So I decided to start a new fic. Basically the gang are in high school and have made a club in which they dare each other to do ridiculous things, who knows what's going to happen.


"I dare you to launch your sandwich at Miss Trinket." Whispers Eliza (Foxface) into my ear, I turn to her, giving her a knowing smile and turn back to my chicken salad sandwich.

Ever since the first day of freshman year, Eliza and I have been best friends. It was also on that day that I met the people that I'm sat at the table with now and our Dare Club was formed.

It started when we were sat in home room first lesson of the freshman year and I was sat next to one of my best, and oldest, friends Johanna Mason.

Johanna has always been daring but we're sat in first period, first day and already she has dared me to throw a pen at Mr. Abernathy's head.

"No way! Incase you haven't noticed, first lesson, first day. I want to have a good reputation." I whisper hiss back at her.

"Oh come on baby, it's a pen not a hand grenade. Besides the teacher's drunk off his ass anyways, he won't even know what hit him . . . literally." With a dramatic sigh I launch the pen at my new teacher, with spectacular precision, I never miss.

He just picks it up of the floor, smiles and announces, "Hey, that's where my pen went!" She was right, drunk off his ass. How is he even qualified to teach.

That's when we meet Eliza, she leans over to Johanna and I from next to me, "Real sly with the pen in hair thing, you guys are subtle." Is that sarcasm I detect?

"Oh and you could do so much better." I retort, rolling my eyes and jotting down the date.

"Well sure, I dare her," she says pointing to Johanna, "to throw a paper plane at that guy over there." She smirks pointing to a guy in front of us.

"You are so on foxy." Johanna grins and folds a sheet of paper.

When she's done, she throws it and it makes contact with soft blonde hair. The boy spins round, paper plane in hand, and asks what was going on.

"Dares dumbass, now it's your turn." I inform him as he smirks right back at me.

"Fiesty, are we? It's cute I like that." He then turns and hollers at his friend, "Hey Marv. I dare you to spring this pen at the girl next to you."

Marvel smirks right back, catches the pen Cato lobbed at him, and springs it into one of the many loops in the girls dark braid.

She glances at him and rolls her eyes, "Really?" She sighs, holding up the pen.

"What? We're playing dares." He chuckles and Katniss' face lights up.

"Really, well then I dare you to ask the blonde next to you to marry you." She nods toward Eliza. She grins devilishly, then surns to the girl next to her and taps her on the shoulder.

"Hey I was just looking at you and I thought you were so beautiful I wanted to ask you of you'd marry me?" She asks oh so innocently.

The girl was confused for a second then saw us sniggering in our seats and realized what was going on, "Oh, playing dares are we? Well then I dare you to pass that guy a Love Note." Glimmer challenges Katniss.

She then sprawls something on a piece of paper and places it on the desk of the blonde haired boy next to her. He then picks it up and starts to read, "Kat, what is this?" He turns round to our little group that was beginning to form.

"Oh it was a dare, care to join?" Katniss grins wiggling her eyebrows at him.

"Well I dare you to start singing Friday!" He exclaims pointing toward Cato.

"As you wish." He nods and proceeds to sing, very off key and very very loud, until Mr. Abernathy finally hears the cacophony.

"Whoever's singing thy god awful song better stop now or I'll be calling Principal Snow in here."

A couple sniggers and turns to Cato, "Haha, that was quite funny actually nothing like getting a teacher ticked off." Annie grins.

"Oh, I see what this is, well I dare you, the one next to braid girl to shout I'm sexy and I know it!" Finnick challenges, a mischievous glint in his sea green eyes.

"Fine." Peeta prepares himself, and he then screeches, "IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT!" When Mr. Abernathy had his back turned.

"God what is with the ruckus today." The drunken man grumbles and Gale and Madge turn to Peeta.

"Seriously dude, god it's only the first day of school."

"Haha, Dares Hawthorne."

"Is that so, well then I dare you to ask the guy behind you if he wants to dance" said Madge.

So I spin round and ask Thresh to dance.

Ever since then, whenever, wherever we'll ask each other to do the most ridiculous dares and of course, we did them, the penalty was to be out of the group, and the game forever.

Which brings me back to my current predicament, sat here wondering how to get the sandwich form our side of the room over onto Miss Trinket's head without her seeing when the rest of the table turns to me.

"I spy a dare!" Squeals Glimmer, clapping excitedly. And everyone else looks squarely at me.

"Eliza just dares me to launch my sandwich at Miss Trinket." I inform them.

As we are now in our Junior year we have been playing this game for a while now and we all know the rules, Dare or Die. Of course these notorious dares have gotten us into heaps of trouble in the past, but it's better than missing out on all this fun.

So I turn to face Miss Trinket and grab my sandwich. When she isn't looking I hurl it squarely at her bright pink wig. I chuckle as it hits the spot and the wig topples onto the floor.

She shrieks and picks it up, "How rude!" She exclaims, "I'm going to find out who did this and when I do you'll have detention for the rest of the term!" She snaps then stalks off, her heels clopping on the floor.

Moments later Mr. Abernathy, who she'd been talking to, erupts into laughter, "Seriously, who did that, it was hilarious!" We just cast a knowing look at each other and carry on like nothing's happened.

"So, I've done the dare, now it's my turn to challenge you!" I tease and their faces drop. I now have the power, and who knows what crazy dare I'll come up with . . .

Sooo first chapter! Hope you liked it, what's Clove going to do now she has the Dare? If you have any dare requests tell me and I'll try to incorporate them one way or another. Xx