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Robin skipped into the cave with a large smile. Falling into a tumble and finishing on his hands, he walked through the kitchen door on his palms, legs stretched towards the ceiling. He opened the fridge with his foot, lifted one hand off the ground and picked up the carton of milk that stood there, before thinking twice of it and putting it back – Wally had most certainly drunk from it sometime and he didn't want Wally germs.

As soon as he entered the cave, he had felt… giddy, for lack of a better word. He felt strange, odd – it wasn't a bad feeling, it was simply… intoxicating.

Why had he come here? He didn't know – something about doing homework in peace or something… meh, probably wasn't important.

"Um," A voice echoed behind him, sounding incredibly confused. "What are you doing?"

Robin tumbled onto his feet with a weird grin and tossed it towards his best friend. "I don't really know – I came here for some reason and I have no idea why-"Robin stopped as he started to look around the room and his eyes zeroed in on a purple flower that lay in a vase on the kitchen counter.

"What is that?" Robin asked, walking a step closer, his eyes slightly glassy.

Wally frowned. "I don't know… M'gann brought it in – she thought it looked pretty."

"It's… strange…" Robin muttered, his mouth twisted in something that was not a smile nor a frown. He took another step towards it. "I… I don't…"

"Robin, are you okay?" Wally stepped towards his best friend, frowning.

"I don't… Wally…." Robin trailed off and he reached forwards towards the flower, his hand hovering above the very surface before pulling back. "This doesn't feel right."

Robin's face paled and one arm wrapped around his middle, the other flew to his forehead as a wave of nausea hit him.

"Dude! You okay?" Wally yelped, racing to catch the boy who looked like he could fall over any minute.

"W-Wally…" Robin groaned. "That's Aconitum; also known as Wolf's Bane."

Wally's eyes widened. "Oh god, dude! I'm so sorry."

"Stop being sorry." Robin hissed. "And get it away from me, damn it!" He truly was the Bat's son, he sounded murderous – the words dripping from his mouth like poison.

Wally raced to the living room, draping Robin on the couch and raced back to the kitchen; with any luck, M'gann will have forgotten about the fact that she brought them in in the first place – but with his luck, the green skinned girl would remember with detail. 'I got them from this patch of flowers and on this day at this second.' He could imagine her resiting, looking mortified that her flowers were gone. 'Has anybody seen them?'

He grabbed the flowers and started to run towards the door that led outside.

"And where are you going?" A raspy voice asked and Wally stopped, spinning around to face the green clad girl.

"Oh, you know… nice day for a run."

Artemis raised an eyebrow, unbelieving. "Oh, really?" she crossed her arms. "What are you hiding behind your back, then, Kid Idiot?"

"Behind my back?" Wally asked, shrugging off the insult. "Oh, no, nothing there – nothing behind my back; nothing what so ever. Why would there be something behind my back, I mean Idon'tneedanythingsowhywouldItakeanythinghowstupidareyouAtremisyoudon'tthinkthat-"

Artemis ducked behind him and wrenched the flowers out of his grasp, making Wally shout and try to snatch them back. Her raised eyebrow shot higher. "Aren't these from the kitchen, Baywatch?"

"No – they're not from the kitchen! No, definitely not."

Artemis turned on her heel and started her way back into the cave, towards the aching Robin who was curled up, perfectly still, on the couch.

As Artemis entered the kitchen, Wally tapped his friends shoulder. "I'm going to take your com now, Rob. I need to call Batman."

Robin let out a groan but nodded, lifting his cape to allow the speedster to grab the com unit that rested on his utility belt.

He sat down on the couch, careful to not sit on the younger boy and pressed a button, raising it to his ear.

"Robin. What's wrong?" The growling voice of the Dark Knight answered.

"Um, it's not Robin – It's Wally."

"Kid Flash, what are you doing with Robin's communicator?"

"Urm, you see, Batman, sir, Robin isn't doing so well…"

"What happened?"

"M'gann brought these flowers into the kitchen … turns out they're Wolf's Bane. I tried to get them out, but Artemis got them back. What should I do?"

The Dark Knight didn't answer for a second. "Wait a few minutes. I'll convince the League that the cave needs to have an inspection. Wolf's Bane can be very poisonous, that should be a reasonable enough reason to explain removing them from the cave. Get Robin to his room, it is far enough away from the kitchen and is more private than wherever you've got him now."

Wally bit his lip and looked at the shivering Boy Wonder. "Got it, Bats." He lowered his voice so it was barely auditable. "See ya in a few…"

He didn't notice that the com had already been cut off, instead choosing to pick up Robin and race him to his room, setting him on the bed. "Are you feeling any better?"

"A-A little…" Robin whimpered. "W-Wally… it hurts."

"I know it hurts, Rob. Just wait a few minutes – Batman'll be here and everything will be okay. Are you hungry? Do you need food? What about water? You thirsty?"



"S-Shut up."

"Oh… okay."

The speedster looked incredibly awkward and didn't say anything after that – silence took over the room as Robin curled inwards in himself and hugged his knees. Wally opened his mouth – forgot what he was going to say – and closed it again. What could he say? 'It'll be okay Rob! I know you feel like you're dying and all, but it'll be okay!'

Yeah – somehow he didn't think that would work.

Something brushed up ageist the door and Wally's head shot up – who was that? He quickly got up and opened the door a tiny bit, looking through the crack to see a white wolf staring back at him. Said wolf was looking right at him.

Robin whimpered and hugged himself tighter – Wolf's ears stood up, swivelling to face the sound. He growled and opened up the door with his nose, Kid Flash just stared as Wolf walked up to the Boy Wonder and licked his face. Robin whimpered again and Wolf frowned.

The white animal quickly turned his head around to face the man that was now standing in the doorway – Batman had finally got here and had silently walked down the hall and into the Boy Wonder's room.

"Tata…" Robin whimpered. "I-It hu-"

"I know, my puțin pasǎre (Little Bird). I know it hurts. It'll be over soon – I have explained the flowers are toxic, they'll be out of the cave soon, I promise." Batman sat on the bed.

Robin groaned again, but nodded and buried his head in Batman's shoulder. Wolf growled and nudged Robin with his head.

Batman rubbed small circles on Robin's back, watching as he reached out and patted Wolf's head. The boy smiled at the feel of the fur in-between his fingers. Robin sighed. "Bine, tata…" (Okay, dad)

Wally coughed, feeling rather out of place. "Um… I guess I'll go see if it's gone, yeah?"

He sped from the room not waiting for an answer from the two Bats.

Robin relaxed. "I-It feels like… l-like my b-body is on f-fire…" His voice was still littered with stutters, but he sounded calmer – he sounded almost refreshed. "I-It feels like… like…" He shuddered and buried his face deeper into his adoptive fathers shoulder.

He didn't notice that his finger nails sharpened into claws and dug into his father's costume as he hugged him – Batman frowned and gently removed one of his son's arms from him, looking at the nails and frowning. "Robin – are you feeling any better?"


"That's a lie – please don't lie to me, Richard."

Robin looked down. "I-I'm not feeling b-better…"

Batman's eyes widened slightly and his head snapped around as Kid Flash sped back into the room. "Flowers are outside!" He yelped, backing up a step when the Caped Crusader stared at him.

"Are you sure?" Batman hissed, growling as he pulled his son into his lap.

"Y-Yes, sir."

Batman scowled. "I'm taking Robin back to Gotham – he needs to be completely away from any contamination, that includes you."

Robin whined and started shivering again. "T-tata…"

Batman rushed from the room and to the Zeta beams where most of the League and Team were already present.

He didn't seem to notice the strange and surprised looks he was getting when he walked in with Robin cradled in his arms, shivering and hugging him.

"Batman? What's-"

Batman didn't even stop to look at Superman – who looked incredibly confused and concerned – and was off into the Zeta beams.

Recognized: Batman 02, Robin B01

After having showers, Bruce Wayne laid his ward on his bed. The boy looked much better – he was exhausted on the other hand and have fallen asleep as soon as he was placed on the mattress.

It would take a few days, but the cave would be decontaminated – the team wouldn't even know what was going on if Batman was careful enough.

"Noapte bună, micul meu pasăre." (Goodnight, my little bird.)

Extra Drabble – Inspired by 'RobinsReckoning'

Robin launched his foot backwards landing it in the chest of Superboy. Really – he might be a super and all, but he was predictable. He kicked upwards, escaping from the older – yet younger – boy and back-flipping over his head, landed a punch on his back, before landing and swiping his feet underneath Conner's feet. Robin snickered, before it evolved into a full-blown cackle as his opponent fell to the ground and the computerized female voice said the words: 'Superboy – Fail.'

Robin reached forwards and helped pull his fallen teammate from the ground. "Good one, Supey." Robin smirked.

Conner smirked right back. "Thanks."

Both boys and the rest of the team, plus Black Canary – who were sitting on the side lines – stared as Wolf looked at Robin and barked. Robin laughed and walked up to the wolf, patting his head.

"Yes, Wolf – it did look funny." He whispered into the animal's ear, causing him to wag his tail and bark again.

Robin walked from the room, whistling, with Wolf at his side.

While Wally was smirking, the others in the room could catch flies, mouths dropped to the floor.

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