Little Tin Flower, Red Stitches and a Rain Soaked Angel
By the Link Worshiper

~oOo@ Prolouge @oOo~

If I could have just a moment of you,
Would I be wanting more?
If I could have just a taste of you,
Would I be addicted?
If I could have just a touch of you,
Could I tear myself away?

I would pray to be the rain that runs over and in your skin,
With no consequence.
To be the liquid in your glass that falls around your lips and mouth.
Swallow me.

If I could have just a breath of you,
Would you, could you infect me?
If I could have just a view of you,
Would you leave your door ajar?
If I could have just a part of you,
Let me drink of your tides.

I would pray to be the rain that runs over and in your skin,
With no consequence.
To be the liquid in your glass that falls around your lips and mouth.
Swallow me.

And after would the silence thicken, stiffen?
Would I run home in the dark with something stolen?
Would you be slinking in my conscience, laughing?
Would this hunger ever cease?

You are the cliff that I walk.
Lord, help me if I fall.
Are you more than my hunger?
Lord, help me if I starve.

If I could have just a taste of you,
Would I be...


Deep space was streaked with thousands of tiny points of light all meshed together with the creamy purple of broken nebulas and the inky black of the black void all around. Approaching the outer rim of lonely Pluto's orbit was a sleek silver coloured starship, the sound of its four huge jet thrusters roaring in the deadly silence. It was an ominous sight that, alone in the undisturbed quiet of space, was threatening and somehow seemed to glow with a bright gloom, a perfect display of its deadly beauty.

As the star cruiser sailed onwards towards the inner rim of the system, a lone woman stood in the bridge, watching as the stars streaked by in thin slivers. She was refined, standing fully erect, her shoulders proudly back and her chin held high. With a quick sweep of her hand over her hair, tightly wrapped up in a very ornate hair arrangement, she issued out a curt command to her crew as they solemnly went about the business of guiding the ship through the lonely reaches of space. "Bring it up on screen, Officer 2," she said in an authoritative voice. The young man complied almost immediately, tapping a series of keys on the control panel before him. There was the dull sound of the holographic screens popping up before them and the woman soon found herself scanning the five glowing windows before her, each an extensive profile on five very diverse and seemingly unobtrusive teenagers.

"Is this satisfactory?" the officer swiveled around in his chair to ask his commander.

"Yes, yes, very good," the woman was musing. She made a gesture with her head as she said in that solid voice, "Bring that one up on the main screen."

Again there was the sound of the man's fingers flying over the keyboard beside him and the holographs rearranged themselves, four of them shrinking in size and falling to an out of the way corner of the screen as the one indicated by the woman grew larger and spread out in three more sections. The woman frowned at the picture of the stony youth with messy brown hair and piercing blue eyes.

"He may prove to be a problem if he catches wind of Operation DIANA," she commented to herself, though her voice still annexed that hard leadership tone. Then she spoke in a louder voice to the five men that made up her cockpit crew. "Bring up all his stats. Where is he? I want him dead before we reach Earth's orbit."

The little white words scrolled up the glowing blue screen. Name: Heero Yuy; Age: 19; Height: 156 cm.; Weight: 46 kg; Ethnicity: Japanese; Gundam: .01 (Wing Zero)….

"Ma'am, with all due respect," the second officer who had been commandeering the holograms stood up beside his post and gave a stiff soldier's salute, "that's a very drastic sort of order… especially for just a boy…."

The woman was quick as she whipped a black revolver from its holster at her hip. She held it in front of her as she spoke in that cold dictating voice. "Officer 2, I believe you are forgetting your place. Operation DIANA cannot commence until those Gundam pilots are all dead. And for all to go as planned, we must put Phase I into motion within the hour of entering Earth's orbit."

"Ma'am, I still believe that these boys can no longer pose a threat. The Earth Sphere Alliance has outlawed MS machinery of all kinds, including Gundams and it's been three years since this and the law that prohibits unauthorized weaponry on Earth has been passed. There's nothing they can do to interrupt Operation DIANA without—" There was the sound of two quick gunshots from the revolver's barrel as the woman fired at the impertinent soldier.

"Get that mess out of here and find someone to take his place," the lady jerked her thumb at the third officer sitting next to the dead solder's station as her other hand jammed the gun back into the holster. "And while you're doing that, designate a B-Class Helios for someone to take ahead of us to dispose of that—"she glanced up at the screen— "that Heero Yuy. Despite the protests of the late Officer 2, the existence of Earth's former Gundam pilots could still be a threat to our plans and this is a precaution I think we best take for everything to run smoothly."

The soldier gave a smart salute and ran off to execute his orders. As he left, the woman crossed her arms, staring at the information display with a dark scowl. Then she grimaced and smiled, her lips turned in a cold grin. "Just you wait little Relena. We have a late Christmas gift for you and your damned pacifist Union." And then her lips parted into a dark giggle, which erupted into full maniacal laughter.