A/N: This drabble has had an interesting life. Nearly 3 years ago I wrote it for Nana56 as a birthday gift. The original title was Gonna Hunt That Little Bitch Down which is what Hurt!Dean said to Sam when he saw Snuggle on daytime tv ("it's terrible!") in the classic episode Faith.

I posted the drabble that Sunday with that title, no problem.

Then one morning, two years later, there was a problem. The drabble was deleted, and my FFnet account was suspended for 3 days.

Talk about stuck on stupid.

So I changed the title to Snuggle Hunt and reposted it when my account was active again. That was the only change I made. Would have been nice if the Powers That Be at FFnet had contacted me first and said, "Hey, you need to change the title of this story." They didn't. Never gave me the chance. Too bad they're not as diligent and quick on the trigger when banning the foul-mouthed trolls that haunt this site.

So here we are.

Sam's up first, then Snuggle the Fugly Bear and last and certainly not least, the original drabble.

Word Count Each Chapter: 100 on the nose

Summary: E/O CHALLENGE. Swellison's drabble challenge: Choose a drabble you have previously posted and rewrite it from another POV. The drabble I've chosen is Snuggle Hunt. Dean vs Snuggle Bear. I've added Sam's POV and as an added bonus, the Snuggle fugly's POV too. Additional drabble challenge: use the word flip. This is a three part drabble. COMPLETE

And now the obligatory disclaimer:I don't own Supernatural. This is for entertainment purposes only, not for profit.

Part 1: Sam

Red flashing lights.

Code 417. Person w/a gun.

Sam parked the Impala on a side street. No cops here. Not yet, anyway.

Stay calm, he told himself as he hurried down the dark alley.

Oh God, Dean's flipped out.

That panicked voice inside his head refused to listen.

The fever made him crazy. Said he knew that Snugglebear was gonna kill everyone in that laundromat...told me he had to kill the damn thing...

Several people ran past Sam in the alley. Civilians. Eyes wide with fear.

They smelled like laundry detergent, fabric softener.

Sam ran past them, towards trouble.

Next Up: Snuggle