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Author's notes: This is an add-on to the end of the fifth Doctor's episode 'Earthshock'. This is a word challenge from the group FanFiction .net Writers Unite on Facebook.

Story Notes: After Adric's untimely death, the Doctor thinks about their time together.

All the time in the Universe: by islashlove

Chapter 1: Time

The doctor walked slowly through the door of his young companion's bedroom. In his hand was a crushed and broken star; the star which had saved their lives, but not Adric's. He just couldn't believe it. Adric was gone. He thought that they had all the time in the universe. Time in which he would show Adric worlds he would have never seen, but he was wrong. Adric was gone and nothing would bring him back.

As he sat on Adric's bed, Tegan's and Nyssa's desperate and demanding voices echoed around his head like a bad memory. Of course he wanted to just slip the TARDIS back in time and save Adric, but he couldn't. He just couldn't.

Even The Doctor had his limitations as to what he could do with time and going back, even to save Adric, was one of the things he couldn't do. There were way too many dangers; too many risks, if he did.

Maybe he shouldn't have brought Adric through the breach between E and N space, but once they were there, there was no way back for the TARDIS. Maybe he should have made Adric stay with Romana and K9 at the Warriors Gate. They could have taken him home and he would still be alive.

Sighing, The Doctor picks up one of Adric's notebooks from the bed. It was the notebook that Adric had wanted to show him, but as usual, he was too busy to take any notice of the young boy. It was that or the fact that Adric wanted to show him that he had found the way for The Doctor to take him home.

Homeā€¦The Doctor couldn't understand why Adric wanted to go back to E-space. Let alone, back to Alzarius. Maybe he would have only gone as far as the Warriors Gate and decide to stay with Romana and K9, but whatever Adric's choice might have been, it was now gone, just like Adric was.

But even if he hadn't spent a lot of time with Adric, it didn't mean that they didn't have adventures together, because they did. They had fought a swamp monster and spiders together, even vampires. They had dealt with slavey and travelled through two universes and the space in-between.

Adric had been there to help save Nyssa and Tegan from The Master and even survived The

Master himself. He had used his talent with math to do so much good. It just didn't seem fair. Adric had such a brilliant mind and now it was all lost, because he didn't want to take the time to explain a few things to Adric. The truth was, The Doctor had forgotten that Adric wasn't from this universe and it was all new to him.

It was a big mistake.

A mistake The Doctor will have to carry with him no matter where he goes in time or space. Hearing Nyssa and Tegan calling him, The Doctor stood up, placed the notebook back on the bed and walked out of Adric's room.

As he made his way towards the control room, The Doctor put Adric's star into his pocket. That way, Adric would still be with him,


The End