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Chapter One

Third Person POV

Cirnellë looked up from her book when there was a knock on the door to her room. Marking her spot, she stood and headed towards the door. Opening it, she smiled at the older woman standing on the other side. "Ioreth, I wasn't expecting you." Cirnellë said softly to her old nurse as a child and now handmaiden as a woman. "I apologize, my lady, but his majesty has requested you in the throne room. Our guests have arrived and he would like you to meet them. He also requests that you change into something more formal." Ioreth told her formally due to a servant walking by with a bow of her head.

"Okay. I'll be there in a moment. I'll change and be down." Cirnellë said and Ioreth bowed her head once more before leaving the young woman to get ready. Walking over to her wardrobe, she leafed through the silk dress and picked her favorite, a light blue one that her father had given her on her sixteenth birthday. Slipping out of the wool grey one she was wearing, she slid the silk fabric over her head and adjusted it at her bust and hips.

There was light knock on the door in her sleeping chamber and Cirnellë called for them to come in.

"Are you dressed, dear?" came Ioreth's voice from the bedroom and Cirnellë walked out of the small dressing room. "I need a little help." she said, turning around so the older woman could tie the dress in the back. "My goodness, child. If you keep growing, you're going to need an entire new wardrobe." she said, readjusting the bust and hips once more before tying the strings tightly. "You're ready, dear." Ioreth said and Cirnellë heard a hint of sadness in the old woman's voice.

"Is everything alright, Ioreth?" she asked, turning around to look at the woman concerned. "Of course, dear. I'm sure everything will be fine." Ioreth said with a sad smile and before Cirnellë could question her further, the old woman gave her a nudge out the door. "Now hurry, dear! You're father is waiting!" she exclaimed, pushing the young woman out of her room. Cirnellë gave her another confused looked before heading down the hall and then down the stairs to the throne room.

Walking in, she saw her father standing with the three strangers. Her father noticed her and waved her over. She walked over and bowed her head to her father before turning to their guests. "Cirnellë, I would like to introduce you to Lord Celeborn, Lady Galadriel, and MarchWarden Haldir. My friends, this is my daughter, Cirnellë." Bergil introduced and Cirnellë bowed her head to their guests. When she had been told they were being visited by Elves, she was excited. Living in Rhovanion, Elves were rare in these parts.

She'd always been curious because her mother had died when she was born. She'd never been able to learn about her mother's side because the people of Rhovanion knew little of her mother and her people. Only that her father had fallen in love with her when they were young while he was visiting the Elf realm of Lothlórien and, when he had asked her to come back to his home land with him, she agreed. Four years later, Cirnellë was born and Eldárwen, Queen of Rhovanion, had died moments after her only child was placed in her arms. Cirnellë knew the story by heart because she always wondered where her mother was as a child. She then grew up viewing Ioreth as her mother.

"You look like just your mother, child." Lady Galadriel said with a smile and then a perplexed look crossed her face. "What is it, m'lady?" Bergil asked, looking to the Elf in concern. "It is all right. The young one just has the ability to block her mind." Lady Galadriel said and another soft smile formed on her face. "You knew my mother?" Cirnellë asked, her interest peeked at what the Lady had said. "Of course. She was my sister." the Lady said with a light, slightly sad laugh.

As they talked, Cirnellë noticed that the MarchWarden seemed too quiet. As her father spoke with the Lord and Lady, Cirnellë took this time to truly see what an Elf looked like. Or at least this one.

He was tall. Far taller than her by at least a good foot and a half. He had beautiful blue eyes and what looked to be silk smooth, platinum hair that was slightly tied up to keep it from getting in the way. He seemed a little more broader than Lord Celeborn, but was slimmer than most of the men of her country. She noticed how different Elf men were from Human men just by observing the ones she was amongst. They were taller, leaner, and fairer than the men of Rhovanion.

"I am quite surprised you have decided to reopen the alliance between our people." Lord Celeborn said, catching Cirnellë's attention. "Yes, well," Bergil said, glancing to his daughter and Cirnellë didn't miss the slight look of shame that flashed before he turned back to the Lord. "these are times of friendship. I believe my father was wrong for breaking the ties between our people and now we have a chance to rekindle a relationship that was once vibrant and full."

"Of course. As terms of our agreement, we have chosen one of our most trusted warriors." Lord Celeborn said with a nod of his head. Cirnellë looked to her father with a questioning look. It wasn't like him to keep things from her. He usually told her everything that was going on throughout the kingdom, preparing her for a time when she would one day take the throne. "What terms?" she asked. Bergil sighed and he looked to Lady Galadriel. She nodded her head and Bergil turned to his daughter. Taking Cirnellë's hands in his own, the look of shame returning to his eyes as he looked into hers.

"Cirnellë, sweetheart, I know I told you when you were a child that I would never force you into an arranged marriage, but times have changed." he began and Cirnellë felt her heart start to beat rapidly in her chest. She began to shake her head, trying to throw her father's words from her mind, but Bergil gripped her hands tighter. "Haldir is a good man. He will treat you well." he said quickly, knowing his daughter was having a hard time comprehending what she was being told. "No." she whispered and closed her eyes as tears began to fall. "Cirnellë, you must understand-" he tried again, but Cirnellë shook her head and tore her hands from her fathers before turning and running from the hall. Bergil was about to go after her, but Ioreth rushed forward and stopped him.

"I will go after her, my lord. She might listen to me better." she said and, with a nod from her king, she rushed off after the princess.

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