A/N: While I was writing this, I didn't think I would end up actually posting it, but then I thought… why not? So, basically this is a one shot femslash, which is a first for me, so I hope the fans of this kind of stories like it.


WARNING: Read only if you're 18 or older.



by Saeshmea


This takes place after Harry has his career advice meeting with McGonagall and Umbridge in the office of his Head of House. (Chapter 29, book 5).

"I can not allow such disrespect and disloyalty coming from a professor," said Umbridge when the two women were left alone.

"Then I should probably apologize in advance because I'm about to say a couple more things to you," Professor McGonagall replied, "Dolores Umbridge, you are a-"

"Minerva, I suggest you stop yourself before-" the Headmistress threatened, raising her wand against the professor.

"Before what, Dolores? I am not a student you can sent to detention," McGonagall looked at her defiantly.

"You're right," Umbridge replied, "but there are other ways of discipline."

McGonagall looked at the Headmistress from her higher position and noticed the waving of her wand. Before she could reach hers, the Transfiguration Professor felt herself pushed and bended over her own desk.

"I am tired of your witty comments and your disobedience, Minerva," Umbridge whispered near her ear as she held the professor's head against the wooden surface, "this will teach you to show more respect from now on," as Minerva struggled to get free form the charm that was keeping her wrists pinned to the corners of the table preventing her to move, Umbridge began to slowly roll up the skirt of her dress.

Minerva didn't stop to wonder the intentions of the Headmistress, she was concentrated on getting free from her magic. As she muttered some wandless incantation that she hoped would work, Umbridge grabbed her cotton knickers and pulled them down, to the middle of her thighs.

She was not prepared for what came next. Umbridge's left hand was holding the rolled up skirt of Minerva's dress to her waist, so it wouldn't fall down when, suddenly, her right hand slapped the professor's bottom cheek.

In an effort to hold back her own scream, Minerva let go a silent gasp in response to the sudden assault to her body. Umbridge said nothing, she just pressed her left hand against the professor's back with more strength as she hit the other cheek, which caused the same reaction on the Head of Gryffindor.

Minerva had to clasp her fists to the edges of the desk to bear the pain of the next whacks. She felt her skin getting more and more sore every time the palm of the Headmistress' hand met her ass and, as if being spanked in her own office by Dolores Umbridge wasn't humiliating enough, Minerva found that her own body was betraying herself by enjoying the situation.

She pressed her legs together, so Umbridge wouldn't notice her wetness, and bore the last slaps without making any sound.

When the Headmistress left, Minerva felt herself released from the charms that were keeping her tied to her desk. She pulled her knickers up and as she got up, her skirt felt back to place, hiding her recent humiliation.

Minerva walked around the table and sat on her chair, only making a grimace when her sore bottom met the pillow. She opened her first drawer, took out a pile of essays to check and put herself to work as if nothing had happened a moment before.