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It was a calm day within the land of OAO (Deal with it) all but at a certain tree house the structure the same as it always was but its usual leaves being covered with light pink pedals blooming all over the tree indicating it was time of spring. Inside sat Finn on the couch wearing his usual attire of a blue shirt, blue denim shorts his white hat still on he was simply chilling today nothing really happening today, no princess' in danger, criminals on the loose. So he simply decided to lounge around and try to beat one of BMO's hard leveled games. Moving his joystick left and right continuously pressing on the only button that was on the controller. Continuing his actions till he stopped completely his face of shock as the screen read "You Are DEAD" as a cackling laughter was heard from BMO's speakers. "That's bunk BMO, you must have cheated, I had him." Finn told infuriated that he lost the game.

"I didn't do anything Finn, you simply stink, hehehe." BMO told giggling at the Hero's failure.

"I agree with BMO." A voice spoke causing Finn to jump in his seat turning his head to the side. "You just stink." Fionna told giving Finn a simple smirk wearing the same thing attire as Finn except wearing a mini skirt, her hat being a bunny and her socks reaching her knees and being 2 years older then Finn (Finn, 18. Fionna 20). Jumping over the couch landing softly grabbing the controller preparing to play the game Finn lost.

"Uh, Fionna." Finn spoke his voice close to cracking.

"Yeah." Fionna asked beginning the game.

"Could you sit somewhere else." Finn asked cause the place she was sitting on was his lap as she continued shifting side to side as the game started.

"There's no other places to sit." Fionna told while grunting pressing the only button on the controller repeatedly. Looking around to see they were sitting down on a long brown couch with two spaces to sit on their left and right, a round red couch no more then two feet away, and a purple reclining chair no more then 2 feet as well. Letting out a sigh letting her have her way simply relaxed.

Minutes passed, Fionna continued to try and beat the level Finn didn't manage to beat. Finn getting very uncomfortable cause Fionna continued to shift on her 'seat' which was unintentionally causing something to grow. Dragging his nails on the surface of the couch feeling Fionna's hips move side to side on his manhood. Finn feeling like he was getting a private lap dance as Fionna's firm ass continued tease and pleasure him with every movement she made. Coming to his limit Finn picked Fionna up by her waist and dropped her on the cushion next to him. "Sorry gotta go pee." Finn yelled climbing the ladder upstairs.

Reaching the bathroom relieving himself on the toilet letting his piss flow freely letting out satisfied groans of release. Sniffing the air Finn raised an arm to smell that he really did stink. Taking off his shirt and pants beginning the water to take a shower. Taking off his hat feeling the water a little walking in feeling the warm water wash away is stink grabbing a luffa beginning to scrub away at his skin. Finn continued to scrub away not noticing that the restroom door slowly opened. Finn continuing to clean himself thoroughly cleaning every inch of his body.

As Finn continued to wash himself the sound of the running water too loud to hear the sound of the creaking door as it slowly opened. Finn grabbing a bar of soap beginning to scrub it around his body. "Here let me help you with your back." Fionna's voice was heard before Finn could react he was pushed onto the wall while having one of his hands twisted and held onto his back making him unable to move. Finn trying to get away till Fionna took hold of his manhood causing him to let out a small squeak as her fingers toyed with his tip. "What's a matter Finny, this your first hand job?" Fionna mused giggling a little pressing herself onto Finn.

Finn feeling her hard nipples stab at his back as well as her soft D sized breasts press against him. Fionna going more bold beginning to nibble at his neck going higher taking a bite of his ear. Finn letting out a groan hearing Fionna's growls of anticipation her tongue licking his ear as she used Finn's leg to rub herself against him. Finn not knowing if what was dripping down his leg was water or Fionna's sex juices.

Continuing her actions grabbing a bottle of conditioner emptying half the bottle onto his manhood, and the rest onto her breasts beginning to stroke his cock and washing Finn's back as she promised using her breasts to spread the soap around. Finn's body shivering feeling the cold liquid run down his member as goosebumps appeared on his skin. Fionna grabbing his slippery dick twisting and turning it trying to get him rock hard. Ever so slowly her actions getting a result to show Finn's member extending and getting bulkier with each stroke. Fionna being able to feel each crock and cranny of his dick pinching a vein that was bulging and throbbing.

Letting his hand go turning him around so his back faced the wall. Their faces mere inches away closing the space between them Fionna giving Finn a peck on his nose before going south. Finn's hard on still there as she was a mere centimeters away inhaling the scent breathing in the scent of cool waves from the bottle of conditioner as the water washed away the suds of his member. Getting into position placing Finn's member between her breasts fondling his member them. Finn continuing to groan in pleasure as Fionna played with his tip licking underneath it while fondling his balls. Fionna's hands roaming up his pecks pinching his nipples the feeling of pain and pleasure flowing through him like an electric surge making him cum spraying his load unto Fionna's face.

Breathing heavily inhaling the vapor from the shower unto his lungs. Finn's body becoming stiff feeling Fionna's nails pierce the soft flesh of his member. "Who told you, you could come." Fionna growled as the water cleaned the cum off her face. Grabbing a nearby towel cleaning the cum off her, once clean she began to pull on his dick forcing him to walk forward. Finn grinding his teeth forced to walk out of the shower into his bedroom.

The same as it always was a closet near the bed, a book shelf that held magical artifacts other than books, and a window. Finn's bed having the same sleeping bag with a bunch of pelts layered underneath it the usual. Grabbing Finn and shoving him unto his bed, Finn about to get up to have Fionna jump on his chest pinning him down and a hand on his chest Fionna leaned forward licking and biting his nipple hearing Finn groan in pain and pleasure. Fionna chuckled at his small whimpering slowly reaching downward she grabbed his manhood rubbing her hand up and down feeling him tremble at her touche. Leaning forward forcing her lips on Finn her tongue stroking his lips and teeth forcing her way into his mouth her tongue fighting with his winning almost instantly Fionna beginning to roam every inch of his mouth letting her moans echo into his mouth. Stopping the kiss letting a trail of their spit connect them.

Positioning herself over Finn's manhood feeling the tip touch her clit slowly letting it slid into her. Fionna grunting trying to fit him into her feeling her walls spread and morph to his size till it reached her womb. Taking moment to savor the moment as she clenched her walls feeling every inch of his dick beginning to move her hips slightly feeling ecstasy rush through her body beginning to move faster. Finn's hands reaching Fionna's ass. Letting out a gasp for Finn picking her up and smashing her against the wall clawing into his back feeling his member go deeper into her almost going into her womb. Finn bucking his hips lifting one of her legs unto his shoulder continuing to assault her pussy with his dick. Fionna's mind going blank, pure pleasure over coming her as she came for the first time clenching down on Finn's member moving her hips to his rhythm while Finn kissed her neck leaving behind some minor hickies in its place.

Both of them continuing to fuck each other each time Finn tried to pull out Fiona's pussy sucked him right back in the sound of Finn's dick entering her wet pussy becoming music in their ears. Removing his dick out of her letting Fionna to breathe heavily leaning close to her ear. "We're not done here." Finn whispered into her ear before she knew it she was turned around having her face and breasts smashed against the window Finn's hands groping her breasts pinching her nipples till they were nice and erect rubbing his dick against her clit feeling as she closed her thighs together as it rubbed against her thighs biting her lower lip as Finn continued to tease her. "You seem nice and ready, do you want me to continue." Finn asked his hand right on her firm ass giving it a nice slap causing Fionna to squeal making her knees weak and tremble. Without warning Finn shoved his member into her, Fionna gripping at the window while her body pushed against it. The room filling up with Fionna's moans as well as their bodies striking each other their wet bodies clashing one another from the shower's water and their sweat from their love making.

Finn pulling Fionna's hair backwards seeing her lewd face enjoying every inch of his cock. Letting her hair go Fionna letting her entire body go numb succumbing to the pleasure she was feeling looking out the window seeing nature as its best while the sun slowly set Fionna only enjoyed the view for a bit for Finn firmly grabbing her and throwing her towards his bed. Fionna too weak to stand simply using the bed's side for support till Finn grabbed her by the waist lifting her body onto the bed, her legs dangling over the bed as Fionna breathed heavily trying to recover.

Her body growing tense having Finn play with her clit once more but with his tongue licking her juices that came out of her wiggling into her insides, Fionna's hands gripping into his blond hair as his tongue continued to swirl around her insides sending cold shivers and electric ecstasy across her body. Wrapping her legs around his head pushing his head further letting out a giant yell letting her juices spray all over Finn's face. Fionna's face entirely red a giant smile plastered on her face till a drop of liquid hit her face opening her eyes to see Finn covered in water, sweat, and her juices. Leaning forward forcibly giving her a kiss, his tongue fighting her for dominance as both embraced each other. Fionna continuing to pull on his hair enjoying the taste of Finn's tongue after he'd played with her pussy.

Breaking the kiss Finn positioning himself placing his manhood into her entrance entering her once more in one go shoving it as far as he could. Fionna arching her back clawing into the pelts of the bed feeling another orgasm about to hit her from simply having Finn use one thrust. Thrusting once more picking up speed their raw flesh hitting one another once more Fionna picking herself up wrapping her legs ans arms around Finn. Her sweet begging moans speaking right in Finn's ear giving Finn the motivation to continue fucking her.

Their speed picking up Fionna feeling Finn's member begin to throb vigorously, Fionna feeling another orgasm coming up their speeds picking up once more the creaking of the bed getting louder Fionna's nails digging into the back of Finn's flesh as both of their orgasms hit each other, their bodies stunned by the sudden pleasure letting their bodies fall unto the bed. The room getting quiet the only sound was their breathing. Finn looking at Fionna moving away some of her hair blocking her face. Placing a small kiss on her forehead. Fionna snuggling up to him bringing the sleeping bag closer as she tried to fit both herself and Finn into the bag.

After much close fit minutes the two managed to fit inside the sleeping bag their bodies closer then the sex they just had a smile plastered in both their faces. Finn's eyes grew wide feeling Fionna's hand start playing with his member once more. "I'm still not satisfied." Fionna told her eyes full of lust as her smirk signified she meant business. Getting on top of Finn manually inserting his member into her moving quickly and forcibly hearing Finn's grunts of pain as she continued her actions. Covering his mouth with her panties continuing her actions feeling his tip hitting her g spot and womb t the same her liquid squirting out non stop as her body trembled from pleasure. The cool night outside and inside the tree house were filled with pleasurable moans and screams throughout the night.

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