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It was way past midnight. Gwen was not well aware of that fact.

She sat on the carpeted living room floor, munching on corn chips. Across from her, Cody was sprawled on the red chaise, fast asleep. Her shirt had a grape jelly stain on it. A fly had wandered into her cup of lukewarm cocoa and was drowning in chocolaty goodness.

Gwen wasn't aware of any of those facts either. Her gaze was firmly fixed on the TV screen, and she watched, transfixed, as the blond girl on focus innocently wandered into the forest, not knowing that the deranged psycho killer was on the loose. Gwen's breath caught in her throat and she unconsciously inched forward when...


Gwen screeched in surprise, leaping up from her spot on the floor and throwing corn chips all around the room. Cody was roused from his sleep and he yelped as he nearly fell off the sofa.

"Aw, man," Cody groaned, massaging the back of his neck. "What time is it?"

Gwen looked at him in horror, her coal black eyes wide with shock.

"What?" Cody asked. He began to panic as well. "What happened? Should we call an ambulance? What's the number for 911?"


Gwen and Cody stared at each other, and for the first time, they took note of the humongous grandfather's clock. It was three in the morning.

There was a person outside their house at three in the morning.

Cody scrambled from his spot, ready to shoot out of the room and call the police, when Gwen's voice stopped him.

"Cody." Gwen tried to sound as calm as possible. "Can you get the door...please?"

Cody gulped. As much as he wanted to look macho in front of his crush, answering the door at the break of dawn in nothing but his boxers was kind of beyond his comfort zone. Kind of.


Well, to be honest, calling the police wouldn't really make much sense, because if a psycho killer did want to kill them, it was the dumbest idea ever to ring the doorbell. For all he knew, it was just the weird old man next door who used to like playing croquet with his grandparents.

But it was still slightly unsettling that they had a visitor at three in the morning."Can you...come with me?" Cody asked timidly.

Gwen groaned inwardly. That was exactly what she didn't want to do. Okay, so maybe her obsession with horror movies should have made her immune to their cheap scares and cheesy effects, but considering the fact that she was on her thirteenth movie on her movie marathon DVD list and it was hardly the break of dawn, she was a little bit shaken up. Just a little.

Plus, it was kind of a general rule NOT to open the front door, unless you want your face ripped to shreds.

Still, Cody shouldn't die just because Gwen herself was too scared to face a psychopath with a chainsaw (or a machete, or a drill). Gwen took a deep breath, tried to calm her pounding heart, and put her game face on. As bravely as she could, the goth chick nodded at Cody. "Let's go."

DING-DONG! (This time, it was accompanied by a furious pounding on the door, making the duo exchange apprehensive glances.)

They passed the hall closet, and as an afterthought, Cody retraced his steps and began to rummage for something.

Gwen was perplexed. "What the hell are you doing?"

"I'm looking for...okay, here it is!" Cody triumphantly yanked out a tiny baseball bat, like one would expect to see at a kiddie softball practice.

Gwen stared at the bat, unimpressed, although it was kind of a welcome distraction from the possible serial killer outside their door. "Seriously?"

Cody shrugged, defensive. "Hey, do you have better ideas?" he complained.

"Nada." With that, they silently crept together towards the front hall with bated breaths.

The person outside was clearly impatient, because the door was actually shaking. "Hey!" a slurred voice yelled. "Lemme in!"

Cody glanced at Gwen. She nodded, and they unlocked the door.

They were kind of surprised at what they saw.

"Uncle Chris?" Cody asked, looking at the familiar face of his uncle, who was clearly in an inebriated state.

As an additional surprise, Geoff the lifeguard was there. In fact, Chris's arm was slung around his shoulders. He shot Cody and Gwen a goofy grin, though he couldn't mask his fatigue.

"Don't call me uncle!" Chris McLean groaned, peering at Cody from half-closed eyes. Suddenly, his eyes snapped open. "Cody? Is that you?"


"You," Chris said, staring at him intently, "are an extremely dashing young man!" He let two seconds pass before bursting into hysterical peals of laughter, which absolutely did wonders to Cody's self-esteem. Before they could react, Chris promptly passed out, his face hitting the ground with a dull thud.

"Who's that?" Gwen asked, looking bemused.

"My uncle," Cody sighed. "For some reason, he's here."

Geoff spoke up. "Man, he was awesome!" he yelled, making Gwen and Cody wince. "He was like a total party guy...did you know that you can eat chocolate from the ceiling?"

"Let me guess." Gwen wasn't very amused. "You're drunk, too."

"Just a little buzzed," Geoff said, grinning impishly. "I was designated driver, after all." Suddenly, his eyes widened in realization. "Aw, man, don't tell Bridge!"

Unbeknownst to them, Cody had to turn his head in fear that they'd discover a massive blush taking up most of his face at the mention of the blond girl.

"Scout's honor," Gwen said dully. She yawned. "I'm going to bed."

She spotted the grown man blocking her way to the door. "Um, or maybe not. What are we going to do about him?"

"Let's carry him to a bed," Cody suggested.

And so they did. The rest of the night (well, morning, actually) was pretty anticlimactic. After they tossed Chris's body to a bod, Geoff turned to Gwen and Cody. "You guys are still invited to the party," he said. His eyes flicked to Gwen meaningfully. She rolled her eyes in return.

Confused, Cody asked, "Party? What party?"

Geoff chuckled. "Just a little get-together, Codmeister! Be there or be square."

He stretched and prepared to leave. Before he could though, he glanced at Gwen and said, "Dude, you have food all over your hair." His face split into a grin. "Totally digging it, though, brah!" And then he was gone.

Gwen reached to her hair and pulled out some corn chips. Well...she did have a wild night, as well.

That afternoon, Cody readily changed into his swim trunks and invited Gwen for a swim. She declined, and for some reason, Cody felt a bit relieved. At least he wouldn't have to worry about drowning again just as an attempt to impress her.

Chris was still knocked out, snoring loudly on the bed. He shifted as Cody entered the room to get his sunscreen from one of the drawers. The teen silently slipped out and walked to the beach. Chris never moved, except to scratch his stomach in his sleep.

The weather was pretty nice. Cody slathered the white stuff all over his body when a voice asked, "Mind if I join you?"

Cody's head jerked. And he raised his eyes, from long, tanned legs to a cheerful face framed by damp blond hair. "Hi, Bridgette," he said, sounding a tiny bit enthusiastic but mostly sheepish.

"Hi, there, Cody. My shift just ended." She regarded at him, slightly disturbed as she watched him attempt to apply lotion in a place where people don't usually apply lotion. She cleared her throat. "Are you okay?"

Cody froze. He hadn't realized that she was looking at him. "I-I get sunburned really easily," he explained hurriedly. "I'm doing this as a...part of my medication...yeah."

"Um, cool," she said, scooting away from him, dipping her legs in the sand. "After you're done with that, want to grab a bite?" She looked at him and smiled.

"Yeah," Cody said with a grin, trying to get past his embarrassment. It was awfully hard not to smile at Bridgette's face, though. "I'm kind of in the mood for pizza."

"I think there's a pizza place here...somewhere," Bridgette muttered, scanning the area. She found one, and her lips parted again into a smile. "There it is!"

They spent most of their afternoon laughing and talking. And Cody felt...well, he felt something odd.

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