This is a story about a man. A man with a curse. A man with a job. A man with a destiney. What kind of destiny you ask? A sad one. but before I can go into detail about that allow me to explain his past, present and then future.

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As a young boy he was raised by his father. His mother dead, Murdered by a vampire. He grew up not knowing the truth, but bareing curse know one ever knew about. once a month chained down as he transformed into the un godly beast that he was. Then awakeing with no memory of what he had become.

The last Day of school was today, He was looking forward to leaving for the summer. During the school year Mike and Lucy had become... 'close'. He was however alone. He dated no one, sometimes it hurt. Other times he was grateful. Latley he was feeling different, less happy and more... tired. He didnt under stand what was happening so he just assumed it had something to do with peuberty. He yawned and strecthed his back as all cats do before standing up, the bell ringing. He left the classroom, it was finally over. Next year when he returned he would be a senior, and after that free. He turned, seeing Lucy and mike furiously engaged in a tounge wrestle. His stomach churned as he passed by ignoring them both, He sighed. His blood boiling like Lava.

He began walking home as he always did, the weather was unussualy calm. It was dark and gloomy out, it seemed like it was going to rain. But it didnt, it lmost seemed like the world was wateing for something. SOmething bad to happen, so that it pay erupt in a violent downpour on one's life. Paulo turned onto his street. He saw an ambulance and 5 police cars outside his house, He started running. He ran as fast as he could before slideing to a stop infront of his home. There was a figure on a strecher, it was covered up with a sheet. Blood leaking down at alarmng rates. it didnt even look like a person, paulo regonized the shapes in the sheet. It was a torso, and if he had not mistaken. His dad.

And now we come to the future. Paulo's future. Paulo will now go on a hunt, a hunt for all of the infernal beasts. All the beasts that stand a resemblance to the one that killed his father. -
This is just a prolouge or trailer for a new story im doing. Ill start it after i get a few more chapters of cat napped II done.