So, here guys! I hope you enjpy this. It's a little different to what I normally write, but I needed this out of my system. So, yeah! Werewolf!Dick, Daddy!Bats and Wally/Dick FRIENDSHIP. No Birdflash, pure friendship.

'Lup Negru' means 'Black Wolf' in Romanian. Yes, I know he's Romani, but I use Romanian when typing it.

He fell to the ground, panting and shivering, gasping for breath. Well, at least he had managed to get outside this time – last full-moon he was forced to pace inside his bedroom for the whole night; that had been a close call for everybody; not that anybody except Bruce, Alfred, Roy and Wally knew his secret, but staying in a small, locked, room for a night painfully aware that there were three humans in that same cave that the room resided was almost too much to bare. He didn't really want to eat Artemis, Wally or Zatanna, but his wolf blood was very insistent and his mind came up with one too many fantasies on how to tear them each limb from limb and gorge on-

No, no he wasn't going there.

He looked up for a second. The moon was behind a cloud at the moment but he could still see the clear outline of a perfect circle glowing the night sky. He couldn't remember his first transformation; doing so would be a miracle, he was but a baby at the time. His father was also a wolf, coming from Romania – his mother on the other hand was human, up until she told his father that she wanted to share his curse, so that he wouldn't need to be alone. Only born werewolves were pure – the others still shared half human DNA. That made him an almost pure pup – try three quarters. A Werewolf is what he was, down to the DNA. He could only imagine what it must have been like; a little werewolf family, one pure, one created and one tiny pup.

His arms shook, trying to keep him up – it felt like it was taking forever. In reality, the transformation only took a few seconds, but in the minds of a wolf, it took an eternity. At least it wasn't really painful anymore, it was just tiring. He groaned and he started to feel sharp fangs taking the place of his human teeth. He fell to his knees, panting; his lips slightly parted in order to not impale his still human mouth. Hair started to shoot out from his skin, covering his body in thick, ebony fur. He must have been a sight, a furry humanoid with sharp, white, feral teeth. His head slowly started to change, his face stretching out into a mussel, letting him finally close his mouth and growl, his ears now flat on his head. Human sounds weren't going to work anymore. His limbs started to change, bending and growing and soon he was sitting on the floor, his now canine tongue lolled out of his mouth and panting.

That was before his ears perked up and swivelled towards a sound to his right. He slowly turned his head around to stare at the two humans that stood there.

The two people, Bruce and Wally, were expected. They walked over to the wolf and kneeled down in front of him, causing him to whine and lick Bruce's face.

Wally slowly raised his hand and scratched him behind the ear, causing the werewolf to give an almost moaning sound and lay his head in the redhead's lap.

Human conversation sounded a little bit like hissing, but he could almost tell what they were saying 'Get' and 'Sheep' were defiantly in there somewhere and he perked up slightly at the sound. He liked sheep – they weren't human at least. And they tasted nice. He'd only had cattle for a little while and last moon it had taken more than nine hours to finally be able to get outside and eat something… it was a rabbit; a freakin' rabbit.

He had been pretty grumpy the next day… but nobody could blame him; it was just his nature. Well, at least it had been alive. Slowly Bruce got up and whispered something to Wally about 'Getting out of town' and tilted his head back towards the cave, clearly telling the redhead 'Get inside and go to sleep. I'll deal with it.'

Richard Grayson wasn't sure if he was insulted or not. He whimpered and rubbed up ageist his adoptive father's legs.

"Don't worry, Dickie." Now, that sentence was clear. The man led the wolf to a car that normally wouldn't have found its way to Happy Harbor – The Batmoblie.

Dick jumped in the back and watched as Batman climbed in, licking his cheek and causing the normally dark caped crusader to crack a slight smile. Dick settled down, curling up and waiting for the rumble of the engine to stop and Batman to let him out. It wasn't rare for Robin to be forced to change at the Mountain – but he much preferred Gotham. Gotham was darker, Gotham had a forest not too far away and Gotham streets were always pretty desolate of any human life at night – people were scared to go outside when it was dark. He could run to the forest, kill a deer or something, and pad his way back to the manor both calm and happy, wash himself off and settle on Bruce's bed for the night, curled up in the corner. Happy Harbor was different – there was no forest near its edge, there was no darkness to conceal him and people still wondered the streets past midnight. He couldn't trust himself to run through the city without killing somebody. So, a farm was the place to be, he guessed.

Batman stopped the car and pressed a button and opened the back door; with a last lick to the cheek, Dick was out of the car and looking for something to eat.

The door closed behind him in a second but the car didn't move – he would be back in less than half an hour.

He started to sprint, flying across acres of land and when he finally spotted the fluffy little white animals near a fence on the other side of the paddock; he did what many werewolves did to express feelings. He tilted his head up into the sky and let out a loud howl, face tilted towards the moon and set off at a run towards them.

Oh, Lord have mercy – this was the life.

He barely noticed when the sheep scattered trying to avoid him, the predator, he didn't notice when his eyes locked onto a single member of the heard, nor when he pounced onto it and listened for a second at the scared bleating. But he most certainly noticed when his jaws closed onto the sheep's neck and felt as warm blood covered his nose and mussel. Again, he howled, even louder and he was sure Batman would easily be able to hear the excited sound. Licking some of the blood off his face, he started to eat the now dead animal. He felt no pity for the creature – this was the hunt.

This was survival.

As he stared at the now mangled and stripped pile of bones, he grabbed a single one that still had a margin of flesh on it and started his way back to the black car and set his bone down for a second, jumping onto the wind shield to tell the man inside he wanted to come in, to which he quickly obliged. Richard picked up his bone and settled onto the back seat.

"You know, Alfred would have a fit if he knew you had that in here." Again, his mentor's voice was clear inside his head.

The werewolf responded with a whine, still holding the bone in his mouth.

"Just don't let it touch the seat."

He woke in the cave the next morning, dressed in his Robin Uniform, without a mask – at least clothes didn't break when he transformed. The bone that he had been holding onto was now on the floor beside his bed. It didn't really bother him anymore – he was used to waking up to something like that in his room. He remembered – he always remembered. He just had different… feelings when he was a wolf, he wanted to keep things. To him, as a wolf, keeping a bone after a hunt was the equivalent of keeping an A+ test on the fridge – it was to show that he was proud of his achievements.

If he had it his way, he wouldn't ever throw them out, but according to both Bruce and Alfred, and even Wally on occasion, it was unsanitary.

Hmm, what they didn't know wouldn't hurt them. He opened up a secret little compartment under his bed and reached into the soil, pulling out a shiny white bone – it was small, a rabbits. He then put the new one into the soil. Thank you, worms. They made his job so much easier. He placed the rabbit bone into another small compartment where another rough twenty lay. His collection at Wayne Manor was much bigger.

He was washing his hands when he heard a knock on the door. He walked from the bathroom, quickly chiming a "Come in!" He already knew who it was.

A redhead raced into his room and took in the sight of his best friend.

"You okay, dude?" He asked, walking into the room and sitting on the bed.

"Oh, uh, fine." He responded, smiling. It wasn't his normal smirk, no, he was still aching slightly from his whole body changing from a human to a wolf and back.

Wally stood there, before coughing a rubbing the back of his neck. "Well… um… do anything… uh, last night?"

"Normal things," Robin responded stiffly. "You know, killing a sheep… wasn't bad… I guess…"

Wally wrinkled his nose. "Yeah… must have been exquisite." Wally sniffed, looking at the younger boy.

Robin laughed. "If you were what I am, you'd agree. They're nice. I also wouldn't dis the person who can tear you limb from limb."

"But I know you, you wouldn't."

Robin let his eyes become wolf like slits and grinned at his best friend. "Oh?"

"Dude…" Wally whined. "That's creepy."

Robin raised an eyebrow. "I turn into a wolf every full-moon and am allergic to silver – that's not creepy? Creepy is sorta my thing."

"Those eyes are scaring me…"

"Fine," Robin quickly obliged to Wally's unspoken plea and changed them back and started to giggle at the relived look on his friends face.

Said friend rolled his eyes and sat down on the bed. "Just don't bite me." He teased.

Robin playfully growled and nipped his arm, causing him to spurt out into another giggle-fit at Wally's completely fake livid expression.

"Oh no! I'm wounded! Help, save me from the vârcolac!" Wally squealed, speaking the Romani term for 'werewolf', and teasing him.

"I'm only three quarters vârcolac." Robin teased right back, causing Wally to snort.

"Like it makes a difference."

"Well, I'm slightly smaller than purebloods."

"Saying purebloods makes me feel like I'm in Harry Potter."

"I like Lupin."

"Of course you do."

"I also wish I had a broomstick – that would be amazing."

"I'll buy you one; it's your turn to clean the cave anyway."

"Don't push your luck." The boy flicked his friends shoulder. "I know not of this 'cleaning'. What is this of which you speak? You have insulted me, good sir."

"Yeah, you rich boys know nothing of the real world."

"Haters gonna hate, bro."

Wally laughed and hugged him while giving him a nookie. "Come on; Miss M's made Breakfast."

Robin leaped up and grabbed a mask, slipping it onto his face, quickly followed by Wally. "She got bacon?"

"Yep; you love bacon don't you?" Wally asked, grinning.

"Who doesn't?" Robin paused. "Well, there is this guy… anyway. Yes, yes I do. Is it that werid?"

"You take it to the next level."

"What can I say?" Robin laughed. "I love my meat! Hey, maybe next full-moon I'll find a pig!"


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