Little Tin Flower, Red Stitches and a Rain-Soaked Angel After Word

Hey there, my sadistic friends! Can you believe it? It's actually finished! Hurrah! There is nothing better for me than the feeling of actually finishing a big ass story like this! Wait, I lied, (dammit!) there is something better! Let me know what you think! Same deal as always, love, Jimmy Hendrix, the Stairway to Heaven, food and whatever accepted gracefully. My e-mail is if you so feel the need to drop me a line.

And I guess I really ought to give song credit or else I'll feel like a louse being as more than half this damn thing is music. Gomen, once more. Wait, too late…. Nevermind. Anyway, music kudos to:

Lorna Vallings – "Taste"

Blind Mellon – "It's Not Sane"

SR-71 – "Non-Toxic"

The Goo Goo Dolls – "Acoustic #3"

Boxcar Racer – "I Feel So…."

Green Day – "Poprocks and Coke"

Incubus – "Favourite Things"

Lifehouse – "Where I Wanna Be"

Santana (w/ Eagle Eye Cherry) – "Wishin' It Was"

Incubus – "Summer Romance (Antigravity Love Song)

Incubus – "Stellar"

The Goo Goo Dolls – "Big Machine"

Counting Crows – "Rain King"

LIVE – "Lay Me Down"

Led Zeppelin – "Stairway to Heaven"

The Goo Goo Dolls – "Name"

I love all these songs (I bet you can guess what my two favourite bands are, hehe) so I bet you've probably realized what a random person I am. No really, I actually had some show tunes in here before I figured that the general populace would not be so approving. Anyway, have fun! I really hope you liked my story, and keep an eye out for more Gundam wonderfulness! (I can't believe I've only just started to write about Gundam when I've liked the series since I was in the freaking sixth grade!)

PS On a totally different note, I'm so sorry about Zelda. I was working on a sequel to Interview with the Princess, but it was deleted off my computer. So I'm kind of taking a break from Zelda ('cause I'm still so pissed that over seventy pages of Link goodness was deleted off my hard drive!). But don't lose hope. I promise as soon as I'm inspired, I'll get it out there. So keep an eye out for The Birch Tree Wand!

Okay, now really ja ne!