Hi everyone, I've been getting a few reviews asking for a bonus chapter and since you guys have been so great here's one just for you.

The next morning Natsu hopped out of his hammock and landed on the balls of his feet.

"Hey, Happy, are you up," Natsu asked his furry blue friend.

"Oh, no, I couldn't eat another bite… Okay one more…" Happy was still dreaming.

"Wake up, buddy," Natsu gently shook the sleeping form. "We can get breakfast at the guild. I bet Carla will be there."

Happy woke up with a start, "Check, please!" Soon he realized he was not at a restaurant like he had been dreaming, but at home. "Morning, Natsu."

"Let's pick up Lucy before heading off to the guild," Natsu declared running out the door with Happy following behind him.

It did not take long for the two of them to reach Lucy's apartment and climb in through the window. "Lucy, are you home," both of them called in unison.

"I'm in here," Lucy responded from the bathroom, she was tying her usual side ponytail while walking out of the door. "You two are here early." After she finished tying her hair, Natsu was quickly in front of her. "Nats-"

Natsu had planted a kiss on her, just as inexperienced as the first. When he finished he had a wide smiled, "Good morning, Luce!"

Lucy blushed furiously, she had not been expecting that. "G-good morning," despite her surprise she still had a smile on her face.

"I knew it! You two do like each other! " Happy cheered. "I can't wait to tell Mira and get my fish that I bet!" Happy paused, "... Oops."

"Bet," Lucy asked, anger starting to rise in her voice.

"Well, um, nearly everyone at the guild has been making bets about when and how you two would get together," Happy nervously explained. "It's a really big pot…"

"Wow, I can't believe that so many people would think me and Lucy would get together," Natsu said nonchalantly. "Isn't that funny, Lucy? Lucy?"

"Oh yeah, very funny," Lucy said with sarcasm just dripping off of her words. Sure, she knew Mira and Cana were interested in her love life. But they actually betted on it and had the whole guild in on it. That was something else entirely. She was storming out the door.

"Lucy, wait up," Natsu did a light jog to catch up to her.

"What's wrong with you, Lucy" asked the landlady as she passed Natsu and Lucy in the hall. "Did you and your boyfriend have an argument or something?"

"We didn't, but I'm about to with some of our friends," Lucy stated before continuing on her mission to the guild.

Natsu noticed that Lucy made no denial about being a couple and waited until they were out of the apartment before saying anything. "So we're a couple now?" He was excitedly anticipating her answer

"Are we?" Lucy had not put much thought into it, they only went on one date together. Most people go on several dates to get to know each other before making it official. However, Natsu and she already knew each other so well, so there really no need to go on dates for that purpose. "Do you think we are?"

"I think so," Natsu said bluntly.

"So we're a couple now?" Lucy inquired for confirmation.

"Yeah." Natsu answered right back.

"Well, this is anticlimactic," Happy commented. "Let's just get to the guild!" He started flying off, leaving the newly formed couple behind.

"Happy, wait up," Natsu yelled. He grabbed Lucy's hand and started pulling her to the guild. Before he knew it he was already bursting through the doors of the guildhall. "YO, everyone! Lucy and I are a couple now," he bellowed so the entire guild would now.

The normally busy guild fell silent, along with Lucy who was speechless at Natsu's forwardness. The only sound there was the thud of Mira fainting out of pure joy. After the awkward silence had passed, cheers erupted from the entire guild.

After regaining consciousness, Mira skipped toward the couple, mostly Lucy to pull her aside. "Tell me everything. When did it happen? How? Who made the first move. What time of day or night? Where did it all happen?" Mira was sure to cover everything, one for her personal interest and second for figuring out on who to distribute the winnings. "Give me every detail."

"Stop trying to be subtle, Mira," said Lucy. "We know about the bets everyone has been placing."

"Oh really? Well, I guess that makes things easier for me," Mira beamed. Lucy only sighed in response, knowing there was no way to avoid the situation.

Mira was finishing up analyzing the placed bets and counting up how much money went to who,

"And the winner of 'When will Natsu and Lucy finally get together' pot is…" Mira paused for effect "Cana," the enthusiasm in her voice dropped, disappointed that she did not win.

"Yeah! Beer is on me everybody," Cana cheered with much gusto. Off to the side, Cana told Mira with a proud smirk, "You just can't beat my cards."

Mira smiled, but only because she had to keep face when she was really burning up inside.

The guild celebrated and gave their congrats to the new couple.