hello first avatar story and actually kind of nervous but here it goes oh and on a little known note I will be introducing a few types of different soldiers that aren't in halo at all along with modified soldiers from halo and I own no halo or avatar things (wish I did).

P.S. sorry no matter what I couldn't find a way to continue onto a second chapter with the original so I redid this chapter to help me a little bit and hopefully it'll be more enjoyable for everyone who does read.

norm had been checking everything on the "master computer" that max had set up after the R.D.A. had been defeated and was checking all the emails meant to be sent to selfridge and quaritch along with all the reports for every other important figure that had mountains of responsibility to attend to. and as norm scrolled through everything he came up to an old email to quaritch about two standard months ago titled "revival". norm wondered about the email and soon opened it up,

"Colonel Quaritch this is Rear Admiral Fellson with the United Nations Space Command fourth fleet. We have received your message and have been granted to be able to aid you in anyway we can. I'd also like to make a bargain with you as per request from O.N.I. as we call them that you give us a fair amount of land in return for our services for us to do with as we please. As to study the planet more thoroughly than that of the reports that we have seen on the planet and we hope to be able to mine some of the resources of the planet as yourselves have already been doing for a little while now according to these files. and we will be on Pandora within four months.

Sincerely Fellson

Norm sat there for a long time wondering what he should do but nothing came to mind but to call everyone up to the control room and have a meeting on what to do, and with that norm reached for the headset with the microphone on it and gave an announcement for the meeting and told everyone to attend no matter what. five minutes later With everyone in the room I was still deathly quiet even the planet itself seemed to understand the pure danger it faces in the upcoming span of events. Norm stood up in the front with the screen of the computer on the big screen that used to display tactical info but was reorganized to display Pandorapedia just to study whatever people wanted. norm started to clear his throat then spoke a few words in a shaky voice "we have an emergency everyone there was an email from some high high ranking military personnel" while doing this norm pressed a button on the remote that brought up the email on the big screen for everyone to see. ".

So far what I gathered is tat they're coming in two months with weapons and supplies to help the R.D.A. fight and destroy the na'vi people... that's why I called you all here, to discuss what we should do.. Does anyone have any idea?" asked norm looking to all the worried faces with pure concern on his face. just as norm was gonna call the meeting to a screeching halt because of lack of ideas someone spoke up "maybe we can fool them into thinking no ones home or that the whole base is infected with a deadly disease" said max. Norm spoke up "yes it could work but we have no uniforms on base or even on planet or system" said norm with a bit of pessimism in his voice "yes we do I stored enough uniforms just in case something happened and we needed camouflage said an eager Max. But someone from the back soon spoke up in the middle "what if the navi see us what'd they think that the RDA is back on the planet and with those words smiles of approval soon ghosted away to nothing but a big room of frowns at the cost any idea could have. "Wait!.. maybe there's something we can do" everyone soon turned to the person of interest which happened to be a girl named Pam. With all eyes glued to Pam she began to feel a little overwhelmed "we have the na'vi fire a lot of arrows have them come in with animal claws and tear up the outside of the base, maybe we can make them think that everyone was dragged out of the base by turning off the power and closing the oxygen filters to make it look like the whole base got destroyed". It was deathly quiet for what seemed as life times with everyone staring at the young biologist. suddenly max and norm spoke up simultaneously "AMAZING IDEA!"

Max was overlooking tearing up the labs and different mainly the "science wing" area of the base. "No no no take the screen and put it on the ground cut the wires we have extras and we can always take wires off the other computers at the old research stations". Said a now very irritated Max "god I hope Norms having more fun than me at the moment.

In another part of the base norm was taking care of dismantling the base to look like it had been torn up by some kind of attack it ma not have looked like the navi attack but at least it was something to glimpse at or at the most buy the scientist some time to think of another plan to save them from the might be wrath of the "UNSC" Now that Norm was thinking on the matter he zoned out thinking about what the UNSC would look like would they even be human what kind of armor would they be wearing what kind of equipment would they bring to fight the na'vi. As things and worries began building up inside of Norms head he was snapped out of his trance by tripping on a piece of the metal flooring that had to be torn up to slice the wiring and further the lie that the base had been attacked. "What are we doing Norm said quietly talking to no one in particular as he picked himself up.

Thinking about how long a day Norm had with tearing up the floors till he found the power cables that led from the main generator to lightand power the area of the base that he was assigned to "destroy". With a final kneel he reached into the floorwith a razosharp knife that had thick rubber on the handle to protect the user from electricity. He sliced the wires jumping up and back as a shower of sparks flew out from being cut off. Letting out a breath he had no idea he was holding he pulled his radio and quickly told Max about his progress

"Max I just cut the wires to my area of the base and it doesn't go into great detail but my teams have torn this part of the base up pretty good it should suffice for attacked now all we need is animals claws and teeth to tear up everything else." The next voice he heard was Pam's "well since we haven't talked to jake yetabout animals claws and teeth can you guys come and help me and my teams tear up the landing strip someMoore the west landing area are so bad we're gonna have trouble rebuilding them for a few months.". It only took Norm a second to think before replying to Pam " sure thing I'll send them over let me contract them".

Switching to his teams channel he quickly blurted out everyone go to Pam's area on the landing platforms and help them till she says it's all okay". With a good amount of groaning over the radio he switched over to the original channel "Pam they're heading your way they're not happy but they're moving. "Ok I'll have some work for them to do when they get here hope they like picking asphalt out from their hair" Norm couldn't help a small chuckle from bursting out to join Pams over the radio.

Norm started walking to help out with the landing strips bringing his radio to his mouth he slightly scowled at the thought "Max.. we sill need to get Jakes help to make this believable te only problem will be convincing the omticaya to help". Silence ensued Max's voice chimed in after a few seconds "it will be, but what else can we do? go hide in the jungle? If this alien military force is as advanced as us or even higher than us chances are that they've already discovered life scans and can effectively use it to hunt us down and kill us without much thought."

Max soon started feeling a little bit depressed at the suddenly sobering chances rising higher and higher against them that the scientist will survive. Max could picture them wearing the armors and uniforms of the R.D.A. throwing the scientist to the jungle worlds floor before shooting the scientist in the back then turning their attention to the planet itself with flamethrowers blazing and scorching the beautiful planet. Max shivered at the thought before setting himself back to work tossing a computer to the ground and smashing a few jars onto the cold floor.