- Secrets and Saviours -

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I loved the sea.

I remember…I remember summers with my Grandmother in Baunei. Everyday she would take me to the beach and relax with a book while I skipped over to the high tide.

I remember digging my toes into the sand where the waves would push at my feet. The lapping water would curl and the cold would prick at my skin, only I didn't care because my thoughts swam with how gentle the sway was.

I remember wishing for the currents to simply sweep me away; that the waves would stray me away – away to another land. Maybe an isolated island where my mind would finally find peace.

Sweet seclusion.

When blinking up into the blinding white light, a low groan left me. There was a strange ringing still shrieked in my ears and I closed my eyes again, falling back into the waiting peaceful silence. My hand instantly reached up to clutch my pounding head as another rasped croak fell. "What?"

"We're almost there"

The strange husky whisper had me snapping my head up. At the sight of the dark hair and angular features, my conscience was awakened. It was then that I realised that one, we were in the middle of the sea and two, he was holding me as he pushed me through the current.

"There?" I wondered and broke from his hold, looking around to the open deserted sea. Panic rose and my legs and arms flailed around hysterically, causing me to sink further into the water. As the terror was heightened, my head sank underneath and failed when I tried to push myself up.

Thankfully, I stopped my bewildered screams when a strong hand gripped mine and I was being pulled up into his secure arms again. "What are you doing?" he demanded with a hardened edge tone.

I languidly remembered to kick my legs to keep myself afloat. "The plane crashed" I numbly recalled and this sparked the flashing memories;

…Saying goodbye to Demetri…Checking in…Kissing the stranger…Threatening shudders…Clutching onto his arm…Loud piercing screams…Panicked orders from the pilot…Hysterical cries from the flight attendants…

"I can still hear them" I swallowed down the pained thoughts but then realised that the voices weren't memories anymore. Whipping my head around, the blinding heat still permitted me to the distant shadows in the sea. Arms were being waved as their loud wails echoed through. "They're calling for help" I cried and something dawned onto me as I turned back to the stranger. "We have to go back" I made a dive, ready to start swimming towards them.

However, Damon's hand had whipped out to grab my arm and pull me back to his chest.

When I tried to wriggle myself free, his hold tightened with a frustrated growl. "The little girl" I complained but then froze when the memories reeled. Those frightened green eyes, glistening with salted tears as her fingers dug into my skin, silently praying for assurance. Fearful breaths as she lost her voice, not able to respond to the woman calling out for her. "And her mum…" I murmured numbly, hating how the shrilling screams now rang in my ears again. "All those people" I looked towards the distance to the figures bobbing in the water.

"Bella, we can't go back" Damon's hands gripped my shoulders and the pain made me flinch. I turned to glare at his cowardice as he tried to explain. "We're almost at the island" he said and gestured towards the piece of land in the horizon.

I relaxed under his hold and nodded. "Fine" I sighed and he finally dropped his grip. It was then that I used it as my advantage. "You stay" I snapped and jumped into the water, kicking as fast as I could and pushing out my hands as I ignored his annoyed growl.


My chest was now pounding and my head was raging but I swan through it, battling against the weight that tempted me to give in. However, I continued to wrestle the currents, drawing myself deeper through the surface as my arms and legs cut through the surface.

Only, my concentration was broken when I felt his presence close to me. "How could you let her go?" I curtly asked but never broke from the quickening rhythm.

"I didn't" he replied in a troubled whisper. "I just remember hanging onto you" he revealed and I chanced a glance, surprised with the seriousness in his darkened features.

"We can't leave" I argued decisively when the shouted cries only frenzied.

He released a frustrated growl and I heard a loud splash in the water. "They're at least 30 miles away from us" he exclaimed but I ignored him, only muttering to myself.

"We have to try"

Suddenly, he was before me, blocking my path and I paused. "You and I need to swim to shore for safety" he asserted and I shook my head, feeling the spiralling thoughts slowly drive me insane.

"What is wrong with you?" I demanded, wondering how he could be so heartless. Did he even hear them? Maybe he couldn't…that explained it. "You can't hear the screams" I shook my head again and pushed away from him. "I'm going" I whispered breathlessly, feeling the heavy gasps rack my form. Nonetheless, I continued to swim and count under my breath.



What was wrong with her?

I considered treading towards the land that I had seen but one glance at the girl, powering her way through the water had me groaning in annoyance.

I would regret this.

Damn her.

Without realising what I was doing, I was throwing my arms and kicking my legs as I raced after her. As I closed in towards her, I frowned at the sound of her harsh breathing forcing numbers through her clenched teeth.

When she got to four, she would start again and I rolled my eyes. "They're going to be dead by the time we get there" I tried once again.

"One, two, three, four" she continued and didn't even spare me a glance.

I could hear her heartbeat dulling and I could see her muscles tense. Each curl of her shoulders weakened her further and I knew if we kept going, under the unbearable heat, she would get sick, or faint or worse…

"You won't be doing anyone any favours" I called out again, vexed by her need to try.

"…Three, four"

Stopping my movements, I dropped my hands and simply floated. "What – Why are you counting?" I demanded as I felt my anger piece out my sanity.

"So I can get your voice out of my head" she hissed and I smirked involuntarily. This only fell when her breath hitched as she clutched her head and stopped swimming. Her form swayed slightly and I knew it wasn't the waves pushing her.

Rushing over to her, I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close to my side. Her warmth pressed onto mine and I read her expression, noticing how rasped her breaths were. "You're dehydrated" I gulped and tried to fight off the thirst piqued by her close proximity. "You need to get under some shade" I suggested.

She still found it in herself to mumble her protest and jump back into the swim. "One, two, three, four"

Stupid…stubborn girl!

"One, tw-" her following chant was interjected with her sharp cracked scream. "Argh"

Conflicting emotions were overridden with my strange concern for her. "What?" I asked and wadded towards her as she continued to groan. Her bottom lip was trapped between her teeth as she tried to fight off the pain. "What is it?!"

She didn't answer and neither did she have to as the red liquid swirled around the waves. The delicious scent staining the thickened atmosphere and my fangs had already extended. Growling with the unexpected hunger, I bared my teeth as my stare was locked onto the bloodied waters.

"No…" I heard her gasp and when looking up, I found her staring at me. The knowing look in her eyes surprised me but this fleeted when she backed away. I didn't let her get far as my hands whipped out to grip her shoulder.

Rather than screaming, she simply trembled. I pulled her close onto my front and inhaled, loving how the water, regardless of it's saltiness, it still made her blood smell sweeter.

What now…?

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