That's the only thought that was racing through your fear clouded mind.

You were running from them, a true nightmare.

"_!" he shouted. They weren't far behind you, you being weak could only run so fast.

Branches scraped across your body, causing small cuts and scrapes. The ground was rough and pain filled your body whenever you fell.

"YOU CAN'T GET AWAY FROM US!" she yelled, getting closer and closer.

You had to get away. You had to escape. You had to flee. Your life depended on it!

The moon eerily shone on you as if acting as a spotlight, for an audience above to watch you in your fear, scrambling from danger akin to the victims in a horror movie.

Looking behind you, fear strengthened it's hold on you as they got closer, their angry footfalls boomed on the ground, causing panic to ring all throughout your system.


'Ouch!' you thought as you ran into something hard. Looking up from the ground, you saw a very odd man dressed in a blue vest, a pink shirt, and tan pants.

"Hello there, what are you doing out at this time of night, poppet?~" he asked, helping you up.

"I-I..." you tried to speak, but you were at a loss for what to say to this man.

All of a sudden, pain clawed at your head as he pulled your hair as hard as he could.

"You little brat! You're nothing but trouble! We should have been rid of you since day one!" he bellowed.

"Please..Please don't..." you cried, praying that they had at least a small amount of mercy within them tonight. Then again, you always prayed for that. It never came true.

"I'm terribly sorry if our daughter has caused any trouble for you, sir. She's a chronic liar, you know." she said to him, smiling that sickly sweet smile of hers.

That's right, your own parents did this to you.

The oddly dressed man frowned. "Oh no, I'm afraid I cannot allow you to hurt the little poppet."

"She's OUR kid! We can do whatever we want with her! It's none of your buisness, freak!" your father shouted, yanking some of your hair out.

Then, a creepy, maniacal laugh rang throughout the air. Looking towards the man, you noticed his grin had turned feral and a knife had appeared in his hand.

Within the blink of an eye, you felt your father's grip loosen and turned to see him lying on the ground, covered in blood.

'Is it wrong that I feel no remorse?' you thought, turning away.

Your mother was nowhere to be found, but a small puddle of blood was on the ground not far from where she stood.

Then, the man was in front of you again, blood staining his clothes.

"I'm dreadfully sorry, poppet. The other one got away."

You nodded, not thinking twice about it.

"Hmm...I know! Would you like to come to my home and try some cupcakes?" he asked enthusiastically.

You nodded, stomach grumbling at the thought of food.

Then he turned downright ecstatic. "Oh I'm so glad! I promise you will love them!" he laughed, taking your hand.

*************************Time skip brought to you by the BTT**********************

You had arrived at the man's house. He had told you that his name was Oliver, and you told him your name. He told you about the three others living with him but said they were all out doing things of their own tonight.

He held a blue frosted (fav. flavor cupcake) out towards you and you took it, mumbling a thanks. Eating it eagerly, your taste buds lit up at the sweet flavor.

"Oliver, this is delicious!" you cried, scarfing it down.

"Why thank you, poppet! I'm so pleased you like it!~" he beamed, giving you another.

Suddenly, the door slammed open, causing you and Oliver to look towards it.

"Oh good! I see that you're back!~" Oliver chirped, smiling brightly.