I ran down the streets, rain beating down on my head. I couldn't stop running because I knew that if I did they'd get me. I shouldn't have gone on that patrol yesterday!

As I looked back I saw that I had managed to lose two of them but three were still following me. Suddenly , I crashed into something hard. Looking up, I saw a man dressed in black clothing with a boy at his side.

"I-I'm s-sorry sir!" I squeaked, making sure not to reveal my yellow-ish eyes. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"There you are...Why did you run away my girl?" The bone chilling voice of the lead one chasing me. I shook but he just held my shoulder in an iron grip. I tugged at his hand but he held on.

"I'm terribly sorry if she bothered you. She has some...issues." he said, venom dripping from his voice.

"She doesn't look like she wants to go with you." the boy said.

I looked at him and tilted my head towards the one holding me. Then, I made a slicing motion on my neck. The man slightly shook me and it kind of hurt. Then, the boy turned to the man who appeared to be a butler and gave him a command.

"Get rid of him." he said, in a voice that seemed to be too mature for his age.

"Yes, my lord." the butler said, bowing slightly.

The man's hand was ripped from my shoulder and i heard a...growl? It was very low. Almost too low to be heard at all. Then, when I looked behind me, the man was gone.

"Thank you!" I said, utterly gratified.

"You're welcome. I'm Ciel Phantomhive." he held out his hand for me to shake. I shook it without hesitation.

"I'm _ _."

"This is my butler, Sebastian." The man bowed and I bowed back. Even though he was a servant doesn't mean he doesn't need respect as well.

Sebastian and the Earl Phantomhive began walking and asking me questions.

"Where is your home? I will have Sebastian take you there." Ciel asked, looking at me.

I couldn't let him know the truth. So I told him a little white lie..

"I..don't have a home, at the moment, Earl Phantomhive." I said, calmly.

He looked at Sebastian and a silent exchange seemed to pass between them.

"Fine. You have my permission to stay at the Phantomhive Estate. However, you will be required to work as a maid. Do you accept?" he asked, holding out his hand.

I thought a bit. "Yes, I accept your offer, Lord Phantomhive." I said, shaking his hand once more.

Sebastian, Ciel and I got into a carriage and drove to the Estate. After the Earl informed me of my duties, he said that Sebastian would show me around. The Earl went into a room and closed the door and Sebastian had me follow him down a flight of stairs, into another room.

I was following Sebastian, and looking around the manor as we walked through it when suddenly, Sebastian just stopped walking, causing me to smack into him.

"Sebastian, wha-" I asked but I was cut off by a hand gripping my arm.

"Now see here, I know who you truly are, although the young master may not. I know who you are, shinigami, and I know about your kind's little games to try to beat our kind to our dinner, and it won't work, so tread carefully, little shinigami." he growled, his eyes glowing pink. He released my arm and we walked the rest of the way to meet the other servants.