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Credits go to iCraveChocolate21 and Rosalie for these inspired dares, you guys are awesome, thanks for being patient!


"Yo! What up BFG!" I holler down the hallway.

"Yo, what up JJ!" Cato calls back, waiting at his locker for me.

"Okay, lets talk dare-ty." And just like that, his face drops.

"Oh, hey Clove perfect timing, come join us," I grin, grabbing the tiny girl over to us.

"Yeha, she's talking 'dare-ty," he sighs with quotations.

"Well, I dare you two, but mainly Cato for the whole feather boa incident, to act like a couple for the rest of the day, and you can't tell anyone it's a dare!"

"The rest of the day? But we only just got here?" They whine.

"Hey, I didn't say it'd be easy."


After Johanna leaves I turn to Cato, "Well then, I guess we'd better get this show on the road!"

"Yeah, sure so I'll just erm..." he starts wrapping his arm round my waist, "Or we could er..." he tries to sling his arm around my shoulder.

"Why don't we just hold hands?" I ask him.

"That would be wise, Clove darling." He grasps my hand and we start walking to Chemistry, where we're lab partners.

"What was that?"

"What was what? I was trying to get into the dare, I'm sorry should I not call you 'darling' darling?" He grins and I grasp onto his hand tighter, squeezing it.

"Oh okay, you really don't want to let me go do you? It's fine, hold on sweetie I'm here." He says rather loud.

"Oh, here's the classroom, ladies first my gorgeous Cloveling." He grins and holds the door open for me, putting his foot out and tripping me up slightly.

"Oh, honeypie, are you okay? Remember, this is Chemistry not the nurses office."

"Catobear, I love how concerned you are." I grin leading him over to our desk. A few minutes into the lesson we start setting up our practicals that Sir put out on our desks.

"Cato, honey, would you go get the equipment? I seem to have hurt my leg a little?" I grin at him.

"Anything for my little sweetie." Five minutes later he comes back to our table, hands full of Bunsen burners, jars, tubes and various dangerous looking chemicals.

"Anything else princess?" He grins at me through clenched teeth.

"Nope beautiful, you're just enough." I grin back at him, pouring the mixture of chemicals into the boiling tube.

"What is up with you two? Are you guys drunk? Where's the stash!" Marvel asks from behind us.

"Nothing, we're just normal Cato and Clove." Cato grins, ogling Glimmer's boobs in her low cut v neck.

"Cato? I saw that!"

"Saw what Clove DARLING?" He asks rolling his eyes.

"I totally saw you checking Glimmer out just then!" I cry at him.

"I didn't do anything, I promise Clo-"

"What am I not enough for you? Is that it?" I say, gaining the attention of a few of our neighbors.

"No, honeypie I didn't do anything I pro-"

"Erm, guys?" Glimmer calls to us.

"Not now Glimmer. God, I knew you weren't ready for this commitment, I just knew it."

"I swear I didn't-"

"Seriously guys, turn around!" Glimmer carries on, we just ignore her.

"Oh, so now you're lying to me? No wonder I have trust issues you know that is so like you." I screech.

"Woah, guys that's so cool, how'd you do that tell me!" Marvel asks and I realize he isn't looking at us, he's looking behind us.

"Oh my god!" Our experiment is well, lets just say there isn't an experiment, more of a big frothing mess over our table.

"Clovely, are you okay?" Cato asks in mock sincerity.

"Yeah, sweetie, but don't you ever do that again."

"I promise I will never!" He says.

"And clean up this mess sweetcheeks."

"I'm on it doll!" He sighs, teeth clenched.


We walk over to our table with Clove's arm wrapped tightly around mine.

"Aww, is Cato in lock down after the boob incident earlier?" Finnick pouts as we sit down side by side.

"Oh, come on face ache, he was only trying to lighten the mood." Thresh grins.

"Yeah, well I don't need to worry aout him looking at other girls from now on, isn't that right babe?" Clove grins over at me.

"Certainly is Clovey, now how about some vegetables?" I ask her scooping up some broccoli in her spoon and forcing it into her mouth.

"Oh, dreamboat you are the best!" She grins at me pinching my cheek. This is going to be a long day.


"Yo, Annie, how's my favourite little mermaid." I grin as she comes up to my locker the day after the 'couples incident'.

"Yeah, well I got your note, what do you want?" She asks.

"I want to talk dare-ty." I grin slamming my locker shut.

"Nice try, Johanna already used that opening on you yesterday." She sighs, rolling her eyes at me. Damn.

"Well, it got me thinking about who and how I can dare next."

"So..." She asks, knowing where this is going.

"So, I dare you to talk dirty, to Finnick." I grin, watching her expression drop.

"Fine, but the first lesson I have with him is third period Swim Practice, that'll do right?"

"Sure, as long as it gets done." I grin and slink off to next period.


Okay Annie, here we go, talk dirty, get into the zone, mud, trees, insects. You can do this! Earlier I had no idea what talking dirty was so I asked Marvel and he said, "My, my, your innocence is so...refreshing. Well my dear talking dirty can mean many things but I feel that Cato was being quite literal, talk to him about dirt, but in a sexy way, stroke his arm a little, make him blush, but talk about dirt. Hope that helped, you're so adorable." He isn't really the most trustworthy person I know.

"So, Finnick?" I start swimming over to him.

"So, Annie?" He replies with his trademark smirk, that makes my stomach dip a little.

"I was just thinking, did you know there are over 2,000 creatures that live in dirt?" I ask touching his arm.

"Erm, no I didn't that's...interesting?"

"Sure it is gorgeous. Also, dirt is brown, and powdery, never try to put it in your mouth!" I smile running a hand through his hair.

"Thanks, Annie, I'll definitely remember that one."

"Of course you will hot stuff," I grin, and with that he swam away. I reckon that went well, now who's my next target.

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