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As Martha strolled to work, a man walked past and took his tie off and said, "Like so!" as his teenage niece face-palmed and cried "Uncle do you have to humiliate yourself in front of me? She probably thinks you're nuts enough as is!" Martha just laughed and continued on to work.

Later that morning she encountered the pair again, this time accompanied by an older woman, as she made her rounds with the other medical students. "As you can see Jane Smith was admitted yesterday for bacterial pneumonia. Miss Jones, why don't you impress me?" Martha bent over and listened to the girl's chest while speaking to her uncle. "That wasn't so smart running around like that while your niece is sick." "What are you talking about? We've been here all morning, haven't we Jane?" the man replied incredulously. "Sure, ask the nurses." Jane supplied in a American southern accent. Martha suddenly straightened as she heard, just for a second a double heart beat, but it disappeared as quickly as it came. There was also a slight wheeze which to be expected with pneumonia, but not this slight! It was almost as if the girl had a second pair of lungs, but that was impossible! Jane smirked at Martha and then tried to stifle a chuckle which quickly turned into a cough. "Are having trouble locating the heart, Miss Jones?" "No, Dr. Stoker," "And you failed rather basic techniques by not consulting the patient's chart." He reached for the chart only to receive a static electric shock. "That happened to me on the lift," another intern stated. "Me too" said another. "Moving on, here you can see..." as Dr. Stoker and his students walked away, Hope shot a thought at the Doctor. "Told you I could pass myself off as human. All I had to do is shrink my wings into a tattoo on my back and block her mind and ears from detecting my second heart and respiratory bypass system." "Yes, but she suspects something. I think she may have heard-" The Doctor was interrupted from his telepathic conversation with his niece by the hospital suddenly shaking as someone remarked, "The rain is going up!"

Time skip

Lyn closed the curtains while Hope got dressed. "We're on the moon!" Martha exclaimed "But shouldn't we be losing air?" "There's probably a force field holding in the air." Hope responded. "But you're supposed to be sick! Get back into bed!" shouted another intern shouted. "Obviously I'm not, so chill." The Doctor walked up to Hope just in time to see the culprits responsible for the situation land on the moon, file out to the hospital, and pass through the barrier keeping the oxygen in. "You were right, there is a force field! But won't we run out of oxygen eventually?" Martha questioned. "Very good! What was your name by the way?" the Doctor asked. "Martha Jones" "So tell us Martha Jones, How many people in this hospital?" "Over a thousand." "Over a thousand people suffocating!" "But who would do something like that?" "They would!" Hope interjected, pointing out the aliens entering the hospital. "Judoon" Hope and the Doctor said together. "Why would they do that Mr. and Miss Smith?" "You can ask them yourself, and those aren't our real names." "Oh and what are your real names, if you don't mind my asking?" "I'm the Doctor," "And I'm Hope." "What, Dr. and Hope Smith?" "Nope, just the Doctor." "Just Hope." "People call you the Doctor and Hope?" "Yup!" They answered together.

To be continued...