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Chapter 12: A wolf thing

Paul POV

That fucking girl is going to shave years off my life! I practically feel middle aged already from worrying over her ass 24/7 and now she goes and disappears? Sam's gonna fucking have my wolf hide if I don't find Bella soon. The dude was practically wearing out the floorboards with his pacing when I left to pick her up.

I huff my way into Sam's house fantasizing about the restorative powers of a giant meatlovers pizza and let the screen door slam behind me. Looks like I scared the shit out of Sam because he jumps like I caught him with his pants down.

"What're you doing here? Damnnit Paul! If you skipped school again—"

"Woah chill bro," I say putting my hands up in defense. For a wolf, the man can really be oblivious sometimes. I guess that's what being in love with a girl who won't even look at you will do to a guy. Bella really better get her shit together before Sam goes full on bipolar. "It's Friday," I say in a 'duh' voice, "And I have a half-day on Fridays."

He starts to look contrite because well, he gives a shit about people and I know I've got him where I want him. Who could say no to poking a little fun? It is Sam after all.

"Us regular folk normally have to remember what day it is to you know go to work or school, but I can understand your preoccupation—being in love with a very beautiful girl and all."

He spins around and growls menacingly at me, silently telling me to back the fuck off. Hah not a chance.

"Has she finally given you the chance to imprint on her?" I ask tauntingly, knowing Bella's avoidance of his eyes drives him insane. He narrows his eyes at me probably contemplating all of the ways he could kill me, but he still shakes his head stiffly 'no.' "Aww well at least she's living in your house. Oh wait…" I trail off smirking, knowing it practically killed him to let Bella leave for school and go stay with her dad.

His eyes snap up and he snarls in my face. "Shut your face Paul before I do it for you. It sure as hell wasn't easy letting her go but I can't deny her anything, even if it's being away from me." He sighs dejectedly, "I don't expect you to understand what she is to me. I would do anything for her."

I feel a pang in my chest for a moment because I do get it on some level—she is so much to me too. I look back at Sam and hate to see that he has resumed his worried pacing. Aw fucker Bella's made me soft. "If you can be that for her then she's damn lucky Sam."

He looks at me with a stupid shocked expression but I ignore it and go to pick up my girl.

Seriously! All she had to do was keep her head down and get through one day of high school. Normal kids do it all the time. Fuck I do it all the time! If I can manage to not get expelled for fighting or truancy, then little Bella should be able to make it one day at Forks High. Gods that girl drives me CRAZY

I take a big sniff out of the air and freeze in disbelief. Fucker! My body catches up to my mind and I shoot off heading west. Only Bella. Only fucking Bella could meet vampires outside of her high school and follow them by herself! I am going to kill her if she hasn't already been dr—

NO! No. I'll see that she's fine and then I'm kicking her ass the second I get her home.

I use all my frustration to push me faster towards her. The trail I'm on heads deeper into the woods and I try not to think about them leading her into an ambush somewhere secluded. I try not to think about a lot of things. But hell, Bella is one tough dog and I've incurred the wounds to prove it. She'll be fine she has to be.

The leech scent gets stronger all of a sudden and I realize that I must be approaching their territory. I'm banking on a surprise attack because they shouldn't know what we are. Hopefully they'll be too distracted and confused to understand the threat before I kill them. I can tell that there are several different scents but they burn my nose so badly that I don't know how many or how fresh they are. I can make out voices and I know I'm close.

Bella! I see the vampire going for Bella and my already heated blood bursts, transforming me in a fit of rage. I lunge at the fucker, aiming to take his head off in one swipe. No pasty ass leech is going to touch my little girl.

Shit! Ow! I get knocked off course and slam into the ground several feet off target. I roll and jump up to face my attacker but I'm faced with Bella: Bella baring her teeth at me with seven angry vampires tensed up behind her ready to fight.

The fuck?


'Fine? What do you mean you're fine? Hell Bella you're surrounded by vampires. There's nothing fine about that!'

'Ugh!' She sighs and mutters to herself, 'Overprotective wolves… always trying to… not a child… take care of myself.'

I would roll my eyes at her idiotic rambling but I'm still too pissed off. I feel like I'm at the end of my rope. 'Bella,' I say in a darkly calm voice, 'what are you doing here and who are these leeches? I followed you from school where I was supposed to pick you up.'

'Oh right. Uh sorry about that. I should have called.'

'Yes well why don't you tell me what's going on if in fact these vampires didn't kidnap you.'

'What? Kidnap me? No you've got it all wrong. They don't eat people. They go to school with me.'

Are you fucking kidding me! Her first day back and she makes friends with vampires.

'Sorry if I'm not that inclined to believe you at the moment but you haven't actually gone up against any other vampires. What? Did they tell you that they don't kill people and you just believed them?' I'm starting to get angry now because hell how naïve and careless could she be! She must resent my insinuation because Bella sounds angry too.

'No you idiot! You're the clueless one. Look at their eyes Paul. Notice how they aren't red? Look at how many of them there are. They could have easily taken me before you got here and they still could now.'

I growl at the idea that they would overpower us but I take a closer look at the situation. The vampires look tense but they haven't attacked us and Bella sure seems comfortable around them. I relax just a little bit. If I did get this wrong, then what the hell is going on? Vampires in high school?

One of them steps forward and I'm instantly on alert. He's this skinny hipster looking guy, you know the kind, the one that obviously spends more time picking out shoes than a girl and rolls his pant legs up to show off his ironic socks. I think I might have actually rolled my wolf eyes. Bella better not be trying to make friends with this dipshit.

"We can answer some of your questions but perhaps it would be more efficient to do so later tonight. As your sister here has brokered a tentative treaty between our groups, we have scheduled a meeting to discuss moving forward." My pulse jumps at 'sister' but then I calm myself down. Pack sister, he just means pack sister. The gelled freak smiles sinisterly like he knows how much he fucked with me. "10 tonight? That way you can inform whatever other of you there are so they don't all come traipsing into our home trying to attack us," he says haughtily.

Someone better silence this shitbag before I beat the elitist crap out of him just for the hell of it.

'Yes Edward of course 10 is perfect. Please extend our thanks to the rest of your family for their hospitality and let them know that we will be back later tonight.'

With that Bella loped off toward Quileute lands. I run after her still confused as fuck.

'Did you call me Edward?'

'Hah! No I was talking to the elitist hipster vampire as you so dubbed him. His name is Edward and he can read minds… So he could hear everything that you said about him.' She starts to cackle like it's the funniest thing she's ever heard.

'Shit. Vampires can read minds?'

'Oh not all but apparently Eddie can. I'm not quite sure how it works. They also live, well exist forever unless you kill them... again. Ok so I'm really still pretty confused about a lot of things but that's what the meeting is about.'

'Yeah about that, are you going to tell me why in the hell you made a treaty with vampires Bells? We're wolves! We kill vampires.'

'It has to do with my research,' she tells me excitedly. 'I uncovered a passage in a journal about a treaty that a Quileute pack made with a coven of vampires nearly a hundred years ago. The vampires claimed to feed off of animals instead of humans and so the pack made a treaty with them.'

'And these vampires are like the others so you thought you could have a treaty with them as well?'

'No! Don't you get it? They are those vampires. The very same ones that your great grandfathers made the treaty with all those years ago.'

It takes a minute for that to sink in. So these guys are just coming back? Does that mean they plan on leaving again as well? Everything in me wants to turn back and kill the fuckers but I know I can't. Bella would follow me and probably get herself killed trying to help me so I can't. Everything changed the day Bella walked into my life. For one thing I can't be a careless ass anymore.

'They're your great grandfathers too Bells. You're a Quileute wolf and you have just as much right to the heritage and tribe as the rest of us.'

'More I'd say considering I bother to go through the histories.'

I laugh, loving seeing her happy, 'Exactly. I could never read all that boring shit. You have far more patience and are far cleverer than me.'

'And don't you forget it.'

'Hey don't you forget who is your elder and superior either,' I say playfully nipping at her heels.

She squeaks and runs off and I chase after her heading to the house. When we get near and Bella is still distracted by trying to beat me, I see my revenge.

'Hey Bells you know how you nearly gave me a heart attack earlier and then almost got me killed for trying to attack a large coven of vampires?'

'Geez Paul give it a rest. They wouldn't have actually killed you. And I said sorry for not giving you a call!'

'No matter. You're going to have to be the one to tell Sam all about why you're two hours late.'

'WHAT?' she screeches as I turn around and take off to patrol like I was supposed to after dropping Bella. I see Bella staring dumbly back at me as if she didn't even notice that she was running to Sam's. Damn their bond must be strong. I give a big wolfy laugh just to rub it in and head out. Maybe he'll have used up all of his frustration before I get back. I can give our alpha a run for his money but the man's still huge.

Bella's POV

Paul left me standing mindlessly towards the woods. Had I really run all the way to Sam's without even noticing? Oh shit he's gonna kill me!

In the next second I can hear heavy breathing from behind me. I feel it expelled in angry bursts on my back as it rustles my fur. Fuck. I don't hear anything in my head but I know it's Sam. I guess he's so angry that he can't think coherently. Double fuck.

I start to turn around slowly but he flips me on my back and presses his paw into my face. I stay stalk still and don't fight it, baring my neck to show my submission. His breath comes out hard and fast on my neck as I wait to see what happens. We stay like this for the longest time with him breathing into my neck until I can hardly bear the tension.

I nearly jump when he finally moves. He licks my muzzle and whines, moving onto my neck and the rest of my body. I let him poke and prod me with his nose because I understand that he has to do this. He has to make sure that his mate is unharmed. What can I say? It's a wolf thing.

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