The Journal of Cantara Samira Fallon

The life of a girl growing up in the Forgotten Realms

Written by Mark Moore (

Monday, September 16, 2002, 10:00 AM - 12:24 PM
Thursday, September 26, 2002, 10:00 AM - 11:27 AM

The character of Cantara Samira Fallon was created by Mark Moore and may not be used without his handwritten permission.

This work of fiction, minus the wording copied from the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, is copyrighted 2002 by Mark Moore.

first-day, Eleasis 01, 1372 Dalereckoning

In today's entry, I will describe what I usually do on each day. This is what I have done so far today. I woke up at sunrise.
I ate breakfast, which usually consists of eggs and bread - sometimes cooked together. That's good. I also usually drink a
glass of water. Sometimes, we can afford to buy milk. I then rinsed my teeth with water and used a small brush to clean them.
I then used a piece of string to get food out from between my teeth. In this way, I hope to keep my teeth for a longer period
of time than most people. I then worked in our small garden until shortly before highsun. We grow vegetables - carrots,
cabbages, lettuce, tomatoes, celery, and dill. When I became twelve years old, my father had paid to give me a formal
education in agriculture. I was sent to the farm of a low noble named Darwin Buckman. He taught me farming and animal
husbandry techniques. I studied there for two hours each day, beginning at highsun. I learned a lot from him. It had cost my
father four bits per day, but it was worth it. I know how to work the land, and we harvest lots of good vegetables.

At highsun, I started my daily exercises. First, I took off my sandals and stretched. Then I did push-ups, sit-ups, running,
and other aerobic activities. I practiced punching and kicking. Since I often have lots of free time, this is how I use it. I
am in great physical condition. I would describe my body as being somewhat muscular but still feminine.

After my exercises, I went to a nearby lake and swam. Evenwood is in a subtropical climate, so I sweat easily. The cool water
of the lake was refreshing. I returned home, changed into dry clothes, and hung my wet clothes on a clothesline outside to
dry. I sat down on a tree stump and started writing this journal up to this point. Now, I will put my sandals on and go to
the village square. I'll write more when I get back home.

I help my father and brothers in our family business. We have a small cart, which my father pushes to the village square
every morning. He and my brothers sell vegetables, which they pick from our garden before they go to the square, and homemade
clothes, which my grandmother makes. I go there every day to help, so that my father and brother may take breaks. Today, we
got ten dirham. By late afternoon, people had stopped coming to our stand, so I put the remaining clothes and vegetables
inside the cart and pushed the cart home.

Once we got home, my father took the vegetables into the house, and my grandmother prepared them for dinner. I decided that I
wanted to eat meat for dinner tonight, so I took my father's bow and a few arrows and went into the forest, which is
everywhere around our village. I eventually found a deer and killed it. I took it home and prepared it. We had venison,
vegetables, and water for dinner. I think that I'm a good hunter, because I learned such things as hunting and trapping in my
early childhood. I used the remaining sunlight to write the rest of this journal entry. This is what I do every day, so I
need not repeat it. Tomorrow, I will go into greater detail about my family, our home life, and Tethyr.