Summary: I always thought my family was unusual, as it turns out, I had absolutely no idea just how right I was! I at least thought my family was human, that I was human; boy was I wrong! At the very least, I thought I was from this dimension! Sorry, I'm rambling. I'm getting as bad as my Uncle Theta. I'll start at the beginning shall I? My story starts just before my Dad's memorial service with the arrival of two mysterious packages...

"Mom the UPS man is here!" I shouted as I ran down the hall looking for my mother and nearly collided into her. "Please stop shouting and get changed into something more appropriate for a funeral. Now, I'll answer the door and you will get changed NOW!" "But, Mooooooom-" "No buts! Go!" "Yes, oh rude one." "What was that?" "Nothing dearest mother!" "That's what I thought. Now go!"

Now don't get me wrong my mother Joanna and I love each other to pieces, but, weeeeeeeeeeeeell, ever since we found out that due to a combination of severe asthma, sinusitis, depression, and a mild form of high functioning very early onset paranoid schizophrenia, I could not live on my own nor drive, (despite being 22 at the time.) our relationship had been a bit strained. Especially since dad's death a few days ago. But anyway, I still did as she asked, grumbling all the while.

I came back into the room to discover two packages. One was addressed to me, and the other to my mom. She had already opened hers to reveal a beautiful hourglass pendant with strange and ancient-seeming writing on it and was gazing at it intently. She absentmindedly thrust the remaining package into my hands as she started to turn over the hourglass. I quickly opened mine which revealed another hourglass pendant and a fob watch necklace which both had beautiful and similar ancient writing on them. I thought I could hear music spilling from the two pendants as I lifted them up to my ear. Suddenly, the two pendants started to spin uncontrollably and fly towards one another, fusing into one necklace which then opened spilling a gorgeous gold and blue light which quickly encapsulated me. Instantly, I started screaming, as it felt like every cell in my body was on fire and somehow being rewritten! I was distantly aware that something similar was happing to my mom and I prayed to the Lord that this was just a hallucination or dream but I knew in an instant that this was no dream or delusion. After all, I have always been able to tell the difference between my hallucinations and reality. The last thing I was aware of before I passed out were golden yet multicolored wings sprouting from my back as well as well as from my mother's back. Then the world faded to black.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dr. Who. That privilege belongs to the BBC and Stephen Moffat (grumble, grumble). All I own are my 3 OCs, a sonic screwdriver, a fob watch necklace that won't close and a dr. who book and bunch of fan art and some jewelry that I made myself. I am pathetic, I know.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this first chapter of my story. I don't have a beta and I haven't a clue as to how to go by getting one. By the by, all that higher functioning schizophrenia means is that the patient is highly intelligent, possessing a genius or near genius IQ, and is fully aware of the difference between reality and the hallucinations/and delusions. You don't have to review. All I ask is that you just look at it. I'm writing just for pleasure after all, and I know I don't always review unless I have something really good to say. Please feel free to critique my grammar, my parents were teachers after all, and so are most of my friends and relations. But don't be cruel. Remember, there is a difference between opinion and fact. I appreciate honesty but I was bullied and snubbed out enough in school and frankly, I've had my fill of it. Please treat others the way you wish to be treated. I don't plan to update on a regular schedule because I have a lot going on and I generally don't do se well with a time limit. That being said, I will update every chance I get, every time I feel inspired. So, um, later!