across his chest. The moonlight gave a haunting yet ethereal vibe. She quickly got herself under control and walked towards her teammate.

"The other two are late again," the girl complained.

"They're not coming. Let's head out," the Uchiha stated before walking out of the village. Sakura reluctantly followed, making sure to leave some distance between herself and Sasuke. The air was filled with awkward silence the whole trip and the kunoichi was debating whether to start a conversation or not. She glanced at the raven head in front of her, but his gaze was directed forward and she felt she would be an annoyance to him if she started speaking.

By nightfall, they hadn't spoken a word to each other and the awkward atmosphere was still there. The sharingan user decided to start setting up camp when the sun had set. He quickly finished putting up his tent and made his way to a waterfall he spotted nearby to refresh himself. Sakura decided to walk around the area, searching for firewood. When she had found enough, she returned back to the camp area, only to realise that she had nothing to light the wood with.

I went to all these lengths to avoid him, but now I need his help.

She hesitantly started walking in the direction that Sasuke had left in a few minutes earlier. It didn't take her long to start hearing the sound of water splashing and her eyes found a waterfall. She continued to walk until she realised that there was a figure under the stream of water. She immediately realised from the half naked body that the person was male. Who is that? Looking a little bit closer, she realised the male had very pale skin. His hair was ebony black and his body had muscles and a developing six pack. When the person's eyes opened, Sakura was shocked when she saw blood red eyes staring at her.

"Are you done staring at me?" The question startled her and she realised who those red eyes belonged to. She let out a gasp of surprise while her head was trying to figure out what Sasuke had just said. Her mind was still focused on the avenger in front of her, until his words replayed in her mind. She quickly averted his gaze and let out a stuttered 'sorry'. She quickly remembered her reason for trying to find him and quickly spoke before she left.

"I need you to start the fire." She quickly rushed back to the camp site afterwards, trying to hide her blushing face. A few minutes later, she heard Sasuke's footsteps approaching. He quickly looked at her before using Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu to set the pieces of wood alight. She muttered a quick 'thanks' and he gave a grunt of acknowledgement before another awkward silence began.

"You've been avoiding me." Normally Sasuke wouldn't bother with these sort of issues, but it could affect the way they worked as a team for this mission and he was sure Kakashi sent them on a mission together to fix this problem.

"N-nothing. What made you say that?"

"You've only said nine words to me since we left the village."

"I-it's late. I'll go to bed now." She started making her way to her tent, when she felt herself being turned around and the rough surface of a tree met her back.
Sasuke's onyx eyes stared into her emerald ones and his forehead leaned against hers. His breath fanning across her face and his close proximity immediately made her think back to her dream.

She quickly pushed against his chest, trying to create some distance between them. However, Sasuke was stronger and kept her pinned in place. Knowing she couldn't win a physical fight against the avenger, she tried to avoid his gaze and push her body further against the tree and away from the Uchiha.

"Why are you avoiding me," he growled. Her resistance to tell him started to become a nuisance and he had never been a patient person.

"Please let go of me," she stated.

"Not until you tell me what's going on." His frustration was growing by the second and his grip on her shoulders became tighter in anger.

"It's..." She started to mumble her last words, which made it hard for Sasuke to hear her reply.

"It's what?''

"I said it's embarrassing!" She shouted at his face.

His eyes widened in slight surprise by her sudden outburst. Sakura, realising her mistake, quickly looked down at her feet.

"Forget it. It doesn't matter."

"Well, obviously it does matter, since it's the reason you've been avoiding me. If you don't tell me now, I'll use my sharingan to find out." After another few seconds of silence, Sakura finally gave in.

"I had a dream about you." The words were just loud enough for him to hear and the Uchiha wondered why dreaming about him was so bad. He knew that a lot of his admirers dreamt about him and told him all about how he confessed his love for them.

"That doesn't explain why you were avoiding me." Sasuke didn't need to ask; Sakura already understood that he wanted a better explanation.

"I dreamt that you...you..." She couldn't get the words out, afraid of Sasuke's reaction. The Uchiha let out an impatient sigh and grabbed Sakura's chin, to make her look at him. She stared at onyx eyes, wondering if he would use his sharingan like he had threatened to.

"Just tell me." There was impatience mixed with curiosity lacing the tone of his voice. Sakura took a deep breath, readying herself; he had a right to know.

"I dreamt that you were touching me." She quickly looked away again, not seeing the Uchiha's eyes widen in surprise. Sasuke had expected a dream about some sort of love confession or him returning the girl's feelings. He understood why Sakura didn't want to tell him; they already had a shaky relationship and she had probably feared that this would worsen things between them. However, Sasuke was strict about feelings interfering with missions and their teamwork and wasn't going to lead the girl on.

"You know that would never happen, so you shouldn't let it bother you. Just forget that you ever dreamt something like that." The words were spoken sternly and harshly; there was no room for arguments. Sakura nodded her head in defeat, wondering why she hoped for something that she knew wouldn't happen. The Uchiha released the girl and made his way back to the campfire, leaving Sakura to organise her thoughts and forget her dream.