Yo, decided to finally get off my ass and write a story of my own. Settled on a Naruto/To Love-Ru story. Not enough quality ones. Mainly because it's difficult to make a serious story involving To Love-Ru, since 95% of it is useless fluff and fan service. Not this story though. I want this to be a serious story. Maybe it will even jump-start fics of this crossover because there really are so few of them. Hope you enjoy.

"Class dismissed. Just wait till I call your name, come to the front to get your graded papers, and then you can go," a tanned man with a large horizontal scar across his nose and his brown hair tied back into a spiky ponytail announced. This was Umino Iruka, the teacher of one of the classes for the Ninja Academy of Konohagakure.

The class in question didn't give him any sign of hearing him, instead all talking to each other. Yep, this class was done for today. Iruka knew exactly how long he could get most of these kids to listen. By now, there was almost nothing he could do short of extreme measures to get them to listen to anymore lectures. It was smarter to just admit defeat, let them go home for the day, and then start again tomorrow. Even if it was only two in the afternoon. They didn't have any physical lessons today. Apparently 6 hours of lecturing was the most these wannabe ninjas could handle. So the class slowly emptied as he called them up to get their graded tests, and they then left till the class was almost empty.

"Uzumaki Naruto," he finally called. He watched in concern as one of the last two remaining people slowly walked down. Uzumaki Naruto was one of his most…unique students. Apparently completely talent less as a shinobi, Naruto also seemed to have a fondness/obsession with orange. Not to mention his voice was very loud. Despite this though, Iruka couldn't help but sympathize with the orphan. Iruka knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Naruto had had a very difficult life. All because of becoming a jinchuriki the night of his birth. When Naruto stood in front of him, Iruka handed him the paper and explained, "Better than usual, Naruto. Good job."

Naruto just nodded and walked out with the paper, making Iruka somewhat concerned. The past few weeks, Naruto had been…different. Less excitable. Less enthusiastic. Seemingly distracted at all times(although he was never the most attentive, if anything he was the least attentive kid in class). Iruka was starting to get worried. He simply didn't know what to think. He knew Naruto put on a fake smile to hide his sadness. So what did it show when that smile seemingly stopped appearing. Was he less sad or was he giving up? Iruka simply didn't know the answer.


Naruto meanwhile walked down the street, oblivious to his teacher's thoughts. He was instead looking at the test he had in his hand. It had a large C- on it. Although still below average, it was a great deal better than Naruto's usual F. Not even a close F either, an F-.

Naruto wasn't quite sure what to think on the grade. Normally a person would feel happy over getting a better grade than normal, but Naruto was split. Part of Naruto was happy, but another part was disappointed because he knew it wasn't because of him that it had improved. It was because of her.

Sighing, Naruto shoved the test in a pocket before he started to run towards his apartment. Normally he would train before going home, but the past few weeks he hasn't. Not since she arrived.

Naruto paused when he reached his door. He took a deep breath to try and mentally prepare himself before he grabbed the doorknob and entered. He walked into his rather small apartment. His apartment only consisted of a main room which served as a mix of a living room, a bedroom, and a kitchen. The one door led to the bathroom. It was a small apartment, and somewhat lower scale compared to most apartments in Konoha. Naruto didn't care though. He still remembered when the Hokage had given him the apartment when he was seven. After two years of living on the streets after being kicked out of the orphanage at five, he'd finally had a home. He'd never forgotten the feeling of not having a place to sleep or go back to. Despite most people assuming that his place would be a pigsty, it was actually quite clean. Naruto had learned to take care of his stuff.

Naruto's thoughts were cut off when he heard a soft voice call out, "Naruto." Naruto slowly turned his head to look towards the voice. He forced himself to not blush at the sight.

Her name was apparently Momo Velia Deviluke, which was weird because apparently her given name came first and then her family name. Her explanation. She is an alien…as in not from this planet. Naruto really didn't even know what to think about that.

Especially now. His mind was on different matters. Naruto sometimes couldn't help but realize how much Momo fit his idea of an ideal women. Naruto generally found women that stand out to be more attractive. Momo definitely stood out. Her hair was the same hot pink color that had first attracted Naruto to Haruno Sakura. Unlike Sakura though, Momo's hair was kept short, only falling to her shoulders. Her eyes were a deep, purple color. Her face was so cute that Naruto almost considered it unfair. She was prettier than all the girls in his class, with peach skin that was clearly well taken care of, long eyelashes, a cute button nose, and full looking lips. Overall Momo was stunning.

Admittedly though, Naruto wasn't exactly focused on her face right now. His focus was a little bit south of that area. Momo was…well developed for her age. Naruto was fourteen, about to turn fifteen, and Momo was already fifteen. While clearly she wasn't fully developed yet, she was far enough along in the process to give both an amazing picture currently and hint at what she would likely look like in the future.

This was enhanced by what she was currently wearing. Her outfit consisted only of a pair of modest pink panties and a white button up shirt. The shirt only had a single button actually buttoned by the way. This caused the top of the shirt to be open enough to clearly display the insides of her modest breasts, and the bottom was open enough to show quite a bit of her hips and panties. Along with this her hair was frazzled, and one hand was cutely rubbing one eyes. All together it was the epitome of 'sexy out of bed' look.

Two weeks ago, Naruto would have been blushing and stuttering up a storm. By now he only had a slight blush across his cheeks and looked away. Momo was a good actor. Anyone looking at the scene would be sure that she had just woken up from a nap. Naruto knew better though. Momo was just evil that way. She simply loved to see him flustered. Everyday since she had started living with him three weeks ago, he found way too many of these incidents happening.

Everyday when he got back from the academy, she was always in a barely decent position. Once he had walked into his room to see her 'sleeping' in the exact same outfit and the shirt riding up to just under her breasts. Another day she had been cooking a meal wearing only panties, a bra, and an apron. Another she had shown up in just a towel while still wet from a shower. Everyday it was another challenge to his self control.

She claimed she just lounged around the house or slept when he was gone and was always surprised when he got home. For one, she would have stopped being surprised after the second day since he returned home the exact same time everyday. Two, girls do not just lounge around in their undergarments. Perverts may wish so, but they actually wear sweats and old t-shirts. Three, she certainly wasn't sleeping considering she went to bed the same time as him and always woke up the same time as him to make him breakfast. No, Naruto was certain. She simply spent the day wondering on how best to tempt and embarrass him.

Naruto had long since stopped complaining though. It hadn't seemed to deter Momo in the least. He instead showed her the test and informed her, "We got the tests back. I did better than usual."

"That's great. Good job," Momo exclaimed while smiling happily. Naruto once again had to look away to prevent her from seeing his blush. Sexy and hot her outfit was, Naruto thought that a genuine smile on her face was arguably more attractive. Momo chuckled thought before adding, "C- though. Better, but still not exactly good."

Naruto rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment before replying, "I guess. I'll make sure to try harder for the next one."

"And I'll be right there helping you along," Momo declared with a smile.

Naruto blushed again. He tended to do that around Momo a lot. Certainly more than he had around Sakura. It wasn't even due to Momo's appearance either, although there were certainly moments where he did blush because of that. Instead he usually blushed when she talked about doing stuff with him. As someone who was an orphan, basically without friends, and was disliked by the entire village he lived in, having someone eager and happy to do things with him was certainly a new(and pleasant) experience for him.

He was snapped out of that when Momo told him, "I almost have lunch prepared. Just five minutes or so till its ready. Sit at the table and I'll finish it."

Naruto deadpanned to himself that this was another clear reason why she was setting up these sexy incidents. If she was surprised by him, why did she have a meal basically ready for him? Naruto finally just shook his head with a chuckle. That had been a flimsy excuse from the start. If she wanted to do this sort of thing every time he came back, he wouldn't stop her. He was a hormonal teenager after all. Sue him for secretly enjoying a hot girl greeting him everyday in sexy and seductive ways.

Naruto sat down at the table and watched as Momo hummed a tune while cooking. He also felt it should be mentioned that she had only placed an apron over her previous outfit, so it was quite a bit of entertainment. Such a weird situation. A month ago Naruto wouldn't have ever thought he'd be watching as a girl made him a meal. Even now, Naruto found the way this all occurred to be so outrageous he almost didn't believe it himself.

Three weeks before Naruto had been training by himself as night fell. Then out of nowhere he heard a scream from above him. He had looked up only to find his head colliding with some girl's. Good for Naruto but bad for her, Naruto had a hard head. After a minute of cursing while holding his head, Naruto had looked to see that the girl had been knocked out by the unintentional head butt. Not the best of meetings.

Naruto had basically freaked out. People disliked him enough without people exaggerating the incident and saying he attacked a girl. Leaving a knocked out girl on the ground just sounded wrong as well. So he had decided to take her home till she woke up. Luckily it was nighttime by that point, so Naruto managed to somehow carry the girl to his apartment without calling undue notice onto him.

He'd laid her down on his bed and started icing her head. After a few hours of this, she woke up…She had not been happy. Now getting knocked out by a head butt and then waking up in an unfamiliar place would make anyone hostile, but Naruto still pointedly stuck to the fact that Momo had acted like a bitch when she's woken up. She'd insulted him for knocking her out despite it in no way being his fault and even called him a pervert for bringing an unconscious girl to his apartment. Naruto had little doubt she would have left that night had she been capable, but when she tried she ended up falling down when she tried to stand(probably from a concussion). After putting her back in the bed, she'd reluctantly decided to stay the night till she felt better. She fell asleep almost immediately after. Naruto had reluctantly decided to continue taking care of her through the night, since part of him had actually felt guilty. He'd then fallen asleep and only woken at nine with her still sleeping. Realizing he was late for the academy, he had rushed out thoughtlessly without waking her.

When he'd come back afterwards, he'd fully expected her to be gone. Maybe for him to even have an angry parent accusing him of assault, kidnapping, or even rape when he got home. Instead he'd walked in to fine her sleeping on the couch wearing barely nothing. After waking up while Naruto was trying to control his nosebleed, she'd cheerfully informed him that she had decided to stay with him.

Naruto shook himself out of his thoughts when Momo set the food down in front of him. Naruto didn't recognize it, but still quickly dug in. Momo was a good cook. There had been several meals early on where she tried to replicate Devilukean food with their products that ended badly, but the majority of the time the meals were quite good. She also apparently made sure they were packed with nutrition, claiming Naruto clearly hadn't been getting the proper amount of nutrients his body needed.

The two didn't talk. Naruto because he was busy eating five plates, and Momo because she knew Naruto was too busy eating to talk. As soon as they ran out of food, because Naruto doesn't leave any leftovers, Momo grabbed the plates and put them in the sink. She then told him, "Okay, guess it is time for training."

Naruto nodded. That had been a surprise for Naruto. The day Momo decided to come watch him train and then even help him. While she had no ninja training or even any formal combat training, she did have several advantages that really helped during training.

Momo quickly changed in Naruto's room. When she came out it was in the unusual black and green dress that she had arrived in. The two then set off down the street. Naruto would have been running along the roof tops, but Momo seemed to prefer walking for whatever reason. Naruto didn't see why she would. Everyone stared even more than usual since 'the demon child' was actually walking with a girl. The first few days actually had people try to pull Momo away and tell her that she shouldn't be around Naruto. Once she made it clear that she wasn't going to leave him alone, it actually caused quite a fuss. Apparently a pretty girl choosing to be near Naruto was unimaginable to the majority of the villagers. Now whenever they walked outside, they became the center of attention. Watching Momo have a slight smirk on her face, Naruto had a feeling she was just taunting the villagers by making sure they clearly saw her with Naruto everyday.

The two quickly made it to training ground 4, where they usually trained. It was a pretty unpopular training ground because it was mainly rock. Only a single tree stood in the area, with a patch of grass around its base. For Konoha ninjas, who lived in the Land of Fire where trees and plants were nearly everywhere, the terrain simply didn't fit what they wanted to be used to fighting in. This in turn made it perfect for the two of them, since as an academy student any ninja had priority over him for the training grounds.

"Okay, you ready to start?" Naruto asked as he removed his orange jacket, leaving his torso covered by a black shirt. He placed it on the ground and started stretching as he waited for Momo to respond.

"Yep," was Momo's simple response. The only change for her was that her tail, which she usually kept wrapped around her waist to not draw attention to it, was waving around like a snake about to strike.

Naruto nodded and got into a ready stance before announcing, "Then…BEGIN!"

Naruto immediately had to move his head out of the way of a bolt of lightning Momo shot out of her tail. He then had to flip out of the way of another. Soon he was constantly moving to avoid the attacks by Momo. This was one of the exercises they did. Naruto had been gob smacked when he found out Momo was able to shoot a fricking lightning bolt from her tail. What sort of ability is that? Either way, it soon devolved into this exercise. Naruto had to dodge, and Momo's objective was to hit him. Although being hit hurt like a bitch, it wasn't truly damaging besides stunning a person for a few minutes. It was great exercise on evading enemy jutsu.

Too bad it couldn't last long. Momo soon fell to her knees while gasping. Apparently those attacks took a lot out of her. Using them repeatedly like that was exhausting.

Naruto took a few breaths before stretching again and commenting, "That was what…three minutes? Quite a bit better than the one minute you could last the first day."

"Yeah, but it clearly isn't enough. You are barely winded, and I haven't managed to hit you once this past week," Momo complained with a pout. Naruto had noticed that about her. Despite not having any formal training, Momo seemed unusually proud of her abilities. She claimed it was part of being a devilukean. Supposedly they were the strongest species in the galaxy, so her losing to someone who isn't even a proper ninja yet was a blow to her pride.

Naruto just shrugged and replied, "Don't worry about it. We just need to work on your strategy with it. Now that I've got the speed and reflexes to dodge, your typical strategy isn't going to cut it anymore. For one, your tail can only fire lightning where it is pointed. So all I got to do it keep an eye on it, and I know where your next strike will go. Two, spamming them isn't going to help either. I've noticed you've got a two second gap between each attack. Better than the five second gap three weeks ago, but it seems that all improvement has stopped. We might have to accept that the time delay won't get any better."

Momo looked slightly annoyed when that was laid before her, but she still questioned, "Okay, then what can I do?"

Naruto thought about that for a few moments. He finally plopped onto the ground beside her and started thoughtfully, "I think you have to not use it as your go-to attack. It isn't a particularly complex attack after all. Point tail, shoot lightning. We need to have you use it in more subtle and creative ways. Using your plants as the main attack while simply using that as a support when they are distracted seems like a solid, if simple, strategy. Maybe use it in the middle of a taijutsu fight, although you don't have any taijutsu training so that is a bit of a bust. Maybe you can vary the effects of it. The power, range, etc. That seems like a good long term goal. The more variety you can give the attack, the more options would be available."

Momo looked at him as she deadpanned, "And you are the dead last of your class how?"

"I hate books! You know that," Naruto retorted in annoyance before standing back up. He bounced on his feet to warm up as he told her, "Okay, call out a plant."

Momo nodded and pulled out a cell phone. She called it a D-Dial. She quickly pressed several buttons and announced,. "Come out, Hari-chan."

A very unique looking plant immediately appeared in a bright flash of light. It looked like a large bush, even taller than Naruto, except it also had a face. While lacking eyes, it had a very clear mouth that it used to express emotion. Besides the main bush/body, it sprouted half a dozen tentacles. At the end of each tentacle was a smaller form of its mouth. Experience told Naruto that those mouth were capable of spitting out small needles very…very fast.

Naruto's eyes immediately narrowed and he growled towards the bush while saying fiercely, "We meet again, Hari-teme!" The bush immediately gave an eerie grin with its mouth and actually cackled while the tentacles moved to point at Naruto threateningly. Naruto's growl increased in volume. He then turned to Momo and commented, "I see you brought him out again. Don't you think that you've been using him too much, Momo?"

"But you guys like each other so much, I couldn't deny you guys the opportunity to play again," Momo stated sweetly with a devious grin on her face. Naruto's eye twitched at the clear lie. She was just getting him back for beating her earlier. Momo quickly stretched her arms towards him with a pout and added, "My legs feel weak. Carry me to the tree so I can watch."

Naruto rolled his eyes, but couldn't help the smile on his face. Momo really could be so cute sometimes it should be considered criminal. Her complete willingness to be close to him also made it harder for him to resist her. He quickly kneeled down and slipped one arm under her knees and the other one under her back. He then stood back up while easily carrying her in a princess carry. Momo was quite light, and Naruto was surprisingly strong despite his short stature(although he had already grown an inch and a half since Momo arrived and started cooking for him). So he started moving towards the tree.

He stumbled though when he felt a sharp pain in his right butt cheek. He quickly looked at Hari and snarled, "Teme, did you just shoot me in the butt?" The bush managed to make some mocking gestures that it was innocent.

Momo frowned as well and quickly said in a reprimanding voice, "Bad, Hari-chan. Don't shoot Naruto before the training exercise. Especially in the butt. I won't forgive you if you scar that cute tush."

The bush withered slightly under the rebuke, and Naruto blushed at the comment. He quickly hurried to the closest tree and sat Momo down on the grass there. He then quickly pulled the spines from his butt with a pained grunt. He then turned back to Momo who had pulled out a small nutrient bar and was unwrapping it. She did need to eat after all to recover the energy she used in the exercise. Momo had him buy the nutrient bars because of that. They were quick, simple, and surprisingly cheap when bought in bulk. Although they tasted pretty bland, Naruto had to admit they were useful when you were hungry.

Naruto turned and walked back towards the bush. After Momo ran out of energy, Momo would always summon one of these plants to continue. Hari was her favorite to use, and Naruto had to admit the plant was a good training partner, although still a complete ass. It fired spines almost exactly the same as senbon at speeds that most ninjas couldn't match. The multiple different tentacles also meant that they came at a pace that a single ninja couldn't match. He still hates the damned thing though.

Momo paused between bites to announce, "Begin!"

Naruto immediately set off in a desperate attempt to dodge the continuous attack by the bush, which was taking entirely too much joy in doing this. Naruto showed off some impressive flips and acrobatics in his attempt to not be riddled with spines, showing a clear improvement from when he began. He had started out somewhat clumsy, almost as if he wasn't used to his own body, but these weeks had seemingly corrected that problem. While he still wasn't the fastest person, he had learned how to twist his body into awkward positions or execute seemingly out of control flips on the fly without losing his balance or momentum.

He still wasn't entirely successful though. His arms and legs repeatedly caught several spines when he hadn't moved quite fast enough. The plants multiple tentacles to launch the spines made it near impossible for him to emerge completely unharmed. Naruto repeatedly ripped them out when he could, with the holes closing within minutes, but Naruto's stamina wasn't inexhaustible. Just ridiculously high. Soon he was dripping in sweat and gasping for breath as he desperately tried to dodge the nonstop volleys.

In the end, Momo was the one who ended it an hour after starting by announcing, "Okay, that's enough."

Naruto immediately fell on his ass and panted. The bush just gave a mocking laugh before Momo pulled it back into the virtual space that was in her phone(Naruto didn't quite understand it). Naruto quickly stated between breaths, "I…hate that…fucking thing!"

"Don't be a sore loser, Naruto. Hari-chan beat you, accept it. At least you are improving. You barely managed five minutes in the beginning," Momo stated, clearly enjoying scolding him like he did her earlier.

"Don't care. I swear by the sage, someday I'm going to set that bush on fire," Naruto declared.

"You might have a difficult time of that. Hari-chan's species have a special secretion coating their bodies that make them pretty resistant to fire," Momo sweetly told him.

"Don't care. I'll manage it," Naruto retorted while pulling out the remaining spines in his body. As he removed another one from his rump, he mumbled to himself, "Little shit always seems to aim for my ass."

Momo looked closely at his arm, where several holes were rapidly growing smaller. She quickly commented in a slightly awed voice, "I still can't get over how fast you heal."

Naruto shrugged before admitting, "I don't really know either. I thought it was normal, but eventually I realized I just healed faster when other kids had black eyes and stuff after tough spars while I was fine. I've never been curious enough to find out why it is though."

"Only you wouldn't question why you healed so fast, Naruto," Momo claimed while shaking her head with an amused smile. She poked one of the remaining wounds on his arm, causing him to grunt slightly from the pain. She quickly added, "Seriously! Hari-chan's spines are coated in a powerful paralytic. Even a couple should be enough to put a full grown man down. Your species is likely more resistant, but not to your degree. Even the first time they only numbed your limbs after being hit dozens of times. Now they aren't even numbing the area around the spines enough to stop the pain. What sort of ridiculous body do you have to develop a full immunity to one of the most powerful paralytics in the galaxy after only three weeks?"

"I'm just awesome that way," Naruto easily answered with a cocky grin.

Momo chuckled and just swat him on the head and exclaimed, "If you are so awesome, then you can go straight to the leaf sticking exercise without a break."

"Ehh! That's so mean! Don't make me do it, Momo!" Naruto whined while trying to give Momo puppy dog eyes.

Momo just chuckled again and claimed, "Don't even try that, Naruto. It really doesn't suit you. Now get to the leaf sticking."

"But I've got it down now," Naruto claimed.

"Really?" Momo replied with some genuine surprise. She quickly ordered, "Show me."

Naruto pouted, but acquiesced. Soon after arriving, Momo had read through his academy books. She had been curious on why Naruto couldn't do the bunshin, and decided that it was because of a lack of chakra control. So she insisted upon him doing the leaf sticking exercise, the only chakra control exercise listed in the books. It had been a pain. Even though he practiced everyday, it had taken over two weeks.

Naruto stood up and took one of the leaves from the tree, since it was basically the only large plant in the entire training ground. He then sat cross legged on the ground. Placing the leaf against his forehead, he concentrated a moment before removing his hand. The leaf stuck. Naruto opened his eyes and shook his head with the leaf staying on. He quickly looked at Momo and said, "See."

"I guess you do have it down," Momo mumbled. She quickly added, "Then try to make some clones."

Naruto nodded and let the leaf drop from his forehead. He then ran through four hand signs and said, "Bunshin no Jutsu." A puff of smoke appeared before clearing to show Naruto flanked by two extremely pale and transparent versions of himself. The two clones wobbled for a few seconds before collapsing. Naruto sighed at the failure.

Momo poked one of the clones, making it disappear in a puff of smoke, as she commented sadly, "Another failure, but at least it is a slight improvement. They look a bit better and were able to stand for several seconds."

"That doesn't really help. Iruka-sensei won't pass me without being able to use create at least two usable clones," Naruto grumbled while kicking a rock on the ground.

"It does help. It at least shows us we're on the right path with improving your chakra control. We just need the next exercise," Momo claimed while thinking.

Naruto just sighed and shook his head as he informed her, "This is the only one in the books, and Iruka told me that he won't tell me any other ones. That if I master this exercise, I should be able to do bunshin."

Momo nodded while thinking. That was true. She had read all the academy books from beginning to end. There were no other exercises listed. The library also wouldn't help, as the only books not restricted to the ninja session that had anything on ninjas were the academy books. She did wonder why this Iruka didn't realize what she had? The books claimed that mastering the leaf sticking exercise should give someone genin level chakra control unless they had jonin level chakra levels. Momo simply figured Naruto had jonin level reserves. It was almost impossible based on what the book said, but it was also the only explanation. Momo simply figured that the teacher was overwhelmed with teaching an entire class to consider Naruto's case enough to figure this out.

So they were in a conundrum. Naruto couldn't access more advanced chakra control exercises until he graduated and became a ninja, but he couldn't graduate until he could create two working clones and he couldn't do that till he got more advanced chakra control exercises. It was an loop. A loop she somehow had to figure out how to cut into.

She grinned as an idea came to her. She quickly turned to Naruto and exclaimed, "I got it. There have to be people who will give us more chakra control exercises if we ask. People besides Iruka."

Naruto frowned and replied cautiously, "I don't think so, Momo-chan. There are rules against doing that for ninjas."

Which was true. It was a rule Naruto didn't quite get, but it was true all the same. A ninja teaching an academy student who they weren't related to carried some serious punishments. Academy students were only suppose to learn the stuff taught at the academy or stuff taught by their families. Personally Naruto figured it was a rule passed to satisfy the clans of Konoha. It was no coincidence that clan children were head and shoulders above all the other students. They were taught advanced skills from a young age by their clans while most kids had to rely entirely on the academy.

Momo wasn't deterred though, and she stated, "Come on. There have to be someone who would do it anyways. We just have to stay on the down low."

Naruto grimaced at that. As an orphan who lived in the red light district, Naruto knew about the less savory side of the village. He knew which ninjas' tongues could be loosened for money or stuff like that. He quickly informed her, "Sure there are, but the majority would ask for money we don't have or something else we can't quite give them. Not to mention dealing with any of them tends to bite people in the ass down the road."

"Come on, Naruto. There has to be someone who we can ask," Momo insisted.

Naruto sighed, but thought about it. He didn't have money or anything valuable to give in exchange, so that cut down on nearly all of the prospects. Who was wild and carefree enough to convince to give them the information against rules, but would be more flexible on payment(because there would be payment. No one would break the law for nothing in return. It just couldn't be money or something more insidious)? Naruto paled as he finally thought of someone. Oh god, not that person!

Momo seemed to sense that he thought of someone, and immediately declared, "Tomorrow is Sunday. You have the day off. We'll ask them then, and work out a deal."

Naruto immediately argued, "Are you really sure about this, Momo? I've heard some bad things about this woman. She's only an option because she is a complete wildcard. Depending on her mood, she might do it or stab a kunai into us where the sun don't shine. Don't even get me started on what she'd expect as payment. She isn't interested in money, but she's crazy enough to ask for who knows what."

Momo frowned at that, but replied with, "We don't really have a choice though, do we?"

Naruto sighed at the truth of those words. "I guess that is true."

"Since we have nothing else to do, let's get back home. Then I'll help you study," Momo stated and Naruto nodded in agreement. They usually didn't stop so early, but there was little they could do now that Naruto had managed the leaf sticking exercise. The two set off.

The trip back seemed to pass quicker, and the two soon found themselves back at Naruto's apartment. Naruto sat at the table while Momo quickly fetched several books. She then laid them down on the table. Opening one in front of Naruto, she pointed at a specific chapter and ordered, "Start here."

Naruto grimaced but looked at it and started reading slowly, often stopping to sound out words, "The evolution of ninja combat is a very intricate and detailed process relying on hundreds of different factors. The end of the Ninja Warring States Period and the First Shinobi World War produced shinobi that focused more on individual strength then teamwork or cohesiveness. This is due to the 'survival of the strongest' mentality that reigned supreme in those days. This is showcased by the incredibly powerful shinobi born in that era, like Senju Hashirama, Uchiha Madara, Senju Tobirama, and Sarutobi Hiruzen. After the end of the First Shinobi World War, focus changed to producing large, cohesive fighting forces rather than having a small number of juggernauts. This change was dictated by the rising…" Naruto continued reading from the book, with Momo frequently stooping him to point out mistakes in pronunciation or explain what a word means.

This was the most humiliating part of his training, although it was also likely the most important. Just days after arriving, Momo had found out that Naruto was barely able to read. She had immediately set out on rectifying that.

In Naruto's defense, it wasn't really his fault. For orphans, it was the duty of the orphan matrons to teach them to read. Considering those orphan matrons had kicked him out at five, they hadn't quite done their duty to Naruto. The Old Man also didn't have the spare time to teach him to read. In the end, it had just been forgotten.

It was actually that reason that first started the rumors that he was stupid. When he started the academy at ten, Naruto had found out that most of the curriculum was based around academics. When he had told the teacher he didn't know how to read, the asshole had basically mocked him in front of the class by saying he must have been too stupid to learn how to read when someone had tried to teach him. He then stated he wouldn't try to teach someone who was obviously an idiot. So not only had Naruto been humiliated in front of the entire class, but he was also left not knowing how to read while in a class that focused almost entirely on book work. Of course he would fail. That was why Naruto had actually tried twice to graduate early. He simply knew that staying in the class wouldn't help him at all.

Things had mildly improved when Iruka had taken over during their final year at the academy. He was at least attentive enough to realize that Naruto literally didn't even know how to read, and professional enough to teach him how to read. If anything that was the reason Naruto liked Iruka. It certainly wasn't the man's teaching style, since the man seemed to prefer theory to practical education. It was simply because Iruka didn't decide that Naruto was too stupid to read, and had actually taught him. That was all he did though. He was too busy to make sure Naruto could read well, that was apparently up to Naruto. He just made sure Naruto could read.

That didn't work out for two reasons. One, Naruto had developed an intense hatred of books due to his first four years at the academy. He did not want to spend hours each day reading. The other reason was something he learned from the Old Man. Apparently Naruto had 'dyslexia.' A learning disability that made reading and writing harder for him. So not only did Naruto not want to read, but he also had difficulty learning how to read when he decided to tough it out. So in the end, almost nothing had changed. Naruto completely failed at any written work.

Momo was very clearly set on changing that though. She insisted on him reading out loud so that he would improve and she could correct him. When he got too annoyed or tired of it though, she would take the book and read to him so that he at least knew the material. After three weeks, enough improvement had been made for him to not fail a test.

After a few hours of him reading, Momo stopped him and told him, "Okay, that's enough for today. It's getting late. I'll start making dinner. You can take a bath, and it will be ready by the time you're done."

Naruto's eyebrows furrowed in confusion and he quickly pointed out, "I shower in the morning? Plus, I never take baths."

"Naruto!" Momo said slowly while suddenly surrounded in an aura so sweet that it was terrifying. She gave a beatific smile before continuing, "Go and take a bath!"

"S-Sure," Naruto squeaked out before fleeing. His pride and sense of masculinity will be hurting later, but at least he'd be alive later. That was just plain terrifying. Who knew Momo could do that?

Once he entered the bathroom and slammed the door behind him, Naruto stared at the tub. He hadn't taken a bath in…years. He always showered. Whatever. It might just relax him.


"Your Highness, the technicians say they have almost finished decrypting the coordinates Momo teleported to. They say they'll have it finished by morning," a tall man with gray hair and heterochromic eyes announced as he walked into a large throne room. He was wearing a unique set of grey armor, and also had a scorpion-like tail. This was Zastin Deviluke, the best swordsman on Deviluke and the personal bodyguard of the Emperor's children.

"Finally!" a deep voice growled out. It's owner was a small boy that had a unique mixture of cute and gothic features. His cheeks had permanent blushes on them and his eyes were wide and cute, but his teeth were rather shark-like, he was dressed in black punk clothes, and last but not least his tail ended in a wicked looking trident. This was Gid Lucione Deviluke, the King of Deviluke and Emperor of the Galaxy. He quickly barked out in clear irritation, "I want Momo back here by tomorrow night, understand?!"

Zastin hastily bowed as he felt his king force a ridiculous amount of power at him to emphasize that it was an order. He quickly replied, "Of course, your Highness. I shall personally set out immediately to retrieve Princess Momo once the technicians have the coordinates."

"Good! Now get some rest. I'll have someone else watch Nana and Lala tonight," Gid ordered.

"Thank you, your Highness. I shall do that immediately," Zastin stated with a bow before quickly leaving.

Once Zastin left, Gid was once again left alone in his large throne room. In the three weeks since Momo escaped, people had very quickly figured out that he was not in a good mood. Gid in a bad mood usually meant someone's planet was about to be destroyed to blow off some steam. No one wanted to inadvertently piss him off. The only person who would dare to stay around him for long in one of these moods was his wife, and she was off negotiating to try and ease tensions between several planets that might very well soon descend into war. Even Lala and Nana were avoiding him. While he would never hurt them, he was not averse to tripling their studies as punishment. After all, this entire situation was partly their faults as well.

Gid took a sip of wine as he thought about the situation. It seems his daughters had all planned to try and escape their studies simultaneously three weeks before. That itself isn't that unusual. Lala makes weekly attempts to escape, and Nana monthly. They were always captured within a day. The problem this time was his other daughter.

Momo wasn't quite as…rebellious as Lala or Nana. She was more dutiful, although Gid could easily sense that there was more hidden underneath her usual persona. She usually just follows Nana's lead, although she usually ended up taking control to prevent her more reckless sister from messing up too badly. This time she didn't do that though. The three sisters apparently decided to all attempt separate escape attempts at the same time in a hope that it would confuse his men. Momo acted differently from Lala and Nana though, both of whom just hijacked some of the ships from the dock and just tried to hightail it. Needless to say, those two were caught within the hour, although Lala managed to decimate a squadron of his men with her blasted inventions first. Momo's attempt was far more…cunning.

She headed to the teleporter room. This would usually be a stupid decision, since the teleporter only teleports someone to precise coordinates that have to be input into it. Usually his forces would look up where she went, and then follow her. Momo was too smart though. She somehow managed to encrypt the coordinates she went to under a ridiculously complicated code. That wasn't all though. She also unleashed a virus into the teleporter that messed up the entire system. So his men couldn't track her coordinates until they were fixed. It had taken his best technicians two weeks to eliminate the virus and recover the data, and now another week to decrypt the coordinates she teleported to.

Considering the complexity of the virus and encryption, and when you factor in Momo wasn't exactly the most technically savvy person in the galaxy, it became clear she had been planning this for a while. She likely spent months contacting people to create the virus and encryption algorithm, all the while ensuring none of her guards caught on. Months of careful planning and preparation in order to escape the watch of him and her guards.

It infuriated him! Gid simply couldn't understand why his daughters seemed to insist on causing trouble. Don't they understand how valuable they are to him and the galaxy as a whole? Gid made plenty of enemies in the Galaxy Unification Wars that would delight in the opportunity to hurt him by doing who knows what to his daughters. The number of people who would also use her to blackmail him or as a political tool was enormous. Then there are just regular dangers. She might be a Deviluke and can talk to plants, but there are plenty of dangers in the galaxy even without it being known she was his daughter. Who knows what could have happened in the three weeks she's been gone?

Despite his anger though, Gid also felt a sense of parental pride in Momo. Although Lala was the daughter who arguably inherited the most of his ridiculous high power level, it was Momo who took after him the most personality wise. He could sense the deviousness and pure bloodlust Momo was capable of. Comparatively, Lala and Nana were downright childlike. This was shown even more by this escape attempt. Momo managed to escape from the watch of some of the best people in the galaxy, even if they didn't always seem to be, for three weeks. Lala's current record is lasting 21 hours before being caught, and she was suppose to be the genius of the three.

Still, the sooner Momo is safe under his watch, the better. It better be by tomorrow night, or heads will roll.


Momo smiled as she heard the sound of running water while pressing her ear against the bathroom door. She had been afraid Naruto wouldn't do it. He could be stubborn like that.

Secure in the knowledge that Naruto was taking a bath, Momo started making the dinner with unusual haste. She had to get it to the point where it would just be simmering for a while. That way she could act.

It had been three weeks. The person who she bought the encryption algorithm and virus from estimated it would take four weeks to fully fix. Momo knew better though. Her dad would have called in the best to work on it. She's lucky Zastin isn't already busting down the door, but she knew it was only a matter of time now. So she needed to set in her plan to handle it and stay here with Naruto.

Admittedly, this is not at all how she expected her little vacation to go. She had chosen a remote world that would ensure her father couldn't find her before finding the exact coordinates. She intended to spend her vacation wandering, talking to all the different plants. They could tell her what fruits were edible. It would be a relaxing vacation away from her studies, suitors, and trying to prevent Nana from getting into too much trouble.

What she got as soon as she teleported was a head butt from a skull that put steel to shame in hardness. She then wakes up with a splitting headache, to find she is in some random house. She wouldn't ever admit it, but she had been scared during that moment. Who knows what creep had found her? She had been slightly relieved when she saw Naruto since he didn't exactly look threatening, but was still scared enough that she had tried to hide it under bluster. She'd basically spent ten minutes insulting him. She would have left if she had been capable of it, but had instead had no choice but to spend another night to recover from a concussion. She had woken the next morning when Naruto had freaked out about being late before leaving.

She would have taken the opportunity to leave, but she had been surprised to find the signs that he had been tasking care of her all night. She had actually felt bad. She had been thinking he was some pervert or molester, but he had instead taken care of her in her vulnerable state. He also clearly hadn't been holding her there since he had left her alone. Looking back, she couldn't quite say what had driven her to stay instead of leaving. The best answer she could give was that she had a gut feeling about Naruto.

So she had stayed. Wanting to find out a bit more about the boy who had helped her so generously. It had been pathetically easy to convince him to let her stay. Clearly Naruto wasn't used to much social interaction, especially not with a girl as cute as her. A pout here and a few sweet words there, and she was allowed to stay.

Since then is had been like trying to unravel an onion. Everything she found out about him just seemed to expose another new aspect or layer to him. For someone who at first glance seemed so simple, Naruto was an incredibly complicated individual.

Like his intelligence. She had figured him to be a simple and somewhat slow individual at first, which wasn't really a bad thing, but instead she found him to be quite astute on many things. He didn't know how to read, and he had clearly never picked up a history book. Yet he had managed to learn to read rather well under her guidance in just three weeks despite being dyslexic. He was incredibly street smart, if not book smart. He was also a beast at strategy games. Momo was still hurting from when she taught him chess, shogi, and go. Momo wasn't quite a genius. She knew that, but she was very, very close to that level of intelligence. Yet she had been trounced in three different strategy games by a person who not only didn't know how to read at the time, but was also very clearly only half paying attention. There was also his tactical skills in a fight. He didn't like to think too much, but make him and he'll come up with some strategy to win. He had a shorter attention span than a five year old unless you threatened him, but had a ridiculously fast learning curve. Clearly lacked a significant base of knowledge, but knew how to use what he did know like no other. It was infuriating the first two weeks. No wonder he was dead last of his class. No one had a chance of understanding how to properly teach Naruto unless they focused entirely on him for several weeks like she had.

Then there was his social abilities. He clearly lacked any knowledge on how to behave around people. He was loud, blunt, and lacked manners. His instincts were spot on though. It took her a while to notice, but Naruto always knew when she lied. She could see it in his eyes, but he never questioned it or pointed it out. She had first thought he was naïve and too trusting, but instead it was clear he simply chose to accept whatever lies she say. He doesn't implicitly trust, he chooses to trust.

Then there was his hidden power. It took a few days before Momo noticed, but eventually she could feel something within Naruto that gave off a feeling of pure power. The only thing more powerful she'd ever felt had been her father. Momo might have felt intimidated or even scared of the power if it wasn't for Naruto having such a naturally bright and warm aura. It covered the other power just enough that she found it interesting and slightly arousing rather than intimidating. She still hadn't found out what it was, but it was just another mystery centered around Naruto.

Despite observing and staying with him for three weeks, Momo still constantly feels like she's figuring out a new aspect to Uzumaki Naruto. She certainly isn't going to leave now. Not while being around Naruto is so interesting.

Momo giggled slightly at that. Maybe this is what a crush feels like. Not really knowing why you like someone, or even when you started liking them. Just knowing you like standing by their side, and wanting to find out even more about them. She's never really had a crush before.

With the food only having to sit for fifteen minutes before being ready, Momo walked back to the door to the bathroom. She smirked deviously. Now she had to create a reason for staying when Zastin came to fetch her.

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