Chapter 1.

Authors' Note- So, I've decided to write a sequel to my first story The New Girl, which I suggest you read before reading this one, or else you'll be completely lost during the story. I hope you enjoy this story as much as you guys did the last time. Thanks for reading!


Seven months. We've lasted seven months. Seven months together. Seven months without anyone else finding out about us, with the exception of the all-knowing Henrietta Lange, and Sam, who coaxed it out of me on a stakeout about five months ago. Seven months spent blissfully happy in each others' company. Every moment we've had free in these past months have been spent together. Every night that we weren't at work was spent at either my place or hers. At work, every glance, every smile, every laugh, was stolen in secret. The secret was what was killing me over the past few months, my desire to scream it out in Ops one morning was the thing that consumed me since we started dating.

Until she got shot.

The moment the bullet hit her chest, all those months of secret-keeping went out the window. No more stolen glances, no more furtive meetings, no more dodging calls or texts from The Wonder Twins, Nate, or Kensi and Deeks. No more deception. No more secrets.

The paramedics didn't leave anyone in the ambulance with her. Not even Nate. The ambulance pulled away, sirens blaring, without me inside it.

"Control yourself, G." Sam says to me, stopping my car from pulling away from the curb. "She's going to be fine."

"What if she's not?" I reply angrily, my voice breaking. "What happens then?" I say, staring at him. "I'm going to the hospital. Don't try to stop me."

I most likely break every driving law trying to get to the hospital. Even then, it takes me fifteen minutes. Freaking' LA traffic. I leave the car parked haphazardly in the parking lot, and race into the hospital.

"I need to get information on a patient who just arrived. Ava-Joy Connors." I tell the nurse at the reception desk, slightly out of breath, and flashing my ID.

"Yes, of course." She replies, quickly tapping keys on her computer. "She just went into surgery. Doctor Yang is the man you should talk to. He's in OR One. I'll take you there."

"Thank you." I say politely, fidgeting and urging to make my way to the OR.

"You can sit here and wait." The nurse says, pointing to a chair. "Dr. Yang will be out in a minute."

That minute felt like a lifetime.

"Agent Callen?" A man says, approaching me.

Surveying him quickly, I extend my hand shakily and reply, "Dr. Yang?"

"Yes. Please sit."

"How is she?" I ask quietly, sitting down.

"Well, I'm afraid it's not good. The bullet nicked her aorta, and then ricoched off her ribcage and collapsed her lung. She lost a lot of blood. It'll be hours before she's out of surgery. And even then, she may not make it." He answers politely and quietly.

I can't manage a single word. A lump the size of Texas has formed in my throat, and it seems like the Pacific Ocean is about to pour out of my eyes.

A nurse comes up behind Dr. Yang and says, "Doctor, you're needed."

"Thank you, Helen." He replies. "Why don't I leave you here to process this. Don't give up hope, Agent Callen."

I stare at the ground and don't move for what seems like an hour. I don't even look up when Nate, Kensi and Deeks come running around the corner.

"Callen." Kensi says, taking a seat beside me. "How-how is she?" She continues, fighting tears.

"I-It's not good Kens." I say unsteadily. "They don't think she's going to make it."

That comment reduces everyone to silence, and no-one speaks for the next few hours.

At 10pm, Kensi and Deeks are asleep in each others arms on the couch across from me.

Sam arrived three hours ago, and left a half hour ago to go home to Michelle, Zack and Zoe.

Nell and Eric can't leave Ops until midnight, but The Wonder Twins have a constant presence on our cellphones.

So, it's just Nate and I, left fidgeting in our seats, across the room from each other.

My jaw stays clenched for hours, unable to relax. I feel Nate's eyes reading my body language, but I couldn't care less right now.

It's Nate who breaks the silence, at 10:13pm.

"She's a fighter, Callen. She's going to make it."

It takes me a minute to reply. "Seven hours in surgery. Seven hours since she was shot. If she's not out by now, she's not going to pull through."

"You have to keep believing that she will." He insists.

Stirring from the couch across from us refocuses my attention. Deeks' arm is lazily slung around Kensi, who has laid her head down on her partners' chest. They, entwined in a mass of arms and legs, make me hope that AJ will get out of this alive. Because I can't live without her.

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