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Chapter One

Blonde Patches of Incriminating Evidence


"Gene Starwind. What a surprise it is to see you back in here so soon." The man's heavy face grinned over its blue cop uniform, mocking him. Nothing but his own sly smile reflecting in the piggish eyes as he slouched in the metal chair. Lounging in the familiar skuzzy office, his hands cuffed behind him.

"You know I can't stay away too long, or I start to miss you all down here." he chuckled. Slyly shifting his weight as the pudgy face of the cop in front of him picked up a donut while looking down at his file.

"Cut the shit Starwind. You got enough here for us to book you for good this time. No good punk teens. Who the hell do you think you are?" The piggish face spit its words bitterly, eyeing the plump donut

"Anger really isn't good for your blood pressure." The red unruly hair smirked, watching the layers of face take on the rosy color of the pastry's frosting before calming. Ignoring his comment.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't just throw your ass in the hanger Starwind." It grinned slouching in the chair before taking a bite. The small pudgy eyes watching his red hair shrug before cocking a lop sided grin.

"I'll put your out of work?" He chuckled watching the pudgy skin chew.

"Look." the man spit sitting up, loosening its tie as it sighed. "I'll cut you a deal Starwind."

"Oh a deal, how lucky I am." He spit sarcastically, chuckling as the man became even more pissed.

"We got this bullshit job coming up, and we need a bullshit cop to pull it off. So we'll wire you up and send you in. It's in the shit hole of this town so I figured, why not you? That's your territory isn't it?" he grinned at the silent patch of unruly red hair. "Take the job or we're booking you this time." he spit leaning back.

"Great." the red hair spit looking up. These cops are crooked-er then hell. What the hell could they possibly be dragging me into? "Ahh" He scowled eyeing the pudgy face as it picked up another donut. A satisfied smile spreading over the cop as it watched the scarred features of the teen in front of him frown. "You wouldn't be tryna do me in with this mess would you now?" The red hair finally spoke.

"Now why would you ever think a thing like that Starwind?" The cop chuckled slouching in its chair again.

"Gee I don't know. Smells kinda fishy to me." he grinned cocking an eyebrow.

"Look. You take the job. Go to this house. Find us some incriminating evidence, and we...we lighten your record." he grinned

Yeah that's not corrupt one little bit, he thought watching the face chew. "Yeah sure." His sigh watching the cop smile "As long as you remember to lighten it." He spit watching the man stand up, but it didn't answer. What a load a crap, his mind spit. This sounded like a dirty job.


"This whole thing is bullshit." he spit looking down at the small radio as he leaned against the dirty wall of the alley. Sure I've gotten pulled in for stuff, vandalism, harassment, theft, indecent exposure maybe once, plus all those times I was drunk. "Yeah but they still don't have enough to book me good." he grinned watching the black intercom from under his red unruly hair before standing up as the little light flicked on. "Looks like the funs just about to start." he groaned bitterly jamming it into his pocket as he strolled to the exit of the alley.

It didn't seem too big a deal. Walk up to the house, break in, and find some "incriminating evidence." he sneered mocking the pudgy cop he was all too sick of seeing.

As the house came into view his words came out before he could stop them. "What a dump." He frowned looking at the wooden white boards, that weren't painted white anymore. That and everything else had long ago began to peel and wear off. He scowled heading around it, walking directly to the basement door before looking around. "Go figure they probably cleared most the people out of here before I arrived." he grinned miserably wedging the screw driver into the lock and busting it. Listening to the small clanks before the big snap and the door opened.

The house resembled the outside, a dump, dirty, smelly, old "And I thought my place was bad." he grinned trudging up the basement stairs listening as he neared the door. They had giving him specific directions that he would have an hour. An hour to find this so called evidence, but who knew with them. They would turn there back on a murder for the right amount of money, drugs...or sex he grinned bitterly again walking into the hall.

His dark eyes looking around before moving to the first room. "Not bad." he muttered peering into the white shelves of the refrigerator. Jamming things into his mouth before pulling out the milk carton. His dark firm eyes scanning over the dirty kitchen from over the black and white cow carton as he drank. There didn't look like there was anything incriminating in here. "No one hides the goods in the kitchen." he sighed heavily, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as he shut the fridge, leaving the milk on the counter.

His strong form lazily going up the stairs and heading to the first small room on his right. The only room "Now there is no reason at all I should think these were planted." he chuckled picking up the small clear bags of white power as his eyes ran over the rest of the bedroom. What a joke. "Guess this is what they meant." he chuckled, at least it was going to be an easy job, he wouldn't need the whole hour. He frowned stepping over the opened condoms that lay on the tatter stained rug as he left the side of the bed and dresser, heading over to the small table to find a bag of the drug papers. "They went all out haha!" he laughed, his voice consuming the empty room as he took a step to the closet. The cool brass knob smooth against his scarred hand as he turned it, opening the old door.

"Geez." He paused...staring. ".they really did go all out." he spoke, but his words admitted as only a whisper. His firm dark eyes staring ahead, locked on the small mess in the back of the closet. "Hey kid what are you doing here?" he spit firmly, but it didn't answer. Didn't answer or didn't hear me he thought bitterly. It looked impossible to tell. It didn't even look up when I opened the door. Why the hell is he hiding in here? he thought frowning. His dark eyes studying the small figure in front of him. The dirty tangled blonde hair that fell over the light face. The face that didn't acknowledged him, didn't answer him. From where he stood, he could only see the side of it, the kid seemed to be bored, or tired, just blankly staring at nothing, the floor? Or the wall?

Well I guess this counts as incriminating, he thought. His scarred hand picking up the radio in his pocket, hearing the small click as he pressed the button. The soft static noise of his own breath flowing into it as he brought it to his mouth before stopping. "Hey why don't you get the hell out of here, I'll say I didn't find you." He spoke quickly releasing the button and backing up a step as he opened the closet door wider waiting. "...Hey did you hear me?" The kid hadn't moved, hadn't answered. "Hey?" he whisphered lightly taking a step into the closet, his dark eyes frowning as they focused on the face that was hidden away from him. "Can you hear me?" he asked baffled as he crouched down in front of the dirty mess of blonde hair. He doesn't look that healthy, he thought bitterly. His dark eyes running over the light skin that protruded from around the baggy and tattered worn green t-shirt and boxers. Then again, who is healthy down in this section. Maybe he can't speak, but he has to be at least four or five, he should be able to talk. I could talk when I was five. "Kid?" he tried again, but the body only sighed as though he wasn't there even there. He shrugged "Don't worry kid, I am gonna call the cops, they'll help you k." he stated shifting the intercom in his hand. Raising it to his mouth as he inhaled to speak before stopping.

The kids eyes were blue, and furious. A furious blue that snapped at him suddenly. His dark eyes blinked. Who knew the kid could move! his mind chuckled before silencing. Watching the light skin stand up quickly, a small hand ripping a draw from the side of the closet. The arm tugging, using it's whole body for strength to pull the wooden box out of it's slot. Letting it slam to the floor in front of the blinking dark eyes, the unruly red hair.

The scarred figure moving back quickly as the blonde hair slammed the draw, kicking it at him before slumping back into the wall.

It was a cops uniform, a cops badge, the dark eyes blinked. This was a cops house? That's disgusting his mind spit bitterly, his finger running over the badge in the full draw. Go figure, dirty cops, but it didn't seem right, not with the drugs, and now the kid. "Dirty cops." he muttered out loud before looking up. The blonde hair looked just as it was before. The light face expressionless, half hidden under the tangled strands as it stared off ignoring him again.

The dark eyes studied the draw, but what they found more interesting were the shades of purple and black'n blue. The bruises that covered the light skin as it moved, his face frowning suddenly as he noticed the small piece of twine, tightly banning a small wrist to the pipe running along the inside of the closet. I don't know this kid, I don't know who he is or what he's on or where he came from, his mind spit fast. Warning him as his body sat the intercom down, the subconscious part of the unruly red hair already decided. He didn't want the cops finding him, having him. "Alright." he muttered lightly moving the draw aside before easing forward.

The light skin bolted into the back wall, pressing itself against it harder. It's small wrist yanking at the twine fast before relaxing. Every muscle relaxing, it knew it couldn't go anywhere.

The scarred fingers pulled quickly before making an attempt to be easier on the light yellow-ish skin. Easing the twine so it would unrap slowly and gently. Lowering the hand to the floor as it came undone, but the kid didn't move. It just sat there staring away from him as if he wasn't there. Like no one was with it, no one was touching it. The same dull saddened expression running through its eyes and empty face. "Go ahead get out of here." he said casually standing back up watching the blue eyes glance quickly as it's untied hand before shooting back to the wall. The red hair frowned heavily, before scowling. "Get up and walk out now." He spit watching the kid sit there motionless before suddenly getting up and walking out, standing in front of him. "Good. Lets get out of here." he sighed heavily turning around, listening to the creak of the hall floor and then the stairs before turning back to watch the blonde hair slowly walking after him as though it had all the time in the world. "Hey, you want to move a little faster kid?" he frowned baffled. Watching the small light hand pick up a bag that obviously belonged to it, considering its size before walking slightly faster. Following the red unruly hair out of the back kitchen door and onto the street.

"Wait here kid." He directed glancing down casually as he stopped at the corner, standing next to the cross walk. The dark eyes studying the bored expression, no different from the one worn in the closet before running back to the white house. Coming within ten feet of it before dropping to a firm lazily stroll. His scarred finger pressing the button on the intercom as he listened to the light static of his own breath before speaking "Hey I just found some drugs here in the bedroom. Why don't you come on down, I'll check the bathrooms, but you guys can check all the closets...attic and stuff, I am not interested."


"Hey you don't *have* to stay with me." the red hair stated dully, standing against the front door to his, well, warehouse. It was probably the only thing he owned on Sentinel 3, and lucky for it. With out it, and rent, he would have been another face living on the streets.

The dark eyes watched the blue finally glance at his face quickly as he spoke before continuing to look in. The scarred teen leaning against the front door holding it wide open, watching as the blonde hair started walking it. The smaller shoulder pressing itself against the door frame to stay as far away from him as possible as it walked in silently. "Thanks." he growled letting the kid drop from his view as he shut the door and walked by, starting for the living room.

The blue eyes just looked around, expressionless. Letting the small book bag drop from its gasp slowly and silently before taking a small silent step in the direction the red unruly hair had just went in.

"So what's your name?" the red hair slurred chewing as it immerged from the dirty kitchen, holding a piece of cheese pizza. The eyes glanced at him and sound of the voice. The red hair and dark eyes, tight white wife beater and pizza, they shot away. "Are you hungry?" the deep voice asked again, he had seen the spark in the blue eyes as they saw the food. But the face didn't acknowledged him, didn't answer him. "Do-you-want-some?" he spoke slow watching the eyes continue to stare off dully before growling. "Sit." he ordered firmly, his scarred strong figure turning back to the kitchen. The messy blonde hair immediately walking towards the couch with the order, slowly sitting down. Ignoring his red hair as he came back from the kitchen holding a paper plate and piece of pizza heading in its direction.

"Mmmm!" the small voice shot quickly bolting from the couch as he leaned over to offer it the pizza. His red hair stopping at the sudden movement and staring at the blonde hair before continuing to put the pizza down before standing up annoyed.

"Do you want some or not?" He spit baffled, irritably slouching onto the couch chewing before noticing the first real emotion quickly disappearing off the lightly face. The tense upset expression, soothing as it seemed to relax staring off. "Do you want pizza?" he stated chewing watching the eyes continue to stare at the ground. "You don't have to eat it if you don't want to, more for me." he grinned lightly, the blue eyes listening.

The casual tone of the deep voice paying more attention to the cheese sliding off the back end of its slice then it was to him. He relaxed lightly. His eyes glancing up quickly against his will as he heard the words,* if you don't want to* What was that supposed to mean? Was this some kinda game? Why was the guy waiting? Just sitting there? his mind raced inside him.

Dumb kid, his mind muttered watching the motionless patch of blonde hair standing next to the end of the coffee table as he ate the cheese off the top of the red sauce before shrugging. The blonde hair swallowing hard as it took a small step towards the coffee table. Trying it's hardest not to stare at the pizza, to ignore the burning in it's stomach.

Looks like he's hungry to me, his mind muttered watching. The small throat swallowing, looking as though he would die if it didn't eat, but would die if it did. "Go ahead, I said you could have it didn't I?" he grinned lightly watching the small figure stop dead at the sound of his voice before glancing up quickly and shooting back to the floor. Ahhh, his mind growled, but he let his face stay calm and sarcastic. "Look come here." he sighed picking his form up from where it was slouched in the couch. Shifting his weight to slouch his elbows into his knees still chewing. His free scarred hand extending towards the blonde hair watching it shrink away, stumbling back quickly. The blue eyes now fixed on him, horrified. "Look I won't hurt you, come here." he grinned casually, but the face only tightened before seeming to start relaxing again, the gloss running into the blue eyes as they welled up but remained focus. The lightly face now only saddened and drained as it answered the direct order immediately starting towards the red hair. Stopping directly in front of the dark eyes that looked slightly confused but shrugged it off quickly as it started talking. "Look, let me tell you what I want." he sighed slowly, as if exhausted, before stopping as the blonde hair start to move. Blue eyes still glued to the floor. "Hey!" he snapped, his scarred hands yanking the smaller lighter ones off it's boxers, but they had come down enough for him to see the bruises, to understand what was being offered. "That's not what I want!" he shot firmly, pushing them firmly around the smaller waist watching the blonde hair jump as he raised his voice. Shaking as it's smaller chest silently hyperventalated. The red hair was scaring him, confusing him, he hadn't known it any other way. Didn't know any other way to act. He had always done as he was told. Always. And that was what he was taught. What he was used for.

The dark eyes blinked quickly furious, but it wasn't directed at the kid. "That's not what I want." he repeated firmly, his eyes locked on the light face. The darting confused and horrified blue eyes he held onto. "Not now and not ever." he spit firmly again watching them land on the floor, the muscles under his grip starting to fall numb again, relaxing before he let go. The blonde hair didn't move, it just stood there in front of him. "What I want." he started again. "Is for you to go over there and eat your pizza." he stated firmly watching the blue eyes dart again suddenly, confused. "And I don't want to hear a thing about it." he ordered gently, almost chuckling. Yeah right, like I would hear anything from him, his mind growled. The kid either couldn't talk, wouldn't talk, or hated him. Either way, not talking was probably safer where ever it came from. He couldn't ignore the bruises, but there wasn't anything he could do about them. So the red head did like he always did, shrugged them off. "Now if your going to live here, there are a couple of rules you have to know first." he grinned letting his strong hand rest on the small shoulder, hoping to grab more of the kids attention. It was impossible to know when it heard him or not. "One. You have to eat. So as soon as we're done talking I want you to go over there and eat your pizza, with out one word......Two. You have to be clean, so after you eat your taking a bath....Three. Let me know when your coming and going so I know who's here when I go in and out...and four..." he trailed grinning. "I don't think there is a four...So you know what that means?" he grinned watching the blue eyes dart lightly around the floor before slightly glancing up. Establishing the second time they actually made eye contact, this time without the horrified expression. Now the cautious, untrusting, nervous and slightly confused expression seemed to have absorbed the light face. "That means you can pretty much do whatever you want." he grinned watching the blue eyes widen as they blinked, suddenly deeply confused and almost scared. That didn't sound right. "If your hungry eat whatever you want, drink whatever you want, wear whatever you want, sleep whereever you want." the red head shrugged "That's it...alright?" he grinned watching the blue eyes think just looking at him as if he had three heads. "Alright." he sighed "Now, we're done talking. What do you do?" he grinned watching the blue eyes think before glancing over at the pizza, The worn green t-shirt full of holes and almost see through making a small hesitated movement before walking over and grabbing it. "Good." the red head sighed hard, grinning. His dark eyes watching the kid eat. "I think I'll get the box, your making me hungry eating it like that." he chuckled, his scarred figure rising off the couch as he laughed. Stretching before heading to the kitchen, leaving the blonde behind, eating as though it were its last meal.


He watched the blonde hair, it looked as though it had started out making an attempt to not let on how hungry it actually was, but seemed to be loosing grasp on that concept. Jamming as much into its face as physically possible before chewing so hard it's cheeks felt as though they'd bust.

"Do you have a name?" he stated dully watching the face chew swallowing hard as it finished it's third piece but didn't make a move to answer him. "Ok then, don't get offended if I call you kid." he stated bluntly. His tone slightly irritated that was going to be the understanding. "Mines Gene, you can call me whatever you want." he stated again, matter o 'factly watching the blue eyes just blink staring at him, silently. "Do you have someplace to go? Parents? Someplace to be?" he frowned confused by the fact the kid didn't seem to have any place to be, before his face fell. Becoming irritated and annoyed, the kid didn't answer as he frowned. "Are you going to talk to me?!" he shot baffled watching the blue eyes just stare back at him, watching him growl rubbing his face frustrated before sighing heavily and getting up. "Alright then I am exhausted and I want to go to bed." the deep voice stated bluntly, frowning heavily as it stared at the blonde hair, the motionless blue eyes that hadn't moved a muscle or made a sound since it stopped eating. Yeah but at least he's making some form of eye contact his head growled. " I don't really have another bedroom, but if you stay I'll fix one up. I guess you'll have to sleep on the couch." the red hair shrugged before motioning for him to follow as it headed for the stairs. Just about to turn around and snap at him to come before hearing the small creak of the couch as the blonde got up and followed, coming up the stairs behind him.

"Ahhh" he growled listening to the blonde hair stop dead behind him as he stopped at the top of the stairs, listening to the doorbell echo. "Alright let me go see who that is." he sighed glancing at the blonde hair as he pushed the bedroom door in, watching it follow him in. Just standing there as he stopped. The red hair walking around the blonde back out into the hall. "You can sit down if you want." he frowned lightly from the hall, watching the blonde hair sit immediately. "AHhh" he growled again "Look when I say you can do something if you want, that doesn't mean you have to do it. Now did you sit down because you wanted to? Or because I said that?" the red hair snapped, but the blue eyes only blinked slowly looking up at him from the floor. Watching him growl before heading down stairs and opening the door.

"Geeene, I just thought I would stop by and see how things are going." the dark purple hair of the familiar teen smiled at the scarred face as the door opened miserably.

"Great." His unruly hair groaned taking a step back for the purple hair to enter. "What now Fred." he muttered walking back towards the living room. His scarred hands picking up the empty plate and box of pizza as his dark eyes lazily shot back at the grinning face, all to happy to see him.

"Oh don't be such a downer. I simply stopped by to pick up that *small* piece of equipment you picked up for me." the hair chuckled winking as he groaned.

"Yeah that." he muttered still picking up food. "It's upstairs give me a sec Fred." he groaned starting for the kitchen.

"Oh don't bother." he heard the guy smile behind him, his unruly hair shaking lightly as he shook his head annoyed. Dropping the pizza box into the garbage and sitting the rest in the sink.


He looked up, his blue eyes blinking silently watching the bedroom door open from where he sat on the bed. The dark purple hair walking into the room completely oblivious to him, heading directly to the closet.

His older stronger hands fumbling for the light before pulling the small roll of newspaper off the top shelf. Shutting the door with his back as he turned around looking down at what he unrolled. "This isn't worth half as much as I paid for it." the man sighed looking down before frowning lightly as he looked up. The blue eyes blinking immediately as they were spotted. "Well hello there, and who might you be?" the purple hair frowned lightly confused, but his tone was soft and happy.

He was silent, his blue eyes darting around quickly before landing back on the purple hair. "Gene! Who is your friend!?" the man called to the doorway.

"I don't know! Ask him, maybe he'll talk to you. He sure doesn't talk to me!...Seems smart though!." the voice called back matter o' factly over the clank of dishes. The frowning eyes of the man simply turning back to the blonde hair, running his eyes over him as he started walking.

He felt himself tense immediately, watching the man start in his direction. "Hey relax, I am a friend of Gene's, it's very interesting to find you up here." the man smiled slyly eyeing him. "When did you get here?" he smiled waiting through the silence for an answer. But the blue eyes only closed slowly before lying back on the bed, watching the man frown lightly, moving to stand over him as he lost eye contact. "Do you have a name?" he smiled lightly again, but the eyes wouldn't make contact with him any more, blinking hard as they looked away. The purple hair frowned confused, and slightly annoyed. "Well, then can I ask..."

"Hey Fred did you find it!" the familiar deep voice suddenly called from downstairs, snapping the blue eyes and deeper purple hair towards the doorway immediately

"Yeah I found it!" he called back before glancing back down at the dirty blonde hair underneath him, watching it choke silently for a moment before shifting its weight. His smaller lighter hands gripping the rim of his boxers and sliding them under his light protruding hip bones. The purple hair blinked, "Well well.." they trailed.


"Blasted....pizza...damn box, and...blasted...garbage..." the red head muttered trudging up the stairs as he ran a rag over his arm wiping the warm red sauce off. His scarred hand flicking the rag back over the railing towards the downstairs hall as he neared the bedroom door, gently pushing it in.

"Hey!" he shot, his loud deep voice snapping the attention of the dark purple hair as it stood up quickly. The blue eyes staring off, ceasing to acknowledge any of them. "What the hell do you think your doing to him!" he shot, the smooth white coat of the man balling easily into his fists as it slammed back into the wall. His scarred features pushing into the face of the dark purple hair.

"What am *I* doing!?" he shot watching the red hair back up a step. Free scarred hand yanking the blonde hair off the bed quickly. The light skin tripping slightly as it struggled to pull it's pants back up. "Gene! He was the one-"

"-Get downstairs Fred!" the unruly red hair ordered, it's dark eyes snapping back at him, shoving him hard into the wall before dropping the white coat. Watching the man give him a look. "I am serious. I *know* you." the deep voice spit bitterly watching him roll his eyes before heading across the room. The red hair glaring at his back as he walked out into the hallway, his boots echoing lightly as he headed down the stairs.

"Hey" he whisphered lightly, his strong scarred figure dropping down to crouch in front of the blonde, quickly staggering back before bumping into the side of the bed. Blue eyes still absently looking off. "Did you say he..." the deep voice trailed. "No, of course you wouldn't have. You don't say anything do you?" the deep voice spit, but it wasn't frustrated or irritated, it was slightly disgusted, disappointed, slightly...sad. "Look at me." he demanded suddenly, his firm order snatching the eyes up slightly. Watching them dart between his and the space to the side of them. "When people do that you say NO! You understand!?" he yelled suddenly, watching the light skin jump at the sudden noise, but the face remained the same. "No! Say that, say no." he ordered, the red hair watching the small lips move slightly, but no sound came out, no words. AHhh his mind growled, his stronger scarred hands snapping at the smaller shoulders, shaking the small figure.

"Mmm!" the kid whined at the sudden contact, afraid. The rough hand grabbing the base of its chin, forcing it to look at his dark eyes.

"You don't let people do that, it's wrong. Wrong. Bad. You say no always...and then you fight." the voice whisphered firmly, holding him lightly now. The blue eyes no longer trying to pull away, listening intently as they glared at the firery reckless hair. The sly deep skin and dark eyes. "Ok?" he spoke, after the long pause of silence. "You understand?" Firm tone still glaring at the younger face before relaxing lightly, easing. Watching the large blue eyes silently flood over with water as they stood as though nothing was happening. "It's ok." he sighed suddenly, the familiar sly grin spreading over his face. "I am not mad." he grinned letting his stronger arm sling around the small neck, causing the small body to waver slightly as he shook it. "You just sit tight for a second and I'll go get..." he trailed suddenly listening to a second small whine as the small hands shot at the front of his shirt, hanging on tightly. "Hey I'll be right back k?" he grinned watching the face become disgusted. "Promise?" he grinned trying to appease the bitter look, watching the light hands surrender. Shoving him as it backed into the bed and slouched onto the floor. Blue eyes staring off. They didn't expect him to be back.

Fred looked up at him as he walked from the bedroom. "Gene, look I am sorry if I-"

"-Look Fred just..." the red hair trailed sighing, his stronger hand rubbing into his temples as he thought. "Just...don't worry about it." he sighed before the hand snapped away revealing his dark eyes. Focusing them firmly on the teen downstairs. "But don't ever touch him again." he spit watching the calm face nod sighing.

"Very well." it spoke almost disappointed, placing the role of newspaper into it's pocket. "I'll go then, see you soon." it stated dully turning for the door. The red hair giving a small wave before turning back around to the bedroom to the sound of the front door closing.


The blue eyes looked up immediately, eyeing the red hair as though it were a trick it came back like it said.

"Hey come on." the scarred face sighed, motioning with its arm for him to come. "You gotta take a bath." Hs words were a mumble, his hand now rubbing his face as he waited for the kid to slowly get up and start towards him, but it came. It was an order.

"Ahh" he growled pushing in the bathroom door, stepping in to the white tiles and old fashioned appliances. They had been in the building for who knows how long, and no matter how long Martha Stewart raved about adding class to your bathroom with age, it never looked that classy to him. Despite the fact that several prostitutes had complimented how cute it looked. Who knew...women.

The blonde hair followed him in watching him kneel over the tub turning on the water before placing the plug into the drain. Sighing before getting up and heading to the small cabinet, pulling out a towel and turning back to look at him. "You wouldn't happen to have any other clothes would you?" He grinned almost as though it were funny. Secretly arguing how annoying and inconvenient everything having to do with this mess of blonde hair had been in the short amount of time he'd had it. While at the same time confused as to what to do with it, and unwilling to drop it back on the streets. At least until he eats more, his brain growled watching the light face just look back at him silently. The sound of the tub running the *only* sound. "Look can't you talk to me? I said I wouldn't hurt you." He spit irritably watching the blue eyes just blink lightly before grabbing the bottom of it's worn shirt and pulling it up slowly to take it off.

His scarred face frowned, watching before slowly repressing the smile growing on the sides of his face. Watching the light skin tugging the worn green color caught under its neck before immerging quickly, stumbling back a step before tripping lightly and plopping to the ground. "Great." he mumbled, leaning in and shutting off the water before heading back out of the bathroom down the stairs. That kid better have some clothes because I sure as hell don't have anything he can..." his mind trailed, stopping at the bottom of the stairs as he caught the small book bag in sight, just slumped near the front door. "Bingo." he grinned lazily strolling over and picking it up before strolling to the kitchen for a drink.


"Hey are you alright?" he knocked lightly on the bathroom door, his face frowning as no answer came back. Dumb kid, his mind muttered "Is it alright if I come in?" he tried again. Come on kid answer me, his mind growled, his shoulder nudging in the bathroom door and peering in slightly, before sighing and opening it as he strolled in.

The blonde mess of hair and light skin slowly falling sleep as it leaned against the rim of the tub resting in the warm water.

"Hey you." His words were a soft grin, letting his hand nudge the light shoulder. Blonde hair sitting up fast before looking at him, waking up. His red hair shook lightly over his, amused dark eyes looking down. "Hey you want some bubble bath or something? Or...do you not care?" he grinned almost baffled, but the kid didn't seem to care it wasn't wearing anything. Blue eyes just looking at him before ignoring him, moving to play in the water. "You do that then." he chuckled lightly dropping the small bag to the floor before opening the wicker cabinet he had pulled the towel from earlier. Grabbing the shampoos and setting them all on the floor, picking up the plastic case they were in and heading back to the tub with a single bottle.

"Here sit still." he grinned lightly crouching down along the side of the tub. Watching the light face look up at him, still below even height with him. Ignoring the plastic case dipping into the water, and the red hair dumping it over its head.

The scarred teen laughed watching the light features cough. Rubbing the water out of its eyes before ignoring him and splashing. His scarred hand picking up the bottle to his right, letting the cool blue liquid drain into his palm slowly before capping the bottle and sitting it back with his other free hand. "Hey smell this." he grinned watching the blonde hair stop to look at his hand, motionless as he moved it closer to the small nose. Wide blue eyes watching him cautiously as the red hair cocked an eyebrow at him. Letting out a sly grin before shrugging as he didn't get a response. "Smells that good huh?" he teased hanging onto the light wrist as he smeared most of the shampoo onto it, letting it go to rub his hands together, the blue eyes watching him before doing the same. The small suds appearing in-between the light hands before running into the mess of wet blonde hair as they rubbed into it. The small head moving slightly at it's own strength and heavy rhythm of the scarred hands before he slowly pulled them away from the blonde hair and let them dip into the water. Watching the suds and bubbles run away, floating along the top.

The blue eyes looked up quickly at the large bubble floating by, the red head watching him stare at it. A small light smile appearing instantly as the blue eyes saw it before disappearing quickly, the light face becoming expressionless again. "Like this." He grinned rubbing his hands together before slowly spreading each palm apart, as if to cup them around his mouth and yell. Instead his slow steady breath caused the thin film of soap stretched between each palm to immerge as a bubble. "Hey." he chuckled watching the small hand snap at it, popping it instantly before splashing some more. "Kid why don't you try getting the soap out of your hair." he chuckled lightly, his voice caring the sound of his large grin as the blue eyes continued playing, un-entertained with his statement. "Here, lean back so I can get it out of your hair." he ordered lightly, feeling the light weight of the skin as it leaned into the hand he placed behind the light neck, lowering it back into the water.

"Mmm!" the blonde hair bolted up from his grip quickly. The small hands gripping the sides of the tub tightly eyeing him upset. His scarred face just gave a lopsided frown shrugging. "Well then shut your eyes cause soap stings." he grinned watching the warm water dump over the blonde hair, pulling it down with it. The small clear threads of warm water trickling off the light face, before the small mouth opened inhaling deeply. The hands rubbing back into the blue eyes before they immerged, ignoring him to play again.

His dark eyes smiling as he shifted his weight, turning around to simply face the wall as it leaned against the tub relaxing. He forgot what it was that was so exhausting about today. Maybe it was the quick rush of adrenaline spray painting the front of that guys shop before the cops showed. The chase, the arrest, they had beaten him this time, only because that fence was up. Who would have paid for that? his mind grumbled. Probably was a trap anyway, they needed me to do the bust. Then I found the kid, blast what the hell am I doing, I can't..."AHh" he shot bolting from the tub suddenly as the warm water splashing onto his shoulder and hair. "Hey you want to drown the floor or something?" he shot, his face remaining firm as he teased, before relaxing. The blue eyes didn't seem capable of distinguishing the difference between his joke and his straight face. The light skin jumping at his outburst before becoming wide eyed and motionless at his expression. Slowly relaxing as he smiled, telling him it was a joke. "I was joking." he whisphered watching the blue eyes dart back to the water slightly before completely ignoring him again. "Hey, no you don't. Your getting out now cause I am going to bed." His red hair spit baffled, standing up again to get the towel, snatching it off the small window sill before reaching in and unplugging the drain, letting the smooth white cotton fabric hang over the tub as he stood up taking a step to the sink.

His dark eyes watching his reflection disappear as he opened the medicine cabinet snatching his toothbrush before glancing at the blonde hair watching the water swirl down the drain. "Put your hand over that, feels cool." he muttered watching the aqua green squirt onto his toothbrush. His dark eyes looking up to watch the light skin running it's hand over the drain. His red hair ruffling lightly as he shook his head in light amusement before spitting back into the sink.


"So you don't have any clothes?" he heard himself ask again, what was this the fourth, fifth time? The blue eyes still silent stopping behind him as he now turned to face it in the bedroom, looking down at the light skin, blonde hair and towel, "Grrr." he growled watching the kid just sit down against the wall tired. "Can't sleep there." he snapped heading to his dresser. The kid looked like it would have slept anywhere given another five minutes. "GGRrr" he growled louder, his scarred hands running over the fabric in his draw before ripping out a t-shirt and tossing it at the mess of hair. "Here you can use this." he stated watching the blue eyes look at it, picking it up lightly, before pushing it's head through. Watching the dark eyes look at him, considering. "Your sure you don't have any clothes." he stated, this was it, his last try, maybe the kid would answer. It looks likes he understands me. What's the problem? He thought watching the blue eyes blink slightly thinking before glancing at the door. The dark eyes glancing to before heading to the bathroom, his scarred hand snatching the small book bag off the floor irritably and dropping it next to the blonde hair.

"I hope you have something in there, because that's the smallest thing I own." the dark eyes sighed dully watching the small hands dig through the bag, standing up as it pulled stuff out. The soft white t-shit reaching to its ankles, but it ignored it. This is great, just great, his head spit bitterly watching, it looked like he had some clothes, boxers at least, he thought. His dark eyes glancing up to the ceiling as he sighed, his head groaning.

I don't need a kid, I don't want a kid! And even if I *had* to have one, I sure as hell want one that could talk. This kid doesn't look like he can do a thing, he thought bitterly, his dark eyes shifting to look at the bed as he groaned lightly. "Alright, you want to sleep on the couch or...rrrm" he groaned before letting out a heavy sigh. "Why don't you sleep in here and I'll sleep on the couch." he spit bitterly, as though he were forcing the words out, waiting for a response but none came. "Fine." he spit, the kid wasn't going to answer, what made this question special from all the others he had asked. Nsothing. "Your lucky I don't make you sleep on the floor the way you refuse to answer me." he spit as he sighed. His scarred hands ripping his pillow and blanket off the bed exhausted, leaving the extras behind as he trudged towards to door before stopping and dropping them. "Ahh never mind." he growled laying onto the pillow "This is probably as comfortable as the couch, and there is heat in here." he grumbled, his dark eyes already closed. Oblivious to the blue eyes that stood there continuing to watch him. "I would say yell if you need anything, but I guess that's not working out huh?" the deep voice chuckled, listening to the small creak of his mattress as the blonde mess climbed onto it, the slow steadiness of sleep setting in as he forced an eye open to make sure the kid was lying down. Thank god he knows how to go to bed, his head chuckled before soothing, the darkness seeping over him.


"Hey what!" he yelled, the faded vision of the ceiling flooding into his view, the cool sensation of his only weapon, his greatest and most valued possession, his antique caster bolting around his fingers. The sweet hum of the bullets ready to fire snapping into the air, turning on what was moving, what was hitting him. The humming barrel releasing it's soft glow, it's slight vibration onto the small light forehead of the blonde hair. The blue eyes frowning immediately, slapping it off as though it were a toy. "Hey kid! I could have shot you!" he heard himself yell, letting the caster drop back to the floor. "What is it!" he shot sitting up, the strong tone of his agitation lingering as he looked at the mess of hair pulling him. The small hands standing over him ripping at his shirt tugging him up. "Whaaat." he growled kicking the blanket off listening to the small whines that mimicked the earlier ones, struggling harder. Watching the red hair slam the caster down before standing up annoyed. His rough scarred wrist feeling the smoother younger hand grip it tightly, pulling him. Leading his staggering form into the hall, he was still half asleep.

"Ahaaa." he sighed, his red hair leaning against the cool wall of the hall. Dark exhausted eyes half way open before glancing down at the small click of the bathroom knob opening the door. "All right?" he growled watching the blonde hair stumble out lightly. The free hand rubbing it's face before leaning into the front of his leg. The blonde hair standing in front of him, half asleep. "Mmm" he heard himself growl again, his scarred hands looping under the small arms lifting the figure up to his shoulder as he started back for the bedroom. Feeling the light strain of the weight on one side as he bent over picking his pillow and blankets back up before slamming them onto the top of the bed irritably. Sinking into the sheets before pushing the blonde hair off, watching the small figure curl into a pillow as he sighed exhausted. The bed felt better anyway.


"Damnt, I thought I had more waffle mix." he muttered to no one in particular. His loose gray t-shirt hanging over his boxers as he leaned onto the kitchen counter digging through the cabinets before deciding on cereal, a lifesaver. As long as you had cereal, lunch, breakfast and dinner were no problem. The Frosted flakes came into view first. So that's what I am eating today, he thought pulling out the blue box and sitting it onto the table. His scarred hand instinctively shooting for one bowl before stopping, "Oh yeah." he whisphered lightly turning around "Hey Kid?!" he yelled up to the hall before sitting the bowl down and starting for the stairs.

I was expecting an answer, after all last night, his head chuckled as he trudged into the upstairs hall before entering the bedroom. Watching the blue eyes look up, they were awake but no one had told him it was ok to get up. "Come on get up." he muttered heading back to the hall listening to the creak before the quick steps as the blonde hair raced to catch up with him before stopping. "Don't walk to close to me in the mourning or at night while I am getting used to you here kid, or I am likely to step on you." he chuckled heading for the kitchen, but his tone was serious and he listened to the small footsteps trail behind him slightly, offering more space. Yeah he understood that, his head spit sarcastically.

"We're eating cereal cause...we're out a waffles, hope that's ok." he muttered walking to the counter picking up the frosted flakes. Listening to himself instinctively mutter sit, before listening to the chair scuff against the floor as it was pulled out behind him.

The red hair coming back to the table with two bowls, spoons, the milk, and the frosted flakes, before looking up at the blonde hair as he sunk into his seat. The light brown and white flakes falling lightly into his bowl as he shook it, watching the blue eyes look at him. "Do you like frosted flakes?.......You want a different kind?" he asked watching the blue eyes just look at him. "Kid." he stated leaning back in his chair, his strong arms crossing over his chest as he watched the blond hair. "Why is it I keep getting the feeling your smarter then you look? Are you tryna pull something on me?" he cocked an eyebrow at the blue eyes, never loosing his sly tone, but they only looked away lightly. "No I don't think so." the deep voice spit standing up, the blue eyes snapping back at him suddenly. "I think you understand what I am saying perfectly. In fact I know you do." he grinned watching the eyes frown, listening to him intently. "I bet you have had, and know if you like frosted flakes or not. So tell me which one do you want?" he grinned holding up a second box of coco puffs before cocking his eyebrow again. The blue eyes only looked at him, frowning slightly, but remaining expressionless. "I am going to wait until you tell me which one it is." he stated firmly, his sly smile leaking into his voice as he crouched down in front of the wooden chair. Blonde hair looking down at him as though he was the stupidest thing there ever was. "I am waiting." he grinned, this shouldn't take too long.

His eyes shot back at the clock, he was trying not to keep glancing at it but it felt like forever. I think I am loosing circulation in my legs he mind growled watching the blue eyes just continue to look at him dully from where they leaned in the chair lazily. "Grrr." he growled, blinking at the light smile that quickly disappeared under the blonde hair watching him stand up. The light face lifting up to keep eye contact with him, as he suddenly towered over the small chair and blonde hair. "Fine. Guess you don't want breakfast." he grinned wincing lightly as he felt the blood rush back into his legs as he used them. The small tingling running down them as he reached the counter.

"Mm!" the small whine hit him, suddenly standing next to him. The smaller hands snatching the cocoa puffs from him glaring. Snapping away quickly as the red head grinned, chuckled, and then filling the room with his deep laughter.

"I should have just threatened you to begin with!" he laughed watching the blonde hair walk back to the table and sit down. Ignoring the laughing red hair sinking into the chair across from it, laughing harder each time they made eye contact before finally chuckling lightly as he relaxed. "I know you understand me, so I'll let you in on a little hint." the sly red hair grinned leaning onto the table, watching the blue eyes look up frowning lightly, listening to him. "Threats are how I am going to get you to do a lot of things around here, and just so you don't have to learn the hard way, I always carry them out...All of them." he grinned watching the eyes frown slightly concerned. Darting slightly as his strong hand picked up the milk, pouring it into the bowl of chocolate balls before making eye contact again.

"So!" he sighed slamming the milk back down before letting out another short laugh. "After we're done stuffing ourselves with nutrition we're going to go see a friend a mine." he stated dully picking up a spoon of frosted flakes. The cool milk and crisp sugar combining under his teeth as he glanced up, watching the blue eyes snap down immediately upset.

His red hair slowing it's chewing, watching confused. "Nothing like the one that was here last night...(chewing)..this time it's a (chewing) girl. I am betting on the fact she's gonna help me out." he grinned watching the light hand reach up slowly grasping the metal spoon before looking up. Listening to him talk and chew before eating, his dark eyes glancing at the clock. "Good. Eat cause I don't want to suck up her whole lunch break while she's working." he grinned lightly cramming more frosted flakes into his mouth before watching the blonde eat, they only had forty minutes.


"Look do you know what a bar is or not? Can you nod? Or shake your head? What do you want me to do read your mind!?" The red hair spit irritably as he held the smaller light hand in his own. Making his way down the sidewalk, tugging the smaller figure with him as he forced his way through the busy crowd. "Well if you don't, which your probably do don't you? You do don't you?" he repeated, his dark eyes squinting down to the lighter face looking up at him as they stopped walking before scowling and continuing. "Well if you don't just stay close and don't worry, it just looks bad." he grinned, his scarred hand pushing in the thin door with the small porthole window.

"Gene." The man grinned, his large build and tough features clashing with his warm friendly smile and dark eyes from where he sat next to the opening door, obviously some type of guard.

"Hey, working late tonight?" The red hair grinning back, stopping in front of the tight black t-shirt and dark skin.

"You know me, I am always working. How about you Starwind? Lazy bastard." the warm smile teased laughing as the red head chuckled, before the darker skin glanced down. Watching the blonde hair back up behind the yellow cloak that now covered the strong body of the red hair as it stood. "I don't think he's legally allowed to drink." the man grinned, being as polite as possible.

"Hey don't worry about it, he belongs to one of the girls." the red head grinned, waving his hand lightly. His other free one grasping the smaller shoulder trying to hide behind him, pulling it back into view.

The darker kind eyes running over the scrawny blonde. "Guess we should start paying those girls more." he grinned watching the red head chuckled before taking a step to move past.

"Thanks man, we won't be long." he grinned staring into the crowd, the tough -don't mention it- flouting to the ears of the blonde hair as it looked up at the red hair. Watching its face become cool and sly. The dark eyes surveying the entire scene of thick smoke and loud music before heading to the counter.

"What it be?...Gene!" the girl squeaked, her arms quickly leaning over the counter yanking him over. The lighter hand gripping the scarred one tighter as it was suddenly being tugged away. Out of view as the stained warn wood seemed to consume the top of its body to the blue eyes.

"Hey Iris, I though I just saw you yesterday." His red hair grinned standing up as she let go. Feeling the light skin relax as it could now see all of him. Her own sly smile staring back at him.

"More like last week Starwind." she smiled, her blonde wavy hair moving lightly over her navy eyes as she fluffed it with her hand smiling.

"Well I got a small problem, I was thinking you could help me out with." the dark eyes grinned watching her swirl the small martini olives gently with a toothpick as she held the jar. Her smooth fingers stabbing one as he spoke.

"And a...what kinda problem...would that be?...Gene?" she smiled, the small olive tracing around he lips as she spoke. Her low shirt revealing her bust as she purposely leaned into the counter.

The blue eyes watched him grin, before glancing down making eye contact. "This problem." he chuckled watching the small olive fall back into the bottle as she blinked. Watching the blonde hair bounce lightly as the unruly teen lifted it off the floor. The blue making immediate eye contact with her, held lazily a foot above the worn sticky tiles.

"Oh!" she shot her face still written with shock. "Where did you get.." she trailed, the blue eyes loosing her from sight as it sank back to the floor. A free hand tightly gripping the yellow cape as it looked around. Watching the smooth feminine skin and rough clothes of the strong muscled outlaw's rule in the loud music and thick smoke.

"Come on Iris, lets talk." he felt his shirt tug as the red head turned suddenly, pulling him with him. Listening to the small feminine voice shoot a -wait!- Before yelling to a girl friend. The red head continuing to the door knowing she would follow.


"And your gonna keep him huh?" she spoke only to the red hair, her eyes glancing back at the blonde through the small car mirror as she drove.

"Well what else am I supposed to do with him! I can't just ditch him on the streets!" he shot back, watching her quick frown and short gasp at the mention of the idea.

"Don't you dare Gene!" she squeaked flicking on the blinker.

"Don't worry Iris I am not...Until he figures out what he's doing or wants I guess he's with me." the unruly color muttered irritably staring out the window.

"So what is it you wanted me for? This isn't really why you usually see me Gene?" she smiled lightly letting the car purposely floor as she turned a corner, teasing the red hair.

"Yeah I know." the deep voice muttered "But the kid doesn't have anything. Blast it he doesn't even have a toothbrush, now that I know how to get, but everything else...well I don't have any kids Damnt! Aren't you supposed to know something about this!?" he spit baffled watching her glance at him as he spoke, her light frown seemly as baffled as he was.

"What because I am a girl!?" she shot back frowning. "Well did you try asking him, he looks smart enough to me." she smiled lightly, her wavy hair running into her eyes as she turned around lightly glancing back at the blonde hair. The blue eyes staring down irritated. "Don't think he likes me." she whisphered suddenly, the dark eyes glancing back at him as well.

"Naa he likes you." the deep voice muttered. "So can you help me or what?" He grinned. "Come on Iris, don't tell me you don't know anything, and the kid doesn't talk." He spit matter o' factly.

"He doesn't speak!? That right Gene?!" She squeaked, her light figure moving forward slightly as the car stopped to the red light. Her frowning eyes watching the unruly red hair shrug. "Well did no one teach him or something?" She frowned

"Beats the hell out of me." He shrugged "But he doesn't say a word." The dark eyes glanced back, watching the blue eyes scowl at the seat agitated. Oh yeah he understands his mind shot. A sly grin running over his face as he watched the blonde hair grow more and more annoyed and upset as they continued talking about him. "Don't let him fool you Iris, I think he understands what we're saying." He grinned watching the blue eyes snapped at him, but they looked slightly shocked at his comment. Leaving the hard annoyed glare behind suddenly, watching the red hair grin.

"Please Gene, if he can't talk he is probably only getting the gist of it." She sighed stepping on the gas lightly as the light changed.

"Well is it possible he can talk and chooses not to?" The red hair stated matter o' factly.

"Hmm let me think, give me a moment and I'll sense whether he can speak or whether he is just tryna push your buttons." She spit before laughing. The dark eyes watching the light smile appear under the blonde hair.

"She funny isn't she?" He grinned watching the wide blue eyes snap at him falling expressionless again. "I think I'll see just how much he can talk later today, I got a no fail secret." he grinned watching the concerned blue eyes suddenly cringe alarmed, nervously blinking at him. "Just you wait." He grinned watching them shoot to the window suddenly trying to avoid him.

"Gene will you stop." She scolded lightly, "Picking on little kids that don't talk what's the matter with you" she giggled before turning into a small parking lot. "I'll help but I am not babysitting." she frowned at the dark eyes lightly.

"Well who asked you to-"

"-I knew you would, so my answer is no. I don't want to seem heartless, but I got my live and party Gene. If you want a kid living with you, you better learn to deal with him without help." she spit firmly as she unbuckled the wide dark eyes watching her get out before growling.

"This is your fault isn't it." he grinned slyly back at the blonde hair. "Had to drag some kid home huh?" He teased, watching the blue eyes just study him before looking up as its door opened. Her soft feminine hands running around its small waist unbuckling it before sliding it out.


The small bell jingled lightly as she walked into the department store leading the red head in frowning, followed by the expressionless blonde. "What size is he?" She whisphered lightly as they headed down the aisles.

"Huh? How the hell should I know?" His red hair spit baffled, frowning lightly as the blue eyes looked up at him.

"Will you stop swearing. You want him to talk like trash when he learns?" She scolded suddenly, listening to the red hair growl before glancing down at the silent blonde hair looking around. This looked exhausting all ready.


"Will this fit you?" she smiled watching the blue eyes look up at her silently before stumbling back to the cloak of the red head as she crouched down. "Please, do something to help me kiiiiid." She whined lightly gripping the shirt she held in her hand tightly. Watching the eyes immediately frown quickly clutching the yellow cloak. Alarmed at her stressed features before snapping up at the laughing red hair.

"Hey Iris. Hahaa Maybe you should try a different approach or something." His dark voice laughed "Maybe one that doesn't involve gritting your teeth." the deep voice chuckled watching her stand up.

"K fine Gene, if your so sure what to do. Do it." she spit watching the dark eyes silence immediately.

"Aw come on." He sighed grinning.

"No, no. Come on, if you think you can figure out how in the world they are working the measurements on these clothes, I mean ohh what the hell is a 6x?" She sighed loosing topic for a moment in frustration "Then by all means do it huh." She smiled, letting her finger twirl lightly in her hair as she leaned against the wall next to a shelf of clothes. Watching the dark eyes simply glare at her before cocking and eyebrow slowly. Opening his mouth to speak before shutting it again.

"Alright. What can I say, you won this one." He grinned watching her giggle lightly as she stood up smiling.

"Good. Cause I just figured out what we're going to do." she smiled heading back to the clothes rack listening to a baffled -what?- as the red head followed. "Guess and check."


"Next time we'll take the car." His deep voice muttered as the key slid into the lock of the warehouse front door. "If I am exhausted I bet your wasted." He grinned down at the blonde hair waiting for the door to open silently. "How bought some food huh? You haven't eaten anything in about seven or eight hours, starving yet?" He grinned letting the door push open, holding it there as the blonde wondered in under his arm. It didn't answer but he knew it was. "Good." He spit firmly, chuckling lightly as he continued leaving a blank where the kid should have answered. "Cause I bought you a surprise while we were out." He grinned watching the blue eyes look up at him backing away fast and immediatly upset. "No it's not a ferocious beast." He spit rolling his eyes as he watched the kid stumble back at the sight of the white box he pulled out of one of the four shopping bags. "Come on." The red head spit walking to the kitchen, purposely spitting an order knowing the kid had to listen.

"This is what is going to help us get to know each other a little better." He grinned now in the kitchen, pulling a chair next to him as he lazily slouched into his. Sitting the box on the small kitchen table. The blonde hair cautiously sliding into the chair next to him, remaining on the edge as far from him as possible and pressed against the chair firmly to stay away from the white box as well. "Wa la." He grinned flipping the lid open quickly, letting the sides of the box fall apart to become a flat surface. Grinning as the blue eyes sparked immediatly.

It was a glistening shade of cream, the delicate and intricate golden and pink roses carefully constructed in the same smooth sweet frosting as the rest of the cake. It wasn't a cheap cake either, it was a customized pastry. A dinner party cake, big enough for about 6 people easy. "Look good?" He chuckled his grin, but the blue eyes didn't move. Motionless after the small immediate snap it's right hand made to grab it before stopping and snapping back to its side gripping the chair. "Do you want some of this?" His sly face continued nudging the blonde hair as it didn't respond, watching the blue eyes look at him concerned. Blue eyes watching the red hair smile slyly. The smooth knife sliding through the sweet cream into the vanilla heaven underneath, removing a slice. Scarred hands breaking a small piece off. One of the best side pieces, loaded with cake and frosting, handing it to the small light hand that immediately snatched and devoured it. Never loosing sight of the slice of light vanilla and smooth cream lazily resting in the scarred hand. "If you want more your going to have to do something." The scarred face became serious suddenly, watching the blue eyes snap at him immediately, widened with worry. "Relax ok? All you have to do is say my name. You know what it is right? You have been listening to that pretty girl yell at me all day about you." His face grinned suddenly, watching the blue eyes relax. Looking stressed as they thought, listening intently. "It's Gene right? Now I know you understand me, and what's more is you seem to understand everyone else. So that means you goofed, because you've given away you can talk. You lost the battle kid, maybe not the war you have with me but the battle. So loose gracefully and speak up." The red hair shrugged lightly letting his tone relax to a calm optimistic air. Watching the eyes think, as he waited for a response, but it didn't look like it was coming.

No way he thought, no way can this kid just pass up cake. I would have said just about anything when I was younger to get a piece of this cake, even if I wasn't half starved! The unruly mind shot, watching the light face relax to become expressionless, it wasn't working.

"Are you serious kid!? You won't say my name?" He spit baffled watching the eyes just look away as if bored with him. "Cause I am serious your not getting any cake, I am going to eat it all." he threatened lightly but the blue eyes didn't return. "If you say it I'll give it all to you, even the piece I have in my hand." He offered lightly before eating some of the frosting off his fingers, watching the blue eyes look down with tense frowning, fighting him. Fighting the sharp burning in its stomach and unimaginable desire to have at least the smallest crumb of the beautiful cake.

The long silent pause lingering as the red hair waited for a response until he couldn't take it. "Are you for real kid!? You don't want the cake!?" He shot now, the frustration finally leaking into his voice, he was so sure this would work. What kinda kid would be able to with stand food! Cake so close to it that was all you could smell! And he saw the kid last night in the tub, it was half starved. "Say it right now!" he ordered watching the light skin jump as he slammed his fist onto the table. "I mean it kid, speak!" he ordered, his dark eyes glaring at the patch of blonde hair, but the eyes stayed where they were, focusing intently. Trying hard, so very hard to ignore him as its body but not its mind cowered, shaking slightly. "I can not believe this!" he shot standing up, watching the blonde hair jump again at the scuff of his chair against the tile. The scarred figure getting up quickly and snapping to the counter top. "You know kid, your a real piece of work. You know..." he sighed heavily "I would have done anything for that when I was your age, and I wasn't in some...Some closet being starved and who knows what!" he shot watching the small chest suddenly breathing hard, but the kid was motionless aside from the small frown. "Now you might be the most confusing and most stubborn kid I have ever known!" he shot taking a step forward, watching the blue shift away even more, the light skin bracing itself for the impact it was so sure was coming. The sting, the burn, the pain, and embarrassment, it hadn't listened, disobeyed an order, and now the red hair was right next to him. He shut his eyes slowly waiting for it, his small body trembling.

"...But what you just did took a lot of guts...and that, is something I respect." His red hair whisphered softly, the sly grin growing back over his face as he tried to repress it. Watching the blue glance at him from the corner of its eye, trying to see if it really was him speaking, and not just its mind. "So as far as I am concerned here." he spit cutting a piece of cake quickly and letting it slide onto a dish. "Have the cake ok? Just eat it and enjoy it." he spit rubbing his face heavily as he slouched back into his chair before stopping. Glancing at the blonde hair through his fingers. Watching it just look at the cake, making no attempt to eat it. Slowly letting the strong concerned frightened confusion drift away as it relaxed. "What? Now you don't want it?" he muttered baffled, letting his strong scarred hand drop back onto the table as the blue eyes looked up almost irritated. "You? Your mad at me?" he grinned suddenly, his voice chuckling as he almost laughed watching them squint at him, now mad that he had scared them. "Geez you really do have a lot of guts." he grinned slouching even further as he sighed, his red unruly hair shaking lightly as he shook his head in amusement. "You can really have the cake you know. I wouldn't really just eat it in front of you...What kinda pig do you take me for?" he chuckled, his words slurring slightly through his lop sided grin as the blue eyes glanced from him to the fork. Picking up the piece and moving across the table to sit directly in front of, rather then next to the reckless red hair. "Well excuse you." the deep voice chuckled watching the blue eyes give him a look before eating. His scarred chest laughing lightly watching them eat before calming and leaning onto the table cutting another piece, and another until half the cake was gone. "You sure you can eat all this?" he muttered watching the blue eyes ignore him continuing to chew, it sure was going to be a pain in the ass if the kid just threw it all back up. "Suit yourself." he muttered with a sigh before glancing up as the light skin pushed its plate forward. "Done?" he chuckled lightly watching the eyes think for a moment, considering him. "Don't tell me you want more? Or another cake because I am outa money buddy." he muttered watching the face lighten some, it was the first time he hadn't referred to it as kid. His dark eyes watching the small mouth opening lightly breathing in. The blue eyes watching the sly scarred face raise it's eyebrow at him lazily. Waiting for him to do something but expecting nothing, that was all he had been getting.


The dark eyes blinked, practically choking at the small but firm sound of the younger voice. His mouth dropping open in astonishment, staring at the blue eyes that just stared back dully before getting up and walking out.

"Hey you did just say my name right?!" he shot watching the blonde color disappear around the corner. The sly smile spreading over his face as he looked down at the mess of crumbs and frosting. "I knew the cake would get him." he chuckled.


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